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Doyle Preaches Importance of Tech Industry at Summit

Madison, Wis. – When Gov. Jim Doyle took office last year he faced the largest budget deficit in the history of Wisconsin – a gap of nearly 3.2 billion dollars and a challenge that seemed insurmountable for a first-term governor.

However, at the 2004 Governor’s Conference on Economic Development Thursday, Doyle addressed a crowd of industry and civic representatives, emphasizing Wisconsin’s commitment to technology industry has helped raise the state beyond its troubles.

Doyle placed special emphasis on how access to technological advances can allow for greater job opportunities. He stressed the commitment the state has toward the technology industry, explaining the importance of new innovations in Wisconsin.

“We have the research and creativity in the state, [and] we only need the funding to move it forward in the early stages, to help young entrepreneurs capitalize on those opportunities,” Doyle said. “We are capitalizing on Wisconsin’s biotechnology, industry, and research, and laying the framework for new jobs and development … We need the Assembly to act so we can turn those new innovations into jobs for Wisconsin.”

Emphasis was placed on keeping industry and a strong workforce in the state. With over 50,000 college graduates lost to other states and businesses moving elsewhere, Doyle noted the importance of incentives to keep them in Wisconsin, including the upcoming passage of bills 305 and 306.
“We have to make sure those basic companies remain to provide those jobs that support our families,” Doyle said. “We can work it so it doesn’t take two years to get a permit in order to bring in a new piece of machinery.”

Another key point of Doyle’s speech was an outline of Grow Wisconsin, the newest plan to realign the state’s economy. The plan’s agenda involves creating new economic opportunities within the state by means of new jobs, increased wages and utilizing over a billion dollars in state funds.

A major part of this program will be devoted toward businesses in the state, helping to “streamline operations” and create greater efficiency in the workforce.

Doyle closed by emphasizing the principles that had kept the state together through the past year of his administration: cooperation between state and local governments, increased efficiency in businesses and maintaining a skilled and educated workforce.

“If we stay committed to these basic principles, I know the future of Wisconsin will be very bright indeed,” Doyle concluded.

Industry representatives praised both the conference and Doyle’s speech.
“It’s really important for us to be here and find referrals,” said Brent English of the Center for Technology Transfer, Inc. “I think he [Doyle] is very pro-business and that’s pro-Wisconsin.”

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