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Oskar Anderson to succeed Miszewski as head of state technology division

Madison, Wis. - Oskar Anderson, chief information officer for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue since 2001, has been named to succeed Matt Miszewski as administrator of the state Division of Enterprise Technology.

Anderson, who is on vacation this week, will join the Department of Administration after Miszewski leaves state government at the end of Feburary. His appointment was confirmed this morning in an e-mail to the DOA staff.

The DET is part of the Department of Administration now headed by Secretary Michael Morgan, who is Anderson's former boss at the Department of Revenue.

"I first got to know Oskar when I was Secretary of the Department of Revenue, and I am confident that he has the right blend of vision and experience necessary to be successful in this job," Morgan said in a statement. "Oskar brings over 36 years of information technology know-how to DOA, and he will ha s hard everyday to ensure that Wisconsin’s information resources are performing for our state agencies and citizens."

Miszewski, who was appointed to the DET administrator position in 2003, has announced that he will leave the post at the end of February to pursue opportunities in the private sector.
The inheritence

Anderson will inherit the division at a time when state information technology projects, the subject of a state audit, are under scrutiny for cost overruns and delayed implementations.

Prior to joining the Department of Revenue, Anderson worked in the private sector as a systems and management consultant, but he had prior experience in government. Early in his career, he was the CIO of the Alberta, Canada Solicitor General Department for six years. He earned a degree in computer science education at the University of Alberta.

Anderson has spent most of his career managing large applications development projects, including the first integrated motor vehicle system and one of the first adult offender tracking systems. He also was involved in the first project that electronically linked driver and vehicle records across separate jurisdictions.

He has taken on a number of management consulting assignments, most notably as a member of the team that helped set up the Canadian Center for Justice Statistics.

Anderson also has led major business process re-engineering and strategic planning projects for transportation, corrections, and policing organizations.

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Best News responded 8 years ago: #1

This is the best news that has come out of DOA in a long, long time.

Retired IT Guy responded 8 years ago: #2

Wow... a real IT guy with state agency experience and perspective! Hopefully, he can overcome the state of affairs left by Miszewski.

Outstanding Choice responded 8 years ago: #3

What an outstanding choice! Oskar Anderson is well liked and respected among many in the extended IT enterprise.

My only comment is still about DOA. Why is it that DOA always thinks it can bypass best practices. For SIS, it was bypassing (good) cost benefit analysis and project management. In this case, I know of no other state agency that can bypass the HR process. What's wrong with announcing the job, having a test, doing interviews, having a job search. Even though Oskar was a good choice, following best practices, for better or worse, always gets you the better overall buy in. And you would think that Secretary Morgan knows something about wanting to level the playing field. No excuse.

Another retired I.T. Guy responded 8 years ago: #4

Oskar Anderson has got what it takes to do the job as state CIO. He will give all he has to give to the job and the taxpayers of Wisconsin. I know as I was privileged to work as a manager under his guidance for the last five years, and Oskar puts the word CUSTOMER into the words Customer Service, and it will be delivered. The Dept. of Revenue’s loss is a gain for the whole state of Wisconsin. State Information Technology has found a great leader who just doesn’t talk the talk but also will walk the walk. There now is some light at the end of the tunnel.

To Outstanding responded 8 years ago: #5

There are different HR processes – one for career civil service positions and the other for appointed positions.

CIO position is at a level of a Division Administration and as such is appointed by the Secretary.

The problem (HR wise) is not in appointing Mr. Anderson but the other hires that have been made at DET, especially in the management ranks. I am sure HR processes, in a technical sense, have been followed, but the competencies of the people are questionable. Results of the past four years show this without any doubt.

It will be a challenge for Mr. Anderson to deal with this "in-breed" group.

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