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Bruker Launches Systems for Materials Research and Nanostructure Applications

MADISON, Wis.- Bruker AXS, a Wisconsin-based division of Bruker BioSciences has launched a new series of X-ray diffraction (XRD) systems for materials research applications, named SuperSpeedSolutions. The products are based on Bruker’s MikroGap technology that enables X-ray diffraction to go beyond current limitations in terms of sensitivity and speed.

The new Turbo-X-ray Source was developed at the company’s new Yokahama R&D center. When combined with the VANTEC-1 detector, or the existing HISTAR detection system, it enables researchers to perform time-resolved X-ray diffraction experiments with milliseconds time resolution. The new SuperSpeedSolutions concept also includes systems for nanostructure analysis, by combining the recently launched NANOSTAR with the new Turbo-X-ray Source. The products will begin shipping in the first part of 2004.

"This is a major step forward in applying new X-ray technologies in the materials research market,” said Frank Burgaezy, managing director and business unit manager materials research. “In this 'three-continent' project our R&D teams in Madison, WI/USA, Karlsruhe/Germany and Yokohama/Japan have been working closely together, and the final outcome has even surpassed our highest expectations.”

Roger Durst, vice president of R&D and chief technology officer, added: “We have married two powerful new technologies. Our compact, high-intensity Turbo-X-ray Source delivers up to an order of magnitude more flux than conventional tubes while our breakthrough MikroGap detector technology features unprecedented quantum efficiency and counting rate performance. Together these tools allow existing experiments to be dramatically accelerated and also open up entirely new classes of time-resolved applications."

Bruker AXS is a developer and provider of life science and advanced materials research tools based on X-ray technology. ))

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