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Nanotech Students Offer High End Surface Analysis

Nanoscience Technology students at Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire are offering up to eight hours of nano- and micro-level surface analysis to firms or organizations with an economic interest in nanotechnology projects.

Instructor Hans Mikelson says three students will comprise each of five teams with project completion by December 15, 2005. Mikelson believes that firms considering the purchase of an electron microscope are the best likely partners. A materials-based firm, or a firm with a materials-based project, would describe a good applicant, Mikelson believes. The eight hours of analysis would be offered without cost if the project is approved, he said.

Electron microscopy would be performed by the students on two instruments:

• The scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a JEOL model 6060LV with secondary electron, backscatter electron, and x-ray detection capabilities.

• The atomic force microscope is a Veeco model CP2 which will produce a surface image on a sample which is no larger than one by two inches and one inch in height.
Interested parties should contact Hans Mikelson, Department of Nanoscience Technology, Chippewa Valley Technical College, at 715-874-4638.

The technical college began its four semester Nanoscience Technology degree in January 2005, and will enroll its second class in January 2006.

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