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Cell-phone satisfaction stays low, says Consumer Reports

Less than half of cell-phone users really like the service they are getting, a Consumer Reports survey shows. The survey asked 50,000 people to recount experiences with static, "dead" zones, dropped calls and more, and ended up finding that cell-phone service is one of the lowest-ranked services nationwide in consumer's minds.

And to top it off, almost a third of cell-phone users are seriously considering switching their services.

Verizon came out on top in satisfaction in 17 of 18 metro areas surveyed, the odd one out being Chicago, where U.S. Cellular reigned. But even their numbers were well below perfect.

Many AT&T subscribers complained about reduced service after the company's sale of its wireless business to Cingular in October 2004, and Consumer Reports predicted that Sprint and Nextel customers could be even worse off after their merger in August.


bob wolf responded 9 years ago: #1

AT&T was great, it worked fine, Cingular
took over and service has gone down down down since. I'm ready to change, but to whom? I rely on my phone and my customers tell me it's bad, I live and work in Lee County
Florida I need to find a good carrier asap.

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