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Six Pixels of Separation: Stop lurking and step it up on social networks

Social media can drive a company’s revenue, awareness and success in the marketplace — but not from the sidelines. To achieve success, companies need to stop lurking, stop selling and spend more time engaging customers.

Six Pixels of Separation, by Mitch Joel, challenges business owners to be ACTIVE and AUTHENTIC in online communication. The book, which reads more like a blog than a hardcover, offers good insights in short, digestible bursts.

Joel, named Canada’s “Most Influencial Male in Social Media”, shares tips to convert online marketers into effective online communicators.

According to Joel, good social media requires initiative, activity and attention.

“Most business people still think its nothing more than a time suck” said Joel. “The more people think like that, the wider the opportunity for you to do your thing, make your own noise, and grow your online community and business while they look around wondering what’s happening to their market share.”
Six Pixels is a good book. Every reader will walk away with something meaningful. For example, Joel highlights a dozen ways for individuals to lead in social media by example. The list includes things like adding comments to blogs; tagging your favorite blogs in technorati; connecting with individuals on LinkedIn; recommending others on LinkedIn; reviewing podcasts for iTunes and actively recommending blogs and podcasts to others.

And, Joel’s tips don’t end when the book does: readers can find more helpings at Joel’ Six Pixels of Separation blog.

Ask Why?

Mitch Joel, talks about the importance of asking “why?” when developing a digital strategy.

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