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CoreComm slapped by AG for violating telecommunications laws

Madison, Wis.—A lawsuit against CoreComm Voyager, Inc. for violating Wisconsin's telecommunications laws was settled last week by the state attorney general.

CoreComm, a Delaware corporation, provides dial-up internet access and related services to Wisconsin customers, many of whom originally subscribed to ExecPC, a Wisconsin-based internet provider subsequently acquired by CoreComm.

The lawsuit, filed in Dane County Circuit Court, alleged that CoreComm failed to clearly disclose to its customers important changes it made to its subscription terms, such as deeming accounts to automatically renew unless the customer cancels and limiting the means by which a customer can cancel a subscription.

Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager applauded the settlement as an important victory for internet service customers in Wisconsin. "Companies are entitled to change their policies, but they must clearly communicate those changes to their customers so that they do not become traps for the unwary," she said.

CoreComm's actions generated numerous complaints from its subscribers, many of whom, the suit alleged, were improperly charged fees for continuing service even though they had attempted to cancel their subscription.
Although CoreComm filed for bankruptcy protection after the suit was filed, the state negotiated a settlement under which CoreComm must provide refunds and halt collections activities with respect to certain customers. Under the terms of the settlement, CoreComm must provide credits or refunds to customers who have filed written complaints with the state alleging that CoreComm continued to charge them for internet use even though they had attempted to cancel their subscription and had stopped using their account, except on a minimal basis.

CoreComm customers who believe they are entitled to refunds or credits must file a written complaint with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection by December 23, 2005 (complaint forms can be downloaded from the DATCP website or call 1-800-422-7128). To be eligible for credits or refunds, consumers must have attempted to cancel their subscriptions prior to October 24, 2005.

In addition to providing refunds to consumers who have filed complaints, CoreComm must also take reasonable steps to identify and automatically provide refunds to customers who began their subscriptions with ExecPC and who attempted to cancel their subscriptions but were assessed continuing charges or termination fees despite the fact that they stopped using their accounts.

CoreComm must also halt all collection efforts relating to the charges, fees or penalties that it must credit or refund.

Dane County Circuit Court Judge Stuart Schwartz approved the settlement and entered judgment on October 24, 2005. Assistant Attorney General John Greene represented the state.


Lori Schutte responded 8 years ago: #1

Help, I live in Michigan and have been trying to cancel.

Lori Schutte responded 8 years ago: #2

Help, I live in the state of Michigan and have been trying to cancel my account with CoreComm for the since 12-5-06. I have been yelled at, called a liar, made to cry, been given three different fax numbers to send my cancelation to. All the fax numbers go to a company named Intuity. I keep calling and faxing all to no avail! I have even yelled and screamed at them! After all the calls and frustration the "supervisor" sent me to the Customer Service Agreement on a website that is not the normal site that I have gone to for years!

I could not believe it- on this web site was another fax number (number four) to use!!!! I googled "CoreComm customer complaints" and had 12,200 hits. I read about the Wisconsin lawsuit am hoping you can give me information. I am going through the same difficulty here in Michigan. I prepaid for six months. I know that I may not get my money back, but I now worry about the "automatically renewal" policy. I would appreciate any advice you can give me.

Thank you,
Lori Schutte

Terry hofslund responded 8 years ago: #3

I’ve been with Corecomm for several years. Four years ago, they were running ads for service a rate much less than what I was billed. I called and a nice man negotiated my bill to the smaller amount. The next year I was billed at the same high rate. I called late and a passive aggressive woman stonewalled and I payed the greater rate. I was angry. Last year, I called at once and got the smaller rate. I have just received my new statement and I am now bill at a rate far smaller than ever before, now at less than $12/month. Because I have trust issues, I Googled them and was led to your site. This suit and settlement are troubling. Are they going under? Is my $138.76 safe?

Linda responded 8 years ago: #4

I have been a customer of this company since 1987 when it was Hoosier on Line. After experiencing terrible service in 2006, I switched to a high-speed plan even though I still had a few months to go with Corecomm. I have been trying to cancel for months. I think I may have finally accomplished this but they are saying I owe them about $10. Maybe I am lucky to get off so cheap. Just wanted to add my warning so others might not be in the situation I found myself in. I called, faxed, and wrote to no avail. It was not explained that I had to put it in writing at first. I would reccomend sending a letter by registered letter so they cannot say they did not receive it.

Good luck and bye-bye to Corecomm.

Joe responded 8 years ago: #5

Core Comm charged me for two additional months after I cancelled them for harrassing collection practices. They said I had to cancel by mail. They will not budge. They are rude and crude on the phone. I told them I would never give them another dime. They said they were gonna sue me. So I turned them in to the FCC. We'll see what happens. Don't do business with them. Signed - extremely unhappy ex - Core Comm customer in Michigan.

Lee Neidow responded 8 years ago: #6

With CoreComm going to hell in a handbasket I've looked for an
alternative. I've investigated Iserv and I've been told their DSL
service supports Eudora which is an essential for me.

Aside from that, it will provide me simultaneous data and voice
service for $19.95 a month for the first year. So I've signed up with
them and have my fingers and toes crossed.

If it works out, I'll be able to cancel out the second fone line that
I've used only for dial-up which has been costing me $28.54 a month.

I'll keep you all advised about how things work. Hopefully I'll be
able to recommend them to others who might also which to tell CoreComm
to install their "service" in a suppositorial configuration.

Lori Schutte responded 8 years ago: #7

I just want to add an update from my note on January 26, 2007. CoreComm kept giving me different numbers to fax my cancellation to; in the end I had five different numbers. I tried to cancel from December 2006 through February 2007. The month of February and March I started to send the fax asking for cancellation to all five fax numbers several times a day (up to four times a day). They always said they did not get the fax. I had prepaid six months and finally in April I received a letter telling me the account was cancelled, you guessed it, the end of the six months. Even though I lost four months of worth of payments, I count myself lucky to be done with this company!

Lori Schutte

Jim Huelskamp responded 7 years ago: #8

Does anyone know if this organization is permanently out of business? I couldn't get to their website from any of their various addresses. I sent them a cancellation notice per their stated policy by snail mail, but never got a reply.

Bill Bauer responded 7 years ago: #9

My wife has had CoreComm for years here in Northern Michigan. The last year or so she receives 300 to 400 spam a day. Half of that will be in her Inbox. E-mail support is non-existent as is phone. She has paid for a full year (at the high rate). We are switching to new provider asap. I know we'll never get credited for what we didn't use, but it will be worth it to get away from them.

anon responded 7 years ago: #10

Their technical support is actually very good: 1-800-715-7873. I would try calling them about your spam issue.

Brenda responded 7 years ago: #11

I've used Corecomm for several yrs. When DSL became available and I tried to cancel my service thru them, well in advance of my yearly contract, nothing but grief and bills from them. The worst customer reps ever. Don't even try them.

Ron responded 7 years ago: #12

I live in Ohio and I had to contact the Attorney General's office to get Corecomm to stop threatening me with collection agencies. The Attorney General took care of the problem for me.

GARY MARTIN responded 7 years ago: #13

I'm at the end of my rope with CoreComm. Spamcatcher is letting everything, and I mean everything, through to my inbox. I've talked to tech support 5 times. Last week the guy admitted that they were having wide spread similar problems but said the solution was out of his control as it was "at the server". Get this, he suggested using and paying for a 3rd part spam filter. I wrote a letter to the location in Williamsville NY but I don't expect an answer. I'm bailing at the one year renewal date in a few months.
Anyone have a suggested new internet provider who supports Eudora? Gary

Ray Jones responded 6 years ago: #14

I am an 84 year old and hard of hearing I just called a nd tried to cancel CoreComm service dial up is very poor and there are too many cannot locate plus pop up trash and whoever answered the phone was RUDE I will not tell anyone to subscribe to their service I am not alone with this type of customer relations BYE BYE CORECOMM

gale responded 6 years ago: #15

Same story here. They billed me for an extra service that I didn't want - so I sent the bill back with a letter. They kept sending bills. So I called customer service and got a nice young man who took care of my problems. Or so I thought. 6 months later I started receiving the bill again for this extra service. Then, a few weeks later, they suspended my email access for an "unpaid balance."
In the end, I've spoken to 5 customer service reps and a supervisor and they all said the same thing - tough! It's remarkable really. That they would lose a $219/year customer over a $24 extra charge that they just decide that you have to pay, regardless of whether you wanted it or not.
So I've written the NY AG's office, the FTC, the FCC, the Better Business Bureau (although, if you look up Corecomm on the BBB website it will show that they have numerous complaints and that the company "did not respond" to these complaints, so I'm sure the BBB can't do anything). I'm thinking about writing to Chuck Schumer or my own AG.
What can a consumer do about a company that just doesn't give a damn - that's willing to bill you for services that you don't want and won't cancel services when you ask for them to be cancelled. What is the possible solution?

Sheri Krinsky responded 6 years ago: #16

We have been customers of corecom as long as we have lived in Northern Michigan about 9 years. This past fall we had experienced problems with corecom that I felt were quite irregular for an internet company who is supposed to basically connect you to the outside world. Their claim (when you were able to reach them which, was difficult at best) was that they were going through some changes and we were expected to sit back and wait for them to to do whatever, whenever. We we and I'm sure many other customers were not able to receive or send any mail for more than 2-3 weeks. This terrible inconvenience happened more than once. Whenever we tried calling them we were given a run around and yes even had to deal with some hostile employees.
Shouldn't they have let us know by letter, e-mail or phone that we ere expected to go through this little change before it took place. Weren't their employees notified about these changes so that when customers called to ask what the problem was they would have been able to respond responsibly? Weren't we entitled to better treatment by our carrier instead of being taken advantage of. There was never a correction in our monthly payment for not having use of the internet for this long period of time......Forget that... How about a sincere apology from corecom and their representatives
Bring back the quality customer care we used to have and lets just say no to all of the companies who just don't care nor deserve our business!

Darla responded 6 years ago: #17

I,too, have had trouble concelling my account with CORECOMM. They have billed me for 2 months of service more after calling and trying to cancel. I faxed number they gave me and still received another bill. Claim they never received faxed. Told to refax with explanation. Still receive bills, now turned over to claims court.

Sue responded 5 years ago: #18

I to am having trouble cancelling and can say ditto to most of all these comments

Sarah responded 4 years ago: #19

I upgraded my parents to wireless which means they have tried to cancel their CoreComm account. We are having the same issue. Sent the email, letter, and fax to no avail. They continue to charge my elderly parents credit card.
I'm currently on hold with customer service and have been for almost 1.5 hours. I can't even get them to answer the phone.
I guarantee I will be spreading the word to ALL of my Facebook friends to beware of CoreComm and their unlawful actions. I have read the service agreement and we have done everything they require. So why are they continuing to take money that does not belong to them.

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