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Standard Networks releases secure transfer client

Madison-based Standard Networks announced Tuesday a new platform-independent Java client API for exchanging files and messages with its MOVEit DMZ servers over firewall-friendly HTTPS encrypted connections.

MOVEit API Java will supplement the company's existing APIs for specific platforms, including a Windows API and a Perl API for Unix systems, as well as Web-based and secure FTP access.

The Java offering is targeted at mainframe, Solaris, Linux and other computer systems that need to schedule automatic file and message transfers. The client provides a programmatic interface to create, manage, and delete files, folders, messages, and users on MOVEit DMZ servers.

A standard command-line FTP client packaged with it allows mainframe JCL, Unix and Linux shell scripts, or a scheduler to operate it in place of Java applications if necessary.
Standard Networks launched the MOVEit family of software in February 2002. MOVEit DMZ is a file transfer and storage server designed to reside in a "de-militarized zone" connected to a firewall. Files can be securely exchanged with MOVEit DMZ from inside and outside the firewall, using standard Web browsers and secure FTP clients, over SSL encrypted connections.

Unlike some secure Web and FTP servers, which de-encrypt and store files "in the clear," MOVEit DMZ re-encrypts files it receives for storage using the U.S. federal Advanced Encryption Standard.

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