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The News From DEMOmobile 2003

Wireless Innovations - Key to Reviving the Economy

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We're back from last week's DEMOmobile 2003, and the experience has only strengthened our belief that wireless and mobile innovations are key to reviving the overall economy. The energy from the 400-plus attendees and 37 demonstrating companies was palpable throughout the conference, and one thing became crystal clear: True connectivity -- both in our homes and our businesses -- has arrived and one can't help but imagine the changes it will effect in our lives.

It is impossible to identify a single "hit" from the show. Each of the products sparked something in at least a handful of attendees and media. And while we'd never play favorites (like my Mama always says: "I love all my children equally"), these companies did seem to be at the center of a lot of hallway conversations:

-- Microwave Photonics, which has taken a new approach to wireless infrastructure to enable carriers to quickly and economically deploy additional cell coverage and capacity, bringing better quality of service to cell phone users.
-- Ispiri, which launched the Mirra smart peripheral, personal file server for consumer and home office users that provides easy, yet secure, remote access and sharing of PC files, photos, and other digital assets.

-- Firetide, which demonstrated its HotPoint wireless mesh router technology by deploying a WiFi network in a matter of minutes. The HotPoint technology is self-configuring and does not require extensive cabling between wireless hotspot devices.

-- Pulse Entertainment, whose Mobile Veepers technology animates photographs, enabling consumers to combine a photo and text and send a multimedia message from their mobile phone.

-- Tapwave, which introduced its Zodiac 1 mobile entertainment handheld device. Based on the Palm operating system, Zodiac blends tremendous video, graphics, and sound quality into an exciting new gaming platform.

-- Macromedia, whose Macromedia FlashCast technology ushers in a new generation of exciting information applications and services delivered to mobile phones and handheld devices.

If you missed DEMOmobile 2003, we'll try to give you a sense of the event by publishing keynotes and other commentary over the next few weeks.

Today, we'll point you to the DEMOmobile 2003 online cache of press releases and news coverage, to give you a taste of the new products that are redefining the mobile and wireless market space.

For complete listings of press announcements, go to . To read what the media had to say about the conference, check out .

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DEMO 2004
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Scottsdale, Arizona

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My colleagues Keith Shaw and John Cox attended DEMOmobile and kept a daily diary of what they saw and heard at the show. Check out their observances on everything from the fighter jet flyovers that caused connectivity interference at the show to a new tool that lets teachers really keep tabs on students to the perils of doing live demos:

Each year, DEMOmobile gives out the prestigious DEMOgod awards. See who made the cut this year and why:

The products at this year's DEMOmobile prove that innovation is still king. Check out this year's lineup as well as details about the products and services they demonstrated:

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