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Milwaukee-based eFilm software selected by InSight Health, announces Workstation upgrade

MILWAUKEE - Merge eFilm, a global health care software and services company, announced today the release of eFilm Workstation 1.9 and InSight Health Corp.’s selection of eFilm’s FUSION PACS for 10 imaging centers.

eFilm Workstation is designed to provide radiologists and clinicians with the ability to view and manipulate digital diagnostic studies. Software improvements include advanced volume rendering, an enhanced MPR tool, enhanced orthopedic template capabilities, customizable toolbars performance in “on-demand” image streaming access to FUSION PACS and integrated CD creation. Users can also examine multiple studies simultaneously, cross-reference, measure, rotate, pan, zoom and annotate in a single application.

eFilm’s FUSION PACS are designed to allow InSight Health to quickly distribute digital diagnostic images to radiologists for viewing, manipulation and interpretation. InSight Health is a provider of diagnostic and therapeutic services, based in California.

The newly released eFilm Workstation is available as a stand-alone software module and as the visualization component of Merge eFilm’s FUSION RIS/PACS software.

“eFilm Workstation now provides greater flexibility to our imaging center,” said Dr. Patricia Shapiro, medical director of Southcoast Medical Imaging. “eFilm Workstation is the diagnostic workstation component of our FUSION PACS, so we particularly appreciate the new features that enhance our productivity, allowing us to serve more patients each day.”

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