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Professor's anti-aging study draws national attention

Madison, Wis. — A professor who has worked for the last two decades to see if he can extend the lifespan of rhesus monkeys was featured in the MIT Technology Review's March/April issue.

Richard Weindruch, who works with a colony of 78 monkeys at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has been experimenting with low-calorie diets that are known to expand the lifespans of mice. But while testing on mice is relatively easy, it's too early even now to tell whether a diet low in calories has really extended the rhesus monkey's lives, because they live so long normally.

What Weindruch has found is that monkeys fed 30 percent fewer calories – but just as manhy other essential nutrients – have not developed diabetes, and fewer so far have died from age-related diseases.

Though low-calorie diets are not among the easiest to follow, they have proponents among humans already. But scientific research in the area can take a lifetime.

MIT Technology Review: The Fountain of Health


Kari responded 9 years ago: #1

This phenomenon is now being widely accepted among anti-aging groups...but I wonder the cause. Does CR (calorie reduction) work because:

A. It alters hormone/enzyme production which lead to aging?

B. The body wears out slower because it has to process less?

C. Average weight when food supplies are abundant, (such as animals in captivity), is higher than the ideal for maximum survival?

And finally, this study applies to longevity, lengthaning lifespan, but is CR applicable to straight anti-aging? (i.e. look 40 at 50.)

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