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Walker resigns as gov - "Just no fun anymore" (April fools)

MADISON - The controversial Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, has announced that he has resigned his elected position effective immediately and cited that after 89 days in office that given the current political and economic situation in Wisconsin, that "the job is just no fun anymore." Apparently upset over Judge Maryann Sumi's ruling stating in no uncertain terms that the collective bargaining law that led to weeks of protests had not taken effect, contradicting Republican arguments that it had because a state office published it online, Walker has decided to leave the state.

Walker intends to abandon the Governor's mansion in Madison this weekend to return to his good neighbors and friends in his hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Most people in the state do not know that Walker is not a Wisconsinite.

However, some locals in Colorado Springs are not happy and apparently the old adage about not being able to go home again holds true. Walker's own hometown held a rally on February 22nd in support of Wisconsin's workers as they fought to defend and maintain our rights and freedoms from the overreaching Walker according to Chuck Bader, Colorado Springs Labor Council, AFL-CIO, in a press release.

At a press conference at the Wisconsin State Capitol this morning, it was announced that Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch will not assume the Governor's role as the state constitution requires. Wisconsin State Senator Scott Fitzgerald will assume the Governor's role stating, "that in discussions with state lawyers, that given the special circumstances of a blizzard-like snow storm in Madison on April 1st that the change in succession is legal."

Calls to the governor's office were not returned due to a staff April Fool's Day celebration.


Kamgrl responded 4 years ago: #1

Good one..I almost popped a cork on the first opening line..

randyk100 responded 4 years ago: #2

It would be appropriate he resign on a day so aptly named for him.

ross faris responded 4 years ago: #3

It's a shame that wisconsin is losing a very good governor. He has the courage to do the right thing. top randy K; you are the fool, not he.

Sally Rickerson responded 4 years ago: #4

I almost thought I had died and gone to heaven. Ahhhh, tis only a April fools joke.

Amanda responded 4 years ago: #5

:( I thought good was somehow atually prevailing here! I had the uneasy feeling this was a joke... too bad

steve responded 4 years ago: #6

He is always welcome back to Colorado!! He would do allot better than Hickenlooper who refuses E-verify!! I would never want to live with Cheesehead Liberals either!!

Laura responded 4 years ago: #7

Damn! That's the second piece of good news I've heard today that turned out to be an April Fool's joke.

Kevin Nelson responded 4 years ago: #8

Happy April Fools Day !!!!

tms responded 4 years ago: #9

He is a sore *$$ loser! Its like a little kid who mucks everything up and throws a temper-tantrum when things don't go his way. Good take your marbles and run you little baby!

teacher/taxpayer responded 4 years ago: #10

that's not funny. i was really excited

grantp responded 4 years ago: #11

Gov Walker for President in 2012. He can take out all immoral and unethical public employee unions at the federal level. Democratic Socialist party paid voting block.

larry responded 4 years ago: #12

Sorry to see you go Gov. Walker. All I can say is Wisconsin will get what it deserves now. I hope it collapses and burns into a pile ashes. I am following you out of the Sh!t hole also.

healthcare worker who pays for healthcare responded 4 years ago: #13

Phew! I was worried that Mr. Walker had caved under pressure from all of the weeks of protesters who were skipping out of work and forcing our children to miss days of classroom education. Looks like those folk should return to their job and get used to paying for their healthcare insurance like the rest of us!
SO glad this story was an April fool's joke :)
Go Scott Walker!

MJG responded 4 years ago: #14

Really excited? That the country is becoming socialist? That unions (which many years ago provided value) are ruining the economy and protecting who knows how many incompetent workers and unbelievable work rules - did you see the union truck drivers in Chicago who drive other workers to the job and then sleep in the truck cab. And you think those guys deserve a pension or the right to collectively bargain? Time to wake up before the country you grew up in is just a historical footnote.

Kim responded 4 years ago: #15

Funny, you got me on that. I was thinking, "whose job is fun?" That is why they call it WORK. Oh well ha, ha, ha!

david responded 4 years ago: #16

How long it will take to undo the damage to the state of Wisconsin that Walker did in just 89 days. Is he man enough to apologize?

Diogenies responded 4 years ago: #17

Governor Job-killer and his thugs have never realized that in the position of leadership,there are no backs in front of you to stab.
Some peope may be able to excuse this corporate bully,but his arrogant,bad manners put him beyond forgiveness.

MaryAnn responded 4 years ago: #18

I love this!!! I only wish it were true!!

Rich responded 4 years ago: #19

grantp says "Gov Walker for President in 2012. He can take out all immoral and unethical public employee unions at the federal level.". When it comes to immoral and unethical, Walker is an expert. He must want to take the immoral and unethical behavior out of unions and keep it in politics where he feels it belongs.

della rhea responded 4 years ago: #20

I didn,t realize I was so found of him until I read he resigned. He motivated me to get more politically active in IN. Finally someone willing to put his hat in the ring and stand up to the unions crippling our economy. I called his office only to find out it was a prank. I believe I,m more motivated to support him now. Thanks for the motivation.

Wink47 responded 4 years ago: #21

Good to see that the tradition continues.

1933: The Madison Capital-Times solemnly announced that the Wisconsin state capitol building lay in ruins following a series of mysterious explosions. The explosions were attributed to "large quantities of gas, generated through many weeks of verbose debate in the Senate and Assembly chambers." Accompanying the article was a picture showing the capitol building collapsing. Many readers were fooled—and outraged. One reader wrote in declaring the hoax "was not only tactless and void of humor, but also a hideous jest." Nevertheless, in 1985 The Science Digest named this as one of the best hoaxes ever.

Texas twang responded 4 years ago: #22

One down how many more to go?

Tahlulah responded 4 years ago: #23

So will he be joining Sarah Palin on the ME-ME-ME circuit?

Louie responded 4 years ago: #24

Immoral and unethical unions? Who got rich from the economic disaster of 2008? The unethical and immoral antics on Wall Street and among bankers that almost took down our country. Certainly not unions. Don't be hoodwinked by Fox News & the Murdoch machine. The only entity assuring labor laws are enforced are unions. Please at least try to think critically.

pukhed57 responded 4 years ago: #25

Well played!

Davis Prosser responded 4 years ago: #26

Thank god it was a joke ..........GO WALKER!!!

Bob - I AM MIDDLE CLASS responded 4 years ago: #27

Thank you Governor Walker for doing what's right for the middle class. I am sick and tired of subsidizing public sector employees with their pensions (I have none) with health care benefits that the "true" middle class would "die for" and Sick and Vacation days that are WAY OUT OF LINE". (I am NOT saying public sector employees are not hard workers)

Paul responded 4 years ago: #28

I bet the liberals thought they broke him down!! The joke is on them!!! I 'm flat it was a joke. We need more people like him to stand up to these thugs!!

Donma responded 4 years ago: #29

Too bad, I thought there was one less asswhole in goverment.

Bill H responded 4 years ago: #30

It is embarassing to hear so many Wisconsonites, so oppossed to a Governor that is actually taking a positive approach to goverment. Im sure these people also support our ineffective and, in my humble opinion an out of control Socialist

jay responded 4 years ago: #31

Hey bob

Its your dam fault you don't have vacation ,insurance or pension. Every American should have a pension (401k) and insurance. If they don't they become a liability to America. Anyone can walk into a hospital and those costs are passed onto all of us. If everyone had those two things bidding jobs would get easier because you would have a base-line.

Nate responded 4 years ago: #32

Holy frick, i can't believe the number of people that are supporting this moron. He's giving Wisconsin money to the big corporations like it's Halloween candy. Then he has to turn around and strip that money out of the pockets of hard-working middle class citizens to 'fight against the debt'.

This is sad. People should know what's going on - and stop watching Fox entertainment as if it were the news.

Bob - I AM THE responded 4 years ago: #33

Its your dam fault you don't have vacation ,insurance or pension. Every American should have a pension (401k) and insurance. If they don't they become a liability to America.

Jay - Thank you for your reply. However, I've had health insurance for my 45 working years. (Yes, I am that old :) --- So, how is it my fault that I don't have a 401K?

amy responded 4 years ago: #34

Its is sad that so many people can make jokes, when our state is in such turmoil, and in need of serious leadership. Many seem to put their very narrow in their thinking and never look beyond their personal situation.

valerie responded 4 years ago: #35

I have never understood why so many union members consider their employer their enemy. If the large corporations go away, so do the jobs. People act like Gov. Walker is taking their pensions and health insurance away. All he has asked is they pay a fair share and not demand money the state does not have. Only 14% of the state working population is unionized. Ask to people in Janesville what the unions did to that city.

Jennifer responded 4 years ago: #36

While I support Unions and their right to collective barging I don't understand how it is most Unions don't understand what they are doing to the companies, our state and the country as a whole. Not just Janesville, look at Detroit for heaven’s sake.

Dyadya responded 4 years ago: #37

Some of the finest present day conservative minds of the 16th century just didn't seem to get the joke. Makes sense to me of course.

browneyes responded 4 years ago: #38

I was so hoping it was true, go figure it has to be a joke.... Hopefully it wont be to much longer and he will be gone for real, come on November it can not get here fast enough, then I will be nice and throw him a good bye party, I am sure there will be plenty people that would be happy to attend, hey maybe we can get Judge Sumi to attend!

mwskb responded 4 years ago: #39

Good One! I wish...

pwiseass responded 4 years ago: #40

hmmm back to colorado---? hope thye give him a big warm COLUMBINE style welcome

Trav responded 4 years ago: #41

Ruined my day to find out its a hoax. He will be sent packing plenty of us doing our part to recall him :). Bye bye walker let him walk back to Colorado

Bob-I AM THE MIDDLE CLASS! responded 4 years ago: #42

Governors Scott and Ohio's Governor Kasich give me renewed hope that the USA will again be able to compete worldwide with quality products at reasonable costs. THANK YOU GOVERNORS SCOTT AND KASICH!!!

JR0ME responded 4 years ago: #43

@pwiseass I tip my hat to you good sir! hahah. Walker Can flat out go ʞɔnɟ himself!! Here's the deal... He gave HUGE tax breaks to MAJOR corporations, some of which were out of state. Then says that we have a deficit (which he created by allowing those tax breaks) and try's to make the public employees make up for his buıʞɔnɟ mistakes! If you can even consider it a mistake, it seemed pretty well thought out and intentional to me. Seriously it doesn't matter if you have 401k or pensions or what the hell ever. If you got all that stuff then whooo hoo, if ya don't you should have been a little more progressive and figured out how to get all that. I'm NOT a public employee and I don't have a pension 401k, all I have is three different types of insurance and I pay out the ass and that's it! who gives a damn who pays how much for what!!! What matters is that Walker is trying to destroy our rights. PERIOD! all you people need to stop slamming one another and look at the whole picture! There are other ways to decrease and remove a deficit, for one we could start by removing the ǝןoɥssɐ who created it and elect some one with morality and a good sense of judgment! Wake UP people. Remember these people work for US! we DONT work for them. If you want to know who's benefiting from all this, follow Walkers paper trail and just look at those people he is in bed with... look at walker himself, look what he's driving, where he's living how much money he makes! Its SICK to know what the people get away with.

Cyl responded 4 years ago: #44

To Everyone on here so Far that has dissed the unions: I am a proud Union Member an Caregiver. The Unions ARE NOT THE ONES who broke the economy in the first place. It is the Corporate Ceos an Wall street Bankers that get Away with not paying Taxses an profiting, YES PROFITING off of our Bailout we the American People Gave them. When Ceo salaries are up 25 percent an workers wages only increase 7 percent is that fair? When Ceo of Chase bank makes 10,500 an hour an yet they are laying people off? We the People have been lied to long enough an it is time to take to our streets to every Neighbor, Church, every friend, relative or Acquaintance to take back all that has been stolen from us the middle class, the hard working class that drives America from those greedy corporate business men, and Hold our elected OFFICALS ACCOUNTABLE for what they have done to us to drive us into poverty an welfare.

ignorantAngryFatSlobs responded 4 years ago: #45

Yes, the USA will again be able to compete worldwide when the cost of labor is dropped to that of China's sweat shops. Our kids can get real factory jobs instead of learning stupid things in books. Oh yeah, and it's your own fault because in Capitalism it's every dog eat dog, man for your self, a bunch of depressed overweight, fox news watching bigots, trying to get rich when the only people getting rich over the last twenty years were the top 4% of our country... oh yeah, and for all those who shop at Walmart or Sams club you mise well just move to China since you are more patriotic to their interests then the country you think you're so proud of. Go stick your head under water and take a deep breath, you will do us all a favor.

louan responded 4 years ago: #46

That's how it works with bullys. they cut and run when people that they try to intimidate stand up to them.

louan responded 4 years ago: #47

It will happen eventually because Walker is no more than a hatchet man promoting his own political agenda witout regard for anyone else.

Bob-I am the middle class! responded 4 years ago: #48

To ignorantAngryFatSlobs

You think you're being patriotic. It's your kind of thinking that sucks the life out of our great country. Your thinking is why people shop at Walmart and Sam's Club instead, You are part of the gimee gimee generation. Why don't you care about the rest of us?

ConservativesAreIdiots responded 4 years ago: #49

I don't understand the conservative philosophy. We should give tax breaks to big businesses, the same big money-grubbing corporations in 2008, but we should limit the collective bargaining rights, and inherently, the freedoms of the very people responsible for maintaining the integrity of our education systems? Unbelievable. If we were to raise the taxes of the 9 billionaires in Wisconsin by 4%, the entire deficit would be paid off. Collective bargaining doesn't cost the government at all. I understand that unions do have too much power, and need to be limited to some degree, but we can't take away collective bargaining from Wisconsin public workers. You complain about Wisconsin private-sector workers not getting the great benefits that public employees get, but in the private sector, you have better opportunities for advancement. When contracts were established for public workers in Wisconsin a while back, they accepted lower pay in exchange for great benefits. Public sector employees will never be paid more than a certain amount, where as for private sector employees, the sky's the limit. And the worst part is that public workers now can't even bargain for better salaries. So the Koch brothers can get great tax subsidies, and Wisconsin public workers will continue to get their take-pay slashed. We need to help those in need before we help those who already have.

Bob O'Donnell responded 4 years ago: #50

Hope the powers that be see this as an attempt a humor. If not, you better call your friends at the Onion.

Angry Granny responded 4 years ago: #51

It amazed me that so many of the "defenders" who commented never noticed this was an April Fools Day joke. Tayappention, people!! We were praying it was true, but alas, he's not smart enough to know when he's down.

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