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MailFoundry debuts free small-biz spam filter, new appliance

Green Bay, Wis. — A Green Bay company that's fighting spam has introduced two new services for small businesses.

For up to 10 users, MailFoundry is offering their hosted spam-filtering service free. MailFoundry Hosted involves routing incoming mail through the company's servers.

And the MailFoundry 1150 is a $799 appliance with a $99 per year subscription that is installed on site and can protect up to 150 e-mail accounts.

Company CEO David Troup said the system offers a very low false-positive rate, the number of real e-mails that get labeled as spam. According to the company, its overall false positive rate is 1 in 1,000,000.

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Adrian Gorden responded 9 years ago: #1

My company has just purchased Spam Bully (they also have great discount for companies) and I have to say it is an absolutely excellent product. I tried and tested a few products before recommending SpamBully. SpamBully was by far the best. It works with Exchange accounts, that is very important for us. The very first time you start Spam Bully, its Bayesian spam filter will learn from your own personal email habits, identifying good and spam messages. Every time you download your email, Spam Bully will make sure good emails make it to your Inbox. Spam emails are sent to the "Spam" folder. Emails SpamBully may have difficulty classifying, go to a special "Unsure" folder. You can always adjust emails in these folders by using the Spam and Not Spam buttons in the SpamBully toolbar. Tons of features and worth a look.

Terence responded 7 years ago: #2

My friend used MailFoundry and found it far too expensive. Then he started using - says it is much more effective, no false positives at al, no spam also. You can also manually add the sender to your address book if the letter came to unverified folder. I'm thinking about using it myself now..

Gerald responded 7 years ago: #3

Hello! I also want to share my experience about using anti-spam services - I used many of them - Postini, Barracuda and SA. None was really helpful. Then I learnt about and tried it. That's what I really need - no spam at all and no god letters taken for spam.

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