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AT&T tech rollout will bring 200 jobs to Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wis. - AT&T Wisconsin will create 200 new union jobs in Milwaukee to support the rollout of a new Internet-based video service that soon will be available in the Milwaukee area.

In making the announcement, Scott T. VanderSanden, president of AT&T Wisconsin, and Seth Rosen, regional vice president of Communications Workers of America (CWA), said the new jobs will be located at an AT&T facility at 804 N. Milwaukee St.

AT&T, which already has call centers in Milwaukee, has launched the new video service in 11 markets as an alternative to local cable providers. VanderSanden said the company expects strong demand for the product, known as AT&T U-verse. It will integrate digital TV, high-speed Internet, and voice services over an Internet Protocol (IP) platform.

AT&T will begin hiring for the new positions this year, and it expects the majority of new employees to staff U-verse call centers by year's end. The workers will provide technical support to customers and field technicians.

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Kathleen Cruz responded 8 years ago: #1

Accounting clerk, and also have answered phones.

A friend of the people responded 8 years ago: #2

What is real HDTV?
The definition of HDTV is relatively new. AT&T says they are re-inventing it. What does that mean? Think freeze-dried coffee.

You can get a lot of coffee into a little jar. All you need to add is the water that has been removed. So it goes with AT&T's new version of HDTV. You might go to the TV store and plop down good dollars for a great picture. You might even replace all your TVs with the new technology. Like any good TV you give it a good signal, it gives you a good picture.

That's the way it was. With AT&T's proposed U-Verse, which may get an incredible sweethart deal from the state Legislature unless you all act loudly, the TV signal is shared with the Internet signal and the telephone signal and all of those signals in all the other rooms of your house.

To make it happen, they are using new compression schemes that take the TV signals and make them smaller. That way, as with freeze-dried coffee, they can fit more into the jar. How much more?

That's the hitch. You can watch one HDTV channel in the house. With some tweaking they might get us the ability to watch two HDTV channels in the house at the same time. But are these really HDTV? Well... no, but they might look good... until you try looking at a third TV, recording, surfing the web or talking on your phone. Do all of those, or just a few, and you will soon see your Internet slow down. You might see, as some have, your TV pictures with a series of block-like defects.

This is because the sweetheart deal that the senate and assembly bills give to AT&T lets them sell more services with less line capacity than our citizens deserve.

If the state is going to be giving passes to avoid consumer protection and peg support, then the state better make sure they are getting something in return. This state needs better connectivity, especially in rural and other underserved areas. By backing this bill the state will be allowing the company to do what it wants... no better service required... no oversight... no consumer protections.

This is just a bad deal for our citizens and our communities and municipalities. The communities would otherwise be regulating the companies and making sure that we get the best deal for our citizens.

Soon state law will forbid any such protections and good community deals. What are these folks thinking? Sell the store for some campaign contributions? Why not? Isn't that the way things work these days?

We should get more.

And now the worst. AT&T has been in the cable business, but sold their systems off. AT&T has been in the satellite business, but their shareholders forced the sell-off because so much of the revenues were coming from the sale of porno. This is a sweetheart deal for a company that might say, as they have in the past, that this service is something they don't want or need anymore.

Cable companies come and cable companies go. The municipalities have great experience in dealing with those changes. The state has no such experience. Is it any wonder why AT&T wants to cut a deal with the state?

Heaven might help us on this, but let's help ourselves by letting our assembly people and senate people know we should get better from them.
AT&T may contribute to their campaigns, but taxpayers pay for their healthcare benefits.

Make no mistake. Connectivity and bandwidth are important enough to fight for. Access is important enough to fight for. We are losing domestic jobs to far-away places because, in part, they are wired better than we are. This AT&T deal steps us backward in technology rather than ahead.

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