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Wisconsin Stem Cell Now joins nationwide coalition in support of stem cell research

Source: Wisconsin Stem Cell Now
November 15, 2010
Wisconsin Stem Cell Now, Inc. has announced the official launch of Stem Cell Action, a coalition of 30 advocacy groups nationwide united in support of stem cell research.

Ed Fallone, President of Wisconsin Stem Cell Now, Inc. said: ”Stem Cell Action will provide the supporters of medical research in this country with one unified voice and one unified message. This coalition will allow our organization to collaborate more effectively with similar national and state organizations, and it will create a central focal point for communicating with our elected representatives. One lesson we have learned from the recent Wisconsin and federal election campaigns is that the scientific evidence and the multiple religious perspectives that support embryonic stem cell research can be drowned out by other voices that seek to dominate the national debate. Stem Cell Action gives all of us on the side of cures a bigger megaphone.”

In a press release dated November 11, 2010, Bernard Siegel , Executive Director of the Genetics Policy Institute said:

“In light of the recent and ongoing court challenge in the case of Sherley v. Sebelius and the election of politicians vowing to eliminate funding or ban embryonic stem cell research, the large grassroots majority of Americans who support stem cells can no longer remain silent. It is high time for this issue to be treated as a national priority. We are well aware that foes of stem cell research will do absolutely everything in their power in court and through legislation to cripple stem cell research. The Stem Cell Action coalition will challenge them at every level. We will not let them crush hope.” As its first action, the coalition launched a public awareness website: Additional information, including a full list of founding members of the Stem Cell Action coalition, can be found in a press release by the Genetics Policy Institute.


Malaz Atassi responded 4 years ago: #1

Nothing will stpe using of science for the benefit of human being

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