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Historic lists - The greatest rock bands, rock guitarists of all time

CHICAGO -- It has been a while since I have had a chance to dig into some more music. A constant reminder of my failings in this field is my 13-year-old musician son. As I am hoping that he is the next Jonny Lang who will support me in my old age, off he went this summer to a week of rock 'n roll camp.

Can you imagine this: a week of playing rock all day and most of the night? This kind of reminded me of the movie "School of Rock" with Jack Black. Black played a very talented but dysfunctional musician who morphs into a very good teacher of rock music to young kids and finds his own niche.

While in this day and age I suppose there are many rock 'n roll camps throughout the U.S., my research identified one in Chicago run by the National Guitar Workshop, which actually runs this program all over the country during the summer in places like Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Nashville.

The camp sessions usually last one week, but if you want more, you can book into another city over the summer.

The Chicago version takes place near Elgin on the campus of a local college where all the "campers" sleep in the college dorms. According to my son, there was a concert each night put on either by the students or the counselors and instructors. He told me Buddy Guy showed up one night to jam. Wow! Where do I sign up?
Not only do the campers get instruction on the instrument of their choice but they also learn stage craft, amp settings, special string wirings and all kinds of nifty tricks that no one ever taught me. He must have been up late every night as he did nothing but sleep for two days straight after coming back from this camp.

He definitely learned some new techniques and tricks of the trade, which he showed me when we doing some jamming together. I pulled out my 25-year-old Guild acoustic and played rhythm to his leads.

We started talking about bands and guitarists and got into contested discussions. This, of course, forces me to do some research. After some Googling and sorting through a number of sites on the best rock bands of all time, I found one that at least approximates to some degree my own thinking. As with any list, there are caveats as to how the author made his or her decision process.

This list was provided by MSNBC's Eric Olsen on March 30, 2004. His rules for inclusion and exclusion are as follows:
• The group had to be an actual band and not solo artists with backup bands. This eliminated a lot of people such as Chuck Berry, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan (and I suppose Janis Joplin, who would have been on my list).
• The bands had to be within what Olsen calls the "greater circle of rock music" and had to generate all or most of their own material.
• Other factors included staying power (popularity over time), musical and cultural influence and the "It's a Wonderful Life" factor, which is the damage that would be done if the band were to be removed from rock history (the greater the damage, the greater the band).

Let's see if you agree with Olsen:

So what happened to incredible groups such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Jefferson Airplane; Pearl Jam; and Nirvana? Wait! There is hope. Olsen does give us a list of what he calls "honorable mentions". Here they are in alphabetical order:

• Allman Brothers Band
• The Band
• Beach Boys
• Black Sabbath
• David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars
• The Clash
• Creedence Clearwater Revival
• The Cure
• The Doors
• The Eagles
• Earth, Wind & Fire
• Buddy Holly and the Crickets
• Nirvana
• Parliament/Funkadelic
• Prince & the Revolution
• Roxy Music
• Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
• The Who

Though I feel a little bit assuaged, what happened to such seminal bands as the Kinks, the Dave Clark Five, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, Traffic, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention as well as Cream?

A logical question sprouting from the above list is: Who are the greatest rock guitarists of all times? While no slight is intended to the drummers, bassists, organists and pianists of rock bands, the preeminent musical instrument in rock 'n roll is the guitar and what a musician does with it.

It took me a while to find a decent and balanced poll. This poll comes from CBS News on Aug. 6, 2002. The poll was conducted by the British magazine Total Guitar. Surprisingly, no woman made the top 100 guitarists (no one listens to Bonnie Raitt's slide guitar?).

In fact, only one woman made the list of 440 guitarists (Tracy Chapman, who would have not been my choice). Because the criterion for choosing this list wasn't evident, I can't frame it for you. Let's take a look:

I sure would like to know the criteria for this list.

While there are some very good guitarists on this list, whatever happened to Alvin Lee (Ten Years After), Rory Gallagher (Taste), Johnny Winter, George Harrison, Mick Taylor, Michael Bloomfield (Paul Butterfield Blues Band and the Electric Flag), Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) and blues guitarists such as BB King, Albert King, Robert Cray, Jonny Lang and of course Buddy Guy?

Speaking of Jimi Hendrix, there is a new biography of him that was recently published by Sharon Lawrence called "Jimi Hendrix: The Man, the Magic, the Truth." It was recommended to me by a life science venture capital friend who, like me, is also into solid 1960s rock.

This book makes for a good read about Hendrix, who died on Sept. 18, 1970 at the age of 27 in London as he overdosed on pills. He would be about 63 if he were still alive today. The book has some interesting pictures of him as a child and at different stages of his career.

This just in! You may remember earlier this year I mentioned that the first rock super group Cream got together after a 35-year hiatus for three concerts in London. Well, it appears that they are now coming to the U.S. for a limited tour that starts at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 24, 25 and 26.

See you next week!

Michael S. Rosen is president of Rosen Bioscience Management, a company that provides CEO services including financing, business and corporate development to start-up and early stage life science companies such as Renovar and Immune Cell Therapy. Rosen is also a founder and board member of the Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization. He can be reached at

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Tom Strader responded 9 years ago: #1

Hi Mike: I like the variety of topics and rich content of Yer Biotech Blues.

Dennis Williams responded 9 years ago: #2

What about Duane Allman he was rated number 2 by Rolling stone magazine a couple years ago. Also waht about Keith Richards rated 10 by rolling Srone and Ry Cooder number 8?

Billy Rosewood responded 9 years ago: #3

I am a fan of your articles but this one is something that you might want to leave alone.

Pearly Wingler responded 9 years ago: #4

Slash at #4? You're better than that, Michael!

Andrew Bogomil responded 9 years ago: #5

Well done (minus U2 at #3) with the bands! I'd have to agree with Billy Rosewood on the guitarists though. What were you thinking?

Slash responded 9 years ago: #6

I take offense to Pearly's comment! A friend tells me I made Michael Rosen's list and I find that I am being lampooned by, of all people, Pearly WIngler!

John Taggert responded 9 years ago: #7

I would like to have seen Pete Townshend in there for guitar and the Who for band. They symbolized a generation but good list.

Mikey Tandino responded 9 years ago: #8

Finanlly some love for Velvet Underground. Kudos!

Victor Maitland responded 9 years ago: #9

The only thing this guitarist list you found, Michael, is C.C. DeVille!

Victor Maitland responded 9 years ago: #10

Of course, I meant the only name missing from this list was C.C. DeVille. A glaring omission indeed!

Joe Perry responded 9 years ago: #11

How did Joe Perry didn't make the list?

Axel Foley responded 9 years ago: #12

Wow, there is a lot of talk on this discussion. Great Article! I agree with Mr. Tandino - Velvet Underground never gets respect! Kudos squared!

Dan Webster responded 9 years ago: #13

Having been a good friend of a pre-CBS Fender "Strat" and having seen Eric Clapton live in Cream, I would still say Duane Allman
has to be top 10; ditto Carlos Santana.
BTW, I am a CEO of a Biotech company in WI
and I read "The New Normal" by V.C. Roger McNamee who is also in the "Flying Other Brothers Band." I recommend the book and the music.

Ted Klumb responded 9 years ago: #14

Great article! 3 top guitarists (Beck, Clapton, Page) were in the same band and that band is not in the top 20? Yardbirds. Byrds revolutionized music 3 times-no mention? Must be a younger readership.

samuel responded 9 years ago: #15

deep purple is one of the best bands ever.. they have to be in the list of the best bands....

john fraser responded 9 years ago: #16

rory gallagher was easly the greatest gutair player of all time if you had seen him live u would know what i mean

Rick responded 9 years ago: #17

There are obviously no right answers when it comes to music... Rock or otherwise.

BTW - What is "Rock"? Judging from the lists, "Rock" covers a pretty broad spectrum. Earth Wind and Fire? The Beach Boys? Bob Marley? Don't get me wrong - Marley "rocks", but was he "Rock"??

daniel responded 9 years ago: #18

i agree with all of those choices, but i think that angus young should be higher up. (but then again, i am obsessed with acdc)

benny responded 9 years ago: #19

well done mate.what about uriah heap? to me its one the best rock band of all time. how on earth u missed this band?

Dave responded 9 years ago: #20

You have to be kidding me. Not Only do Marley and Sly not belong on the list because they are not apart of "Rock" but where is Van Halen? In my book they are top 3 of all time easily. Plus your guitar players list is screwed up, SRV is way, way to low, and Brian May, and Slash are way to high. Jimmy page was a great song writer but he is not a better player than SRV, or Eddie Van Halen, neither is Hendrix for that matter. You cna't judge a player unless you have the technical knowledge of the instrument. Plus Even though he is not on the list CC Deville is a joke, you have to know more than 4 chords to make the list.

Nick responded 9 years ago: #21

I understand what dave is saying, and I disagree. Rock is not all about technicality, its more about going out there and playing from your soul. Hendrix and Page played with so much emotion, that one note of theirs is so much more powerful than a flurry of taps by Mr. Van Halen. I like Eddie and his music, But if we are talking rock and roll, I agree with the top two selections on the list. SRV should be higher though.

Josh responded 9 years ago: #22

Prince should not have even been on honorable mention. Prince only has one half descent song. He is an overall mediocre artist.

Alejandra responded 9 years ago: #23

Very good choices. But Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are really way better than Slash. I like Slash but I think they deserved that fourth-fifth place

Matt responded 9 years ago: #24


Matthew responded 9 years ago: #25

Zakk Wyld and SRV deserve WAY WAY better then what they got
and i love metallica ( fav band ) but james hetfield shouldent be there..

Andy G responded 9 years ago: #26

Zappa nowhere in the top 20 guitarists???? Most of his music was instrumental and beyond what Zakk Wylde and most heavy metallists could even fathom. 6 albums of nothing but guitar soloing to backing band that is still a #1 resource to real guitarists and he doesn't make the top 20???? You dropped the ball here big time.

Rutger responded 9 years ago: #27

Keith Richards and the Stones nowhere to be found in these lists?!? This must be a joke. If you think Keith Richard isn't among the top 10 greatest, most influential guitarists, you're a fool.

adam schambow responded 9 years ago: #28


maria responded 9 years ago: #29

PEOPLE!! we have forgotten one of the greatest rock bands of all time QUEEN!! QUEEN IS NOT EVEN IN THE HONORABLE MENTIONS!
what kind of list is this!!? i don't get it

Brett responded 9 years ago: #30

Good on him for putting U2 at no.3.

Not a massive fan, but you have to admit that they've really influenced the music industry massively. Not as much as the Stones or Beatles, but U2 have managed to stay popular, without really caring about staying popular (until their dismal recent effort). Achtung Baby is a masterpiece.

Ryan responded 9 years ago: #31

I think there should be a bigger list of way better bands

seb responded 9 years ago: #32

i would have liked to see led zeppelin in the top bands and jimmy page in the top guitarist

Mason responded 9 years ago: #33

I think Led zeppelin should be higher number 1 if not top 3 in the greatest bands category, they straight up dominated an entire decade. they also probably have the most talented group of mucisian out of any band
1. probably the best rock vocalist ever
2. one of the best if not THE best guitarist ever
3. one of the greatest drummers ever

it saddens me band like u2 made it higher on the list than zeppelin

John Allison responded 9 years ago: #34

What about Steve Morse and Phil Keaggy?

Bill responded 9 years ago: #35

What about joe Satriani?

John responded 9 years ago: #36

?!?!?! Kurt Corbain Was Horrible!! He couldn't play guitar period....he was a good songwriter but was awful at guitar!! Egh...Where is colin greenwood?

larry david responded 9 years ago: #37

jimmy page is a monster guitar player!!! led zep n the floyd are the two greatest bands with page, hendrix, srv, clapton and slash making up the top 5 guitarists. Dont give me all this rubbish about van halen etc who just play quick solo's at all times. Guitar playing is more than that!!

Charlotte responded 9 years ago: #38

Stevie Ray Vaughn should be before Kurt Cobain. And Steve Vai should be higher as well. Joe Satriani is better than half of those.

Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin deserve better than that.

katie responded 9 years ago: #39

i agree with mason, larry and seb: LEd Zeppelin is a the greatest band ever, is not because they r famous or popular.. but because they ARE, they have great talents on their group. I was on u2 when i was 15, im 26..I think that Led Zeppelin has created a revolution on my mind...thats what art is a revolution. u2 can b doing good things..but..u dont have to be on a newspaper just to know that u r good...: LED Zeppelin RockZ! is pure passion...

katie responded 9 years ago: #40

and another thing.. the Beatles??? COMMON!!..
u just missed putting elvis in there!..
ROCK COMES from Blues!!...thats music...
u made your list only by Popular taste, wich its not the best....

Charlie Bowers responded 9 years ago: #41

Your list does not include Duane Allman! You are extremely remise. He was the greatest of all time.

b h booth responded 9 years ago: #42

Oh come on. Blackmore has to be included with Beck, Page and Clapton. There is no credibility here.

Samy responded 9 years ago: #43

Both the metallica guitarists make it in top 50 but metallica is nowhere to be seen

guitarez responded 9 years ago: #44

rock n roll guitar playing should not be judged by how complicated the riffs or solo's are,becouse that's not the intention of the music.Same goes for the blues,both by nature are simple and even primitive like, the greatest artist of both music styles{muddy waters,Howlin' wolf,chuck berry,Bo Diddley.When they stoped calling it rock n roll and started calling it rock I suppose that changed,people started paying perhaps more attention to the solos then songs.For all you hard rock fans who want to hear real advanced music listen to jazz and classical music,those guitar players would technicly kill anyone in the rock blues world.The beatles are the greatest pop band ever,the stones the greatest rock n roll band in the world and keith richards the greatest rock n roll guitarist.Less is more in rock n roll.You'll never have keiths groove.

dave responded 9 years ago: #45

This is Dave from agawam
I believe that the best rock bands of all time
are led zepplin, metallica, ozzy, and a few other
but lars is just insane with those double bass drunmms
kirk plays his guitar 362 days a year so you just kno he's
fuckin incredible, james music is his heart he's an awesome vocalist has been thtough hell an back with bass players alcolism and has hit 25 years almost 90 million albums
and let me add that they put on one hell of a concert they usually play 20 to 23 songs with a variety from all there albums and they are still kickin ass, they've done rock, classical, symphony, covers from bands they idolize they have done everything they could possibly do with music and a
alot of people dont realize that and alot do but I think
Metallica is the best band ever and they wont quit
until they ccan't think of anything else to play which i
highly doubt will happen. I like alot of other bands aswell
but metallica keeps me going little bit of st,anger ride the lightning, and justice for all, black album hell everyone
keeps me going, comment or email me if ya want
Have a good one Metal heads

Rúben responded 9 years ago: #46

The best band of all time is Queen, the best song of all time is Bohemian Rapsody, is in the Guiness records book.

Erik responded 9 years ago: #47

No doubt Led Zeppelin on pure talent and influence are the greatest rock n roll band of all time. The Beatles are flat boring. The Stones should be 2nd and I love U2 but that is to high... Floyd should be 3rd. Guitarists.. Nailed it with Jimi Hendrix... Stevie Ray Vaughn deserves more praise he was amazing. Eric Claton and Jimmy Page were magicians. Drummers John Bonham, Keith Moon, Neil Pert, Tommy Lee are all deserving of consideration...

Courtenay responded 9 years ago: #48

Ok guys...remember a little something wonderful called AEROSMITH....theres nothing like and aerosmith groove...and jOE PERRY!! whoa what a guy...their not even on ure list CMON!!

Dylan responded 9 years ago: #49

James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett are the two gutarest i look up too they need 2 b there! (metallica rules!!!!)

Gabriel Hernandez responded 9 years ago: #50

i totaly agrre with u i think the beatles are the best rock band off all time .i personaly love them and im just 13 years old well i love their music and their movies to well i think ur article is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! i agrre with u on almost every bands position r u a beatles fan and if u r waht do u think about the "paul is dead hoax" did paul really die november 9 1966?...........

30 something responded 9 years ago: #51

listened to the hard, listened to the mellow....

Jerry is the man....

Aneesh responded 9 years ago: #52

Guys... how can you compare van helen to jimi, jimmy , and clapton. Just listen to each of the following led zep nos and if you don'ty realise how far above they are from the rest of the pack... you need to relook your priorities
... going to california
.... whole lotta love
.... when the levee breaks
.... all my love
... dyer maker
(without of course mentioning stairway , Kashmir, black dog, dazed and confused, Achilles Etc)

A guitarist kid responded 9 years ago: #53

I dont get what the big deal is with hendrix..Jimmy Page was much more of an innovator and inventor..he redefined guitar playing..Hendrix just played with heavy distorion and feedback and u couldnt even hear him

Kevin responded 9 years ago: #54

You know, I am old enough to recall Alvin Lee of Ten Years After and he and only, Jonny Winter (I think) could do that hornet's nest stuff that soundes so fast. He probably was not the best, but his timing and speed still amaze me.

ed mirsky responded 9 years ago: #55

Steve Vai is without a doubt in my mind the greatest rock guitarist of all time and it aint even close.Joe Satriani
is a distant second Mallsteen is third followed by John

Ben Jones responded 9 years ago: #56

thats pretty good! cept Beatles at number one? wheres Guns n roses n ac/dc there should of been different bands. (U2 , rolling stones and zeplin) are all good

aldo responded 9 years ago: #57

i think U2 is the most overrated band ever, all their stuff sounds the same
also what the fuck is james hetfield doing in the top 20 guitarists ever?
wheres john petrucci, randy rhodes, duane allman
SRV and Jeff Beck hould ba way higher up there
Kurt Cobain? thats a fucking joke right?
thats about it except slash should be farther back and santana at lest in top 7

A guitarist kid responded 9 years ago: #58

Why is Zakk Wylde on the list and not Randy Rhoads???!!! Wylde came after rhoads and wasnt even close to as good..Rhoads was crazy good...wylde learned off of rhoads

A guitarist kid responded 9 years ago: #59

Stevie Ray Vaughn should be higher...and where the heck is Keith Richards?

sickman25m responded 9 years ago: #60

On the guitarists list I see both sides to the Hendrix debate my personal tastes lean more toward Page & Slash, however; Hendrix sadly living so short a life has placed him in an almost "untouchable" category which happens when talent dies so young. More evidence of this fact is to look at Kurt Cobain who along w/Nirvana make it onto every list i've ever seen! Much too highly i might add. Cobain was a sloppy and mediocre guitarist at best. Influential? Yes! Great? No! Brian May at no. 4 is far too high, like him but too high! The lack of Duane Allman and Gary Rossington shows a bias towards southern rock in my opinion. Zakk Wylde making it while Rhoads is not even listed is ridiculous! And where is Townshend? In my opinion he could have snagged Knopfler's spot...and oh yeah Tom Morello??? That has to be a joke...he's purely noise! Which goes for Satriani and Vai as well, but; people seem to like them so that's at least acceptable. And one more thing I think Mike McCready, Jerry Cantrell and Kim Thayil were all better guitarists than Cobain! I'm getting tired of the Nirvana bandwagon!

queen fan responded 9 years ago: #61

were are queen the best rock band ever???? eat your hart out america these were pure english like the beatles!!!!!!!!! we love u queen

Josh responded 9 years ago: #62

Bands lists should have Velvet Underground, U2, Gayvana, Ramones, Bob Marley, and Sly and the Family Stone removed.

Guitarist list is a bit ridiculous and needs Alvin Lee, Jerry Garcia, Duane Allman, PETE TOWNSEND and ALEX LIFESON! Ted Nugent probably also.

rock chick responded 9 years ago: #63

I am afraid Kurt Cobain is in his proper place... no.. He should be HIGHER than spot #14. He basically STARTED the grunge revolution. AND he, like Hendrix, lived a very short life. They are both in the 27 club, and it's foolish to not give Kurt any credit. He had his own individual sound and that, along with his vocals, should put him at a much higher spot. Stevie and Angus should also be placed higher. Angus is amazing at guitar and if you've seen him, he is even better live. Hendrix definatly should be lower. He is only on there for his distortion. Also, Pete Townsend isn't on there and that is an insult to the Who. And Metallica could change a tad. Then it would truley be the greatest list.

Farina responded 9 years ago: #64

Led Zeppelin is without a doubt, the greatest rock group of all time. Name on other band that can go from bone crunching rock (Dazed and Confussed), (Heartbreaker),(The Immigrant Song), and (Black Dog) to some other worldy songs like (Stairway to Heaven),(Kashmir),(Achilles Last Stand), and (Ten Years Gone) to beautiful ballads such as (Thank You), (Babe I'm Gonna Leave You) and (Going to California)? The simple answer is no one! Led Zeppelin was the most versatile and innovative group of all time. Jimmy Page is the greatest guitarist ever. Ever hear Hendrix play a mandoline or steel pedal guitar the way Jimmy Page does? Page, Plant, Bonham, and Jones were the best of the best!

Jaen responded 9 years ago: #65

The greatest rock groups ever? 1. Led Zeppelin 2. The Beatles 3. The Who 4. The Rolling Stones 5. Pink Floyd 6. Rush 7. The Doors 8. Aerosmith 9. Van Halen (David Lee Roth era) 10. Black Sabbath tied with 10. Deep Purple
You have some groups on your list that have no business on there: Velvet Underground? Sly and the Family Stone? Bob Marley? Grateful Dead? Please!

Tony Cuccia responded 9 years ago: #66


farina responded 9 years ago: #67

Right on Tony, Zeppelin is the greatest band ever! We all know about Page and Plant's brilliance but John Bonham and John Paul Jones are absolute monsters on their respective instruments. Genius, absolute genius. Well, you know what they say, "and on the 8th day, God created Led Zeppelin!"

sillybrown responded 9 years ago: #68

I say slash is the best.friends am only 15,but someday you`ll c me on MTv....dnt stop rockin silly loseRs

Tim responded 9 years ago: #69

Mark Knopfler rated way down at 15th?! Listen, if you were to unplug these guys and make 'em go acoustic--which is the true test--Knopfler would blow the competition away. Who sounds cleaner? Check out his work on "Brothers in Arms" sometime for a lesson in finger-picking technique.

poopman responded 9 years ago: #70

where is queen?

Pink Floyd Fanatic responded 9 years ago: #71

Im glad Pink Floyd were on the charts but they could have been higher. I mean have u ever sat down and listened to them for a long time? Well listen to the live version of Comfortably Numb on the PULSE concert and u will see! u will all see! hahahahahaha

F.A. responded 9 years ago: #72

What about Ritchie Blackmoore and Tonni Iommi?

Dylan responded 9 years ago: #73

You lists are pretty good. The Beatles definetly deserve numer 1. But I don't think Velvet Underground, U2, Grateful Dead, and Sly should even be on the list. What about CCR of The Who, The Doors were sweet also. I also think Led Zeppelin should've been higher.

Mike responded 9 years ago: #74

Those are good lists and I agree with them, except Angus Young should be higher up. If you don't beleive me, listen to Thunderstruck and You Shook Me All Night Long.

Bill responded 9 years ago: #75

Your list is great, but Angus Young should be higher, Keith Richards should be there, and Billie Joe Armstrong should be there (if you don't beleive me, try to play Holiday). Also, ACDC should be on the list of bands. Other than that stuff, your lists are pretty good

Gwen G responded 9 years ago: #76

George Harrison and Keith Richards omitted from the greatest guitarists list? C'mon! Throw the whole damned thing out if these two legends aren't on it.

And I agree with all the people who wanted to know where Queen was on the bands list. I saw them in concert (and I've seen the Beatles - August 1964 in Cincinnati, the Stones, Aerosmith, Bob Seger, etc,etc) and I can tell you Queen was one of the greatest ever. Throw out Sly and put Freddy and the boys on the list.

ace responded 9 years ago: #77

No Frank Zappa, Johnny Winter, Michael Schenker, Leslie West, and Vandenburg? I agree with some of choices, but some are based on popularity and not skill. Angus Young was loud, not great. No guitar player I know has much respect for his simple licks. Jimmy Page is very over rated.

chris p responded 9 years ago: #78

honestly i'm happy for the recognition given to generation x by putting cobain so high on the list of guitarists but he doesn't belong there. Nirvana really changed music completely so I think their honorable mention is a bit of a slap in the face. Your ranking of U2 makes me want to vomit even more violently than Bono's voice does

Arthur Kaliel responded 9 years ago: #79

Allman,Gallagher,Hendrix,Winter,Zappa,George Clinton(Maggott Brain)Roy Buchannan,Clapton,Richard,Chuck Berry...

bryan f responded 9 years ago: #80

this is a good list, just switch satriani and santana and you have the top ten perfect. next switch hetfield and Young
and knopfler and morello and your guitarists are in fine shape.
your bands are all messed up though heres how it goes:
Led Zeppelin
The Beatles
Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Doors
The Who
Pink Floyd
The Eagles
Guns n' Roses

That is how the top ten rounds out

bryan f responded 9 years ago: #81

o yeah and get cobain out of there and get some one good like joe walsh in there

Velvet under ground Nirvana? im still disgusted with that bands list

ondrej responded 9 years ago: #82

Jimmy Page is a freak,he is pionner of heavy metal sound

eric responded 9 years ago: #83

good one
but david gilmoure is 4

gorman responded 9 years ago: #84

yo..... what bout Rush

Nick responded 9 years ago: #85

I agree with the guitarists list but if two of Metallicas band members is on that list (Hammett,Hetfield) then why isn't Metallica on the greatest bands list. They are the greatest metal band of all time.Plus their drummer ( Ulrich)
and bassist (Trujilio) are awsome
Just my 2 cents

brosef responded 9 years ago: #86

hendrix is undoubtedly no.1, alhtough page could play alost any style, he is not as good at blues as slowhand. It's a damn shame that the Who are not on the list. That band defines rock and roll. Knock off U2, all their songs sound the same, and Zep should be at least no.3 in not 2. Beck, SRV and knopfler all have more musical talent than kut cobain. Santana is definately higher that that steve vai moron.

Pat Denver responded 9 years ago: #87

Me and my friend feel that jimi hendrix is not the greatest guitarist of all time. why dont u think about how he doesnt even play in the right key half the time. he was good, he should be on the list but think about trey anistasio and jerry garcia george harrison wrote really complex music, i think page is really overrated. and the velvets should definatly be on there because they created a whole nother genre called punk rock who ever thinks different does not know music, the beatles should be number one because they didnt go with the crowd like zeppelin did with hard rock. try listening to the beatles and you will see. Also, pink floyd is one of the best they should be in the top 5, DAvid gilmour is one of the best. They were the most psychadelic band ever.....

Raiyan responded 9 years ago: #88

I just looked at your list of the greatest guitar players of all time and I honestly think that some of the numbers are completely wrong. For instance, slash at number 5, so your saying that slash is better than joe satriani, steve vai and kirk hammet...? Have you ever seen a G3 live in denver? (if you dont know what that is, it is where joe statriani and steve vai play like real gods...) you should see that before putting slash in the top 5...

Chris responded 9 years ago: #89

Does anyone know who JOHN PETRUCCI is??? Why is he not on this list??? You people who make these lists better research. He is on the G3 tour with Satriani and Vai and is in the amazing band Dream Theater. It doesn't get much technically better and creative as this guys writing. For rock's sake give him the credit he deserves. And how about Michael Romeo from Symphony X? Prog metal is where the best guitar players are at right now. Check out these two names. Better yet just give the bands a listen. You will see instantly why they should be on the list.

Alex Ritchie responded 9 years ago: #90

Well if you ask me, all the best bands come from the 70's and 80's. I just dont think that any modern bands can compare to them. Ideally 80's. Personally I think that Metallica is the best band ever. They are my favorite. They have now been at it for 23 years, and that is amazing.
Pantera is another band that just cant be beaten. They in my eyes are also one of the best bands. Dimdbag Darell of Pantera and Kirk Hammet of Metallica are without a doubt two of the best Metal guitarists that ever lived. I dont care what anyone says. I know im right. And if you think different then you wouldnt know a great guitarist if one came up and bit you in the ass. Not only them, but the other band members each of the two bands are also TOP QUALITY for what they do. Peace out my fellow metalmen

J Butterfield responded 9 years ago: #91

Pure soul, and rythym make great guitar. There is, and will never be anybody that could poor there soul inot a guitar like Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughn! Period. Hendrix lived a short life however, he played a lot of live gigs that are now mking there way onto the scene! Rifs and soul that no one has even touched. The closest is stevie. as for pure rock, what about Eddie van halen, and there is no mention of Robin tower. Also don't forget peter Frampton. all these artists are far better than Say; Kurt Cobain, he is not a great guitarists! get it right man!!! compare, and listen!!

Jacob responded 9 years ago: #92

Wow, I can't believe Brian May is #5 on the guitarist list (should be #3 in my opinion) and Queen aren't even honorably mentioned. When it comes to THE GREATEST in any area, there are going to be opinions, but anyone with ears can tell that Queen is good enough to be on that list.

Padraig responded 9 years ago: #93

Wat about thin lizzy. They may hav Gary Moore as a top 20 guitarist, but Lizzy shud b in da top 10 bands, cos they really influenced the music industry

Craig Barney responded 9 years ago: #94

Here is my top 10 Guitarists:

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Duane Allman
3. Eric Clapton
4. Robert Johnson
5. Chuck Berry
6. Stevie Ray Vaughan
7. Jimmy Page
8. Jerry Garcia
9. Kirk Hammett
10.Carlos Santana

ron responded 9 years ago: #95

rusty cooley, jason becker, yngwie malmsteen, jhon petrucci, steve vai, joe satrianni, kirk hamet, slash, bbking, eric clapton, jimmy page, stevie ray vaughn, my listtttt and no one knows some of these ppl

Stuart the Guitar Kid responded 9 years ago: #96

Are you kidding me??? These are the best guitarists:
Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Angus, Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Keith Richards, Pete Townshend, and George Harrison. Very Good Bands:David Bowie, AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Beatles, The Doors, Grateful Dead.The Jackson 5, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd,Queen,Stones,Derek and the Dominos,The Who Thanx Peeps

Antony responded 9 years ago: #97

I agree with pretty much everything but Metallica's vocalist James Hetfield shouldnt be up there. Don't get it wrong, I am a hardcore Metallica fan but James Hetfield as a guitarist? No thanks. :)

Dan The Man responded 9 years ago: #98

I agree w/ Hendrixs at the top but y oh y is Eddie Van Halen,Angus Young, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Carlos Santana father down on the list they should all be the top 5 and BB King isn't even shown!!! I may only be 14 but I know they should be further up the list!!!!!!!!!

Surfer responded 9 years ago: #99

Here are the best guitar players of all time in order
1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Stevie Ray Vaughan 3. Eric Clapton
4. Pete Townshend 5. B.B King 6. Carlos Santana
7. Jimmy Page 8. Kirk Hammett 9. Angus Young
10. Eddie Van Halen

Capt'n Insano responded 9 years ago: #100

1. Zappa-the one and only
2. Jimmy H.-yeah, well
3.after this it gets all mushy...Townshend, Santana, John McLaughlin, Duane Allman, Gary Moore, Johnny Winter,Eric Clapton, Steve Hillage, Kazumi Watanabe, Albert Collins, and Tony McPhee!-
beyond these off the top of my head are many many great guitar stylists-personal preferrence always comes to play in creating such a list...

Dave Robins responded 9 years ago: #101

No Cream or Who in your top bands ; U2 weren't even Ireland's best band(Thin Lizzy!) and where are Peter Green and Duane Allmann in your top 20 guitarists??

Will Traynor responded 9 years ago: #102

Omitting The Who is a cardinal sin; this is clearly one of the greatest rock bands in history. They are right up there with the Stones and Zeppelin. They featured one of the greatest drummers and bassists in rock history, along with one of the greatest rock songwriters in history. Their song catalogue rivals any band. Blasphemy !!!

Cody Kennedy responded 9 years ago: #103

wheres bb and thayil its ridicoulus

Green Day Fan responded 9 years ago: #104

U didnt include any of todays great bands!!! u totally fogot about billie joe armstrong and how good of a guitar player he is. and bono for U2 isnt that great at guitar LOL. go packers!!!!!!!

crazyj responded 9 years ago: #105

Seriously now, If we are talking serious guitar talent then one must have Satriani as number one, number two would have to be Vai. If your looking for sheer speed then one goes no further then Malmstein. In terms of Van Halen, the most over-rated guitarist ever.

Capt'n Insano responded 9 years ago: #106

This little thread has markedly degenerated into silliness...disappointed...thought it might be interesting-if only posts could stay on target with the opions of the greatest guitarists of all time-not bands-by the way Al DiMeola, forgot to mention him-in my top 10

mike carroll responded 9 years ago: #107

The Best Guitar players are.
Keith Richards & Johnny Marr

Johnno responded 9 years ago: #108

you are kidding right, what has Keith Richards done with a guitar besides the Sympathy for the Devil solo?
Clapton, Page, and Hendrix are way better.

jacob responded 9 years ago: #109

come on! were is jerry garcia!the ege!flea!there's some good gauitarests off the top of my head!

Black Sabbath fan responded 9 years ago: #110

You didn't put my last comments on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just to real for you guys!

AC/DC fan 2006 responded 9 years ago: #111

hey tony, while i agree that zeppelin is one of the best rock bands of all time, because all of their members are some of the best at what they do. but the bassist i think is the best is Michael Todd from coheed and cambria.

AC/DC fan 2006 responded 9 years ago: #112

I think that U2 is way too overrated. they just put them on the best rock bands of all time because they do so much charity stuff.they are very mainstream and poppy as well.

Black Sabbath fan responded 9 years ago: #113

I agree with my close friend (AC\DC fan 2006) that U2 is overrated and GREEN DAY JUST SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right Green day fan I'm talkin to you!

Black Sabbath fan responded 9 years ago: #114

HAVE WE FORGTTEN ABOUT IRON MAIDEN!!!!! The trooper is a piece of guitar artwork!

slappy bob responded 9 years ago: #115

jimi hendrix should not be the #1.because there are way better guitarist around that are way better than him no offense i love hendriix i just think your list is messed do know Eric Johnson.Have you heard Cliffs of Dover its crazy way better than i suggest you fix this list right

Conan568 responded 9 years ago: #116

Led Zeppelin was is and will always be the greatest band of all time.
Their stature only grows with the passing of time.
I saw them in 77, they played for 3 hours and 20 minutes, no back up band.
No-one else can even come close.
They didn't just play their songs, they attacked them.
Their Knebworth concert in 79 is the greatest rock concert of all time.
If you don't believe me buy the DVD set it on dts, and prepare to be amazed.

Johnno responded 9 years ago: #117

apparently you guys have not seen hendrix at woodstock. they band at woodstock was poorly rehearsed, forcing hendrix into some amazing improvisation. it doesnt matter how fast you can play, if you can improv like hendrix did then you should be a the top. maybe not number one but at least top 5

johnno responded 9 years ago: #118

i agree with you conan, but personally, i think them at the royal albert hall some years earlier was better.

Fernanda responded 9 years ago: #119

Kurt cobain???? omg , that's stupid ,, he couldn't play ..
..Jimmy page is monster guitar player , led zeppelin should be on top of that fucking list , they had the best lead singer , best guitar player , best drumer , best bass player ,,, and were's rush on the list??? are u kidding me??? they've been playing great rock for over 30 years ,,a bass player who can play two instruments and sing the way he sings at the same time ,,,, crazy!!!!

Deep Purple!! responded 9 years ago: #120

Slash?!!!!!?!?!? Whats up with that? And where is deep purple and Ritchie Blackmore? And im sorry but Zep is a bit overrated

Black Sabbath Fan responded 9 years ago: #121

I think the best guitarist of all time is Eddie Van Halen but ny personal favorite is Tony Iommi and my favorite bassist is Steve Harris Of Iron Maiden.

Robert Kinsler responded 9 years ago: #122

bobbyk44: Please,the Ramones, the Velvet Underground overrated and Marley is not rock. Here it is with the emphasis on rockin'. I've seen nearly everyone from the
Beatles to the White Stripes and my records go back 44
years. 1.Beatles 2.Rolling Stones 3.the Doors 4.thw Who
5.Credence Clearwater...6.the Clash 7.Led Zeppelin
8.Mitch Ryder& the Detroit Wheels 9.Cream 10.J.Geils Band
Top guitarists:top dog Jimi Hendrix 2-10 in any order
Jimmy Page,Eric Clapton Jeff Beck,SRV,Mike Bloomfield(from the Paul Butterfield Band & Bob Dylan) Jim McCarty(from the Detroit Wheels,Cactus,Buddy Miles,the Rockets)Buddy Guy (I know a blues guy)Duane Allman,& Frank Zappa.

Cap't Insano responded 9 years ago: #123

No arguments here, good list Robert.
-Duane Allman and Buddy Guy
Mitch Ryder are great additions to the guitarist list-my collection spans 15,000 titles and spans 40 years as well-I have a particular affinity for the much malligned prog genre...Jim McCarty...hmmm, I particularly like that one...

I think I really blew it by not listing Bloomfield-thinking about all the enjoyment his playing has given me...

Ludzer responded 9 years ago: #124

Kirk Hammett was an apprentice of Joe Satriani, so forget him. Where's Dimebag Darrell? Look at the condoleances on his bands website and all the greats bow down for him! This in an old farts list!

Capt'n Insano responded 9 years ago: #125

Steven Wilson(Porcupine Tree)someone to watch, listen too...impressive

Kiiske responded 9 years ago: #126

Kirk Hammett and Tom Morello,YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME,These so-called greats will forever be...PUPILS

Robert K. responded 9 years ago: #127

Thank you Capt'n Insano for the praise. Your inclusion of Albert Collins & John McLauglin prodded my return acolades.
Albert may be #1 for live shows and the spontaneous live jam.
Especially the nights I caught jammin with Lonnie Mack and
the afore mentioned Jim McCarty. By the way check out the
Village Voice's web site for 2005 Pazz & Jopp poll. Scroll
down to #788 and find Cactus-Barely Contained,the studio sessions.Click the critic & Bob Ruggiero who writes for the put the cd at # one.Cactus also had my #4
drummer Carmen Appice. You guys should check out what you might call a thirdwave of great guitarist-Joe Bonamassa,Eric Sardines,Walter Trout,Albert Cummings,Stoney Curtis.By the I way I feel bad about not mentioning Ronnie Earl.

Robert K. responded 9 years ago: #128

Thank you Capt'n Insano for the praise. Your inclusion of Albert Collins & John McLauglin prodded my return acolades.
Albert may be #1 for live shows and the spontaneous live jam.
Especially the nights I caught jammin with Lonnie Mack and
the afore mentioned Jim McCarty. By the way check out the
Village Voice's web site for 2005 Pazz & Jopp poll. Scroll
down to #788 and find Cactus-Barely Contained,the studio sessions.Click the critic & Bob Ruggiero who writes for the put the cd at # one.Cactus also had my #4
drummer Carmen Appice. You guys should check out what you might call a thirdwave of great guitarist-Joe Bonamassa,Eric Sardines,Walter Trout,Albert Cummings,Stoney Curtis.By the I way I feel bad about not mentioning Ronnie Earl.

CHRIS GRAHAM responded 9 years ago: #129


C responded 9 years ago: #130

Chris, guilt riddled I am...Steve Howe, YES!I saw the Yes tours throughout the 70"s-I really enjoy "Turbulance"...and as this thread continues an almost endless array of guitarists will be added...I would rate Jeff Beck higher than I alluded to...Zappa was a jammer and not to be really considered in the same way as Al DiMeola, catagorically there could be sub-categories for sure without "rock" guitarists-our individual preferrences come into play as I have an affinity for negative space around the notes(ala Chuck Prophet from the Green on Red days), tone(Eric Johnson, Duane Eddy etc), synth(Howe) and "phrasing"of the "hook"-(Clapton, Page and enumerable others)sheer finesse(DiMeola, Robert Fripp)raw emotion(icy Albert Collins, though blues, Roy Buchanon)Blazing runs and complexity(McLaughlin)primal, seminal stylist(Link Wray,)improvisational jamming(Frank Zappa, Duane Alman, David Gilmore,John Cippolina )and I could and maybe should go on with this...masters of feedback(Jimmy Hendrix, John Cippolina,Guy Kyser of Thin White Rope)

Zlaya responded 9 years ago: #131

Oh, this is one way list. List of similar sound. What about Ritchie Blackmore, you can't ignore him, he made big influence on r'n'r... and what about Deep Purple? Come on!

Cap't Insano responded 9 years ago: #132

I haven't and really can't make a top 10 list...I love too many players and bands...for different reasons...Blackmore was great!Bob Mould...Tony McPhee,yada,yada,yada...

shredmaster responded 9 years ago: #133

wo wo wo where did james hefield come from..sure he is great at rythym but that doesn't qualify him a spot on the list..

Robert Filmore responded 9 years ago: #134

U2 at number 3 u have to be kidding me
led zeppelin deserves batter than a 6
the who should be in the top 10
bob marley isnt even rock
Guns and Roses deserves at least honorable mention
and Keith richards should be in the top 10

Travis Secrist responded 9 years ago: #135


Guitar Expert responded 9 years ago: #136

Top Ten Guitarists:
Duane Allman
Robert Johnson
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Page
Derek Trucks
Eric Clapton
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jerry Garcia
George Harrison
Joe Satriani

Roberto Pereira responded 9 years ago: #137

u cant be serious!!!! nirvana not in the top 10????!!!! they changed music forever

Capt'n Insano responded 9 years ago: #138

Okay I have had time to think about it...I can name my top ten favorite guitarists-perhaps not the same kind of list as above...but so what

1.Robert Fripp-King Crimson,Bowie,Peter Gabriel,Van Der Graaf Generator,Brian Eno
2.Steve Howe-Yes, solo efforts
3.Reeve Gabrels-Tin machine
4.Bob Mould-Husker Du,Sugar
5.Dave Navarro-Jane's Addiction
6.Johnny Marr-Smiths,Talking Heads,Brian Ferry
7.Richard Thompson
8.Duane Allman
9.Jimi Hendrix
10.Link Wray

it makes for a different kind of list, when you pick personal favorites...

K.R. responded 9 years ago: #139

Top ten bands:
1.Led Zeppelin (no contest)
2.Metallica (have you seen them live?)
3.Rolling Stones (way better than the beatles)
4.Aerosmith (one of the very few bands that me and my parents like)
5.Guns N' Roses (people don't give them much credit for songs like: Don't Cry, November Rain, and Estranged)
6.AC/DC (Back In Black is the best rock album of all time)
7.Black Sabbath (w/o Sabbath no Metallica)
8.Nirvana (the true grunge band)
9.Beatles (the band that started it)
10.Kiss (awesome concerts)
12.Pearl Jam
13.Motley Crue
14.The Doors
15.The Eagles

Top ten rock guitarists:
1.Jimi Hendrix (lived way too short)
2.Jimmy Paige (have you heard Stairway To Heaven?)
3.Eddie Van Halen (won't meet a guitarist who won't say he didn't influence them)
4.Eric Clapton (Layla is kick ass)
5.Slash (listen to Estranged)
6.Carlos Santana (legend)
7.Angus Young (one of the most under-rated guitarists)
8.Brian May (also under-rated)
9.Kirk Hammett (just listen)
10.Joe Perry (over-shadowed by Steven Tyler)
Just So You Know:
B.B. King is a blues guitarist.
What song has Keith Richards made better with a decent solo besides Sympathy For The Devil?

Michael responded 9 years ago: #140

Queen are the greatest rock band of all time. Led Zeppelin are overrated. 'Nuff said.

Mike responded 9 years ago: #141

Where's joe walsh

Mr ???????? responded 9 years ago: #142

Joe Perry????? One of the greatest influential musicians ever!!! Really listen to proper Aerosmith and you'll see.

DrumBum responded 9 years ago: #143

You are all "dazed and confused" (except those who agree with zeppelin being No. 1).. have you listened to music? Listen to Bonham's drumming! He takes jazz percussion and creates amazing hard rock with it! Have you listened to him rock out with the triplet notes?
And john paul jones on the synthesized bass!! Listen to no quarter and tell me that it didnt blow your mind!! I dont need to even talk about Jimmy Page on guitar or Robert Plant's vocals, you just have to take the cock out of your ass and listen to em...

Ed responded 9 years ago: #144

Nice but wheres Queen??

John responded 9 years ago: #145

Listen, first off duane allman was unbeleivable. The guy never made mistakes and could play a solo with the best of them. Second of all, for anyone who does not know much about Tom morello, i am here to tell you the guy can play the fuckin guitar. Listen to sleep now in the fire, killing in the name or know your enemy by Rage Against the Machine and youll understand where im coming from. I beleive those three songs are on the top 200 guitar songs of all time. O yea, and listen to the song Your Time Has Come, Out of Exile or Dandelion by Audioslave. Tom Morello is placed just where he should be, guy can flat our play.

kyleh responded 9 years ago: #146

led zeppelin is number one and page/plant they would rock anybody.

kh responded 9 years ago: #147

these are the top 3 best vocalists ever
1.robert plant
2.kurt cobain
3.ozzy osbourne

rabab sahibzada responded 9 years ago: #148

Jimmy Page is the greatest guitarist of all time. He's a god!

Eloy responded 9 years ago: #149

This list isn't true how come aerosmith isn't in the greatest band list and u2 is there Aerosmith has been more influential than u2 and it's the best American rock band ever and Joe Perry is much better guitar player than Slash and Kurth Cobain.

mitch perez responded 9 years ago: #150

here is my top 10 rock bands
1.led zeppelin
4.Van Halen
5.Black Sabbath hot chile peppers
7.The Who
9.iron maiden

jay responded 9 years ago: #151

Slash made it to the list? Now I wonder what's happening in this world! Mere thinking about it plus satriani, vai, petrucci and bettencourt not making it on the list gives me the creeps!!! Am I in the twilight zone or what?

FELI responded 9 years ago: #152


FELI responded 9 years ago: #153



Alex responded 9 years ago: #154

What about Dream Theaters Guitarist John Petrucci, probably one of the most technical and greatest guitarists of all time. Listen to any song, and you will be blown away by mind boggling solos.

Don Q responded 9 years ago: #155

Of course this is all of our individual opinions in which I respect each one. However, the comment on Prince, he is a very underrated musician. Prince is one of the best guitarist, multi-talented musicians around. If you listen to his early work you'll see what I mean. He's more versatile in music than most on the list. He masters 30 different instruments with great skills. He can go from rock, funk, R&B, pop to whatever he feels. Songs like "Bambi", "I'm Your's" where he's raping the guitar! The dude is awesome! But I too love Zepp, AC/DC, The Beatles, Aerosmith, SRV and Santana. I can speak on the guitar because I've been playing for 30 years now. Yes, Hendrix was the best. You gotta remember the time and era that he was in. Way ahead of his time indeed.

Rob responded 9 years ago: #156


Aussie responded 9 years ago: #157

Red hot chilli peppers, audioslave and rage against the machine? what are you smoking? there are hundreds of better bands then that!

Totally agree with alex, John Petrucci is a much better guitarist then tons of the people mentioned.
Sure Kurt Cobain was influential, he just wasn't good....

RazzleDazzle responded 9 years ago: #158

How can a guitarist of Angus Young's caliber be #20? He's at least in the top 5. The list should be 1) Hendrix
2) Page 3)Young 4) Eddie Van Halen 5) Santana

God responded 9 years ago: #159

I sent Jimi Hendrix down to earth to guide and lead and to inspire. A task which he more than eloquently fulfilled in a mere 27 years. Since then I haven't seemed to craft any guitar player with the same guitar qualities.....and I'm God..So when you speak of Jimi realize that you are talking about the only messiah you should fancy when talking about the art of guitar playing...anyways....John Lee Hooker just called me ...g2g....peace

casimir responded 9 years ago: #160

no, no no, heres my list
1. Jimmy Hendrix
2. Jimmy Page
3. Eric Clapton
4. Michael Angelo Batio
5. Steve Vai
6. Joe Satriani
7. John Petrucci
8. Mark Knopfler
9. Kirk Hammett
10.Slash (because of his use of blues scales, and
influential guitar playing).

Bill Pierce Memphis responded 9 years ago: #161

You must have never herd of ZZTOP or Bill Gibons, one
of the top bands & guitar players of all times as per
Jimmy Hendrix.... Thanks bill

Paulie responded 9 years ago: #162

I agree, John Frusciante is the best guitarest ever! Sure was he not voted this when everyone thought he was dead!!!!!! A legend! CHIIZ ARE ONLY ACCEPTABLE BECAUSE OF HIM!!!!

Your Face responded 9 years ago: #163

I do beleive that Jimi Hendrix should be number one in the "greatest" guitarist of a time.Reasons are he put his heart and soul into his playing,he was an awesome player period(not best though) and cause hes dead,which always boost an artist popularity and legend.I'm tired of people though saying he died too young!!!Tell me a legendary guitarists whose peak of thier guitar playing was past 27,truth is that if hendrix has still alive he probaly wouldn't of put out anything more amazing then when he did in his mid-20's.Although Jimi Hendrix was the "greatest" he was not the "best",same goes for Jimmy Page.They were both great but not the best,in my opinion Eddie Van Halen was is still is the best.The fact is that Eddie could probaly out play any guitarist,and he was definently the fastest guitar player of all time.His style and his tecniques-(i know that can't be spelled right) are probaly the most copied of any guitarist,and now let us think why he would be the most copied guitarist,hmm.......He even created the double-tapping tecnique,now did Hendrix or Page create a tecnique like?No.I think that Eddie Van Halen is the best guitarist of all-time because he could out-play any other guitarist and I think that Jimi Hendrix was the greatest because of his skill and the soul he put in his music.Eddie could have put some soul into his playing,but thats not what he wanted,he was in FREAKING Van Halen,now cmon,how many serious songs did they actually have,EDWARD VAN HALEN wounldn't be EDWARD VAN HALEN if his playing was soulful.....o yeah,and by the way Robert Plant isn't the greatest or best metal singer either,RONNIE JAMES DIO holds that postion....he even brought the devil horns,rock on finger thing to rock n' roll.And not that i hate Zeppelin,i actually love them but theres really no way to call John Paul Jones the greatest bassist and John Bonham the best drummer since its soo hard to even rate a drummer or bassist since when they play I doubt that any,I MEAN ANY bassist or drummer EVER played thier full-potentiel in a song,they were the back-ups for the electric guitar and the lead vocals.

Alex Damian responded 9 years ago: #164

All of the bands from the list are good, but i would make a little changes. Everybody has his favorite band, he's favorite guitarest and so on, but in my opinion, the list should be like this:
Why Led Zeppelin? I don't really know...but they have something special witch other bands don't. They can sing so many tipes of music, that's why I never get bored listening to a Led Zeppelin album... and I enjoy ever single moment. As for guitarest. Jimmy Hendrix may be the no.1 guitarest - and we should apreciate his tallent - but for me. Jimmy Page is a god!

MrGuru responded 9 years ago: #165

Well I've seen some pretty good opinions, but now it's time to see the 10 Commandments of Greatest Groups & Guitarists of all time.
1. The Beatles
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Black Sabbath
4. Santana
5. David Bowie
6. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
7. Pink Floyd
8. The Police
9. The Jimmi Hendrix Experience
10. The Rolling Stones
1. Jimmy Page
2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
3. Jimmi Hendrix
4. Carlos Santana
5. Toni Iommi
6. Eric Clampton
7. Pete Townsend
8. Randy Rhodes
9. David Gilmore
10. Tom Morello

stag responded 9 years ago: #166

just because e.v.h. and john petrucci all play lightning fast solos, does not mean they do not play without soul. If Hendrix and Page (were still alive)could play that fast, and did, does he lose all the emotion? no. it's just that you can only read emotion if its played nice and slowly for you.

Your Face responded 9 years ago: #167

Even if solos are played fast you can still hear the in it,with Eddie the reason his solos didn't seem soulful because they probaly wern't.I doubt that Eddie was going for soulful in solos like in "Eruption","Intruder",or "Spanish Fly".I don't think that he wanted people to take his fun,kick ass solos like they were Jimmy's "Stairway to Heaven" or Jimi's "All Along the Watchtower".I mean,people listened to metal and hardrock to get away from the problems of life,until power ballads and grunge screwed that up.People don't listen to "fun" type of metal bands like Van Halen,AC/DC,Twisted Sister,Motley Crue,Queen,or Quiet Riot to feel touched by thier music,they did it to get pumped or get them in the party mood and forget how much life sucks.Even if you do play fast like Eddie if you want to put your soul into it people can still feel the emotion in it as much as if it were slow,although there were very few guitar players who played lighting fast who wanted to put emotion into thier playing.Probaly the guitarist who put soul into fast playing the best was Randy Rhoads,his solos sounded like they had as much soul in them as Jimi's or Page's,but they were as fast as Eddie's.

ANDREA responded 9 years ago: #168


john mayer fan responded 9 years ago: #169

why do all the great guitarists have to be from the 70's and 80's john mayer has to be up there in th4e top 10 atleast.

Your Face responded 9 years ago: #170

The Reason thier all from the 70's and 80's is because nowadays guitarists just copy the tecniques from those guitarists in the 70's and 80's......And who the hell if JOHN MAYER?If i haven't heard of him then i doubt he deserves to be in the top 10.

Cory responded 9 years ago: #171

I think some of these comments are a bit too bold for any of you to be saying, it's a top 20 list, and if all the bands that you listed were actually in it, it wouldn't be a top 20 list would it? I think that the choices are excellent and that there could be some things done differently, but in general I almost completely agree. The truth is, that rock and roll would not be rock and roll without the contribution from the whole whackload of artists listed on this page, we shouldn't be trying to make a top 20 list to begin with.

Patrick responded 9 years ago: #172

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? How does Velvet Underground beat Led Zeppelin? The Mighty ZEP, the greatest band of all time!!!

Your Face responded 9 years ago: #173

o Yeah.....I forgot to put my list up was to busy arguing.

Greatest Guitarist(rock)-
1.Jimi Hendrix
2.Eddie Van Halen
3.Randy Rhoads
4.Eric Clapton
5.Jimmy Page
Greatest Bands(Rock)-
1.The Beatles
2.Black Sabbath
3.Led Zeppelin
4.Jimi Hendrix Experience
5.Lynard Skynard

Jimi being #1 is obvisous,Eddi's #2 because I beleive he's probaly the fastest guitar player there is and also probaly the most copied,after Eddie was discovered as a guitar player no one tried to be original anymore,they just tried to be like EVH.Randy is #3 because he kicked ass in the 3 years he played with Ozzy,his solos were as soulful as Hendrix's and Jimmy Page's but as fast as Eddie's guitar shredding.Eric's at #4 just because he's Eric Clapton I guees,no arguments there.Jimmy's at #5 for the same reason Eric's at #4...........Beatles are at #1 because they were the first Rock N' Roll band there was,they started it all.Black Sabbath's at #2 because I think that them and Led Zeppelin were the first metal bands,the most popular type of rock.I think though that Black Sabbath had a bigger effect on metal bands down the road then Led Zeppelin did.Led Zeppelin's at #3 because of the same reason Black Sabbath's at #2 except I think that Led Zeppelin had a smaller effect on late 70's and 80's metal bands than Black Sabbath.Jimi Hendrix Experience at #4 just because back then they were like nothing else,probaly the most original bands the is,and plus the fact that it was Jimi Hendrix's band.Lynard Skynard at #5 because they probaly had the biggest impact on music in the shortest amount of time(4 years) then any other bands with that short of a career,they started Soutern Rock.

Artemis responded 9 years ago: #174

Why are people criticizing Slash? He created Sweet Child O' Mine intro solo which is one of rock's greatest and most memorable solos.

justSaying responded 9 years ago: #175

Why do some people have such a problem with U2?
-30 years(still going)
-14 Albums to date
For all you U2 haters,
you think your missing something?You don't even Know
About bono's charity, at least he's doing something useful with his money, instead of like buying drugs and killing yourself, not to metion any (hendrix) names, but don't get me wrong, i'm a fan of Jimbo.

eric responded 9 years ago: #176

1 The Beatles 2 Led Zeppelin 3 Pink Floyd 4 The Rolling Stones 5 Jimi Hendrix 6 queen 7 guns & roses
but i eally love pink floyd and led zeppelin

Obsessed with Zep responded 9 years ago: #177

ZEPPELIN IS THE BEST BAND EVER! STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN IS THE BEST SONG EVER! JIMMY PAGE WAS A FRICKIN GENIUS! He wasn't the best guitarist of all time but HE WAS A GENIUS! You wanna know why? JP came up with 2/3 of zeppelin's unforgettable riffs. He had a part in writing every single song ever made by zeppelin. Robert Plant's range was as wide as the milky way. Most people know about JPJ as being a great bassist. He is own of the best pianists of all time also. And Bonzo kicks butt! He is considered the most powerful drummer of all time.

The one responded 9 years ago: #178

Best bands ever
Zed zeppelin

Vinny responded 9 years ago: #179

I just went through a bunch of top 100 guitarist of all time on quite a few websites, and I cant believe not one site has Terry Kath of Chicago. Very disapionted.

a.j responded 9 years ago: #180

i'm a guitarist 31 years, there is no guitarist past or present that even comes close to edward van halen he is the number one guitarist of all time, guitar,guitar player,guitar international all say he is and lets not forget millions of fans. who made that list rolling stone?
rolling stone has NO!creaditbilty NONE havent for years.

a.j responded 9 years ago: #181

no one can touch edward van halen NO ONE.

joeshmoe responded 9 years ago: #182

I can't believe that there are people on here who put Metallica, Nirvana, ACDC, Guns n' Roses and RHCP ahead of truly great bands such as the Beatles, Led Zepplin, Rolling stones etc. ITS AN INSULT!! I can only asume that they have never actually listened to more than one song of any of these. Just because someone started a new genre doesnt mean they were good. For example, just because Nirvana started grunge doesnt make them good because grunge was shit and led to the even worse genre Emo!! And just because U2 have been around for 30 years doesnt make them 3rd greatest band ever !!! They are bland and boring.
My list would be:
1. The Beatles (by far)
2. The Rolling Stones
3. Led Zepplin
4. Pink Floyd
5. The Who
6. Beach Boys
7. The Clash
8. The Doors
9. Queen
11.Ramones(had to add them,i couldn't decide between 10&11)

I don't believe that anyone who has heard the latter Beatles albums can dispute their no.1 position, they are just the most varied and brilliant albums ever made. Although im a big Led fan i don't think they're right up there at 1&2. A lot of people here think that because the members of Led were some of the best musicians in rock, this makes them the best rock band. But musical brilliance doesn't make a great band, song writing ability, like that of the Beatles, is far more important. None of the Beatles were truly great musicians (although George Harrison is much underappreciated as a guitarist), but their song writing ability was second to none.

Sara responded 9 years ago: #183

my top 5 guitarist: James Hetfield, Zakk Wylde, Alexi LAiho, Slash, Kirk Hammett

Page V.H. Hammett responded 9 years ago: #184

I like AC/DC's sound and power, but angus just doesn't have m
much range with the six string. Van Halen is wildly fast, but only does it thru taping. Hammett is awesome and Metallica deserves to be the best metal band for their talent, period. Zepp has so much talent in every way
they can be classical or metal. Clapton is very skilled at creating songs too

Carmencita la negra Castro responded 9 years ago: #185

Well I've gone at least 5 times through the list of the top 10 rock bands of history because I simply couldn't believe that good ol' AC/DC wasn't there. I think I'm eventually coming to terms with this unjustice, it's simply unfair especially if we're talking about influential bands ( which shouldn't be a determining factor if you ask me); not only have they been imitated over and over but they also are responsible of the rebirth of rock'n'roll music, ''recycling'' it from its origins to make a new, exciting sound that has changed the history of music forever. Over all, they're one of the best bands of all times in my opinion and at the very least deserve a 2nd position on that list. I'm truly surprised that only a couple of people have mentioned this.
Putting that unfairness aside...where are the Jefferson Airplane? The Stooges? The Clash? The Byrds? Even worse...Thin Lizzy??? Probably The Doors and The Who should be there as well; that is if making such a list wasn't plain stupid, there are equally talented bands that simply can't be compared, and we all know our taste is influential to some extent. But definetely Queen and Deep Purple deserve a better place than Sly and the Family Stone, and Led Zeppelin are WAY more talented than poppy good-hearted U2. Bob Marley??? Big f'ing joke.
And what's Angus Young doing in the 20th position of the top 20 guitarrists? His music is basically intrinsec to rock, it is quintessentially rock'n'roll, WHY is he not in the top three I wonder...I also can't believe that Kirk Hammett got a better position than the almighty Steve Vai. I agree with
A.J., Van Halen is simply a genius and should be among the top 3, and Jeff Beck has surprisingly been discarded to the 18th position while Kurt Cobain gets no.14!?
I have to mention a new band that would figure on my list, Audioslave is much better than the original bands of its members and probably one of the best around, they have managed to make something beautiful out of the rough grunge's called creativity, and it's something that's lacking in the rock bands of my generation.
All said about the subject, it's pointless to make this sort of lists because they're bound to our own personal criteria.

pradeep responded 9 years ago: #186

where is david gilmour guys??? he is top 5 stuff. he may not be fast but he is an amazing guitarist

Dustin Marlowe responded 9 years ago: #187

Every "top ten" list i find is wrong or off. look at this

1)The Beatles
2)Led Zepplin
3)Deep Purple
4)Rolling Stones
5)The Jimi Hendrix Experience
6)Lynyrd Skynyrd
7)Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
8)The Who
9)The Grateful Dead

1)Ritchie Blackmore
2)Jimmy Page
3)Jimi Hendrix
4)Ted Nugent
5)Frank Marino
6)Billy Gibbons
7)Kirk Hammet
8)Pete Townshend
9)Alex Lifeson
10)Tommi Iommi

1)Ronnie James Dio
2)Ozzy Osbourne
3)Ronnie Van Zant
4)Axl Rose
5)James Hetfield
6)Ann Wilson

Wise Man responded 9 years ago: #188

OK, so much commentary on a topic no two people will ever agree on. There is one thing that is, however, incontrovertible and beyond debate. The Grateful Dead must be on any serious list since they shaped and led a genre of music and hundreds of thousands of fans for three decades.

1. Led Zeppelin
2. Pink Floyd
3. Beatles
4. Grateful Dead
5. Everyone else...

Speaking as a Wise Man, this must be the final entry on this commentary as no one can contradict my wisdom, which is self-evident, nealry as apparent as the length of my twisted sentences.

Your Face responded 9 years ago: #189

o Yeah.....I forgot to put my list up was to busy arguing.

Greatest Guitarist(rock)-
1.Jimi Hendrix
2.Eddie Van Halen
3.Randy Rhoads
4.Eric Clapton
5.Jimmy Page
Greatest Bands(Rock)-
1.The Beatles
2.Black Sabbath
3.Led Zeppelin
4.Jimi Hendrix Experience
5.Lynard Skynard
Greatest Vocalist(Rock)-
1.Ronnie James Dio
2.Ozzy Osbourne
3.Freddy Mercury
4.Robert Plant
5.Klaus Meine

Jimi being #1 is obvisous,Eddi's #2 because I beleive he's probaly the fastest guitar player there is and also probaly the most copied,after Eddie was discovered as a guitar player no one tried to be original anymore,they just tried to be like EVH.Randy is #3 because he kicked ass in the 3 years he played with Ozzy,his solos were as soulful as Hendrix's and Jimmy Page's but as fast as Eddie's guitar shredding.Eric's at #4 just because he's Eric Clapton I guees,no arguments there.Jimmy's at #5 for the same reason Eric's at #4...........Beatles are at #1 because they were the first Rock N' Roll band there was,they started it all.Black Sabbath's at #2 because I think that them and Led Zeppelin were the first metal bands,the most popular type of rock.I think though that Black Sabbath had a bigger effect on metal bands down the road then Led Zeppelin did.Led Zeppelin's at #3 because of the same reason Black Sabbath's at #2 except I think that Led Zeppelin had a smaller effect on late 70's and 80's metal bands than Black Sabbath.Jimi Hendrix Experience at #4 just because back then they were like nothing else,probaly the most original bands the is,and plus the fact that it was Jimi Hendrix's band.Lynard Skynard at #5 because they probaly had the biggest impact on music in the shortest amount of time(4 years) then any other bands with that short of a career,they started Soutern Rock. *Forgot to add vocalist,that why i re-posted this.Also the vocalist list is pretty much my favorites.

McCartney responded 9 years ago: #190

Ok everbody Kurt Cobain isn't a guitar player he isn't a singer he started a shitty grunge revolution and so what. GRUNGE SUCKS!!!!!!!!! and people who say is a great vocalist are idiots because you couldn't understand what he said. Slash is a great guitar player but rated a little high as is Brian May all though Brian May is great. Jimi Hendrix is the best guitar player ok here is my guitar player list
1.Jimi Hendrix
2.Eric Clapton
3.Jimmy Page
4.Jeff Beck
5.Stevie Ray Vaughn
6.Eddie Van Halen
7.Duane Allman
8.Brian May
9.Randy Rhoads
10.Eric Johnson

And they put Kurt Cobain cause he started grunge They should put Chuck Berry on the greatest guitar players if they talk about inspiration because he inspired all the greats. And the greatest vocalist of all time is Freddie Mercury people not Robert Plant although he was good I love Led Zeppelin and everbody in the band was great at what they did but they all weren't the best. Here is the band list
1.The Beatles
2.Rolling Stones
3.The Experience
4.Led Zeppelin
6.The Who
8.Pink Floyd
9.Van Halen
And by the way those metallica guys shouldn't be on there they don't even play in scale and randy rhoads is better than zakk wylde and acdc guitar player is a litlle overrated

Prozacblues responded 9 years ago: #191

all you have forgotten the band King Crimson and their gitarist Robert Fripp

Jock responded 9 years ago: #192

Finnaly a real list showing the real gods of rock, none of this punk emo crap. Im glad some people actually respect the real rock that used to be around.

wtf responded 9 years ago: #193

Srv is number one. A techincal genious and clean as hell. Jimmy page was the sloppy as hell. Stevie Ray was a master the best ever. And wtf are you people doing putting jimmy hendrix as number 1. Sure he was the "inovator" but he was sloppy and his music really wasn't that diverse. Stevie Ray was good technique wise, speed wise, creative wise, and emotional wise. And why in the hell is carlos santana 11. Wtf he was inovative. He mixed jazz, rock, blues, and latin. Not to mention the guy played in totally messed up scales. Anyone can prance around in the blues scale like hendrix. Santana did dorian modes, blues scales, the bebop scale. Here is the real list from a person who knows wtf he is talking about......

1. Stevie Ray Vaughan
2.Eric Clapton
3.Jimmy page
4.Jimmy Hendrix
5.Carlos Santana
6.George Benson
7.Pete Matheny
8.Duane Allman
9.Joe Satriani
10.Buddy Guy

Gary responded 9 years ago: #194

The List of both Bands and Guitarists are quite wierd.

The Top Ten Bands of My Liking are:-

01. Pink Floyd
02. Steely Dan
03. Mahogany Rush (Frank Marino)
04. Led Zeppelin
05. Deep Purple
06. Dire Straits
07. U2
08. Bad Company
09. Cream
10. Ten Years After

I know that many of you will be pretty quite concerned why i left out Beatles and Rolling Stone - I just did not like the way they sounded.

....and My Guitar Lists is:-

01. The All Time Hero JEFF BECK
02. Jimmy Hendrix
03. Frank Marino
04. Jimi Paige
05. David Gilmour
06. Eric Clapton
07. Stevie Ray Vaughan
08. Carlos Santana
09. Ritchie Blackmoore
10. Joe Satriani

That my friends, is the true list which many of you will agree

Page's Apprentice responded 9 years ago: #195

the time has come for a revival. The TRUE guitar god is the one, the only, the inconquerable, unforgettable, peerless, divine, drenched in magnificence, splendor, enthusiasm, energy...flawlessness...JIMMY PAGE! And let it be known. Bu of course Hendrix is spectacular...but Jimmy turned the "page" on the book of rock. I don't mean wannabe rock. I don't mean "I'll just pretend i like this music to be ocol" rock. I mean rock. Rock that is godsend, people. The Pagester defines that...excellently. Yes, the Fab Four opened doors for the Eternal, Everlasting Led Zeppelin but the TRUE fab four-that would be Plant, Page (best vocalist-guitarist duo of all flaming time, and don't you dare say Keith and Mick come close. do they have a "stairway" equal?, Bonzo (oh, dear, dear drummer compares. The magnetic John Bonham's drumming screams a transistion
in the best song-in any genre-ever made, "Stairway to Heaven", but that's not the only Zep tune his aptitude shines in-Moby Dick, anyone...? And don't say that's prolonged, because it is sheer perfection, undeniable, unbroken elegance and poise...when the Bonzo drums, the thought is the same in everyone's mind, "It doesn't get any better than this"), and JPJ (John Paul Jones...ah, there's so much to be said about this genius. Obviously he's a honest, unmerciful bassist-the best ever, no argument, that's a fact friends. But his beautiful recorder via Stairway's intro gives Jimmy's guitar such a gentle makes it hypnotically sincere. And I love it, who doesn't? Saying he's a "talented muscician" is like saying Jimmy Page is the "best guitarist ever"'s a deep,deep understatement.) If I was alive in the '70's, I wasn't, I wasn't even alive in the '80's, (THAT'S HOW LONG ZEP'S LEGACY HAS REIGNED ON!) I would've adored seeing the Beatles play a show, then...after...Led Zeppelin. Zep would've made Lennon's fruit cup hair dance right off of his scalp. You see, you must see, Harrison-his so-called "talent" is a matter of laughter when lined in comparison with that of Jimmy Page- confided to a member of Zep they were only required to do very short shows with INTERMISSIONS. Zep had to play for extensive stretches of time, (which coincidentally, yeah, as if, lets slip into my mind a song by the same namee by a wonderful group of a certain album by the name of "Dark Side of the Moon" he he he)-NO INTERMISSIONS TO BE SEE FOR MILES AND MILES (reminds me of yet another group to be discussed soon.) But back to the Beatles Zep comparison. Guitarists. Oh, this is so easy. Harrrison and Page. PLEASE! Page wins. "Triumphant" doesn't even begin to describe it. JPJ vs. Paul McCartney: thhis is a tie, I think. Bonzo and Starr: Yeah, I think you know. Plant, all of them: Robert wins. Of course he does! So predictable. Revolver is good-IV is better. Sorry. But it had to be said. Now, I so agree with those who want to know where Duane Allman is on this little list. Duane? Where are you, Duane...?! :) It is my personal opinion the best rock of all time trinity are made up of Led Zeppelin (who gets more radio play than these multifaceted gods? Who cares about "Hammer of the Gods"? So Zep isn't perfect. Hey. Neither am I. Neither are you. Imagine the pressure! I can't even ballpark the temptations), PINK FLOYD (told you, didn't I? Gilmour was so good he was bad...and then good all over again. He rocks, he rules...Gilmour man, when his fingers touch that guitar, it turns to gold), THE WHO (how could they be omitted? Some very wise good soul up there said it was sin. yes, good sir or dear lady, yes it most definitely is. The Who's "Tommy"...that was groundbreaking, man. It's so crazy Townshend didn't make the guitarist list either. It's agitating and unfair. Disgusting. The Who are winners, not losers. They connect to your soul and rock you, not unlike the real fab four...Led Zeppelin.) Yes, there will be those of you 60's dwellers who contradict..."Beatles are the top sellers! Blah! Blah!" Please, don't even try. Led Zeppelin is better than them and you know it. It's desperate to say otherwise. It's pathetic. Yes. Like everyone knows who the Beatles are-from babies to grandpas. That doesn't mean they all like them...just that they know about them.
I apologize thoroughly if I upset anyone, but excuse me for doing my duty to the gods of rock. For those who keep on writign they're overrated...stop and listen to the music. Not just Stairway, Kashmir, Black Dog, Immigrant Song...but the less famous ones, Over the Hills and Far Away, when the levee breaks, the cadillac commercial hit, Rock and Roll, (Bonzo illuminates this), Heartbreaker (classic Page riff there), Whole Lotta Love (see Heartbreaker), Achilles Las Stand, ten years gone, that's the way, tangerine...I can't stop! They're so good. Just take a listen and THEN tell me they're overrated. Do it with a straight face. hold your trust in this, won't be able to.
Thank you so much and may the Zep be with you.

duke responded 9 years ago: #196

k guys acdc is the best band ever. where is the who, def lepard,george thorgood and the destroyers and styx??? what is bob marley doin' on there he is not rock and roll, he's freakin' regea...

KID responded 9 years ago: #197


Your Face responded 9 years ago: #198

To Page's Apprentice:Led Zeppelin's overrated.If it were
not for the Beatles there wouldn't be a Led Zeppelin,nor Pink Floyd.And how many "Greatest Rock Bands" do you ever
see the Who in the top 20,or even 30.Thier not that great,
I'm sure your just glorifing them because they gave
Led Zeppelin thier name.Jimmy Page is far from being the greastest guitist ever,so what if he made so good riffs,
he never did anyting extradinary with his guitar,he didn't revolutionive guitar playing.He could get his way around
the fret board but he didn't play his guitar any diffent
from average guitar player except for his experences.Face it,Jimmy Page is never going to be the greatest guitarist who lived,now he might be the greatest "living" guitarist
if he can outlive Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton,but thats
his only chance.Robert Plant is up thier in the greatest vocalist but not #1.If he was the greatest then why didn't his solo career go as good as Ozzy Osbourne's or Ronnie James Dio's solo career.And as for John Paul Jones,you can't really put a list of Greatest Bassist unless Bass Guitar
solo's took the place of Electric Guitar solo's,you just don't hear them enough to rate Bassist.I guees that John
Bonham isthe greatest,i personally like Keith Moon better.
So,Page's Apprentice,try listening to someone other than Zeppelin and you might think a bit less of them.

Liam responded 9 years ago: #199

Led Zeppelin is definately the best band. All the members are very talented and would definately be in a top 5 for what they do. Led Zeppelin also made many albums (great if i might add) and many amazing songs. o ya and Kurt Cobain and James Hetfield (even thought i love metallica)should not b on the guitarist list while SRV should be higher and Randy Rhoads should definately be on there because he was one of the greatest guitarists ever!! R.I.P

BLS_Lover responded 9 years ago: #200

I can't believe that you would have Zakk Wylde on that guitarist list but not "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. I love Zakk Wylde but Dimebag could've out-played him anyday... R.I.P. "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott 1966-2004

*mean no harm* responded 9 years ago: #201

kurt cobain before mark knopfler? are you deaf? cobain knew stuff, he's famous cause he killed himself. his riffs are to begin playing with. mark knopfler is out of his range..

McCartney responded 9 years ago: #202

Ok people Led Zeppelin was great but they weren't the best. Jimmy Page was great on album but live he was extremely sloppy. But he is one of my favorite guitarists because album wise he was good. Robert Plant, great vocalist but not the best, Freddie Mercury has him beat. John Bonham is one of my favorite drummers but he isn't the greatest and he is a little overrated Neil Peart has him beat. And bass wise John Paul Jones is probably great but there are still many other great bassists like John Entwistle and Paul McCartney. And Eric Clapton has Jimmy Page beat and so does Jimi Hendrix. And Kurt can get the hell off the list and so can Nirvana and every crappy grunge band.Yeah you Hear Me GRUNGE Stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And where is Queen they are one of the greatest bands and they weren't even metioned. I mean they have great legendary songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock/We Are The Champions and there not even mentioned. That really PEASES ME OFF!!!!111

Capt'n Insano responded 9 years ago: #203

Mr. Prozacblues, I beg to differ...if you actually read previous posts you would see that Robert Fripp IS my numero uno pick...I have amassed ahuge music collection over my 50 some odd years(some were more odd than others)I detest canned lists like this...Availability, airplay frequency, big label marketing lay these folks out in front of you...ask a collector. or just dare to explore a bit...My Progressive collection is comprised of bands from around the worls over the last 3 decades.Fripp, defines exploratory guitar work...The band Tool reveres K. Crimson and with good reason...they obviously spent their youth listening to them a lot-toured with them and have publicly praised the path they blazed-where noone else had gone before.

GTK responded 9 years ago: #204

Way off on knowledge of guitarist talent.
Hendrix... great image, but average playing ability. Jeff Beck blows away Clapton and Page without question.
Best Guitarist? Gallery of the Greats, Mr. Steve Howe.
Yes Group, 35th anniversary tour in 2005. Flawless execution while other bands you have listed are dead.
Rosen. Do some homework.

whofan responded 9 years ago: #205

Ritchie Blackmore, best guitarist

The Who, best band

Carmencita la negra de la Vega responded 9 years ago: #206

No, no, no, NO!!! Angus, Angus and no-one but the almighty Angus.

Randy Warren responded 9 years ago: #207

Interesting article, but if we had to go by sheer talent, then Carlos Santana, Ritchie Blackmore, Terry Kath and David Gilmour top my list of favorite guitarists. As for my favorite bands.
Beatles, Pink Floyd, Styx (What about Tommy Shaw?)
Deep Purple and Queen. This argument could go on for an eternity. My opinion is whatever ROCKS your boat...

Jordan.B responded 9 years ago: #208

If u ask me Angus young is overatted, there are people out there who think he is a god but hes doesnt even make my top 20. Eddie Van Halen should be higher up and zakk wylde shouldnt even be there, where the hell is Rhoads. Some of you may think all EVH does is make a lot of noise and play real fast with no feeling but really i disagree. EVH picked up the guitar evryday and played for 11 hours +, it takes passion and real dedication to do that my top 10 go's sometinhg like this 1.Jimi Hendrix 2.Eddie Van Halen 3.Eric Clapton 4.Jimmy Page 5.SRV 6.Steve vai 7.Joe satriani 8.BB King 9.Yngwie Malmsteen 10.Jeff Beck

Mike responded 9 years ago: #209

Kurt Cobain sucks
The Best guitarist ever should be
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Carlos Santana
David Gilmour
Eric Clapton
Neil Young
Duane Allman
Frank Zappa
John Mclaughlin
Jimmy Page
Jeff Beck
Joe Satriani
Steve Vai

Akarsh responded 9 years ago: #210

Hey the band list is alright exceot that Led Zep should be in 4th place just behind U2,and not 6th.But how on earth
could you not even mention Queen? That's the biggest flaw
But the guitarist list seems terrible,I mean How can you leave out The Edge from it,do songs like where the streets
have no name ,pride,all I want is You don't mean anything?
And Joe Satriani should be on the top and not that silly sixth place.
P.S. What about aerosmith and Bon Jovi???Where are they?

johnno responded 8 years ago: #211

the edge sucks and U2 sucks
them and zeppelin should switch
if dont believe me look at the statistics
bonham was the better drummer
page was the better guitarist
jones was the better bassist/musician
plant was way better at vocals
plus zeppelin sold more albums and wrote better music

bob responded 8 years ago: #212

Jordan now lets be reasonable, 11 hours+ a day? highly unlikely

Angus responded 8 years ago: #213

those lists are all screwed up wheres Malmsteen and Slash. and iron maiden should be in the list they rock.

correíllo responded 8 years ago: #214

What about Deep Purple? What about Ritchie blackmore? Led Zeppelin is a great band, sure, but Page is not a great guitar player. He is a great composer. That's all. Listen the solo from Gates Of Babylon (Blackmore) an put him between Hendrix and Van Halen. These are the three greatest rock Guitar Players. They are the most influential. And if you want to know the most "virtuosos" listen to Shawn Lane (electric guitar), John Williams (classical guitar) and Vicente Amigo (flamenco guitar)

Jordan.B responded 8 years ago: #215

bob it may seem unreasonable,but true check slash from guns n roses on wikipedia,he did even more! iron maidens guitarists are great however not worth mentioning top 10 wise.The edge of u2 sucks and couldnt right a decent guitar solo to save his life. Zeppelin is to low on the bands list.If u ask me this guys list is based entirely on popularity amonst people today and is not as musically based as it should be.

Fiona responded 8 years ago: #216

First of all, I would like to agree with everyone who said that zeppelin should be at the top of the list. Considering the scope of their influence, overall musicianship, and their constant innovation I think its ludicrous that they fall at number six. But that point has already been argued to death above, so I'll move on.

Secondly, why is it that Rush never gets the recognition that they deserve? Admittedly, they're somewhat of an "under the radar" band and have never achieved the mass popularity of many other less talented yet more mainstream groups. However, the overall quality of their music is undeniable in my opinion. All three are some of the best on their respective instruments. Alex Lifeson is one of the most versitile guitarists out there and technically a master. Frankly, I can't understand at all how he didn't even make the top 100 in Rolling Stone's list of the greatest guitarists. And whether or not you like Geddy Lee's distinctive vocal stylings, I don't think anyone can argue that he is one of the best bassists ever. He's influenced everyone from Les Claypool of Primus to Cliff Burton of Metallica. Not to mention the fact that he sings, plays bass and keyboards all at the same time in concert. And Neil Peart is easily in the top three drummers of all time. With John Bonham second and maybe Keith Moon at three. I mean, has anyone seen one of his solos in concert? Its out of control. Unfortunately, their refusal to compromise experimentation and artistic growth for mainstream appeal has cost them mainstream acknowledgement (for the most part). However, they must be doing something right as they currently place fifth for most consecutive gold and platinum albums for a rock band. Considering the factors for this list were "staying power" (Rush just celebrated their thirtieth anniversary and they are currently working on a new album) and "musical and cultural influence" (Rush has influenced bands as big as Metallica, Primus, Soundgarden, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Add that to their huge record sales and the musical proficiency of each band member) and I think its crazy that they were completely overlooked.

acdc fan 4 lyf responded 8 years ago: #217

ok people u got it all wrong...

zz top
dire staits
pink floid
iron maidan
rolling stones

they r they top 10 bands....
and if u can find some1 that can play a solo lky angus young and play a solo while runing and jumpin around every where and doin 360 on the flour, the only thing jimi hendrix could do was play with his teeth...and even i can do that

Jordan.B responded 8 years ago: #218

Eddie Van Halen can mop the floor with Angus Young. Eddie is way better. Who cares if he runs around Eddie ran around to, ur point? Angus is a great performer probably the best in rock, but... hes not as good as many on my list its more or less, Hendrix,Van Halen,Page,CLapton about a couple doezen other guitarists and then,MAYBE,Agnus Young.

vinnie peerst responded 8 years ago: #219

this list is a joke, it has david bowie and the spiders from mars listed, David bowie has done so many great things other than with the spiders from mars. And is this person who made this homophobic, where is the greatest band of all time QUEEN

vin responded 8 years ago: #220


Goswami responded 8 years ago: #221

This is going to be pretty long. Firstly, the bands. I applaud the writer for the top 3, they all deserve that. After that, it does lose track a bit. Firstly, I believe Queen should be on the top 10 somewhere. As should the Eagles and the Who. Zeppelin maybe 1 or 2 spots higher, but no more. Make no mistake, I'm a big fan of Led Zeppelin, but the man who thinks Robert Plant has an amazing voice has never truly heard a good vocalist. Jimmy Page was a great guitarist and songwriter, but is overrated. A lot of his live performances were very sloppy, and his parts aren't that hard to play. Putting that aside, he is great. Also, Zeppelin's song's are unorganized and drawn out. In Whola Lotta Love, the part where it goes to like a jungle theme is completely useless and boring. I like the song till that point, but then I get lost. Normally, I listen to the first part, then skip to the solo, then stop listening. As for Velvet Revolver and such, I haven't heard much of them, so I can't say who should and shouldn't be there.

Secondly, the guitarists. The list is either right or wrong, depending on what you look for in a guitarist. For example, I think Eddie Van Halen is technically the most skilled guitarist ever, but someone like Jimi Hendrix is still better. Reason? Better songwriting, more soul, and more meat. On that I think the top 5 is good with the exception of Slash. And Page is higher than Clapton? About Brian May, I am a big fan of him. His guitar parts fit the song better than anyone. Also, he plays every style better than most people who specialize in it. For example, if you want metal, then listen to some of the earlier stuff. Such as Father to Son, Great King Rat, Son and Daughter, Ogre Battle. Very fun. If you want fast, listen to The Invisible Man. Okay, enough on him. I think that Joe Saitrini (or however its spelled) needs to be lowered and David Gilmour put up. Joe played very fast, yes, but his music is a bit of a mess. For me, it is poorly organized noise. Stevie Ray Vaughn should be brought up into the top 10. As for Kurt Cobain, he is the exact opposite of my argument really. He was not a very skilled player, but a terrific songwriter. However, I do like skill in the music I listen to so I think he should be moved down. As for James Hetfield, he was pretty much a very skilled rhythm guitarist. Shouldn't be there. However, Kirk Hammet needs to keep his place. As for people such as George Harrison and Keith Richards, they're outta luck here. They kept rhythm like nobody's business, but they just don't compare with others. Just as a nice end, I think Alex Lifeson should be on the guitarist's list SOMEWHERE. He is underrated. He was almost the bassist of Rush. Okay, that's my rant for now.

Your Face responded 8 years ago: #222

Dear ACDC fan 4 lyf,you stated that you can play guitar with your teeth and said it was no big deal....I highly,highly doubt that you could play a Hendrix song with your teeth....Jimi Hendrix wasn't reveared for playing with his teeth by just striking the strings such as i guees you "think" he did....You are very mistaken if you think you can play guitar anywhere near Jimi....May God strike you down now and have pity on your soul.Angus is good but he isn't a guitar god like EVH or Jimi Hendrix.

buxnut responded 8 years ago: #223

these 5 can play w/ anyone !!!!! jeff beck,steve howe,alex lifeson,jimmy page,eddie van halen & all have revolutionized rock guitar in some way or form at some point in time.clapton is waaaaaaaay overrated trust me. slow hand? hows about NO HAND!! HE SUCKS PERIOD!

josh responded 8 years ago: #224

aight... this is the real list


whoever can play like eddie van halen is awesome.

Fezz responded 8 years ago: #225

Did you forget about Ritchie Blackmore? He should be on that list, and get Kurt Cobain out a there. Slash and Brian May are way to high. And Heres the real list: 1.Jimmy Hendrix
2.Eric Clapton
3.Jimmy Page
4.Eddie Van Halen
5.Jeff Beck
6.Ritchie Blackmore 7.joe satriani
8.steve Vai
9.David Gilmore
10.randy rhoads
12.Stevie Ray Vaughan 13.Paul Gilbert
14.Yngwie Malmsteen
15.Phil Keaggy
16.Jason Becker
17.John Mclaughlin
18.Duane Allman
19.Chuck Berry
20.Kirk Hammett
That is the real list

Zack responded 8 years ago: #226

i think black sabbath should have surely been number 1 for
best band ever and tony iommi obviously is a better guitarist than most of those guys. i mean stevie ray vahgn? s
seriously give your head a shake.

Clayton responded 8 years ago: #227

Great list, but in my opinion Nirvana should be much higher on the band list. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a band with so much creative talent come along. It's been 12 years and I'm still listening.

Jordan.B responded 8 years ago: #228

Nirvana,please. What is wrong with some people on here,just cause there YOUR favorite,doesnt mean there the BEST. And furthermore if you dont play guitar,u dont know about whos good , and whos not. But since logic seems to have run short, ill just turn to my grade 4 playground name calling apporach.

zack responded 8 years ago: #229

it's me again. I agree very much with Jordan.B just because they are your favorite band dosen't make them the best of all time. o.k so black sabbath probably isn't the best rock band of all time and maybe tony iommi isn't the best guitarist of all time but they sure were a LOT better than nirvana. Black Sabbath has sold more c.d's they have made better music. They have even created HEAVY METAL! For god sake does anybody agree that black sabbath is way better than nirvana. P.S Hey Clayton Nirvana SUCKS!

Dax responded 8 years ago: #230

How was Iron Maiden not included in any of this? They are by far better then some of those other bands.

zack responded 8 years ago: #231

dax, you are so right. It just slipped my mind that Iron Maiden are so much better and more talented than pretty
muchany of those other bands. The same goes for megadeth.
Dave Mustaine is easilly one of the most gifted guitarists
ever, including Marty Freidman, there former guitarist.
But there isn't any two guitarists in the world who can do
better harmonizing than Adrian Smith and Dave Murray.
Dave Murray alone is probably the best soloist i have ever heard. Just listen to any of Iron Maiden's old classics
and just about everyone one of them have a legendary guitar
lick from Dave Murray.

zack responded 8 years ago: #232

ok people, keep in mind that everything you are writing
is just YOUR OPINION! And just because it is YOUR OPINION!
does not make it true. There is no best rock band of all time, there are just OPINIONS! of who the best rock band of all time is.there is no found best guitarist of all time.
Sure people might say for example- jimi hendrix is better than jimmy page. But that does not make it true.
Here are MY OPINIONS! of the best guitarists of all time .
Remember everyone is intitled to there opinion. But that doesn't make there opinion true.

1.Marty Freidman{MEGADETH}
3.Dave Mustaine{MEGADETH}
4.Dave Murray{IRON MAIDEN}
5.Adrian Smith{IRON MAIDEN}
6.Ritchie Blackmore{DEEP PURPLE}
10.Neil Young

But keep in mind that, the best guitarist in the world
could be playing his gutar right now in a bar for a bunch
of drunks waiting for his big break. there could be and
probably are guitarists out there 10 times better than
jimmy page or steve vai or eric clapton.

Josh responded 8 years ago: #233

following up with the greatest guitarists. okokok. there really is no REAL way to judge the greatest bands or the greatest guitarists ever, simply because there are so many. a lot of guitarists that aren't famous are probably better than some on the list because they just haven't made it big. and whats with james hetfield? he's a good guitarist granted, but he is a RYTHEM guitarist. and kurt kobain is WAY overrated. he was an excellent songwriter. nevermind is an awesome album. but his guitar playing abilities are mediocre. same with johnny ramone. on the rolling stones greatest guitarists list, johnny ramone was # 17 or something like that and EVH was number 70. what is up with that. here is my opinion:

1: Eddie van halen (given)
2: Jimmy Page
3: Randy Rhoads
4: David Gilmour
5: Slash (why is everybody mad about putting this guy on?)
6: Joe Satriani
7: Jimmy Hendrix
8: Aldo Nova (like i said, some guitarists haven't made it big yet)
9: Jeff Beck
10: Eric Clapton
11: Brian May
12: Neil Young
13: Ace Frehley (Kiss. why has nobody put this guy on?)
14: Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult)
15: Stevie Ray Vaughn
16: Ted Nugent
17: Kirk Hammet (Joe Satrianis Student/Pupil)
18: Dimebag Darrel (where is he??? that guy was awesome)
19: Scott Ian
20: Dave Mustaine

like zach said, the greatest guitarist could be playing in front of some people, just trying to make it

Guitar Hero responded 8 years ago: #234

ok yal here is my list. best rock band of all time led zeppelin by far. jimmy page is god.
guitar gods
1. Jimmy Paige
2. Jimi Hendrix
3. Slash
4. Stevie Ray Vaughn
5. Eric Clapton

There are many more awsome guitarist but those are who i think are the most creative and skillful and to those who listen to prog and all that FAST IS NOT IMPRESSIVE!

EVH responded 8 years ago: #235

FAST IS IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can you imagine if eddie decided to play "Eruption" at a thrid of the speed it's done in,if he did it that slow the no one would given a second thought to that song..But since he did play it lighting fast it's reconized as the GREATEST GUITAR SOLO EVER.....Think about you don't pratice your guitar to be more soulful,you practice it to become faster(A.K.A.-better)......Guitar hero-did you drop your jaw and listen to the "Stairway to Heaven" solo in awe??????I highely doubt it because it's NOT AN IMPRESSIVE SOLO!!!It's soulful and beautiful..........Same goes for the "Comfortably Numb" guitar solo,it's not impressive,it's beautiful and soulful........The "Crazy Train" and "Mr.Crowley" solos are lighting fast and amazing---THATS IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!Not soul!

Mike responded 8 years ago: #236


If you were younger than 1o when the Beatles came on the scene - your vote should be discounted 70-95%. Prince and Cobain should not even be mentioned. Anyone ever heard of the Moody Blues? As for quitarist - do they also write
their music - Clapton, Richards, John Lennon revolutionized
how to play rhythm guitar, and of course Stevie Ray is top five all time.

Sean responded 8 years ago: #237

The best band of all time is Led Zeppelin, especially their song Stairway to Heaven. It is awsome bestest solo. Jimmy page and Jimi Hendrix are the best for sure.

Matt responded 8 years ago: #238

Top 10 Greatest Bands:

1.Rush(Greatest Drummer Neil Peart)
2.Pink Floyd (Super Clean Guitar)
3.Van Halen (Greatest Guitar Player)
4.Traffic(Complex Music)
5.The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Amazing Band)
6.Cream (Untouchable talent)
7.The Who (Just Great)
8.Guns N Roses
9.Led Zeppelin (Stairway To Heaven)
10.The Police

ryno responded 8 years ago: #239

Here is what I think:
Eric Clapton is one of the greatest guitar players to ever pick up the instrument! Just listen to the solo of Crossroads! J. Hendrix is amazing, but a little to sloppy for my taste. Vaughan is the best blues player to make it big! EVH is one of the fastest guitar players ever, but in my mind it's not that impressive because he can't reproduce any of it in concert (Mr. Studio effects)! I am only saying this because I respect Angus Young. The reason Angus Young is so good is because he doesn't try to impress everybody with every solo he plays. He is very conscious about what flows... the music and beat around him, but he can still crank out amazing riffs. He is also the master of the power cord and the live show. I have seen many bands live including Metallica, Aerosmith, Kiss, and Skynyrd, and nobody can put on a show like Angus Young and AC/DC!!!

Donald responded 8 years ago: #240

Not having The Who listed makes the entire list unreal/unworthy. The Who is perhaps the greatest rock n roll band ever; to not have them listed is a sin. Pete Townshend is a guitar legend! Get it right.

Andy responded 8 years ago: #241

OK...the most underrated band of all time I would have to say is RUSH!!! I mean those guys play out of their skin. Neil Peart is hands down the greatest drummer of all time.(Don't even try to refute that.)
Geddy Lee is one of the greatest bass guitarists and vocalists of all time, and Alex Lifeson is up there as well on guitar. I'm sick of hearing Led Zeppelin this and Led Zeppelin that. I mean, they were good but give me a break! I constantly see lists with John Bonham at #1 drummer, Jimmy Page at #1 guitarist, and Robert Plant at #1 vocals. Somebody put a stop to this madness and recognize true musical genius when its right in front of you. Rush is freakin' untouchable.

Andy responded 8 years ago: #242

The Greatest Guitarists ever:

1. Eddie Van Halen
2. Joe Satriani
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Eric Clapton
5. Stevie Ray Vaughn
6. Steve Vai
7. Jimmy Page
8. John Petrucci
9. Slash
10. Alex Lifeson

Brad responded 8 years ago: #243

Gotta put my two cents in. Where the [bleep] is Tom Scholz of Boston? Not even an honorable mention? The Boston sound was an innovation of the late seventies and early eighties.

clyde responded 8 years ago: #244

Steve Howe from Yes was better and more versatile than all except maybe(?) Hendrix and SRV.

slappybob responded 8 years ago: #245

You guys are forgetting one of the best guitarist of all time, Eric Johnson. If you have not heard him, go look up cliffs of dover on He rules! And Michael, you need to look up on way better guitarist, James H. What is he doing up there? Same with cobain. That is messed up. What about Ace Frehly? He whas awesome. And have no idea why U2 is up there.

slappybob responded 8 years ago: #246

Oh yeah and what about MegaDeth And KISS, Metallica and Dave Mustaine. Eric Johnon is way better than satriani.

McCartney responded 8 years ago: #247

Yo, its me again just saying people, when you rating guitar players you don't just take in account their skill. If that was all than Eddie Van Halen would be the greatest. But you have to take in to account timing. Thats why Jimi Hendrix is the greatest guitar player, not just because his ability but because his timing. He was way ahead of his time. And thats also why Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page are up in the #2 and #3 spots because they were along with Jimi Hendrix and nobody heard anything like it. By the way, I've change my guitar player list and here it is.

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Eric CLapton
3. Jimmy Page
4. Jeff Beck
5. Eddie Van Halen
6. Stevie Ray Vaughn
7. Ritchie Blackmore
8. David Gilmour
9. Eric Johnson
10. Brian May

McCartney responded 8 years ago: #248

By the way, Andy Geddy Lee is like one of the worst vocalists of all time. The only way I could listen to Rush is because Neil Peart, and the stuff he does is amazing. I know I am a drummer. But really I hate Rush other than that.

McCartney responded 8 years ago: #249

Boy this list sucks for not putting Queen on there. I mean, they are not the greatest band of all time, but they are my favorite and they have many more hits and are more known and have earned it more than most bands on that messed up list. ROCK ON QUEEN

Tall Ken responded 8 years ago: #250

The top 10 will always be a work in progress, but here are some bands and musicians that fly under the radar.
The Band ( Best Band Ever )
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
The Black Crowes (WAY under the radar)
The Jayhawks (Incredible Harmonies)
Dire Straights

The one thing in common with all these bands are the exceptional musicianship "top to bottom" in conjunction with great live performances. Just some thoughts from an old music finatic.

tanner responded 8 years ago: #251

AC/DC is consistently the greatest rock band ever. Some of their greatest songs: Back in Black, Hells Bells, Shoot to Thrill, Have A Drink On Me, You Shook Me All Night Long, and Rock n' Roll Aint Noise Pollution. But the funny thing is those are just on one CD! Plus, they have had the most good songs of any artist I have heard, and dont even say, "well, you probably never heard..." Well I have and I agree that there are a lot of great rock bands out there, but in my opinion AC/DC is the most consistent.

jj responded 8 years ago: #252

Brian May blows Slash away on the guitar.

John responded 8 years ago: #253

Brian May is a much better guitarist than Slash.

Mike responded 8 years ago: #254

The only complaints I have are: No Neil Young, Pete Townsend, or Queen? That's bizarre, but otherwise Sweet job. The Who, The Doors, CCR, and Nirvana were all some under-rated awesome picks!

chiefhky29 responded 8 years ago: #255

Well, I think this is gross. The ramones were innovative but not in the top 10 or even 20 best bands of all time, and thats coming from a big Ramones fan. Duane Allman has to surpass sdlash by at least 15 ppl on that list of greatest guitarists, and Angus Young shouldn't even be there, again coming from a HUGE ACDC fan. There are so many other corrections to be made, I can't even waste my time.

Bass player responded 8 years ago: #256

Here is my list:

1. Michael Angelo Batio(this guy is the fastest i ve ever heard)
2. Yngwie Malmsteen(great player too)
3. Steve Vai
4. John Petrucci
5. Joe satriani

.... I should mention this guitarists too: Darell Dimebag (Pantera), Kirk Hammet(Metallica), Alexei Laiho (Children of Bodom), solo guitar trivium - dont know his name, Dave Mustaine(megadeth), Jeff Hanneman(Slayer)...

Joel responded 8 years ago: #257

Here is a list most people would agree with 1.Jimmy Hendrix
2.Stevie Ray Vaughn 3.BB King 4. Eric Clapton 5.Dave Gilmor

Neil responded 8 years ago: #258

Jimi Hendrix made guitar playing cool. He is very much the reason why we are having this debate.

Paul Hewson responded 8 years ago: #259

Thanks mates for placing U2 up there, but Queen realy shoud be in number 3, well be ok at 4.

Queener responded 8 years ago: #260

Queen is the best rock band in the hystory of rock. Bohemian Rhapsody is the best song of all time. Freddie Mercury is the best vocal of all time. Say something on that.

Tim responded 8 years ago: #261

You've got to be kidding me, Pink Floyd at number 8! I know there are a couple of bands better than them, but in a list where U2 is at number 3 and doesn't even include Van Halen, then you got to at least land them on
number 5 because in my opinion they're are one of the most creative rock bands I've ever seen.
P.S. I also agree Led Zeppelin should be higher.

Mega Pink Floyd Fan!!! responded 8 years ago: #262

First of all, Pink Floyd is obviously the greatest progressive rock band of all time, though Velvet Underground is a great rock band as well. Second, I do agree that the Doors should be on the list and Led Zeppelin should be higher.

black sabbath 77 responded 8 years ago: #263

It's all opinion.

stephan responded 8 years ago: #264

Hey slash! Led zeppelin is the greatest rock band! They had everything: suttlety, massive tones, and experimental! And gd drummer! Kiss is not rock! They are commercial (bleep)!

Top 10
1. Led Zeppelin
2. Jimi Hendrix
3. The Rolling stones
4. The Beatles (weren't really rock! pop/rock n roll)
5. Black sabbath
6. Pink Floyd
7. Metallica
8. Thin LIzzy
9. Rainbow

chris responded 8 years ago: #265

What about The Jimi Hendrix Experience? I'd have them at about #3 behind Zep and Floyd.

Steve responded 8 years ago: #266

Some of you should listen to yourselves arguing about who the best rock band is, who the best guitarist is and so on.
You should be exchanging thoughts on a band's influence, creativity, and contribution to music. We all have opinions, but even I can admit that the Beatles influence, creativity, and contributions to music is still at the top of the list, even though Led Zeppelin is my favorite band.

ani responded 8 years ago: #267

Maybe we should categorize rock first as there are a no. of genres, and then compare bands of the similar genre. And why is ths grudge against Slash? Have you heard hm playng the Godfather theme?

Arthur Kaliel responded 8 years ago: #268

1. Justin Hayward(Moody Blues)
2. Robbie Krieger (Doors)
3. George Clinton (Funkedelic)
4. Rory Gallgher
5. Houston Andrew (Big Brother)
6. Johnny Winter
7. Roy Buchannan
8. Gabor Szabo
9. Albert King
10.Robin Trower(Procul Harum)

MusikX responded 8 years ago: #269

What happened to John Petrucci?

andrew responded 8 years ago: #270

Uhh trey Anastasio...

Leslie responded 8 years ago: #271

Queen is one of the best rock bands. This is pure nonsense. Your choices stink!

phil responded 8 years ago: #272

1 Rolling Stones
2 Led Zeppelin
3 Pink Floyd
4 Grateful Dead
5 Cream
6 U2
7 Beatles
8 Jimi Hendrix
9 The Who
10 The Doors

1 Jimi Hendrix
2 Eric Clapton
3 Jimmy Page
4 Stevie Ray Vaughan
5 Eddie Van Halen
6 Jerry Garcia
7 David Gilmour
8 Duane Allman
9 Jeff Beck
10 Mark Knoppfler

Logan responded 8 years ago: #273

Who really even likes the beatles? So what they were one of the first, but so were The Guess Who, The Doors and a lot more-and these people have obviosly not compared Velvet Underground To Led Zeppelin-Lou Reed isn't a very great singer, but Robert Plant had a huge power to his voice - Jimmy Page was an average guitarist-way to overated. U2 is just really famous-Bono can't sing and The Edge sucks. And Bob Marley is more reggae than rock but should still be on the list. Eric Clapton is a little rough on vocals but is still an excellent guitarist. It really pisses me off that Nirvana's Curt Cobain is on it-anybody who plays guitat can play a Nirvana song.

son house responded 8 years ago: #274

1.robert johnson
2.keith richards
3.johhny winter
4.any 1929 delta bluesman

Kevin responded 8 years ago: #275

How does no one mention the Red Hot Chili Peppers ever in any of the top bands? They're awesome. Flea's sick at bass and Frusciante is listed #18 in Rolling Stone's top guitarists of all time.

Mike responded 8 years ago: #276

Great lists. It would be nice to see lists for sub topics like bass, drums, vocals, etc. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that I think Primus should be at least an honorable mention. They didn't have a huge impact, but their creativity and craftsmanship was impeccable and incomparable.

JONI responded 8 years ago: #277

1) Rolling Stones
2) The kinks
3) Queen
4) Beatles

Ravi responded 8 years ago: #278

On pure skills of guitar playing, arrangement of complex sounds in one song, and perhpas for the best closing music of a rock song, Mark Knopfler deserves a special status. Just try to play his guitar in any song and know how difficult it is!

rocker responded 8 years ago: #279

bands dogs damour. kings of lion. stone roses. bon scott. faster pussycat .cinderrela. all with a nice can

John Selwitz responded 8 years ago: #280

alright morons. its time some sense was brought to this subject. here are the greatest ROCK bands ever(the beatles
and U2 aren't rock, their pop, sorry!)

1. Led Zeppelin
2. AC/DC
3. Jimi Hendrix Experience
4. Black Sabbath
5. Metallica
6. Van Halen
7. Guns N Roses
9. Aerosmith
10. The Rolling Stones

greatest guitarists ever
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Eddie Van Halen
3. Jimmy Page
4. Kirk Hammett
5. Randy Rhoads
6. Steve Vai
7. Tony Iommi
8. Slash
9. Angus Young
10. Stevie Ray Vaughn

There you go. you might as well delete all the other comment because this is the truth. Any of those guys could smoke David Gilmour or Brian May at guitar. I learned the solo for comfortably numb in like a day, it's not that hard.

Tenzin Jashar responded 8 years ago: #281

I don't understand the reasoning behind the "best" lists. These lists are a matter of opinion and I think next time it should be written as "My 10 Favorite Rock Band, Rock guitarists,etc"

Ody responded 8 years ago: #282

1.Richie Blackmore
2.Jimmy Page
3.Jimmy Hendrix
4.Rory Gallagher
5.Jeff Beck
6.Eric Clapton
7.Mark Knopfer
8.Yungwie Malmsteen
9.Kurt Cobain
10.David Gilmour

2.Deep Purple
3.Rory Gallagher
5.Led Zeppelin
6.Alice Cooper
7.Neil Young
9.Lynyrd Skynard


the man,myth, and legend responded 8 years ago: #283

Are you seriously telling me that you can name 18 other guitarists before you get to SRV. Jimi aside, you are out of your mind.

Zealot responded 8 years ago: #284

1.Jimi Hendrix
2.Eric Clapton
3.Jimmy Page
5.Bob Marly
6.Angus Young (thunderstruck intro)
7.Kirk Cobain
8.Van Halen
9.Rory Gallagher
10.Kirk Hammett

tsnootch responded 8 years ago: #285

I agree most with John Selwitz. I look at it this way; true rock bands are defined not only by their albums but heavily by their live performances. If you had two stages side by side and you put the Beatles on one and Led Zeppelin on the other and you were asked the question "Which band is rockin more?" (not making young girls swoon and faint for the cause of peace) if you don't say Led Zeppelin then you're lost. You have to stop and think what you mean by ROCK.....rock is not pop, it's not all about love and everyone getting along. If Led Zeppelin is not at the top of every true ROCK list then something is wrong with your definition of rock. And one more thing, Kurt Cobain is not one of the greatest guitarists ever!! He's not even the greatest American, alternative, 90's guitarist. Pearl Jam was voted as the number one American band ever by an NBC poll and Cobain couldn't possibly keep up with even Vedder on stage. Anyone who knows guitar and knows Kurt Cobain's music knows that he isn't on that list because he's good at guitar but because he helped start a new trend in alternative music with a guitar in his hands. Hell, I bet Justin Timberlake could play better than Cobain. Cobain should be on the greatest musical trend setters list, not on the guitarist list. Look up his tablutures or sheet music, his music could be played by a rookie guitarist.
I love Led Zeppelin, but if you listen to Jimmy Pages' so called "speed solos" they are usually clumsy and repetative. His fast paced solos can sound quite the same throughout many of his songs. But he still deserves a place in the top guitarists list because of the distinct sound and heavy driving riffs based on so many genres of music.

1. Led Zeppelin
2. Rolling Stones
3. The Who
4. AC/DC
5. Velvet Underground
6. Cream
7. Yardbirds
8. Allman Brothers Band
9. Metallica
10.Pink Floyd

Greatest Guitarists
1. Eric Clapton (can play anything, anytime and is still kickin ass)
2. Jimi Hendrix (nuff said)
3. Stevie Ray Vaughn (plays Hendrix songs better than Hendrix - he could play a whole song and never look at his guitar once and play with more feeling than most) I can't believe how many lists leave him off...what a sin
4. Eddie Van halen - listen to Eruption, which used to be his preconcert warmup routine until he recorded it cuz it kicked ass
5. Duane Allman - some would argue he could be the best ever
6. Jimmy Page - you'll never mistake his sound for anyone else's
7. Jeff Beck - Yardbirds were like the Dream Team of music
8. Angus Young - wow, every guitar player wishes they could have come up with that simple Back in Black riff and he can shread for as long as Eddie Van Halen ever did
9. Joe Satriani - this guy is freakin amazing
10. Steve Vai - I hate Steve Vai but his talent and technical ability cannot be denied
11. Kirk Hammet - the Black album speaks for itself
12. Billy Gibbons - this ZZ Top lead man is called a "musicologist" by Eric Clapton
13. Eric Johnson - if you've ever heard Johnson or seen him live you will be amazed at how fast he can cover the fret board
14. Robert Johnson - that slide and blues sound helped influence possibly innumerable artists including Led Zeppelin
15. Randy Rhoades - Ozzy is great, but Randy drove that group with powerful skill

apc responded 8 years ago: #286

Deep Purple are a definite top 10 band, my personal favourite. Their original lead guitarist - Ritchie Blackmore - is the best (he's much better than overrated guitarists like Jimmy Page, who is good, just not as good as people say). Ritchie Blackmore is so versatile, so skilled, and can go from an emotional style to absolutely full throttle rocking. He's sure knows how to play. Jimi Hendrix is not top 10 material. It is laughable that any one would give him 1st place. You have to live to at least your middle age for starters. Best vocalist would have to be Freddie Mercury or Ronnie James Dio, followed by Ian Gillan. Robert Plant is okay, but at times he sounds a bit girlish. Even though I say that, I still own all Led Zeppelin albums, I just don't think they are as good as Deep Purple or (early) Queen.

humberto responded 8 years ago: #287

whath the heck.....sorrry this list ..wehre is the QUEEN,QUEEN,QUEEN!!!!!..THIS LIST REALLY Stinks...

Brian responded 8 years ago: #288

I would have to add that Rush is by far one of the most underated bands on this list. This rock trio truly shows what great musicians they have been through 30 plus years of rock. To make a list of rock bands and not put a group that has one of the most talented drummers of all time laying down beats, THAT'S INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter responded 8 years ago: #289

Jimmy Page is the top of the list of great talent! Not only did he have great chops and was incredibly innovative, but he played from his soul. Volume was not the judging factor. He played with very few effects and made his sounds with unique playing and tunings. The sounds of Led Zeppelin are still dominating the airwaves. As with all the best guitarists, his basis is the blues.

I recently saw a Robin Trower show. He was probably the most diciplined finesse player I have ever seen.

John Bonham was a freak of nature! Not only the best but the most powerful. While all the other drummers needed 16 drums to hide behind, he made his 5 piece sound huge. He did things with his right foot that drummers with double bass wish they could do.

Along those same lines, Ian Paice from Deep Purple is a phenonomal drummer.

Randy responded 8 years ago: #290

Queen is the best band of all time. This list totally stinks.

Brian responded 8 years ago: #291

I wanted to agree with you peter as far as John Bonham goes. The man is by far a legend and should be most people's first choice when you think of great drummers. With that said, Bonham's style of drumming is also completly different than a Neil Peart. Bonham was a slammer as Peart plays more with percision. Both are equally good in my opinion. One of my favorite Zepp tracks is Moby Dick and for Rush the Rhythm Method. Both show two differnt sides of playing, and if you consider talent by the size of a drum kit, well, bigger is always better!

barry responded 8 years ago: #292

To have a greatest guitarist list without having Ritchie Blackmore at the top is a waste of time. Also, to have a greatest rock band list without having Queen or Deep Purple at the top is also a useless waste of time. Only The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are deserving of their top 10 placement in this list, and half the guitarists in the top 20 should be dropped immediately for there to be any credibility. This list is just another stupid, false piece of rubbish.

Queen rocks responded 8 years ago: #293

Okay, this list is a joke. Slash is good but is overated. Cobain is a joke, and where is Queen? Brian May they got right, but Queen is one of the best bands ever, possibly top 3.

GOGO responded 8 years ago: #294


Triple responded 8 years ago: #295

Okay, it is obvious everyone has a different opinion, but to say someone is a joke is immature and ignorant. All these guys are great and bunch up in a tiny space at the top of the rock pyramid. In my opinion Nirvana has to be in the top three.

dan responded 8 years ago: #296

Pink Floyd's a good band, but they are not rock.

john responded 8 years ago: #297

Where's KISS in these lists? Yeah, they're not the best musicians
but they had some good songs and I'd rather see them live
than any other band. They have stage presence and know how to
put on a show. With the exception of Led Zeppelin, they are amazing.

kekeke responded 8 years ago: #298

Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield???? is that a joke? kirk hammett is horrible at making solos and james hetfield doesnt even play lead...
Kurt Cobain??? he shouldnt even be considered a guitarist.
No Yngwie or Jason becker?

Deathronement responded 8 years ago: #299

Well, first off, this question has no direction. There can be the greatest rock band/guitarist for a number of different reasons, be it speed, technical difficulty, creativity, and so on... not to mention "rock" doesn't exactly make it any easier, considering pop, blues, classical, funk, psychedelic, and God knows what else can all fall under the "Rock" label of guitarists.

Myself, I will base my list on all around skill, speed, and technical difficulty.

I think most of these lists are full of honorable mentions, aside from the seemingly minority of us who understand what "greatest" really means.

I'll give you a few:
Randy Rhodes
Angus Young
Eddie Van Halen
"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott
George Harrison

Honarable Mentions:
Dave Mustaine
David Gilmore

I agree with whoever said the guitarist from Trivium.

You all know the rest...

Keith responded 8 years ago: #300

If your talking about the best guitarists you could include 3 of the best bassists ever.

Geddy Lee - Rush
Chris Squire - Yes
The Ox John Entwhistle - The Who

and Rush should be on any top 10 list for best Rock Bands. Longevity, Consistency and Talent. The same three guys for 30 years when most other bands couldn't stay together becasue of personality conflicts, big egos or drugs. Neil Peart is without a doubt the best drummer of all time and Alex Leifson is underated.

Matt responded 8 years ago: #301

Well, These greatest bands of all time are a crock... considering people are not explaining what makes them great or what they are being judged on. People always put the Beatles first. They could not play instruments and are popular because they were one of the first on the scene.

If it went on influence then bands like Queen, Led, Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and The Who, should be up there. You also know that a list of greatest bands of all times is a joke because Queen is not present in the top 5 (Britan's most continuiously succesful band over the past 3 decades, and they were the ones who spawned promotional film clips, which are everywhere today).

I do not think bands like the Stones or Beatles should be high up, as they did not really do much except be first on the scene. I like them though, I just do not think they should be up there.

Brian may may be a bit high in at 5, but he deserves to be up there. He would be the only guitarist up there who made his own unique guitar, as well as used tapping in a song (one from News of The World), I think, a year or so before Eddie Van Hallen.

Bands like U2 I think are absolute jokes, considering they are doing nothing original and their charity work is just allowing poor people to bring in more babies into terrible countries and making them dependant on our aid.

Ray Creasy responded 8 years ago: #302

There are lots of great bands and artist over the past 100 years, but there can only be one best band ever. That honor has got to be bestowed upon the 4 mates from Birmingham, England-Black Sabbath. No band has influenced more people or written more memorable riffs over the course of their career. Sabbath can do it all, and they are still more profecient with there instruments than more contemporary bands.

Bill, Tony, Geezer and Ozzy = greatest of all time.

Toni responded 8 years ago: #303

I know alot of these bands THERE AWSOME but there are also alot that I dont know but im going to look in to them and see if there any good :) learn to like it lol

Toni responded 8 years ago: #304

You can't really say who is the best because everyone doesn't have the same opinion on things like music. There are bands that other people like and I don't, but there are really good ones on here. But there should be more I think :) Head bang all day n all night n love it.

ada responded 8 years ago: #305

Led Zeppelin?
Angus Young?
What about them?

The rock n roll lad responded 8 years ago: #306

Tom Morello deserves to be on the list at number 14. You all probably have no idea who he is or have heard none of his stuff, the guitarist for Audioslave currently. So I see that nobody wants him on there list so forget you he is incredible and innovative.

angus responded 8 years ago: #307

Best bands
2 Kiss
3 Beatles
4 Gunz and Roses
5 Led Zeppelin
6 The Who
7 Rolling Stones
8 Little River Band
9 Nirvana
10 Mettalica

mathew wicksey responded 8 years ago: #308

Where is Kiss?

Bill responded 8 years ago: #309

I'd have to say, I don't agree with this list. The Beatles cannot be compared to any other band, and to put them in any contest or list would be unfair to everyone else. I'd say Led Zeppelin deserves that spot. The Beatles aren't a band you classify in separate groups like rock n' roll, pop, rap, hip hop, techno, ect. The Beatles can only be put on a list that contains every single band from all genres. They would definently be at #1. But they arent the #1 rockers or pop artists because they were both rockers and pop artists. Also, they deserve to be called the #1 band because without them, bands like Led Zeppelin and many others wouldn't exist without them, so they should all be saying thank you. The Beatles did MEET the standards of all rock bands, they CREATED the standards for all rock bands. They deserve it.

Connor G responded 8 years ago: #310

Whoever made that list wasn't thinking one of the greatest guitar players ever is john frusciante (chili peppers) hes made many cds with the peppers and many during his solo career

On the greatest bands list where was :
Mahogany Rush
Chili Peppers
Rage Against The Machine
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Motley crue

gnr fan responded 8 years ago: #311

I mean you have got to be serious!!!! Slash is the won who created the Estranged solo, and has the most excellent riffs of all time. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!!!!!!!! When all metal was coming to the end, welcome to the jungle was just the savior of metal!!!!! And I agree with why everybody getting steamed up about having Slash on the list?

frytrth responded 8 years ago: #312

Slash is the best.

gnr fan responded 8 years ago: #313

I mean you have got to be serious!!!! Slash is the won who created the Estranged solo, and has the most excellent riffs of all time. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!!!!!!!! when all metal was coming to the end, welcome to the jungle was just the savor of metal!!!!! ANd I agree with, why every body gettin steamed up about having slash on the list? now the list of the greatst roc bands of all time is a joke

sq31o responded 8 years ago: #314

Why are people getting so steamed up about Slash? He is my guitar hero!!!!

taylor c responded 8 years ago: #315

U must be kidding me i mean why do these faggots who think they can put anyone before hendrix i mean he is the greatest guitarist of all time espessially some of his live shit. heres an awsome list.

1.Jimmy hendrix (no question)
2.Duane allman or BB King
3.Stevie ray vaughn
4.Carlos Santana (undoubtudly)
5.Jimmy page (atleast here)
6.Mark Knophler (cleanest sound ever)
7.Kurt Cobain (definetly under rated)
8.Eddie Van Halen
9.Roy Buchanan (most original solos)
10.Kirk Hammet (love his classical)
11.Joe Satriani
12.Edge (he deserves a better band than U2)
13.Chuck Berry
14.George Harrison
15.Slash (u gotta love him)
16.Ritchie Blackmore
17.Tony lommi
18.Jack White (Worst band ever but mad guitarist)
19.John Frusciante (peppers are so original)
20.Ted Nugent (some people would disagree)

and im pretty sure my list is the most accurate one here!

Raul Argentina responded 8 years ago: #316

For me the best 10 bands of history are:

1. The Beatles
2. Genesis
3. Jethro Tull
4. The Alan Parsons Project
5. The Moody Blues
6. Emerson Lake&Palmer
7. Crosby Stills Nash&Young
8. Marillio n
9. Creedence Clearwater Revival
10. Queen

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #317

I'm hearing a lot of stuff saying the Beatles are the best band, they could kill Led Zeppelin yadayadayada, but they were pop. They didn't set the standards for rock (Elvis? Bill Haley?) Why don't we take a look at the pioneers of METAL, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Let's compare their musicians.

Iommi vs. page - Page winner(only marginally)

Butler vs. Jones - Butler winner (n.i.b. solo anyone?)

Ward vs. Bonzo - Bonzo winner (moby dick anyone?)

Finally, Osbourne vs. Plant - Osbourne winner. Ozzy had a way more successful solo career and is an overall better vocalist.

It seems like in every four-person band, there's the three good musicians and then there's the one bad one. In the beatles, it's starr. He didn't really do anything and was pretty useless. Sabbath and Zeppeln, however, had all talented musicians.

And what about the Beatles compared to Sabbath and Zeppelin? Two of Ringo Starr couldn't beat Ward or Bonzo. And Harrison and Lennon? Not comparible to Iommi or Page. I've never heard a really good solo from Harrison or Lennon. I think that put together, they coudn't beat either of them. ever. Then there's Bass. I think Jones and McCartney are pretty well rounded, but Butler could destroy them both. Then vocalists. Lennon and McCartney shared singing duties but Ozzy and Robert could beat them both without even breaking a sweat.

Conclusion: Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, the pioneers, are the masters of metal. The Beatles basically did the whole pop thing. Sabbath and Zeppelin are better than the Beatles.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #318

This is to Matt for making such an ignorant comment that The Beatles couldn't play their instruments. Eric Clapton, who was good friends with George Harrison, said in a 1992 interview years before George died that George was a fantastic slide guitar player.

And The Rolling Stone Album Guide by Rolling Stone Magazine said George was always a fine guitarist, and they called Paul McCartney a remarkable bass player! Eric Clapton also said John Lennon was a very good rhythm guitar player and he should know since he played with John Lennon live in his 1969 Plastic Ono Band.

Also, there is an excellent website called The Evolution of Rock Bass Playing McCartney Style by Denis Alstrand, and in it bass players Will Lee, Stanly Clarke, Sting, and Billy Sheehan all say what a great melodic and influential bass player Paul McCartney has always been. And The classically trained talented Beatles producer George Martin is also interviewed, and he says there is no doubt that Lennon and McCartney were good musicians. He says they had good musical brains and the brain is where music orgininates, and he said it has nothing to do with your fingers, as it happened they could also play their own instruments very well.

There are music professors teaching music courses on The Beatles at at least six universities. Dr. Glen Gass, who is an award-winning music professor and composer, has been teaching a course on rock music and The Beatles since 1982 at Indiana University. On his website, it says the purpose of his course is to get students to appreciate this extrodinary group and their remarkable recordings. Dr. Gary Kendal's Beatles course is the most requested course at Northwestern University, and a music professor by the last name of Heinonen teaches a Beatles course at JYVASKYLA University in Finland.

The Rolling Stones were even big fans and good friends with The Beatles, and Mick Jagger was at four Beatles recording sessions and Keith Richards was at two of them with him. The Beatles even wrote one of The Roling Stones first hits, I Wanna Be You're Man, in early 1964. Read Rolling's and The online All Music Guide's biography of The Beatles if you really want to know the real reasons why The Beatles come out Number 1 on most greatest rock lists and why they are still very popular even with many teenage and college fans that I see posting on music review sites and Beatles fan sites.

Also, there is an excellent out-of-print book by Mark Lewishon called The Beatles Recording Sessions, which is a very detailed music diary of their amazing eight-year recording career. Many of their tape operators and recording engineers are interviewed, including Ken Scott, who went on to work with David Bowie; Norman Smith, who ended up working with Pink Floyd; and Alan Parsons, who is also a highly impressed Beatles fan and was one of their engineers on their last two albums - Let it Be and Abbey Road. This book shows how truly innovative, creative, and inventive especially John and Paul were in the recording studio.

Also, Brian May said great things about The Beatles last year in an interview that was posted on Paul And even Ozzy Osbourne has always been a huge Beatles fan since he was a teenager. He said in an online Bender Magazine interview a few years ago that The Beatles are the greatest band to ever walk this earth! He also said in another interview that not loving The Beatles was like not loving oxygen.

Try listening to The Beatles albums Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, The White Album, and Abbey Road and you might just hear for yourself why The Beatles were so great. No other music artists or groups did as much creative acclaimed quality songs and albums of all different styles of music they wrote and did so well, in just an eight-year recording career!

Classical composer and conducter Leonard Bernstein was a big Beatles fan too and called John Lennon and Paul McCartney the two most brilliant song composers of the 20th century. Brian Wilson said this about them, too, in a 1995 Nightline Beatles tribute show that had all different music artists from all different types of music, including black and white, young and old from opera, jazz, classical and rock, and Steve Winwood also praised John and Paul on this show.

Elton John was was interviewed on a CBS morning show in 1991, and was asked who he musically admired. He said you can talk about your Rogers and Hammerstein, but he said he he thinks that Lennon and McCartney for the quantity of quality of songs those two did in that short period of time, they were the greatest composers of the 20th century!

elton responded 8 years ago: #319

Ace Frehley was awesome and spawned many guitarist. Alvin Lee-awesome. Leslie West? Must be kids rating this or something!

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #320

I also want to add what The All Music Guide said, that is so true, John and Paul were also in addition to being such great song composers, among the two greatest singers in rock! And Pete Townsend, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones all played with Paul McCartney on two songs on his last Wings album, Back To The Egg in 1979.

They also played in the December 1979 Wings concert. And Pete Townsend also played on two songs on Paul's 1986 Press To Play album, along with Phil Collins, who has always been a huge Beatles fan, too.

To the poster Josh who said The Beatles did the whole "pop" thing, this is not true! The Beatles were mostly a rock group, not a pop group. The Beach Boys were a true pop group because most of their songs were the beach surfing sound and even The Beatles early music had a harder electric guitar sound than The Beach Boys. The Beatles are accurately categorized in the rock music section in music stores, and I have never heard The Beach Boys played on any classic rock radio stations, just oldies stations, but most classic rock stations still play The Beatles.

And as I mentioned in my first post, Ozzy Osbourne has been a huge Beatles fan since he was a teenager and called them The greatest band to ever walk the Earth in an online Bender Magazine interview. Paul McCartney's Beatles songs "She's A Woman" is a great blues rocker from late 1964, and his rocker "I'm Down" from 1965 was pretty loud hard rock for 1965. Also, he wrote Helter Skelter, which many have called the first real heavy metal song on their great 1968 White Album. Also I love the album A Hard Day's Night, even though it was recorded a year before I was born. It's a great record, like all of their records are.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #321

I forgot to mention The Beatles played many instruments, especially Paul, and played them very good!

DANYRT12 responded 8 years ago: #322





GUNNERS FUN responded 8 years ago: #323




ody responded 8 years ago: #324

Richie was the key of the success of Deep Purple, but he really created music in Rainbow. Bandmates like Dio, Bonnet, Daisley, Glover, Airey, Carey, and of course Cozy Powell were great help, but no one could have created such riffs, solos, and general music. Now in the renaisance Blackmore's Night, Richie shows that he can play from the softest and most melodic parts as well as the more powerful rock.

preston responded 8 years ago: #325

Wow..your list is the best I've's a list of mine

1. Jimmy Page
2. Stevie Ray Vaughn
3. Jimmy Hendrix
4. Eddie Van Halen
5. Jeff Beck
6. Eric Clapton
7. Keith Richards
8. Joe Perry
9. Steve Clark
10. Pete Townsend
11. Slash
12. Ace Frehley
13. Ritchie Sombora
14. Peter Frampton
15. Brian May
16. David Gilmour
17. Angus Young
18. Joe Walsh
19. Phil Collen
20. I can't decide on... e-mail me if you can help!

Slash JP Fan responded 8 years ago: #326

I think slash is a great guitarist and deserves to be so high.....jimmy page is not a guitarist...hes a genius musician who happens to play the guitar among the other instruments he plays....

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #327

To Josh, who said he never heard a good guitar solo from John or George, have you ever heard the heavy guitars played over and over on I Want You She's So Heavy on Abbey Road, because that is John and George both playing to get such a heavy sound. And on the second side of Abbey Road, it's John Paul and George taking turns on the excellent hard rocking lead guitar jam.

Also, there is a guy named Ken who runs a Rolling Stones fan site who also is a Beatles fan and a big John Lennon fan and he also runs a John Lennon fan site. He says that John Lennon plays the lead guitar on Get Back and he said he should have played lead more often because he did such a good job. Also in the great music diary The Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn, one of the Beatles recording engineers Geoff Emerick explains that in 1966 during the recording of John's I'm Only Sleeping, George Harrison played the backwards guitar solo and that there was an easy way to do this and a very difficult way to do it. He said George chose the most difficult way and it took six hours just for him to play the guitar overdubs and then he made it more difficult by adding more distorted guitar, and Geoff Emerick said this was all George Harrison's idea and he did all of the playing. His solos are great on John's And Your Bird Can Sing, Day Tripper, and Paul's Paper Back Writer, and many others.

50$ silvertone responded 8 years ago: #328

Odd forum, but I like the discussion. I'm with zack, im a big Tony Iommi fan, but I like about everyone. Here's my top five.

1. Tony Iommi
2. Jimmi Hendrix
3. Slash
4. Eddy Van Halen
5. Angus Young

Matt responded 8 years ago: #329

First of all, any when that omits Jimi Hendrix and Angus Young from their top five has serious issues. Jimi Hendrix is by far the most talented musician of all time, and deserves the #1 spot. When I say musician, I imply a talent for both writing and performing his music, and skill. And plus, if you don't think Angus is one of the greatest of all time, you're not listening to the music. Lastly, Eddie Van Halen doesn't even deserve a postion in the top 10; he can only play fast. His music has no personality or soul.

Sarie Marais responded 8 years ago: #330

Speaking of Pink Floyd, I don't think they belong on this list of "Rock Bands" as they are not a true rock band. They really belong to the "Progressive Rock" genre. They developed a truly unique sound and they were not afraid to experiment. They are really in a category of their own - no band sounds quite like them in any way, shape or form. Their 1994 Division Bell Tour DVD "Pulse" shows them at their zenith as a mature band with their distinctive "Floyd" sound. (Their original name was "The Pink Floyd Sound.") Absolute heaven, especially when listening with headphones.
I do not like them compared to the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Who, or even the Beatles, etc. (all great bands in their own right).
Pink Floyd stands alone.

Tripp responded 8 years ago: #331

Wait! Where is David Gilmour? He was one of the best guitarists ever. Just listen to the last two minutes of "Comfortably Numb."

wilfret responded 8 years ago: #332

HEY!!! The majority of persons in the list are commercial people; now our best music non comercial.

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #333

I'm starting up the best rock vocals of all time list
1. Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog)
2. Jimmy Paige (Led Zeppelin, The Yardbyrds)
3. Ozzy Ozbourne (Black Sabbath, Solo)
4. Kurt Kobaine (Nirvana)
5. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
6. Brian Johnson (AC/DC)
7. Eddy Vedder (Pearl Jam)
8. Sting (The Police, Solo)
9. Roger Daltrey (The Who)
10. Freddy Mercury (Queen)

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #334

my bad
one revision
2. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)

Ozone Baby responded 8 years ago: #335

1. The Beatles
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Pink Floyd
4. Queen
5. Pearl Jam
7. Soundgarden
8. CCR
9. STP
10. Radiohead

What I like. That's all. Nothing more.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #336

to chris cornell:

how the hell can you even consider kurt cobain a better vocalist than stephen tyler, eddie veddder or roger daltry????? where the hell is bruce dickinson or rob halford?? damn you! and also, with my last post, sabbath and zeppelin are better than the beatles. so shut up

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #337

Sorry bro, I like the grunge and to sing like Kurt did while playing a guitar. Yeah, that's harder than you think. I've tried.

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #338

Judas Priest was a great band and Rob was great. I like Kurt better - no offense. As for Dickinson, I don't like him. His music is to morbid for anyone to actually hear talent. Don't kill me that's just my opinion.

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #339

If you don't like my list, make your own.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #340

ok mr. cornell, i will make my own list


1. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)
2. Freddy Mercury (Queen)
3. Rob Halford (Judas Priest)
4. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
5. Geddy Lee (Rush)
6. Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
7. Roger Daltry (The Who)
8. Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath, Solo)
9. Axl Rose (Guns n' Roses)
10. Ronnie James Dio (Black Sabbath, Solo)

Since nobody has bass, I'll do that too

1. Flea or Cliff Burton (RHCP and Metallica respectively)
2. Geddy Lee (Rush)
3. John Entwistle (The Who)
4. Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
5. Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)
6. Les Claypool (Primus)
7. John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)
8. Chris Squire (Yes)
9. Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
10. John Deacon (Queen)

And since nobody put drummers, I'll do that list too
1. Neil Peart (Rush)
2. John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)
3. Keith Moon (The Who)
4. Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa)
5. Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)
6. Alex Van Halen (Van Halen)
7. Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix)
8. Lars Ulrich (Metallica)
9. Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden)
10. Joey Jordison (Slipknot)

I'm open to suggestions and comments so feel free to ask!

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #341

Nice lists Josh. Tim Comerford should be on the bass. Tho and Alex should be higher on drummers.

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #342

Why stop there, though. Let's do the best songs of all time, too.

1. Stairway to Heaven
2. Iron Man
3. Won't Get Fooled Again
4. Highway to Hell
5. Free Bird
6. Smells Like Teen Spirit
7. More Than A Feeling
8. Tom Sawyer
9. London Calling
10. Black Hole Sun

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #343

And for all those that say they know what rock is about, it's easy STICKING IT TO THE MAN! Not to quote school of rock, but it's true. That's what music does - it says something. Kirt Kobaine started a grunge revolution, which is more than I can say for some other bands. If you start a revolution, you deserve to be considered a rocker.

Tony Hegbloom responded 8 years ago: #344

Ok, the list for best bands I aggree with, but theres one person missing from the list of greathest guitar players. Michael Angelo Batio; the creator of shred. Also I can't whole-heartedly aggree with Cobain being on the list. No doubt he was talented, but his songs are easy to play, or at least come close to playing. Cobain played them differently then everyone else plays them, but not in such a way as it deserves to be put in the best guitarists division.
Other then those mistakes, the list is damn near flawless. {I won't delve into the very few others}

marko responded 8 years ago: #345

I have thought long and hard about it, but I have narrowed it down and come to the following conclusion: Best guitarists of all time:

1 - Jason Becker
2 - Michael Schenker
3 - Paul Gilbert
4 - John Sykes
5 - Tony MacAlpine
6 - Chris Cheney
7 - Eddie Van Halen
8 - Randy Rhoads
9 - Stevie Ray Vaughan
10 - Adrian Vandenberg

Of course, this is just one opinion and, yes, I'm sure Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards were very good, but this list is my perfect cup of tea. Keep in mind, I never got to see the evolution of the guitar. That's another thing... people that are 60 are ALWAYS going to think Page or Hendrix or Richards or whatever were the best. They might think that someone who burst through 20 years later like Malmsteen is good, but he or anyone else will never match Page, Hendrix, or Richards. I have a totally objective point of view where evolution is concerned. Page or Hendrix or Richards are all available, but so is Jason Becker, who burns my socks from the speakers.

Of course, maybe I just don't know what I'm on about.

Rock n Roll Lad responded 8 years ago: #346

I'm fifteen and I know that Paige and Hendrix kick the crap out of every body on that list, except for Eddy and Rhandy, who could give them a run for their money. Don't bring age in. I love all types of rock - the new stuff, the old stuff, the dark stuff, the mellow stuff. Age isn't a factor, just taste.

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #347

By the way Josh, Zeppelin wasn't metal. They had one metal song, Immagrant song. They were classic rock. In fact, by today's standards, they would be closer to alternative than metal.

tommy responded 8 years ago: #348

where is b.b.king!

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #349

To Chris Cornell:

In my opinion, Zeppelin was metal (Achillies Last Stand? Communication breakdown?)

I like the song list. I really do. Although, in my opinion, I think that something like Comfortably Numb or Sweet Child of Mine should be there instead of Teen Spirit. But good list anyway!!!

MIchael Newsome responded 8 years ago: #350

Where's Lynyrd Skynyrd at for the greatest bands? And where's Allen Collins for one of the greatest guitarist? Lynyrd Skynyrd is underated.

Sal responded 8 years ago: #351

I don't think there is a rock band that has more innovations than the Beatles and if you go to and check the amount of artists who cite the Beatles as an influence and compare to any other artists and the Beatles are easily the most cited artist of all time and the Beatles are responsible for such things as Merseybeat,the British Invasion, Power Pop,the Byrds to combine folk with rock,Indian Instruments with rock,a full symphony with rock,popularized pyschedelic music and some people think Helter Skelter is the first metal song.You would not be listening to classic rock radio without them and they performed in the first major rock concert and performed in the first global telecast.When the Beatles first broke in writing your own songs was still not commonplace though many were writing there own songs but the Beatles made it more common and they definitely helped made the album bigger than than the single and I could add more so stop knocking the Beatles.

♀ª♦♪4Äbz┘ responded 8 years ago: #352

I noticed not very many people like David Gilmour as a top five guitarist. I think he should be # 1. His precision playing and crisp sound sounds so much cooler than any other. All the others just blair out distorted notes.

Missie responded 8 years ago: #353

As far as bands and guitarist go, I believe there is one OH SO TALENTED band OF ALL TIME, as far as I'm concerned! They are extremely talented in writting their music in words and the music itself. They create their own Album art/covers and even go a step above in creating a story behind the album as a whole or a MORAL. Plus, OMG, there is NOT very many guitar players that S.O.A.Ds!!!

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #354

Thanx Josh,
I was so busy arguing, I almost forgot you were a fellow rocker, ha. FIGHT THE POWER.

Sal responded 8 years ago: #355

I'm not saying George Harrison is the greatest guitarist, but he is respnsible for many of the guitar techniques and tones in rock music. Backward guitar and solo, volume swells via the volume pedal before the Yardbirds, the use of traditional Indian drone, the 12 string Rickenbocker sound that influenced the Byrds, the Hendrix chord used on Taxman at least nine months before Jimi Hendrix used it.

And the leslie guitar sound, even thought the Yardbirds tried a version with sitar before the Beatles they replaced it with guitar the Beatles released the first rock record with sitar on Norwegian Wood, phasing on acoustic guitar, Indian style slide guitar, the extreme distortion on Revolution and as a group they used feedback on record before the Yardbirds, and also guitar vibration on Hard Day's Night before the Yardbirds.

And also they had at least 4 number songs that are guitar riff dominated with I Feel Fine being number one five months before I Can't Get No Satisfaction, and one more the the dual unison harmony riff and solo on And Your Bird Can Sing from 1966. Also, they used backward drone and backward feedback first and they also used guitar drone on Ticket to Ride before the Kinks and a number of songs way before you heard of the Velvet Underground. You guys are just intrested in how fast a person can play not what he contributes to a song and to the sound, and the Beatles were about innovation and the quality of the song and that's why the Beatles have influenced musicians 36 years after their break up.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #356

Ha ha. Fight the power CHRIS CORNELL!

Mason responded 8 years ago: #357

kk the best top 10 bands ever in order are:
1)Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath
2)Iron Maiden
3)Motley Crue
5)Van Halen
6)Led Zeppelin
7)The Scorpions
10)Alice Cooper

The 10 best guitar players of all time in order are:
1)Van Halen (Van Halen)
2)Jimi Hendrex
3)Dave Murray (ozzy)
4)Randy Rhoads (ozzy)
5)Zack Wylde (ozzy)
6)Jimi Page (Led Zeppelin)
7)Jake Lee (ozzy)
8)Toni Iommi (Black Sabbath)
9)Rik Emmett (Triumph)
10)Slash (Guns N' Roses)

That is the real list.

Sal responded 8 years ago: #358

The top 10 most influential rock acts of all times in terms of infuence in all rock subgenres, cover versions of their songs,records sales, and innovations.

1. The Beatles are the biggest reason why rock & roll turned into rock music and has had the most impact in most subgenres in rock music if you think their not then you are in denial.
2. Led Zeppelin I like them but let's be honest - they really only influence hard rock music, not the bands that just blend rock with pop.
3. The Who
4. Bob Dylan
5. Jimi Hendrix
6. The Rolling Stones
7. The Kinks
8. Black Sabbath
9. Pin Floyd
10.The Sex Pistols or The Ramones
(and honorable mention goes to the Byrds, Cream, and the

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #359

To Mason:

The dude from Van Halen is named EDDIE. Not just Van Halen. Furthermore, Dave Murray is from Iron Maiden, not Ozzy Osbourne's band. And also, you're the first person, other than myself, to post Triumph as a band. I wonder how many people actually know who Triumph is?

jose responded 8 years ago: #360

According to the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles and Albums, legendary British rock quartet Queen has surpassed the Beatles and Elvis Presley as the leading musical act that has spent the longest time on the British album charts. “Given that Queen’s chart career has been much shorter than those of the Beatles and Elvis, this is an incredible achievement and serves to cement their legendary status.” OVER 300 MILLION RECORDS SOLD WORLWIDE. ROCK BEST VOCALIST FREDDIE MERCURY.

Sal responded 8 years ago: #361

That comment about Queen only applies to total amount of weeks, not total sales, and if you add total sales The Beatles crush Queen and in America the Beatles are approaching 170 million albums sold - the most in America, according to the US record industry.

Queen has not even approached 80 million yet, and remember the Beatles were a recording group for seven-and-half years and had 20 number singles in seven years. The Beatles are claimed to have sold 1 billion records worldwide - you don't have a clue Jose. Elvis has nearly 100 gold records but no diamond records where the Beatles have six and Queen has none and just two number one singles. The Beatles are the number one album selling act of all time in the UK and the number two selling singles act behind Cliff Richard, who had over 100 chart singles where the Beatles released about 30 singles. Nice try, and Brian May's idol is John Lennon, as he admitted in some British magazine just recently.


M parnes responded 8 years ago: #362

I've only 42 things to say:
Frank Zappa, and 41 more times

Sal responded 8 years ago: #363

According to the Recordong Industry Association of America, the Beatles have sold 169 million albums - number one all time - and Queen 32.5 million albums. The Beatles have sold an estimated 1 billion records and they recorded only seven-and-half years, so please I love Queen but don't make comments unless you know the facts.

Sal, Bardonia, NY

joe responded 8 years ago: #364

Queen sold 32.5 millon records only in U.S.
Queen can claim Britain's best-selling album of all time. The Official U.K. Charts Company said that Queen's "Greatest Hits" had sold more than 5.4 million copies in Britain since its release in 1981, more than any other record

The Top 10:

1. "Greatest Hits," Queen, 5,407,587

2. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," The Beatles, 4,811,996

3. "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?" Oasis, 4,314,715

4. "Brothers In Arms," Dire Straits, 3,956,704

5. "Gold," Abba, 3,943,950

6. "The Dark Side Of The Moon," Pink Floyd, 3,781,993

7. "Greatest Hits II," Queen, 3,644,619

8. "Thriller," Michael Jackson, 3,578,107

9. "Bad," Michael Jackson, 3,554,301

10. "The Immaculate Collection," Madonna, 3,402,160

Queen sold over 300 million records worldwide
In the 80s, Queen began touring foreign markets, cultivating a large, dedicated fan base in Latin America, Asia, and Africa - continents that most rock groups ignored.

Facts More info:

Ray responded 8 years ago: #365

Sounds like 1 billion record sales by the Beatles in 7 years of recording beats 300 million records by Queen nice achievement by Queen to have that title for Britatin but the Beatles sold huge everywhere.

Nydia responded 8 years ago: #366

John Lennon was inspired by "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" to go back to the music business. It's a fact that Lennon had listened to the band and he did try new influences on his Double Fantasy album. Artists that have cited Queen as an influence include: Anthrax, Bad News, Blind Guardian, The Darkness, Def Leppard, Dream Theater, Extreme, Foo Fighters, George Michael, Green Day, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Jane's Addiction, Marilyn Manson, Meat Loaf, Megadeth, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Nirvana, Nickelback, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Robbie Williams, Scissor Sisters, Sonata Arctica, Steve Vai, TNT, Tenacious D, Trent Reznor, Van Halen, Vendetta Red, Ween, among others.

Queen's 1974 song "Stone Cold Crazy" is cited as an early precursor of the speed- or thrash metal sound; Metallica won a Grammy Award in 1991 for their recording of the tune. Similar to this song was "Ogre Battle" from Queen's 1974 album Queen II.

“Queen has only two number one singles in U.S., Queen 33 millions albums according to The U.S. record industry.”. THE UNITED STATES IS NOT THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

In 1981, Queen become the first important rock band to play in South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia stadiums. It broke the attendance world record for a single concert and venue, at the Morumbi Stadium in Brazil; 181,000 people attended the first night and 351,000 attended over 2 days. Including five shows in Argentina, Queen played to a total audience of 929,000 people on their South American tour. Queen performed in front of more than 160,000 at Monterrey and Puebla Mexico. In South America, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia Queen have Hundreds of Platinum and Gold Records.

manny responded 8 years ago: #367

Artists claimed to have sold 250 million records or more:
The Beatles
Frank Sinatra
Elvis Presley
Michael Jackson
Led Zeppelin
Alla Pugachev
Bing Crosby
Chubby Checker
Sir Cliff Richard
Sir Elton John
Julio Iglesias

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #368

This is about the stupidest arguement ever. Rock is not about who sells the most; that is known as a sellout if all you do is sell records. Plus nowadays record sales are down because of the Internet. Let's try and focus on what really makes rock and roll.

I would like to say I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a disgrace to the rock community, they left out Van Halen and Kiss from there and only recently ADDED SABBATH AND THE SEX PISTOLS. The Sex Pistols said the place was a [bleep] stain and I couldn't agree more.

Josh responded 8 years ago: #369

I have to agree Chris this a dumb arguement and the Beatles are the most influential rock group ever. They are the reason for British Rock spreading all over the world, and Brian May's hero is John Lennon, and Helter Skelter is cited by many people the first heavy metal song, and if you need lists on how many artists have the Beatles have influenced just go to and you notice that Queen and Freddie Mercury cite the Beatles as an influence, and more than double the artists who cite Queen as an influence. Move on to someone else like Abba or The Bee Gees. There is no comparison.


Anne responded 8 years ago: #370

If you read Wikepedia on the best selling artists of all time the Beatles are listed by Guiness book of records of selling one billion records and reported the to be the best selling artists of all time, and in the UK alone they have 15 number one albums 17 number one songs and eight number one EPs. That is 40 number one records, that is three more than Elvis Presley, and and as for influence they are easily more influential than Queen and I like Queen.

Next you guys will be comparing them to Led Zeppelin. One more point: the Beatles toured in Austrailia and in Asia first and the Beatles were the first rock band to play in a huge stadium concert and the first to play in a global telecast and did music videos before Queen. And George Harrison on his own organized the first large scale benefit concert, The concert for Bangladesh. Oh, don't forget they headeed the British Invasion and was the first northern rock group to have a top five hit in the UK and the first number one album for a northern group opening the door from everyone to the Animals to the Gerry and the Pacemakers, who had the first number one song for a northern group. What doors did Queen open? Nothing. They were a great band, and I think they wrote some great songs, but don't knock the importance of the Beatles.


JoSh responded 8 years ago: #371

I'd have to agree with both Chris Cornell and Josh. Rock isn't about selling out. Queen and The Beatles are some of the best acts in history. Even though Queen had better musicians, they have both influenced a generation more than almost every band in the world! And with Chris, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke. Nominees aren't chosen by fans. They're chosen by some dudes. In 2006, they FINALLY inducted Black Sabbath. They've nominated Van Halen for 2007 but KISS has been omitted. It's rediculous. So everyone just shut up! The Beatles and Queen are both phenominal bands.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #372

I also might add that In the Music Of The Millennium poll conducted by Channel 4 in 1999, Queen were voted the second greatest band in music history.[4] In 2001, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and in 2003 Queen became the first and remain the only band to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In 2004, the band was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame and in 2006 Queen was the first inductee into the VH1 Rock Honors. Queen have also been inducted into the Rock Walk of Fame (at Guitar Center on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard) and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And though Queen never won a Grammy Award, the band's influential 1975 single "Bohemian Rhapsody" was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2004. Moreover, the band has been cited as a major influence by many other artists and performers.

Queen have released a total of eighteen #1 albums, eighteen #1 singles, and eight #1 DVDs worldwide, making them one of the world's best-selling music artists.

Johnny bot responded 8 years ago: #373

led zeppelin is undoubtibly the best instumentalist band of all time everyone in the band is bad fucking ass john paul jones

Sal responded 8 years ago: #374

The Beatles are in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and the Song Writing Hall of Fame - get your facts straight. They were voted VH1 greatest rock act of all time and also number one Rolling Stone Immortal list and Variety Magaizine most infuential rock artist of all time, Time magazine rock band of the 20th century and the Millenuim Poll they were number one that poll and don't even bother comparing albums in polls and the Beatles won the first grammy album of the year for a rock artist in 1967 for Sgt. Pepper, and in the UK and America alone they had 27 different songs go number one and astonishing 26 different albums go number one, and countries like Canada and Australia they hold the record for number one singles. Yesterday is the most covered song of all time, and they are probably the covered act of all time, and they were first act inducted in the UK Hall of Fame. Queen is not the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin blows them away when it comes to influence, when it comes to hard rock. And most important, the Beatles were the first great British rock band who paved the way for the British rock acts to make it in America and beyond.


denzel squashington responded 8 years ago: #375

The opinion of a 24-year-old Australian who grew up on Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, but then went back and discovered everything I was told was worth discovering.

John Frusciante was only 20 years old on the Blood Sugar Sex Magik record! (Red Hot Chili Peppers). It's the only playing I've heard that comes close to Hendrix (#1) in terms of coolness, innovation, and pure groove.
Jimmy Page's (Led Zeppelin) riffs are still the coolest and thus best rock riffs ever.
Dimebag (Pantera) would be on my list somewhere.

1. The Beatles are EASILY the best band ever: too many unbelievable songs.
2. Led Zeppelin are by far the best of the heavier "true" rock: unbeatable groove (Bonham!), riffs, and unfathomable vocals.
3. The Rolling Stones are the only band to have the songs to rival either of above.

* Tool are the best modern era metal/rock band by a long way.

** Marley isn't rock but the collection of songs he left have to be considered beatable only because of the Beatles.

*** "Bits" of the Mars Volta's stuff are more incredible than most rock i've ever heard. Watch their drummer play... he may not have a rival.

**** A guy called Quantic is my favourite artist these days. He doesn't play rock.

Joe responded 8 years ago: #376

My list of greatest rock bands considering technical ability:

1) Led Zeppelin
2) The Jimi Hendrix Experience
3) King Crimson
9) YES

Best Vocalist:

1) Freddie Mercury
2) Robert Plant
3) Bruce Dickinson
4) Steve Perry
5) Ronnie James Dio

Fizzed responded 8 years ago: #377

Wait a minute. Steve Vai is below Brian May, Eric Clapton, Slash, Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, and Kirk Hammett? What the [bleep] is wrong with you people!? And JOE SATRIANI, one of the greatest rock instrumentalists and guitarist of all time, is in SIXTH? Vai and Satch should be first. Then the rest of them can fight it out in the shadow of the giants.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #378

I see none of you read or payed attention to what I explained about The Beatles. First Queen did not have a better bass player than Paul McCartney! Queen has never been highly regarded by most rock and music critics in general, and I can understand why! But Brian May is a big Beatles fan, and he recently said so on his own blog this month. To the poster who said that Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are better than the Beatles, well even Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne disagrees with you since he says The Beatles are the greatest band to ever walk the earth!

And as The All Music Guide says, not only were John Lennon and Paul McCartney two of the greatest song composers of the 20th century, but they were among the best and most expressive singers in rock. John Lennon especially had such a unique beautiful voice just listen to him sing This Boy especially the middle part, and so many many others. Even when John spoke in interviews he had a beautiful sexy voice! Paul also always had a great love song and great rock voice and great vocal ranges.I think their voices are a 100 times better than Roger Daltry, and Robert Plant and I have read quite a few people say they don't like the sound of Robert Plant's voice at all and that he screams half of the time not sings!

I never liked Queen and I don't like Freddie Mercury's voice that much either. John Lennon beats him and John and Paul beats them all! And Sal at least you did your homework about The Beatles! Also as I had said in my earlier post, Eric Clapton called George Harrison a fantastic slide guitar player when he and George were interviewed on a 1992 Japan tour they were both asked what they admired about each other and he said this. Also Eric Clapton had said John Lennon was a pretty good rhythm guitar player, he would have known since he played live in concert with John in his 1969 Plastic Ono Band. And I already mentioned in my other post how many great well known bass players such as Billy Sheehan, Sting, Will Lee, and Stanly Clarke have praised Paul McCartney as always being a great melodic influential bass player. Also Paul McCartney has been in the Guiness Book of World Records since the Fall of 1979 as the most successful song composer of all time!

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #379

Also there were two recording engineers who wanted to hear John Lennon sing live, and they said that when in May 1967 The Beatles were recording their song Baby You're A Rich Man, they couldn't believe how great his voice was and that anyone could sing that well. Mick Jagger came to this session also just to watch and listen to them record the song, and his name was on the tape box because he sang on the verses at the end of the song. Also besides Paul's Helter Skelter, many people have also said that John's I Want You She's So Heavy was one of the first heavy metal songs.

George responded 8 years ago: #380

Bohemian Rhapsody, written by Freddie Mercury for the 1975 album A Night At The Opera, was the first single to be issued from the album and provided Queen with their first international No. 1 hit. It has also been named The Song of The Millennium and the Guinness Book of Records' Number One Song of All Time! John Deacon's style was one that was rarely seen in rock bands during the 70s. Rather than just sit in the background playing root notes, John Deacon used the bass as a lead instrument as well as a rhythm instrument.

Some of his compositions on the bass are very intricate and difficult to play such as "The Millionaire Waltz" and "You're my Best Friend". As a bass player, his most notable works include "Another One Bites the Dust" (recently voted greatest bass riff ever). Fab4fan, you hate Queen because they are better musicians than the Beatles, Freddie Mercury is the best vocalist ever and Queen is certified as Britain's top-selling Group ever, beating The Beatles. All internet forums say the same. Queen perfected the Beatles Legacy. QUEEN are now officially bigger than The Beatles.

jose responded 8 years ago: #381

Queen's 1974 song "Stone Cold Crazy" is cited as an early precursor of the speed- or thrash metal sound, not heavy metal. Thrash metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music, one of the extreme metal subgenres, that is characterised by its high speed and aggression. Thanks!!

Bazooka Joe responded 8 years ago: #382

Now hold up. I'm not seein Randy Rhoads or Rick Neilson on the list. It's either you guys gotta problem, or you don't know very much about rock 'n' roll my friends.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #383

No George I don't like Queen because I don't like Queen's sound and I don't think that their bass player is a better musician than Paul McCartney, who has come up the number 1 bass player beating everybody else in three music polls now including The Mister Poll of over 1,000 people, and on Rate Yor Music and on a website called The Best of Everything, where the majority voted The Beatls the best band ever. And these are all mostly college age and teenage people!

In every major poll of over 1,000 people age 18 and up, The Beatles are voted the number 1 greatest rock group of all time, consistently in The Mister Poll, The Zogby Poll, VH1 Poll, The BBC poll, Virgin Records Poll. The Gallup Poll and many other music web sites where The Beatles have always beaten The Rolling Stones too. I don't like Queen and most rock critics don't either. Read what almost all of them say about The Beatles.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #384

George, why don't you look up the great thorough online article, "The Evolution of Rock Bass Playing McCartney Style" by Denis Alstrand and see what other well-known bass players say about him. And he was one of the first to play the bass guitar as a lead instrument. In fact, before him it was only James Jamerson that did that, and he was influenced by him in "Michelle," "Paperback Writer," "Rain," etc.

Paul played the bass as a lead instrument as early as 1965 and 1966. In fact, the record company complained that on "Paperback Writer," the bass was so heavy it was causing the needle on the turntables to jump! Also only The Beatles could have three 1 albums first with the Anthologies, which went to number 1 25 years after they broke up, then the 1 CD which went to # 1 all over the world 30 years after they broke up. And a radio DJ said 40 percent of the people buying them were teenagers, and now the "new" CD Love has also been a top seller in many countries, including the U.S.! lists The Beatles as the # 1 selling music artists, too!

Dennis responded 8 years ago: #385

After reading this from top to bottom, I am somewhat surprised that so many people puke out their top 10 (of ALL-TIME) lists with no regard for what an artist or group contributed (or innovated) during their respective era(s). If you have no regard for that, then your (ALL-TIME) list means very little. This is not so say that latter day artists and groups cannot be awesome or innovative themselves. But it is rather to point out their talent flowed from their predecessors.

Here's some friendly advice, folks. There is a reason why The Beatles will be studied 500 years from now. Rather then name groups, ask yourself what group(s) on your list will be studied 500 years from now. There is a reason why Jimi Hendrix will be studied 500 years from now. Ask yourself if the top 3 on your all-time great guitarist list will be a musical topic over the next 500 years. Keep these factors in mind when you make "ALL-TIME" lists. If you don't, you make it very apparent that you lead a very sheltered musical life.

Josh responded 8 years ago: #386

Jimi Hendrix is the best guitar player ever (without a doubt).

Beatles are the best band.

There are lots of great vocalists out there, but Jim Morrison sure was my favorite. He had a very unique voice.

joe responded 8 years ago: #387

Many rock critics will always hate Queen, and denounce them as too heavy, too extravagant, too pompous, too over the top, too self-important. In response to the critics, of course Queen is all of these things. Yes, they are extravagant, pompous, over the top, and self-important. That is what’s great about Queen. Queen represents the over-indulgency of rock that no other band did quite as well as Queen. Rock critics prefeer "peace and love" artists like The Beatles, U2, Bon Jovi, Chicago, Michael Jackson, The Carpenters among others.

Fintan responded 8 years ago: #388

You are all wrong.

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
3. David Gilmour
4. Johnny Marr
5. Jimmy Page

Clapton is unbelievably overrated, listen to 'Strange Brew', 'Layla', 'I Feel Free' etc. Rubbish. Queen are a joke.
Pink Floyd are the best band ever.

Also, Billy Duffy from The Cult. Where is he? Van Halen, Vai, Malmsteen, Satriani; they just play fast. So what? It's tedious. Kirk Hammett can't even play that fast, and Hetfield? What on earth?

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #389


I know already the reasons The Beatles will be studied 500 years from now. Can I know what you feel are the reasons? And Josh, yes Jim Morroson had a nice voice but nowhere as beautiful as John Lennon's. Just listen to him sing "This Boy," especially the middle part, or "Dear Prudence," "Yes It Is," "If I Fell," etc., etc., and his rock voice was great, too, like his version of "Money," his own great songs "Happiness is A Warm Gun," "Revolution," "Come Together," etc etc.

Interestingly, John's paternal grandfather was a singer in a band in America so that's where he got his beautiful singing voice. Also I want to point out that Paul McCartney's father was an acclomplished classical jazz pianist and the leader of his own Band called Jim Macs Band and they were popular in clubs in the 1930s, but his father was not a poet. And that is where Paul inherited his great musical talent and why even though he can and has written some great lyrics, he usually doesn't and he doesn't have to. He's more of a Beethoven of rock who sometimes writes great lyrics, but John who was also very musically talented, was somewhat more of the poet, and Paul was always stronger as a musical composer and musician than a poet. He even writes good classical music and had written some great rock even some great hard rock in The Beatles and both before and during Wings. His best sound was up to 1975 with the last great Wings Album which is one of the best, Venus and Mars and also love his 1973 album Red Rose Speedway and Band On The Run is also very good.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #390

Okay, George and fab4fan. Shut the hell up. seriously. Queen and The Beatles are both awesome. I'm sure that quite a few people are sick of the constant bickering. Just SHUT UP! The Beatles and Queen are some of the best musicians and you should praise them for that. Not whose got the better musicians!!! Just stop arguing.

Wagner Padovani responded 8 years ago: #391

How do you speak about the very best guitars and bands in 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s? Course... don't forget everybody was in your time, with your tecnology, and freedom to compose and express yourself. Curt Cobain never wanted play like Hendrix. So... this list is a fake! Here in Brazil, we loved the true guitars like Page, Clapton, Beck, Blackmore, Townsend, Peter Frampton, Van Halen, Tonni Iommi, Alex Lifeson, Steve Howe, STV and Steve Morse. Behind this all live the poor music from 2000.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #392

Josh, no, "you" shut up! George made ignorant comments about Queen being bigger than The Beatles and I was trying to correct him!

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #393

The Beatles wrote a hell of a lot more than just "peace and love" songs. And the reason almost all rock and music critics praise The Beatles over Queen is because of how creative, innovative, and prolific John and Paul were as singers and song writers in just an 8- year recording career!

Sarah responded 8 years ago: #394

Glad to see that brian may made the top guitarists but I cannot belive Queen didn't even get honorable mention. They are one of the greatest rock bands of all time. And Led Zep should have beeen wayyyyyy higher... try number one. U2 cannot be in front of them. It's a joke.

xx1223 responded 8 years ago: #395

how the hell did you not remember Deep Purple! They have been around since 1967. They still sound incredible!!!

xx1223 responded 8 years ago: #396

How the [bleep] did you not remember Deep Purple! They have been around since 1967. They still sound incredible!

DOMINIC responded 8 years ago: #397

I think THE WHO are the greatest band ever. If you look from 1964 to present, you will see they are rock n roll. I mean they have the greatest drummer of all time, Keith Moon, and the greatest bassist, John Entwistle. Pete Townsend maybe is not the greatest guitarist of all time, but definitely the best songwriter. And Roger Daultry is a great vocalist. He created the spinning microphone. Townsend created his own trademark (the windmill). And also they were the first band ever to smash up the instruments. How rock and roll is that? A lot of bands, to me, copy the Who. Led Zeppelin to me is the 2nd greatest. BUT IF YOU LOOK AT HOW THE WHO HAS INFLUENCED A LOT OF PPL, THEN YOU WILL SEE THEY HAVE TO BE ON THE LIST.

Fintan responded 8 years ago: #398

Queen is a joke.

I'm not a big fan of The Beatles, but they started it all off in the first place.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #399

Hey Fintan, SHUT UP. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your trap shut. And to Dominic, I totally agree with you. Pete Townsend is the father of the modern rock opera. Did you ever see the Beatles do that, Fab4fan?

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #400

Townshend I meant, not Townsend. I also might add that The Who pioneered the use of feedback and synthesizers in their music. I can safely say that the Who will definitely be talked about 100 years from now.

John responded 8 years ago: #401

I think the Who should be in the top five at least, but if you're saying who combined hard rock with synthesizers first, that was Beatles first on the Abbey Road track I Want You She's So Heavy in early 1969 - years before Who's Next. And the instrument was used before the Beatles used it, but they did help the populatity of synthesizer since it was 1969 and it was hardly used in popular music. The Beatles used feedback before the Who and the first record to go number one with audio feedback was I Feel Fine in 1964, months before the Who recorded Any Way Any Where. The Beatles did symphonic rock before The Who on a A Day In The Life that combines a true orchestra with rock, and the reprise song that is before that song follows the classical music practice of the reprise. One more thing the Abbey Road double medley on side 2 is basically a pop opera without a theme, which is totally different than what the Who did on Tommy, which was a theme-based album. I love the Who and they were great, but they were not the innovators the Beatles were, and nor were they as influential, but the Who were great at the things you said they did.


Ahmad responded 8 years ago: #402

Whoever thinks that Beatles are No. 1, then you don't know what rock and roll is... Led Zeppelin is and will be the Greatest Rock Band that ever lived... you can't compare it to anything... I mean, honestly, look at the variety of their music. Some people say Hendrix played from his heart... Page put his soul to anything he picked up... Bonham. Only one who even came close is Neil from Rush and that's it... They had everything, best of the best... Beatles were pop, not rock.... Rolling Stone were good, but their drummer wasn't... Top ten list...
1) Led Zeppelin
2) Led Zeppelin
3) Led Zeppelin
4) Pink Floyd
5) Black Sabbath
6) Metallica
7) Guns and Roses
8) Rolling Stone
9) Aerosmith
10) Velvet Underground

What were you thinkin when you put Bob Marley on the list... No doubt an amazing artist... nothing against him, but not rock band. And what's up with U2? I am getting sick here. U2 is at the bottom of the pyramid.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #403

Oh and Ahmad,

I see you list Black Sabbath well even Ozzy Osbourne is a big Beatles fan and has been since he was a tenager. He called The Beatles The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth in an online 2001 Bender Magazine interview! And The Beatles were the first to smash guitars, especially John when they played in the sleazy strip clubs in Hamburg Germany for 8 hours a night from 1960-1982,taking speed pills to stay awake, and cursing, smoking, and hitting each other on stage, wearing tight leather pants and jackets before their manager Brian Epstein created their fake, cleaned-up image, which John espially resented and hated. And a guy said on his blog months back that in his younger days, when he thought The Beatles were over praised, he became a big Who fan, but he says he now has done a 300-degree turn, and he says he has no doubt The The Beatles are The Greatest "Rock" group ever, and that he can list a dozen reasons why!

fafaf responded 8 years ago: #404

I just noticed I made a typing mistake. I meant The Beatles played in Hamburg Germany from 1960-1962, not 1982!

Queenfan#1 responded 8 years ago: #405


Johnny Depp has officially been chosen to star and mimic (Queen) Freddie Mercury in the upcoming movie next year.
PIRATES Of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp is in line to play Freddie Mercury in a Hollywood biopic. Awesome!!!!!!!

Sam responded 8 years ago: #406

Best Band = Red Hot Chili Peppers
Best Guitarist = John Frusciante, he is great with the chili peppers and great by himself.

mustapha responded 8 years ago: #407

One of the bests quitarists: Brian May
One of the bests vocalists: Freddie Mercury
One of the bests drummers: Roger Taylor
One of the bests songs: Bohemian Rapsody

So, where is Queen?

deasie responded 8 years ago: #408

Robert Johnson was the best guitarist in the world. He sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads to make it so. The Beatles were just a POP band, no better than the the likes of the Hollies. They had some good songs but that was it (maybe a hint of sarcasm there). Pink floyd has more soul, heart, and meaning than any band, ever. And as for your new-age guitarists, as in g3 and the likes, yeah they are good at their job, but that's all it seems like, a job. Not enough heart and soul, or balls, where it dosen't matter if you screw up, because you are playing for the moment. Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Townsend, Gilmore, Angus, Slash, Santana, Kossof, Mayall, in no apparent order.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #409


The Beatles were a mostly a *ROCK GROUP* *not* a "pop" group! The Beach Boys were a true pop group because most of their songs were beach surfing music. And The Beatles had a much harder electric guitar sound even in their early days than The Beach Boys did.The Beatles are accurately sold in the *rock* section in most music stores and I have never heard The Beach Boys played on a classic rock station,only oldies stations but The Beatles are still played on many classic rock stations. The Beatles wrote some songs that were pretty hard rock for 1964 and 1965,Paul's great blues rocker She's A Woman from late 1964,and his screaming loud rock song I'm Down from 1965 were pretty rocky sounding for the time. And Day Tripper,from 1965,Paper Back Writer from 1966,etc and most of The White Album and Abbey Road had great *rock* songs on them. And Paul McCartney invented heavy metal as many people have pointed out with his song Helter Skelter which was the hardest loudest rock song recorded at the time,and it still is a pretty hard rock song.And other people have also pointed out that John Lennon's song I Want You She's So Heavy on Abbey Road was also one of the first heavy metal songs. Barry Manilow,The Carpenters,The Beach Boys,Englebert Humperdink, Michael Jackson, etc are pop acts! Looki up Rock On The Net and see that it says that few could argue that one of the best if not the best rock groups of all time is The Beatles! Most *rock* critics agree!

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #410


I just saw your post with your totally inaccurate comments about The Beatles right after I just posted about Ahmad's inaccurate reference to The Beatles as a "pop" band, and now you are saying the same Cr*p and even comparing The Beatles to a real pop group that John Lennon hated and was not anywhere near the innovative, creative, prolific singers and song writers John and Paul were, nor the great musicians Paul and George were! I don't love true pop groups at all. Why don't you read The Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn, which is a detailed diary of every recording session of their incredible only eight-year recording career,and see what their recording engineers such as Ken Scott, who went on to work with David Bowies, and Norman Smith, who went on to work with Pink Floyd, and Alan Parsons also a highly impressed Beatles fan, who was one of their recording engineers on their last two albums, Let it Be and Abbey Road, and other tape operators and engineers like Geoff Emerick, have to say about how truly innovative, creative, and inventive especially John and Paul were in the recording studio. And check out the new book written by musicians and music producers, Recording The Beatles by Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan, and then see how wrong you are!

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #411

Also, Brian Kehew the co-author of the new great book,Recording The Beatles is an acclomplished musician and music producer who has played keyboards for The Who in their 2006 concerts and has produced many wel known music artists. And looke up The Beatles on Wikipedia the free online Encyclopedia and see how they too accurately explain that The Beatles are the most influential,critically acclaimed,successful and popular *ROCK GROUP* of all time! The 2000 College Webster's Dictionary also accuately defines The Beatles as a British *Rock* group!

deasie responded 8 years ago: #412

Fab 4 fan,
I've just checked out all those things you told me to, and the Beatles still aint rock, they're pop. Sure they've got a couple of good rock songs, but they're a pop band, nice little ditties or tunes. I'm not saying anything bad about their talent as songwriters or musicians, but they have nothing cemented in the halls of rock. Stood next to Zepplin, the Beatles are like an aero... very light.

John responded 8 years ago: #413

Do you know that Stairway to Heaven has the same chord progression as While My Guitar Gently Weeps? And that Sunshine of Your Love by Cream has the same progression as Sgt. Pepper title track? And of courese I can name more. Many people will tell you the transition between rock and roll to rock music starts with the Beatles. The Beatles were an eclectic band they did not just do rock music, they combined it with avant garde, musique concrete, Indian, classical Indian, pop, folk, country, classical, carnival, heavy rock, pyscedlic, skiiffle and more.

Some of those fusions like classical Indain, avant garde, musique concrete, pyscedelic and even heavy rock, the Beatles were one of the first to bring this into rock or some cases the first. I like Led Zeppelin but tracks like Taxman, Tomorrow Never Knows, Day Tripper by the way a style of riffing that influenced countless of bands, including your great Led Zepppelin. Heartbreaker anyone, Strawberry Fields Forever, Rain, and many more were recorded years before Led Zeppelin with four-track recording. Just compare those tracks with what was out that at the time, and you will see the Beatles sounding like none of the artists at the time. The Beatles were the first great classic rock band. You're just as clueless as Pierro Scaruffi, the great Beatles hater.


JoSh responded 8 years ago: #414

At the time of the Beatles, bass guitar was just getting started. There weren't many bass guitarists that really made it big. In fact, there just weren't many basses! But, a few players were soon to reach prominence.

Ok. fab4fan your going to hate me for this. Many say that Paul McCartney was the best bassist. But what about Jack Bruce? Crossroads on Wheel of Fire? He was definitely over shadowed by Paul McCartney. And John Entwistle? My Generation anybody? He was surely better than Paul McCartney. Now, I may be going out on a limb here, but I think that Les Claypool, NOT PRIMUS! Just Les Claypool is a better bassist than Paul McCartney. Now, I'm not saying that he was a better song writer. I'm not saying that Primus is a better band than The Beatles were. I mean, some Primus songs are pretty ridiculous. But Les could kill Paul McCartney at bass. Listen to "My name is mud" or "John the Fisherman" or even "Jerry was a racecar driver."

Also, on a different note (I am NOT going out on a limb on this one), Ringo Starr was NOT a good drummer. Not in his time, and not ever. When you look at other drummers at the time such as Keith Moon of The Who or Ginger Baker of Cream, Ringo Starr was very untalented compared to them. I mean, look at Cobwebs and Strange (Moon)or Toad (Baker). A few of the most revered and praised drum solos of our time! And they were done back in the '60s. Then, there are the albums Quadrophenia and Disraeli Gears? Amazing. And what about In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida? Ron Bushy. Did you ever see Ringo Do that? I think not.

John and Paul were better song writers and composers though. That's why they will be praised for generations to come.

Leo responded 8 years ago: #415

The Beatles were a product of their environment. And that environment included their peers. An example is Rubber Soul. Released in December of 1965, it had allowed the Beatles to absorb the influence of the Byrds. The changes for which the Beatles are often given credit in musical history were often pioneered by other bands, and the Beatles were frequently a step (or two) behind. For example, the "masterpiece" that was Revolver was released in the same year as the Byrds' 5D, Love's Da Capo, the Who's Happy Jack, and the Kinks' Face to Face, all of which were recorded in 1966.

5D and Da Capo were both leaps and bounds ahead of the silly pseudopsychadelia on Revolver, and both showed evidence of musical prowess worlds ahead of the so-called "Fab Four." Similarly, the Who's Pete Townshend and the Kinks' Ray Davies were already experimenting with lyrics that were far more literate and mature than anything Lennon or McCartney ever managed to write. The Byrds' offering for this year was Younger than Yesterday, which melded a seemingly disparate set of influences (folk, jazz, country, psychadelia, bluegrass) into a cohesive album with some real highlights - the Beatles certainly never managed to write anything as self-reflexive and ironic as "So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star," and they didn't manage to have anyone like Hugh Makasela guest on any of their tracks.

And The Who Sell Out was a brilliant concept, years ahead of its time. And the Beatles never rocked as hard as the Who; take "I Can See For Miles" as an example. "Helter Skelter" was written by McCartney as a response to the criticism that the Beatles didn't really rock. The Beatles are the most famous band ever, certainly not the best band. The Beatles are a Pop Group!!!!!

My list: Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Who, Bob Dylan, Sex Pistols, Metallica.

brandon w responded 8 years ago: #416

ok first of all were is tony iommi he is one of the three greast guitarists of all time next to him would have been jimmi hendrix then of course dimebag darrel come on how do you guys know anything about music dimebag and tony arent even on there i dont know but you guys need to revise your list

brandon w responded 8 years ago: #417

Ok, and also where is Randy Roads? As for the bands, Bob Marley is not rock, and where the heck is Sabbath on the greatest bands? And Zepplin sould be much higher up. U2, come on, shouldn't even be on the list. In my opinion, your list sucks. My list for bands would have been:

1. Black Sabbath
2. Led Zepplin
3. Pink Floyd
4. AC/DC
5. Jimmi Hendrix Expirence
6. Rolling Stones
7. Panters
8. Metallica
9. Van Halen
10. Chuck Berry

I think a lot more people would agree witht that list.

John responded 8 years ago: #418

First of all, the Byrd's became a rock band because of the Beatles, their success with folk, with rock, and the use of the 12-string Rickenbocker guitar jangle sound, that is been a fact that has been acknowledged by Roger McQuiin. And the rest of the Byrd's just listned to A Hard Day's Night Album and the Beatles For Sale. The album Revolver had sounds and lyrical subjects and music fusions never heard of in rock.

The Beatles were mixing modal tunes with unuaual time signatures in the same song and what Byrd's song actually rocks hard. Revolver combines, genuine classical Indian, avant garde, musique concrete, classical, stax, folk, baroque, art song, and most times combining two or three genres at once with an early pyschedelic music with and mystical or eastern outlook. That's the Byrds using backward guitar on Younger Than Yesterday, as done by the the Beatles first on Revolver. The Beatles could rock if they want to how about Revolution and some of the White Album tracks, and Sgt. Pepper might not even be a narrative concept album. It's really an innovative song cycle in form [and] had never been done at point in rock music with it's no conventional pauses, segues, the reprise, and the hidden track, which is another innovation most of those elements are common to opera. If you don't like the Beatles, fine, but know the facts when you comment Leo.


Anne responded 8 years ago: #419

What is this bashing on the Beatles for? The Beatles were a pop-rock group. Do you people know the difference?

I have both albums, Revolver and Younger Than Yesterday, and to me it's the Byrd's borrowing heavily on the Beatles again with all the backward guitar and backward Indian sounding guitars, altered voices and strange fadeouts. The Byrd's were an acoustic outfit and when A Hard Day's Night came out, they were so impressed with their sound, they bought the same exact same instruments as the Beatles were using on that album.

Bob Dylan went electric mainly becuase of the Beatles. He said the Beatles were doing things that no one was doing at the time. The Beatles acknowledged Dylan while he was still a folk artist and they were already doing folk rock and you can hear it in songs like I'm a Loser and You've got to Hide Your Love Away. The same thing can be said for them using country they are plenty of songs in 1964 and '65 show country influence. And I've Just Seen A Face is very much a bluegrass song.

This so called pop group are among the firsts in rock music, and I'm not saying the exact first to experiment or use techniques, tape loops, drum loops, tamboura-based songs, audio feedback, avant garde, Indian scales, sitar based songs, backward tapes, varispeed oscillator, mellotron, progressive tonality, mixed meters, phasing, multiple time singatures, modal based tunes, songs with just strings, so many guitar tones, like the distorted leslie sound that prevails on Revolver, ambient sounds from tape loops, conventional guitar drone, the Indian drone and many more you get the picture.

Look at the lyrics of In My Life or Eleanor Rigby or Strawberry Fields Forever. The Who Sell Out used the concentric runout groove technique, the same that can be heard on Sgt. Pepper and the Love. The Kinks were influneced by the Beatles and the Byrd's were heavily influenced by the Beatles. The Beatles in turn were influneced by the Byrd's but don't make one comment and not tell the whole story the Beatles influneced all the bands you mentioned. Have you heard some of there guitar based songs from 1968-69 in that period Goerge Harrison caught up with Lennon and McCartney and the guitar work on Every Body Got Something To Hide, and Yer Blues sounds like Eric Clapton to many people, and McCartney bass playing also excellent and the vocal harmonies on Abbey Road influenced Queen and Pink Floyd. Just listen to Dark Side Of The Moon. I agree that Ringo was the weak link. By 1968, they were technically better than the Stones and half the Who. Why don't you people ask questions why didn't the Byrds rock hard or the Who do the various things the Beatles were doing? And the same can be said for the Rolling Stones, who basically copied everything the Beatles did on Revolver and Sgt. Peppers on Santanic Majesties Request. The Beatles influenced a lot of artists get over it people.


rocked responded 8 years ago: #420

Hey guys...
I just started to listen to English rock...
So well... I liked Greenday the best (I don't know why)
I thought they must make to top 10 bands.
What say????

leo responded 8 years ago: #421

A period of experimentation in The Beatles' music had begun with the album Rubber Soul in late 1965. During this period, new influences and instruments from as far afield as India were incorporated in their recordings, which evolved further from simple teen pop and into more artistic sounds. Sgt. Pepper continued this process and became more avant-garde in style and form than previous or subsequent recordings. McCartney cited The Beach Boys' album Pet Sounds and Frank Zappa's album Freak Out! as key influences.

jj responded 8 years ago: #422

I think that AC/DC is way better than Bob Marley.

hfjth responded 8 years ago: #423

k, almost every website I've seen, Daron Malakian hasn't been on. People need to start paying attention to him. He's similar to Tom Merello except Tom has more solos and plays more with a pedal. He's always rated high.

jd responded 8 years ago: #424

Seriously, is Velvet Underground a better band then the great Zeppelin? Come on, and the Grateful Dead. I think Led Zepplin is at least top three if not # 1.

wouter responded 8 years ago: #425

Top gitarists are:

1. Micheal Schenker
2. Micheal Schenker
3. Micheal Schenker
4. Micheal Schenker
5. Micheal Schenker

Kim responded 8 years ago: #426

What happened to B.B King!?!

stuart responded 8 years ago: #427

The Beatles are the greatest band of all time, period. I'm 16 now and I've listened to the Beatles since IU can remember,
after reading some of these comments the Beatles are either at number 1 or not in anyone's list at all. As they have never heard of their albums before or never understood what the Beatles were all about, the only songs they have probably heard are songs aimed at children like Yellow Submarine and Octopus's Garden, etc. Lennon/McCartney's greastest at writing songs and George was very good asw ell (Harrison should be in top 20 guitarest of all time). Led Zeppelin or Queen don't come close, and I think that these bands would admit that deep down. Even greats like Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton always say they were the greatest and they were. If you want to listen to the best music ever, listen to the songs on these albums: Abbey road, Sgt.pepper, White album, Rubber soul, Magical Mystery Tour. Once you've listened to them, you realise your mistake at not putting them at number 1, and after these albums listen to the anthology series and their solo careers.

Jose responded 8 years ago: #428

Queen have sensationally beaten The Beatles in BBC Radio 2's Great British Battle of the Bands. Over 20,000 of you voted in the BBC Music event of the year.


Greatest Guitarist:

1) Jimi Hendrix-The Greatest!!!
2) Brian May of Queen employed tapping as early as 1973 in many songs including "It's Late".
3) Jimmy Page- First person to truly create the "heavy" sound.
4) Duane Allman- noted for his slide guitar and improvisational skills.
5) B.B King-"The King Of The Blues".
6) Eddie Van Halen- redefined what electric guitar could do.
7) Eric Clapton- one of the most respected and influential musicians.
8) Santana- created a successful blend of salsa, rock, blues, and jazz fusion.

tribute24 responded 8 years ago: #429


In Europe (except UK) there are rock band not so popular like Americans and English think.

Maybe it's for this reason that Led Zeppelin is not at number 2nd or 3th, and maybe for the same reason U2 are 3rd. (Sometimes in your comments, you named a rock band that nobody in the rest of the world knows, sorry).

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #430

That's complete crap, anyway, because rock and roll is the most American thing next to apple pie. The English didn't start it and dont have a very good hold on it now. They had the Beatles, in essence, that's it. Who gives a [bleep] about the rest of the world?

Rock N Roll Lad responded 8 years ago: #431

Rocked, shut up. If you think Green Day is the best European band, your mentally handicapped. Come back when you're experienced.

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #432

The best bands of all time list is as follows:

1. Led Zeppelin
2. The Beatles
3. Rolling Stones
4. Nirvana
5. AC/DC
6. Van Halen
7. The Who
8. Pink Floyd
9. Black Sabbath

George responded 8 years ago: #433

It's really The Beatles and Led Zeppelin and that's it, really. Who did Queen pave for? The Brits have never really appreciated Led Zeppelin the way the Americans do, and I have lived in both countries. I mean it took three years for Led Zeppelin, three years to get in the UK Rock Hall of Fame. Nothing against Queen, but are they more influential than the Who or Pink Floyd. The vote in the BBC poll was close, by the way. Queen only beat the Beatles by 400 votes, but it's crazy the lack of votes that The Who and Led Zeppelin got.

Lucas responded 8 years ago: #434

I think the reason Queen always obtains large amounts of votes in polls such as these is that their music style was so diverse throughout their career (arena rock, funk, glam, hard rock, heavy metal, pop, progressive, psychedelic and gospel). A lot of people like their earlier stuff, Queen, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At The Opera era.. A lot the late 1970s, and some the '80s stuff they did (although personally most of their output during that decade wasnt their best work up until A Kind Of Magic). It's a good spread of music style at appeals to a wide range of possible voters.

George responded 8 years ago: #435

Queen was not as diverse as the Beatles. Just check out The White Album, considered by most rock musicians the most diverse rock album of all time. Nor did they (Queen) have the impact on as many subgenres in rock music. They are not in the same league as Led Zeppelin, and both acts have sold more records than Queen. It's just the Brits like Queen more. It's not that way in America or Canada.

Leo responded 8 years ago: #436

George The Beatles was not as diverse as Queen.

Beatles generes (pop, rock and psychedelic rock). More info:

Queen generes (rock, arena rock, funk rock, glam rock, hard rock, heavy metal, pop rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock). More info:

Freddie Mercury, was famous for his raging vocal prowess, able to roar through a metal tune as hard as Motorhead, or warble a high falsetto that could turn opera singers green with envy.

George, The Beatles sold over 500 millions records. Queen and Led Zeppelin, both sold the same - over 300 millions records worldwide.


Queenfan#1 responded 8 years ago: #437

Queen, for the few out there who haven't heard of it, is one of the most successful bands in the history of rock and roll. So far, they have sold 300 million records worldwide and were pioneers in the music video industry.

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #438

If somebody says they are a succesful band because of how many records they sell, that's ridiculous. Record sales doesn't make rock and roll.

Rock N Roll Lad responded 8 years ago: #439

Yeah, I have to agree with Chris. That is a stupid point to make. Point out Queen's overall talent. Brian May and Freddy together were great. How the fans made Bohemian Rhapsody the number one song on five continents, not record sales, I mean come on.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #440

Thank you Chris C.! Rock and roll, hard rock metal, etc., is not about how many records you sell. Talent definitely has something to do with it, and fighting the power!

bradharnett responded 8 years ago: #441

Everybody has their own opinions on this but what makes a truly great guitarist stand out is their ability to really touch your soul you know make the hairs stand on the back of your neck kinda thing. Also, they are like a talented vocalist in that they don't need any backing just give them their guitar and and nothing else, and let them play and they still sound outstanding now. For me personally, there are three guitarists who can pull this off and that's Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, and Slash.

Slash credit because they think g n r were cheesey, but if you ever listened to songs like Sweet Child of Mine, estranged and such fun, or his rendition of the Godfather theme song, you would realize how talented he is. I also think bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and g n r should be in the top ten. g n r because they didn't buy into the cheesey glam rock theme of the eighties and brought rock back to the old era. Nirvana has to get a mention because of the same reason, and Pearl Jam have done likewise, and after all these years still sound as good as ever and can still fill out any venue they attend. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree but that's my opinion.

Mike responded 8 years ago: #442

Where is Queen? They are one of the most respected bands among there contemporaries. Paul McCarthy [sic] of the Beatles once referred to Freddie Mercury as "King Mercury!," Jeff Beck has referred to Brian may as a genius!

See this for what other bands and artists think of them:

Also see:

Mario responded 8 years ago: #443

Why isn't Tony McAlpine or Michael Angelo above Hendrix or even on there?

Andrew Ferguson responded 8 years ago: #444

Eric Clapton needs to be put higher on that list. Jimmy Page cannot match Clapton in terms of rock songs. Hell, just listen to Crossroads. Clapton totally blows Page out of the water.

Hendrix, like John Bonham, is a very special case. The two of them were both examples of legends that did not have enough time to really fully establish what they were capable of. I'd put a question mark next to Hendrix as the greatest of all time. Also... that list is based purely on opinion. It fails to take into account how good the musicians were. The Police, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, and Cream all belong up there. Each of these four bands was an enormous influence. They all laid new foundations for the style of rock 'n roll.

It also surprises me that Alex Lifeson of Rush is not on that guitar list. I'd like to hear Jimmy Page match him in "La Villa Strangiato." Also, Duane Allman is absolutely fantastic. It is a little known fact that Allman does the opening guitar riff for the original version of "Layla."

Clapton, himself, was unable to do the riffs. Allman is a guitar God. Also, why isn't Andy Summers for the Police on one of those guitar lists? He is an absolutely fantastic guitarist. Just listening to the "Message In a Box" connection gives you this idea.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #445

I haven't visited this site for a while, but I now know I didn't miss all of the totally ignorant comments made on here!

To Leo, The Beatles Were A "GREAT ROCK BAND," NOT A POP BAND! Paul McCartney didn't write Helter Skelter because anyone said The Beatles didn't rock, he wrote it because it was claimed to be at that point the loudest rock song! And he certainly more than succeeded in making the loudest, hardest rock song at the time, which as many people have said was the first real heavy metal song influenting Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath etc.

As I have already said on here before, but it obviously didn't get through to you and some others, Paul's songs She's A Woman from late 1964, and I'm Down from 1965 were pretty hard rock for this time. Also, George Harrison was playing a 12-string guitar as early as February 1964 on the Hard Day's Night album and in the film, and it was The Byrds seeing this that influenced "them" to play 12 string guitars! Go look up Rock on The Net, and The Beatles on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, and ask "rock" music critics if The Beatles were mostly a "rock* band!"

And as I already said, the Websters 200 College dictionary accurately defines them as a British "Rock" group. I'm sure you "still" won't get it though. I guess Ozzy Osbourne loves just a "pop" group who called The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth said not loving The Beatles is like saying you don't love oxogen! He's been a huge Beatles fan since he was a teenager!

And Josh, Paul McCartney has beaten The Who's John Entwistle in three online music polls already: The Mister Poll of over 100 people, Rate Your Music, and on The Best of Everything site, where most say The Beatles are The Greatest Band Ever and many are young people on this site. And Ringo was a very good drummer, better than you think. He is rated above Charlie Watts on a music site that rates tons of music artists in all different categories. And his drumming was great in Rain, which he says is his best work, in Tomorrow Never Knows, A Day in The Life, which George Martin says it was Ringo's idea to play the tomtoms which gave the song a unique percussion sound, and The End on Abbey Road, and many more.

John Lennon was asked about how he felt about Ringo's drumming in a September 1971 interview, and he said he loved Ringo's drumming, but he felt that Jim Keltner's was technically a bit better, but he said that Ringo was still one of the best drummers in rock. See the good things the 1992 Rolling Stone Album Guide says about his drumming. And as I said before ,please read The Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn; try to get it from a library since it's now unfortunately out of print. At least the guy who recently posted on his blog that when he was younger and he thought The Beatles were overpraised, he became a big Who fan but he says now he did a 300-degree turnaround and he says he truly believes The Beatles were, without a doubt, The Greatest Rock Band Ever, and that he could list a dozen reasons why!

I hate Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd!

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #446

My last comments were directed to Deasie as well, but I'm sure you "still" won't get it, either! The Beatles were so much more creative, inventive, and innovative especially John and Paul in the recording studio than just a "pop" band! And comparing them to a true pop band like The Hollies, who John Lennon hated, and who did not have the extremely talented singers and song writers such as John and Paul, is just ridiculous and ignorant!

And it really would have been news to John Lennon that he wasn't the founder and leader of a true rock band since he always said he really loved rock music and wrote a hell of a lot of great rock music, and he was a big Chuck Berry fan since he was a teenager. And thank you John, Anne, and Stuart for having the good sense, and good taste, and knowing the facts! And Stuart, it's great that you are only 16 and you say The Beatles are the greatest!

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #447

Leo, for your information, Brian Wilson said in interviews that it was hearing The Beatles brilliant album Rubber Soul that blew him away and motivated him to make Pet Sounds!

He said that all of the songs flowed together, and it was pop music but folk rock at the same time, and this is what he couldn't believe! He said on a 1995 Nightline Beatles tribute show that Sgt. Pepper was the single greatest album he ever heard, and that he feels that Lennon and McCartney were the greatest song writers of the 20th century!

Elton John was interviewed on a 1991 CBS morning news show and was asked who he musically admired, and he said you can talk about your Rogers and Hammerstein but for the quanity of quality songs Lennon and McCartney wrote in that short period of time, they were the two greatest song composers of the 20th century. Classical composer and conducter Leonard Bernstein said this about them also.

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #448

Hendrix is number one for many reasons besides his overall talent. One, he could play with his teeth; that's not easy for some people, that's impossible. Two, he could play for extended amounts of time without rest. Three, he could play while completely stoned, which is also a very rare capability. If you listen to some of those guys live when they've indulged, its embarassing, but not Hendrix.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #449

Chris Cornell, you've got your facts down. But fab4fan, The Beatles weren't the only band out there! Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd were just as innovative as The Beatles. Don't say you hate them.

And on a side note, do you think Les Claypool is a better bassist than Paul McCartney? Because I think most people would agree.

Mitch responded 8 years ago: #450

According to rankopedia, the best bands ever are The Beatles, Led Zep, and Pink Floyd, in that order.

Mik responded 8 years ago: #451

Why isn't Queen in the bands or even the honorable mentions? Everybody knows We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. Talk about staying power, and Queen has the longest lasting fan club of all time. Bad list.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #452

I want to mention that as early as 1963, music critics for The London Times were seriously studying their music. One of The Times music critics, William Mann, pointed out as early as 1963 the clever subtleties they used in their songs and interesting unique chords even in She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand. These songs were not as simple as they seemed, even though their middle and later music was more innovative and complex.

Bob Dylan said this about their chord structures and melodies as early as 1964. The London Times music critic Richard Buckle called John and Paul the two greatest composers since Beethoven after reviewing the music John and Paul wrote for the ballet Mods and Rockers, and this was unheard of at the time to compare young rock composers to Beethoven. This review was from December 1963.

Chris responded 8 years ago: #453

Guns N' Roses should be at least mentioned somewhere.

LMAO. responded 8 years ago: #454

@The best bassist list that doesn't include Victor Wooten.

@Record sales meaning anything. Nelly was pretty big in America.

@Comparing single entities of two separate bands and rating them in that way. It's about the sound of the song they produce. Trust me, I'm a Yankees fan and the most talented doesn't always equal the best.

@... last but not least...U2 being #3 on the original list. U2 has alot of good songs, but that's all they are... good.

helder responded 8 years ago: #455

1-Dire Straits

1-Mark Knopfler
2-Eric Clapton
3-Jimi Hendrix
4-Jimmy Page
5-Duane Allman

1-Brothers in Arms-Dire Straits
2-Sultans of Swing-Dire Straits
3-Tears in Heaven-Eric Clapton
4-Imagine-John Lenon
5-Wind of Change-Scorpions

These are the real lists:
Everybody forgets that the album Brothers in Arms was one of the most sold.
Dire Straits played live at Mandela's Birthday.
Goodbye and don't let rock die ever!!!!!!!

George responded 8 years ago: #456

Well, according to Wikipedia, the Beatles are the most critically acclaimed and the highest selling rock artists of all time and the recent Q Magazine named them the most essential rock artists of all time.

The Beatles started arena rock with the Shea Stadium concert and one of the first major rock videos was Strawberry Fields Forever. Will you people who are fanatical about Queen get your facts straight? Queen did not pioneer anything. The Beatles are the ones who pioneered the leaderless rock band who thought in terms of albums as art. They paved the way for Led Zeppelin and many album acts with Sgt Pepper's and the White Album because those albums were hugely popular without the benefit of a single.

The Beatles played, Raga rock, proto heavy metal, early ska rock. She's A Woman, early fold rock; Beatles for Sale, early country rock; I'll Cry Instead and many others, Jangle pop; A Hard Day's Night, avant rock; Tomorrow Never Knows, Musique Concrete Revolution # 9; early Psychedelic; Rain; proto Metal, Helter Skelter; chamber pop, Yesterday. early progressive rock, A Day in the Life. and even funk rock In Taxman and of course pop-rock.

Get this - in Tomorrow Never Knows, they started the concept with sampling over a hypnotic drum beat. You will hear that in lot of today's music. The Beatles are not even my favorite band. Led Zeppelin is and I think Led Zeppelin deserves at least number two, but in the pop world they won't be. But if you ask musicians today, Led Zeppelin would be a close second to the Beatles.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #457


NO WAY is U2 better than The Beatles! Bono is a big Beatles fan. I just found a guy who is a big U2 fan who said on his blog in reviewing The Beatles Love CD that The Beatles were The Greatest Rock Band Ever! Have U2 been compared to Beethoven and are award- winning music professors teaching courses on them at many good universities? NO! And for great reasons! In every major poll that has been done, as I already said with over 1000 people age 18 and older, The Beatles are voted the Greatest Rock Band of Ever! And Josh, yes I really do hate the sound of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. But Jimi Hendrix still sounds good to me!

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #458

Fab4fan, if you don't like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, please leave this forum and never return. You probably just liked the pop part of the Beatles and not the actual rock. I love the Beatles, and Zep, and Pink Floyd, so I'm a rocker. You're just a throwback from the sixties that likes to listen to something everyone likes.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #459

George, thank you for telling at least some of the accurate Beatles facts! There is so much more as I have written on here! Can you please tell me when Q Magazine listed The Beatles as The Most Essential Rock Artists of All Time? I can't find that specificaly on the Internet, I just found Q Magazine's list of greatest albums of all time. Also The Beatles producer George Martin is a very musically talented guy himself. He's a clasically trained musician who studied at The Guildhall School of Music as a teenager, and he has produced many other music artists since The Beatles. But he still says he has never worked with anybody as brilliant as The Beatles! And George, it's not just Wikipedia. They get their record sale information from The Recording Industry Association of America.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #460

Hmmm, fab4fan. That really is a shame, but I love Hendrix and I do respect your decisions.

Pepe responded 8 years ago: #461

There is much more that can be considered and that can be revealed about the worst musicians on Earth, if musicians at all, namely: The Beatles.

Such bad musicians that George Martin had to pay a session drummer because Ringo was unable to play elementary drumming. Such an elementary drumming that even a beginner could play. Such bad musicians that they had to ask another guitar player called Eric Clapton to do solos on their songs because George Harrison could not produce reasonable guitar string vibrato.

Such bad musicians that they used the same chord sequence in about 70% of their songs, (I-IV-V-relative minor and their permutations), meaning that they only composed one song and repeated it in different rhythms, Keys, and permutations throughout 70 percent of their repertoire.

The Beatles were such mediocre composers that they stole other people's songs and made it their own, sometimes only changing title and lyrics. George Harrison was taken to court by the "Chiffons" because of stealing one of their songs and calling it "My Sweet Lord."

The Beatles stole Trini Lopez's "Bamba" and called it "Twist and Shouts," pretending it was their own. SIR Paul McCartney has admitted that many of his songs are "rubbish." The former Beatle said: "Some of my albums ... I can't believe what I was on."

The Beatles were very poor singers, if singers at all. They had no voice for singing. Their voice was very thin and nasal, with no depth, no body and with no vibrato. All they could do was shout. In fact, their lack of voice forced them to shout. The Beatles did not sing, they shouted.

They should have left singing to Tom Jones, The Chipmunks, Joan Baez and so on...The poorest voices in the Beatles were Harrison's and Lennon's. Harrison did not have voice at all, not for even shouting. Lennon's voice was so nasal that he always did the backing lower voice, and when he did not then he shouted. He had a crow's tone. The Beatles had to always use special microphones to add depth to their skinny and nasal voice, and after that, they spent hours at the recording studio embellishing and concealing their nasality with equalizers and effects, that is HOURS... the Beatles were not singers... the Beatles were SHOUTERS.

George responded 8 years ago: #462

Q magazine the latest issue called the 500 lost tracks the Beatles are rated as the most essential rock artists. To Pukey or Pepe, first Twist and Shout was a cover song. Ringo just joined the group and I can name that the Who had to hire backup singers because they could not get the vocals correct on I Can't Explain and that the Byrd's first single they hired sesssion players and the same goes for the Beach Boys Pet Sounds, and I could go on.

My favorite group, Led Zeppelin, or the Rolling Stones would not be able do the second side of Abbey Road because of the vocal harmonies. The Beatles were one of the first groups or the first to most academic music people to mess with time signatures, non blues modality, progressive tonality.

The Beatles did polyphonic vocals and there chord progressions were unlike other musicains. That what was one of the first things people like Bob Dylan noticed. Are you a joke? If you think the Beatles were the only artists who took ideas from others, than every one in rock is worthless from taking from the Beatles at one time or another.

The Beatles are so bad that their music is the most dissected in rock, or there songs the most covered in rock. Yeah, that's George Harrison doing sitar based songs or using obscure Indian scales on some of the later Beatles songs. Yeah, that's the Beatles inventing new new rhythms on Rain or She Said She said, or merging avant with rock on Tomorrow Never Knows, but somehow being melodic at the same time. You sound like you have too much time on your hands. I could go about the Beatles musical merits but I don't have time to write a book.

Leo responded 8 years ago: #463

George, your favorite group, Led Zeppelin, not be able do the second side of Abbey Road because of the vocal harmonies!!! You Crazy!!!! Robert Plant is one of the best vocalists ever.

I imagine The Beatles singing Stairaway to Heaven or Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. HAHAHAHA!!!

Kevin responded 8 years ago: #464

I think a lot of people underate The Grateful Dead. Its good to see that someone actually put them in the top 10. They not only made some of the best live music ever but created a sub-culture unlike any other. Music was Jerry Garcia's life, even when he was dying in '95, he still was playing live up until two months before he passed. He put his heart and soul into music. He is the best guitarist of all time, hands down. I find Jimmy Page very good but he lacks the soul. That's what moves me the most when I here Jerry play. I've played guitar for 12 years and I tend to find that a simple song with soul is actually more enjoyable than a complicated lifeless song.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #465

Pepe you are so ignorant and don't know what the h*ll you are talking about!! John and Paul *BOTH* had as The All Music Guide and many others have said,were not only two of the greatest song writers of the 20th century but were among the best and most expressive singers in rock! When The Beatles were recording Baby You're A Rich Man in May 1967 two recording engineers said they had always wanted to hear John Lennon's voice live,and they said he sang so well they couldn't belive anyone could sing this well! George Martin said John's voice was one of the best he had ever heard! The Millions of people of all ages worldwide including the many teenagers who bought The Beatles Anthology CD's 25 years after they broke up,and The Beatles 1 CD which also went to number 1 world wide 30 years after they broke up,and so did the new Love CD 37 years after they broke up, certainly love The Beatles music and John and Paul's voices! And thats why Ringo beat Charlie Watts recently on a web site that reviews all of the music artists past and present. Thats why Stanley Clarke,Will Lee,Billy Sheehan,and Sting all says Paul has always been a great,melodic influential bass player. And Why The Rolling Stone Album Guide calls him a remarkable bass player too as well as calling John and Paul the two greatest song composers of the 20th century,which is what Elton John,Brian Wilson and classical composer and conducter Leonard Bernstein also called them! And Eric Clapton called George Harrison a fantastic slide guitar player,and said John Lennon was a very good guitar player and he would have known since he played live in concert with him in his John Lennon Plastic Ono Band in 1969. Even Ozzy Osbourne says The Beatles Are The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth and that loving The Beatles is like not loving oxogen! You certainly must be out of breath! And as I said on here before, there are many music professors teaching college coures on The Beatles. One of them is award winning music professor and composer Dr.Glen Gass who has been teaching a course on rock music and The Beatles since 1982 at Indiana University. On his web site for this course it says the main purpose for his course is to get students to have a better appreciation for this amazing group and their extraordinary recordings! Dr.Gary Kendal's Beatles course is the most requested at North Western University and The University of California also teaches a Beatles course. There is also a music professor with the last name of Heinonen at JYVASKYLA university in Finland also teaches a Beatles course. More than a few people including music reviewers Wilson and Alroy say Led Zeppelin often ripped off other music group's guitar riffs and music! As I already said Bob Dylan said about The Beatles music from even as early as in 1964,that their chords were outrageous,they did things nobody had done before,and their melodies and harmonies made it all valid.And many music critics then and now have pointed out the unusual and interesting chords they used and how they arranged them and how they used clever sublties in even songs like I Want To Hold Your Hand and She Loves You.Many music groups have stolen musical things from them! In the great thorough book, The Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn one of The Beatles recording engineers Geoff Emerick explains that in early 1966 during the recording of John 's song I'm Only Sleeping,George Harrison played backwards guitar the most difficult way possible even though he could have taken the easy way.It took him 6 hours just for the guitar overdub and then he made it doubly difficult by adding You really must want a typical troll's attention!

Henry responded 8 years ago: #466

Top performers an bands are emotionally impacted and extremely personal (how philosophical). I looked at all the lists and, even though there are names I am not familiar with, missed seeing Dickie Betts and Tommy Bolin. I saw Dickie with Rory Gallagher and you really heard the soul of the Allman Brothers. But Tommy Bolin, a star that burned strong and fast, had the widest range of any guitarist I can think of. Electric, acoustic, fusion, or country rock, he used the guitar as a vocal instrument, truly making it sing. He did have a short life with Deep Purple, along with Glenn Hughs, putting three lead vocals in one band, quite a show to see. As far as who's the best, wow, what did you listen to last?

Queenfan#1 responded 8 years ago: #467

Just because the Beatles were influential and The first on the scene does not necessarily make them good. They wrote some good songs but couldn't play them.

Queen on the other hand could write and play and were just as influential in different ways. It's virtually impossible for anyone in the business to sing as well as Freddie Mercury. In Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, the big discussion among many journalists is, how, despite all that talent (Metallica, Elton John, Axl Rose, George Michael, Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Extreme, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Def Lepard, Seal, U2, etc.), legendary and otherwise, almost nobody even came close to filling Mercury's shoes. It's virtually impossible for anyone in the business to sing as well as Freddie Mercury, but someone by the name of Sir Elton John knew it. When he sang Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," he didn't even try to hit Mercury's notes.

Hardly anyone, however, ever mentions that Queen usually wrote less repetitive songs than other artists. In the 1970s and 1980s, Queen scored an impressive number of hits (over 40 top 10 and 18 #1 Hits). Compared with other contemporaneous artists, Queen's repertoire shows a huge overdose of melodic content, strengthened yet by a low level of melody repetition (Queen anomaly). More info:

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #468


Once again your bias gets in the way of your sense! Paul McCartney's singing on Golden Slumbers, You Never Give Me You're Money, Oh Darling, Helter Skelter, countless other Beatles and Paul Wings/solo songs to even mention! John Lennon's singing on Happiness is Warm Gun, Revolution, Dear Prudence,Money, A Day in The Life, This Boy. I could go on and on and on!

I have read more than a few people on message boards saying they don't like the sound of Robert Plant's voice and many said they don't like the sound of Mick Jagger's voice! This was not on Beatles fan sites either! Also Frank Marino, the gutiarist for the hard rock group Mahogany Rush, says in two online interviews that he has always hated The Rolling Stones, but he still likes and listens to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, etc!

Also, there is a Jane's Addiction website where Jane's Addiction guitarist Nick Navarro says in Guitar World in 1991 and 1996 that he has always hated The Rolling Stones and he always will, and would never put on an album by them! Bob Dylan as many people have always said is the one who never had a good singing voice, but the worst voice has to be Bruce Springsteen. He sounds like he is vomitting to a music backround, and he makes Bob Dylan's voice sound beautiful! Tom Petty has an annoying nasally bad voice too! I have to turn off the radio as soon as I hear Bruce Springteen and Tom Petty's voices! I can tolerate Bob Dylan's though.

I just noticed what I had written got cut off in my other post. I was saying that in The Beatles Recording Sessions Book by Mark Lewisohn, Geoff Emerick one of their recording engineers, explains that during the recording of John's I'm Only Sleeping, George Harrison played backwards guitar the most difficult way possible, even though he could have taken the easy way out. It took him 6 hours just for the guitar overdub! And he then made it doubly difficult by adding more distorted guitar. Geoff says that this was all George's idea and that he did all of the playing.

Geoff also says that John Lennon was one of the first ones to own a melotron, and Jerry Boys, one of The Beatles tape operators, says The Beatles used the melotron in ways nobody had thought of before! George Harrison at only age 14 would stay up until 2 in the morning playing the guitar until he got all of the chords exactly right and his fingers were bleeding! It's really interesting that Ozzy Osbourne doesn't say The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, or even his own band, Black Sabbath, are THe Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth. He says The Beatles are!

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #469

You are another big IGNORAMUS! To say The Beatles couldn't play their songs, where do you and some other total ignoramuses get this ignorant [bleep] from!?

I will it say again, Eric Clapton says that George Harrison was a fantastic slide guitar player, and George played on Cream's song Badge! Eric Clapton also said John Lennon was a very good guitar player and would have known since he played live in concert with him as a member of his Plastic Ono Band in 1969!

On an excellent website, The Evolution of Rock Bass Playing McCartney Style by Denis Alstrand, Stanley Clarke, Will Lee, Billy Sheehan, and Sting all say what a "Great, Melodic, and Influential Bass Player" Paul has always been! The 1992 Rolling Stone Album Guide calls Paul McCartney a remarkable bass player too! Paul has beaten every rock bass player in three big online polls, The Mister Poll of over 100 people, Rate Your Music, and The Best of Everything, where most young people on this site voted The Beatles The Greatest Band Ever!

George Martin, The Beatles producer who is a very musically talented guy himself, and who is a classically trained musician since he went to The Guildhall School of Music as a teenager, says there is no doubt that Lennon and McCartney were very good musicians. He says they had great musical brains, but you don't need your fingers to have great musical brains. He says as it turned out they could play all of their instruments very well. He said Paul is one of the greatest bass players ever, a brilliant guitarist, a compentent piano player, and a good drummer. In 1974, when Paul went to visit John, who was living with Ringo and Keith Moon at the time, Keith Moon says to Paul McCartney, who did the drumming on The Band On The Run album, because he said it's great. Paul told him, "It was me, man"! He and Denny Lain played all of the instruments on the Band On The Run album because the other Wings members stood him up at the last minute.

Paul played every instrument himself, and he played so many so well on his first solo album, McCartney in late 1969 and early 1970, and on on McCartney 2 in 1979, and most of the instruments on Flaming Pie in 1997, and on Chaos And Creation in The Backyard that came out in 2005! And The Beatles are great to most people's ears not mostly because they were the first to do a lot of things, but because They Made Great Quality Timeless Music!

Queen has never been highly musically acclaimed and for very good reasons! The Beatles are the #1 music artists on, which is all of the rock music reviews by all rock music critics from many decades! I know there have been a lot of ignorant comments on here about The Beatles, but this Pepe person takes the cake and Queenfan#1 is one of them too! People who really don't know what the [bleep] they are talking about should know the facts before they are allowed to post! And I got some news for you,Queenfan#1: Brain May is a big Beatles fan, especially a big John Lennon fan and said so on his own blog recently and I'm sure he would disagree with you also!

Joe responded 8 years ago: #470

I agree Led Zeppelin could not sing vocal harmonies as a group that's why there is hardly any vocal harmonies from there output just lead vocals from Plant. The Beatles scored 27 number one hits from 1963-70 in the UK and America, so don't compare charts with the Beatles to anyone. The Beatles are the most covered artists, and when musicians vote for the greatest albums all time, it's always the Beatles on top.

In America, Queen had only 2 number one songs, so what are you talking about? I know that the average Beatles song has 9 chords with some going over 20 chords and some of there songs they purposely tried to do one chord songs. I'm a musician. You go try to play and sing some of there songs at the same time. Queen was influenced by the Beatles and Brian Taylor's idol is Lennon and the vocal harmonies from the Abbey Road heavily influenced Queen. BEATLES: Cursory Summary of Some of their Significant Influences and Precedents


- Caused cultural (as well as musical) upheaval.

- Made RnR central to youth's lives.

- Globalize RnR to extent previously unknown.

- Appearance: most visibly, introduce fashion of long hair through "Beatle haircut" (made obligatory).

- Attitude: make it fashionable to be cute, smart, irreverent, eclectic, chic, cultured, etc.

- Fostered through personal appearances in which musical acts now are non-threatening in earlier tradition of E. Presley, J.L. Lewis, L. Richard; (but are "threatening" to youth in their seductive, influential nature)

- Fostered through movies: Hard Day's Night and Help, which allowed fans an "up-close-and-personal" view of Beatles, with appeal of movies e.g. (1) bringing "beach-genre" movies to close; (2) causing creation of spin-off group "Monkees"; (3) inspiring future folk-rocker Roger McGuinn to purchase Rickenbacker 12-string guitar just like one seen in movie, etc.

- Overall, Beatles convey attitude: "Be yourself, don't let anybody tell you how to run your life"

- Success lifts UK out of lingering post-WW2 doldrums, helps to redefine UK (ironic in that UK authority/press reject US RnR from beginning).

- Help to reshape RnR into "Rock": music that is capable of introducing serious social issues into the mainstream and though that becomes more than mere commercial entertainment (as is Pop).


- Renders much of existing USA RnR (esp Rockabilly, Phil. Mach., doo wop, pre-Motown girl groups, etc) out of style during initial introduction in 1964.

- Intense appeal of music revives bland/stultified pop market, success set up environment for British Invasion.

- Lay foundation for "arena rock," with their 1965 performance in Shea Stadium (NYC) entertaining 55,000 fans, demonstrating their intense appeal.

- Beatles helped set in motion a maturation process for RnR, ultimately ending with their contribution for establishing "Rock" by proving that RnR could be conduit for significant message re culture/society: in process they expanded to embrace topics and musical style formerly excluded from RnR genre.

- Expansion in full bloom on Revolver '66: "Taxman"--protest about rapacious taxation by UK govt, "Eleanor Rigby"-- reflecting on emptiness of life and religious ritual, melody set to string quartet (no trad. rock insts); "Love To You"-- introduction of subcontinent Indian musical style (raga) and instruments (tabla and sitar); "Tomorrow Never Knows"-- Lennon advocation for opening one's mind to new experience, exploiting technical innovations (see technical).

- Music sets new artistic and commercial standards for future RnR (the "yardstick" by which every group will be measure in '60s and into '70s).

- Sets trend for bands establishing and maintaining artistic control over their music.

- Inaugurate era of "self-contained" band (inspiring thousands to pick up guitars and imitate them).

- Help to reestablish trend that artists compose songs for themselves: bands now expected (by fans) to create own material; redirects song-writing trend away from centralized, production-line, professional song-writing concept indicative of Brill Bldg.

- Set trend for bands to record their music, themselves.

- In all, establishing many aspects of "DIY" trend, which becomes measure of authority.

- Accorded credit for creating new style of album with Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band: "concept album," in which songs can be seen to relate to one central topic or idea.

- Helps establish "album" rather than "single" as industry standard.

- Seen as pushing Beatle creativity into realm of classical music: Pepper's songs now contain stylistic diversity and artistic sophistication to be considered equivalent to Romantic "art-song" and album equivalent to Romantic "song cycle" by Schubert, Schumann, Wolf, etc.

- Seen as early pioneers of music video with promotional film for "SFF," also sections of HDN.

- Said to start (but re-introduce) concept of double A-side single.

Music Technology/Creative Process

- Begin to create exclusively in studio (retired from touring in 12/66). First successful band to do so, set trend for future bands.

- Pioneer new techniques to maintain creative/innovative musical style.

- Begin to rely on creativity of studio technicians/producer.

- E.g. ADT (artificial double tracking ["flanging"]) created to ease problematic vocal double-tracking process for J. Lennon, comes into wide-spread use on instruments in future albums. Enough said.

- E.g. Lennon's request that G. Martin combine two "uncombinable" versions of "Strawberry Fields Forever."

- E.g. subjecting voices, instruments to unusual electronic modifications (limiters, etc.) to produce sophisticated, inimitable "sound."

- Explore innovative, avant-garde techniques (formerly unused in RnR).

- E.g. musique concrete - modification of sound through unconventional techniques: tape loops used in "Tomorrow...", steam calliope 'wash' used to help create circus atmosphere in "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite."

- E.g. Aleatoric approach toward creating orchestral crescendos in "Day In A Life."

- E.g. avant-garde influence in "Revolution No. 9."

- Experimentation is so pervasive that nearly every subsequent technique used in Rock can be traced to precedent in Beatles music.

- First significant group to achieve "verticality" in business through Apple Corp. (i.e controlling all significant aspects of their business from songwriting to recording to movies etc. through an in-house/self-contained entity.)

mtyvnelebi responded 8 years ago: #471

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Jimi Page
3. Devid Gilmor
4. Richy Blackmore
5. Joe Satriani
6. Eric Clapton
7. Kirck Hammet
8. Dave Murray
9. Slash
10. Santana

Queenfan#1 responded 8 years ago: #472

#1 Queen is currently riding high on the American iTunes download chart. In fact, Queen: Greatest Hits I & II is at No 1 on the United States iTunes album chart (all genres).

Roger Daltrey about Freddie Mercury: "When we lost Freddie, we not only lost a great personality, a man with a great sense of humor, a true showman, but we lost probably the best, the really, the best virtuoso rock 'n' roll singer of all time. He could sing anything in any style. He could change his style from line to line and, God, that's an art. And he was brilliant at it."

Axl Rose: "If I didn’t have Freddie Mercury’s lyrics to hold on to as a kid, I don’t know where I would be. It taught me about all forms of music. It would open my mind. I never really had a bigger teacher in my whole life."

Montserrat Caballé: “The difference between Freddie and almost all the other rock stars was he was selling the voice.”

Kurt Cobain’s: "When we’re backstage and the lights go out and the manic roar of the crowds begins, it doesn't affect me the way in which it did for Freddy [sic] Mercury, who seemed to love, relish in the love and adoration from the crowd, which is something I totally admire and envy."

Paul McCartney BBC interview: "Freddie Mercury, incredible voice. Brian May, great musical skills; I think all the band have great musical skills," "King Mercury."

Queen have 18 #1 albums worldwide more info:

Joe responded 8 years ago: #473

Freddie Mercury had a great voice, that's true. But if you listened to Abbey Road and you hear the vocal harmonies of that album, you will hear why that album influenced Queen. To not acknowledge the Beatles influence on rock music is dumb and incorrect. The Beatles were not heavy like Led Zeppelin or as bluesy as Cream, but the Beatles could rock when they wanted. I mean Revolution is practically grunge and Birthday rocks as hard as the Stones or the Who. Just play the songs in that year you will see what I'm saying is true. The Beatles were more eclectic than their peers from Rubber Soul to the end of their career as a band. You have George Harrison, who by the way turned out to be a great guitarist by the Magiacal Mystery tour album - mainly because of his constant practice of the sitar. Even Geoff Emmerick his engineer admits to that. He was into the classical Indian-psychedelic approach to his songs, John Lennon was into his psychedlic, avant garde and tape loops approach with the added extra twist of either the odd meter or constant changing meters, and Paul was so eclectic he just did about every style. Paul was not only great bassist but a great keyboard player and also played the guitar, recorder, fluglehorn, and of course was a great singer. The Beatles were great songwriters they had a great knack for great chord sequences and melodies, something that many jazz and classical musicians have complimented the Beatles on. It's not how technical you are that counts the most. Then Rush would be the greatest band of all time, or the most influential. I mean the Stones were not technical wizards either, or Pete Townsend, and even the Kinks, but the Beatles to me were the most listenable.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #474

Queen#1 Coming from the great musician Paul McCarney has always been that is a compliment to Queen's musicianship! But it doesn't meant The Beatles weren't very good musicians too! The Beatles were no amatures by the time they made it big. They had been playing eight hours a night for two years in a row from 1960-1962 wearing tight black leather pants and jackets, smoking, cursing, and hitting each other on stage, taking speed pills just to stay awake in the sleazy strip clubs of Hamburg, Grmany and in The Cavern Club in Liverpool. The Beatles are also in the song writing Hall of Fame and the Vocal Group singing Hall of Fame.

Leo responded 8 years ago: #475

The real Fab4:

Queen became the first and remain the only band to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Brian May, John Deacon Deacon, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor are inducted.
The 4 members of the band write #1 hits and great songs.

The Beatles are not inducted. Only two members, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, are inducted individually. George Harrison and Ringo Starr... not. More info:

zachbudge responded 8 years ago: #476

I think Ken Pernokis should be on the list of greatest rock guitarist. (Little Caeser and the Consuls).

MadMaktub responded 8 years ago: #477

Bands: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maden, The Who, Black Sabath, AC/DC, The Doors.

Guitarists: Jimmy Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, David Gilmor, Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Santana.

Rock* responded 8 years ago: #478

Good pick with Hendrix @ #1. His influence rocked the music world with only 2 produced albums while he was alive, and was able to take the rock industry by storm and revolutionized music permanently with his take on the guitar. Easily the best of all time, but Angus should have been up there as well.

Doug responded 8 years ago: #479

As far as technical skill, lyrical quality, pure rock sound, and vocals are concerned, Led Zeppelin is easily argued as the best band ever. The Who is pure. The Who is great. Zeppelin however, can play anything from pure blues to hard hard rock. To experience this variation, one only needs to look as far as Bring It On Home from Led Zeppelin II, or even When the Levee Breaks from IV. Their versatility is unmatched by any other band. Page on guitar is amazing, Plant with vocals is powerful beyond imagination, Bonham on drums keeps everything together, John Paul Jones completes the sound with some of the best bass playing in rock history. JPJ has been cited as the unsung hero of Led Zeppelin and that is apparent. Jimi Hendrix was the best guitarist ever, but Page definitely comes in second. Vocals by Plant are unmatched anywhere else in the rock world.
Bottom line: Led Zeppelin = #1

joey responded 8 years ago: #480

Come on, what about Kiss and the greatest guitar payer of all time, Ace Frehly. By far, Kiss is the best band ever and Ace is the best guitarist. If you don't know that, you don't know rock n roll. Names you named were metal, not rock, such as Slash or Richie Blackmore and Black Sabbath.

vin responded 8 years ago: #481

Ray Davies, David Davies, the best


List done...

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #482

The Ramones are way overrated, Vin.

Anthony responded 8 years ago: #483

My List:

1) Queen*
2) Led Zeppelin
3) The Who
4) Black Sabath
5) Rolling Stones
6) Beatles
7) Cream


Travis responded 8 years ago: #484

Where is Queen? They didn't even make Honarable Mention!!! And on the guitarists, how about Peter Frampton?

Ray responded 8 years ago: #485

1) The Beatles
2) Led Zeppelin
3) Pink Floyd
4) The Who
5) Cream
6) Jimi Hendrix
7) Rolling Stones
8) The Byrd's
9) Bob Dylan
10) Black Sabbath

That is my humble opinion of who I think are the 10 most influential rock musicians of all time. Not the greatest, but the ones who made the most impact on rock music. These artists also have endured as an influence and also are relevant to today's musicians.

NovaKaine responded 8 years ago: #486

Best Guitarists:

2. Jimi Hendrix
3. The rest

roderick lopez responded 8 years ago: #487

Greatest millenium guitarists are the g3 tour members: Steve Vai, Joe Satrianni, Eric Johnson, Johns Petruccci, Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert. It also included Michael Angelo Batio, Ericka Albano, and Erik Morgraine. Any comment?

luigi responded 8 years ago: #488

Best Guitarists:

1. Mark Knopfler
2. Eric Clapton
3. David Gilmour
4. The rest

guitar man responded 8 years ago: #489

Thank you. The first two were great, but I think David Gilmor and Angus should be high. Jimi Hendrix took his instument to another dimension.

izi responded 8 years ago: #490

Everyone have his own list but my first place is LED ZEPPELIN, and all other bands are second-fair?

ykeuti responded 8 years ago: #491

Where's Aerosmith on the list?

And Kurt Cobain as #14? The guy barely knew how to play guitar and Randy Rhoads is not even in the list??? This is bull.

Ricardo D. responded 8 years ago: #492

Aerosmith should be in the top 10? And Joe Perry, isn´t he a great guitar player?

Andy responded 8 years ago: #493

Not only did the Beatles popularized Merseybeat sound and started the British Invasion but the Beatles might be the biggest reason for starting folk rock. I read in this month's Classic Rock Magaizine that Roger McGuinn of the Byrd's said the he decided to go into rock music because the Beatles he noticed were using with folk with rock. Also in a book about the The Bryd's Notorious Byrd's album, Roger McGuinn also says the early Beatles sound mainly in their use of chords and harmonies are related to folk and bluegrass with the energetic 4/4 beat with Rock music. That is no accident The Beatles roots were in skiffle, which is heavily folk influenced. Also Gram Parsons acknowledged the fact the Beatles were already mixing country with rock way before it bacame popular. I think they might be overrated in some ways but in some ways they don't seem to get the credit for some of the things they actually influenced.

JD responded 8 years ago: #494

QUEEN, QUEEN, QUEEN!!! Queen is the best band of all time, no question.

Andy responded 8 years ago: #495

Queen better than Led Zeppelin? Not a chance. And to Leo, all four Beatles have written and sang number one songs as a Beatle and as a solo artist. And also, three of the four Beatles are in the rock & roll hall of fame. Also, The Beatles are in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, so Paul McCartney and John Lennon are both in the Rock and Roll of Fame as a Beatle and as a solo act and both are in the Songwriters and Vocal Group Hall of Fames who in rock music has accomplished that feat. Remember the is not the best source. They leave out many facts. There are so many things missing in the Beatles biography and the ones I mentioned above are not mentioned in the wikipedia biography about the Beatles. Take a class Leo or listen to what the musicians say or just listen to the music. The Beatles were not a three chord rock band. Most every song they ever did has some chord progression that is not typical of rock music.

Rayid responded 8 years ago: #496

I m not the one with the best opinion here....but the list working for me is like this :

1) The Beatles.....(obviously)
2) Led Zeppelin.....(just different)
3) Jimi Hendrix Experience.....(HENDRIX!!!)
4) Queen.....(Mercury & May)
5) The Rolling Stones.....(still young!!!)
6) Pink Floyd.....(just listen to them!!!)
7) The Doors.....(vocals , drums , keyboards !!!)
8) The Who.....(Beatles quality)
9) Van Halen.....(pure hard rock)
10) The Ramones.....(PIONEERS that's enough)
11) Bob Marley and the Wailers.....(Bob revolutionized!!)
12) The Velvet Underground.....(Lou!!)
13) Deep Purple.....(deep rock)
14) Black Sabbath.....(metal heroes)
15) AC/DC.....(the metalest metal rock ever)
16) Aerosmith.....(just like the Stones..still kicking!!)
17) Dave Matthews Band.....(what a band!!!)
18) The Police.....(Sting!!!!)
19) Nirvana.....(KURT saved 90s rock)
20) Guns n Roses.....(rockers of every rock lover)
21) Eagles.....(just look at the sales)
22) Clash.....(early days real Punk)
23) Cream.....(Clapton!!!)
24) Genesis.....(Collins!!!)
25) Kiss.....(you can't ignore them)
26) Stevie Nicks.....(just see her alive!!!)
27) The Allman Brothers...(Duane!!!)
28)Bon Jovi.....(Jovi & Sambora)
29)Def Leppard.....(of course)
30)Yes.....(again of course)

Rayid responded 8 years ago: #497

Sorry, I forgot to mention ( THE SEX PISTOLS ). REMEMBER that there are legends, but I didn't mention them because they are better SOLO .... like PRINCE, DAVID BOWIE, NEIL YOUNG,... etc.

JWR (Scotland) responded 8 years ago: #498

On a level of popularity and influence, I would have to say The Beatles. No amount of heavy metal, jazz, raga, punk gum-bumping nonsense is going to compete with a band like The Beatles no matter how good they think they are!

Personally (every opinion so far has been a personal choice), I`m surprised at the lack of mention of YES. I love bands who go against the grain. The 1970s was the `heyday` of the rock musician. Fair enough... there have been some brilliant musicians since then, but I bet they would give their little finger just to be part of that time back in the `70`s when `progressive` rock was genuinely progressive, when punk rock was dangerous, when instruments, recording techniques and amplification were unreliable. I like Steve Howe from YES as he branched out and tried his hand at so many different types of guitar (including pedal steel, mandolin and sitar-guitar). Steve Howe plied his trade at a time when musical technology was in it`s infancy... he and YES (taking a barrage of abuse for doing so) helped bring the recording and live experience to a new modern level (think of the sonic quality of a typical album from 1970 and compare it to an album from 1980!).

So, my money`s on YES.....I think they`ll be HUGE!

Primus are a one-trick-pony....all very 1990s. I`d give them the award for "Most irritating band who should`ve told their bass player to shut up and were kinda big with `wacky stoners,` 1992-1995."

*The subject matter of this survey is akin to throwing a dead duck into a bathtub full of alligators*

joe responded 8 years ago: #499

John Lennon said, "If it wasn't for Elvis Presley, there would be no Beatles."

Rayid responded 8 years ago: #500

I just want to add that here we are talking about BANDS. When talking about Rock in general, of course ELVIS is number ONE no matter what, then Dylan. But the humble list I made is on bands only, and I want to mention that I made a mistake adding SEX PISTOLS....I think Iron Maiden is ...anyway that's my opinion..

Dave responded 8 years ago: #501

Elvis did not write his own songs and did not play an instrumnent particularly well. Elvis proved he could not compete whith the Beatles when they came to America. Elvis was rock and roll? He never flirted with rock music. The majority of rock bands are influneced by the Beatles, not Elvis. What major rock artist has been influenced by Elvis since Nirvana?

I'm not trying to be nasty, it's the facts. Elvis did not make an album as great as Revolver or a double album as great as the White Album. The Beatles are the biggest reason there is for the classic rock format, big stadium rock concerts, The British Invasion, the leaderless rock bands. For the simple fact that Elvis did not write his own music makes The Beatles much more influential to musicians. The Beatles were a recording act for seven years but they are the highest-selling act of all time in America. Elvis had nothing to do with folk rock, psychedelic, popwer pop, Indian rock, pop rock, album rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, musique concrete/avante rock.

The Beatles are the biggest reason for the bands like The Led Zeppelin making it because they released albums with no singles. Also John Lennon said rock and roll should be called Chuck Berry, and Elvis died in the army. Buy Rubber Soul and especially Revolver. The Beatles were not playing anything resembling 50's rock and roll. Know the difference.

Moo responded 8 years ago: #502

What on EARTH?!

Okay, SRV at #19? He should be at least #2. AT LEAST. Hetfield shouldn't be there at all, Satriani can do one thing - shred. Oh, and Slsh at #4? That's a joke. Clapton was okay for his time, but shouldn't be making these lists these days. He's a product of the media, just like Nirvana. Page is a creative guitarist, but his actual playing leaves a lot to be desired.

1. Jimi Hednrix
2. SRV
3. Billy Duffy (The Cult)
4. Johnny Marr (The Smiths)
5. David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
6. Gary Moore
7. Frank Zappa
8. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
9. Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
10. Mark Knopfler (Dire Starits)

Moo responded 8 years ago: #503

Oh yeah, and by the way, Queen is what happens when you get rock stars who aren't on drugs. And if they were, well then that makes them EVEN MORE PATHETIC. WORSE BAND EVER.

1. The Beatles (Nuff said)
2. Pink Floyd (Nuff said)
3. The Smiths (Morrissey/Marr best writing partnership since Lennon/McCartney)
4. Jimi Hendrix (he was in several bands, not just the Experience; Gypsy, Sun and Rainbows, Band Of Gypsys, Cry Of Love and War)
5. The Cult (they own Led Zeppelin in every way)

God how I hate modern music...

Johnny responded 8 years ago: #504

Moo, you know nothing about Queen music. Apparently you only hear "Another One Bite the Dust" and "Radio Ga Ga." Queen is one of the most difficult acts in rock to follow, just ask current Queen vocalist Paul Rodgers, formerly of Bad Company. In April 2002, The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert was released on DVD and entered the charts at number #1. The DVD release gained strong criticism, because "Innuendo" was not included on the DVD, at the request of Robert Plant, explaining that his voice was in "very poor condition" and consequently couldn't sing the song correctly. Many young musicians and garage bands were impressed with Queen songs, but most of them choose to look for easier song-models to copy or cover. All in all Queen is now rivalling The Beatles status in Great Britain and Ireland. Queen is now the best selling band and the king of the charts in England and Ireland, beating the Beatles in their own country. Awesome!!!!

I love The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, but I think early Queen (The first 8 albums) is better.

Johnny responded 8 years ago: #505

I forgot to say:

Queen became the first and remains the only band to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame!!!!! And Queen’s Indian singer, Freddie Mercury (real name Farrokh Bulsara), was born in the city of Stone Town on the African island of Zanzibar, Zoroastrians of Persian descent. His parents, Bomi and Jer Bulsara, were Indian Parsis. Mercury attend St. Peter's school near Bombay (now Mumbai). His formative musical influences were Indian (not rock music), as seen on A Night at the Opera album (especially the singer Lata Mangeshkar), and later also opera.

Saturn responded 8 years ago: #506

The Beatles were the rock band who fused classical Indian Music with rock. First Norwegian Wood and Love You To actually used Indian intruments and George played the sitar on both songs and the later actually uses true Indian scales. Other bands like The Kinks and the Yardbirds just mimicked it with guitar.

Second point: Queen has the top selling album in British and spent more weeks on the charts but the Beatles are the second highest selling act in singles sales in the U.K. and the top albums act in terms of sales in the UK and in the United States. It's a blowout. The Beatles albums and singles had over 200 million sold; Queen barely over 40 million sold. So Queen fans, get over yourselves.

Queenfan#1 responded 8 years ago: #507

Hardly anyone thinks of Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) as an Asian. The truth, however, is that Bulsara was the son of two Indians from Gujarat and was a member of the small religious community of Parsis, or Zoroastrians. When you know this about Bulsara, the characteristics of his music make sense. The baroque flourishes of a song like Bohemian Rhapsody and Prophet Song, the complex time signatures, the flamboyant stage costumes, the high camp and effortless incorporation of musical styles from jazz to gospel to 1950s rock 'n' roll.

Dave responded 8 years ago: #508

Why are Queen fans bashing the Beatles don't get me wrong I like Queen a lot but both Mercury and May, like many future rock stars, idolized the Beatles. The Beatles I think to my knowledge were the first rock band to use irregular time signatures and the first rock band to use Indian instruments with rock and their many songs that have baroque and music hall influences in Beatles songs. Queen is probably the most eclectic of the 70's bands but are they better than Led Zeppelin? That is hard to say.

Freddie Plant responded 8 years ago: #509

Dave, The Beatles are influenced by Indian Music and Queen's Freddie Mercury is a real Indian Parsis; great difference! In December 2006, Time magazine voted Mercury
as one of the most influential Asians in the past 60 years.

1) Queen- influential and most successful band of the past three decades.
2) Led Zeppelin - Pioneers of Hard Rock
3) Jimi Hendrix Experience - Highly influential
4) Black Sabbath - Dominant influence in the heavy metal genre.
5) Pink Floyd - One of rock music's most successful and influential acts

Ben responded 8 years ago: #510

GAHHH!! WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY COBAIN WAS A GOOD GUITARIST! Kurt Cobain was a terrible guitarist. What made Nirvana a epic band was Kurt's lyrics and the fact that they pretty much defined grunge as a genre.

Saturn responded 8 years ago: #511

Time magazine also says the Beatles are the most influential rock musicians of the 20th century and Vh1 and Rolling Stone magazine, Spin Magazine claim the Beatles as the greatest rock artists of all time.

Just check out the recent Blender Magazine the top two greatest rock stars The Beatles and Prince. Led Zeppelin is one of the pioneers of hard rock; not the only one but the Beatles are classic rock's first great band, the first great British rock band, the first great leaderless rock band, the first band who quit touring and became successful, the band who started arena rock, the first rock band to become hugely successful without releasing singles, the first great albums act, the group who broke the American domination on the charts and in songwriting, helped ignite such things as power pop, Merseybeat, folk rock, the first metal song to many people in Helter Skelter. Practically every progressive rock artist were influenced by the Beatles including Queen, psychedelic, raga rock, backward guitar and vocals, albums with no pauses, medleys or suites with no pauses. You get the picture and I can put more if you want me to.

I hate to burst your bubble but since soundscan started recording record sales in 1992 the Beatles are the second highest selling act in that time period, and it wasn't Queen who was first, it was Garth Brooks. Queen were huge record sellers in Britain and Ireland but the Beatles sell everywhere. The last point is what did Queen pioneer? Tell me.

My top two:
1. The Beatles
2. Led Zeppelin

queenfan#1 responded 8 years ago: #512


1) Sold over 300 millions records worldwide and is the best selling act in many countries (South America, Eupope etc.) First band an the only band to fill every place in Argentina's Top Ten album chart. Queen is currently #1 on the United States iTunes download chart. In fact Queen: Greatest Hits I & II is at No 1 on the United States iTunes album chart. Highest rate of sales of a single in Spain (Barcelona sold over 100,000 copies in under 3 hours).

2)Led Zeppelin and many 70s bands are basically blues oriented bands. Queen redefined the sound of 70s rock. With the first MASTER GUITAR ORCHESTRATOR BRIAN MAY, Using multi-fingered tapping in 1973, 5 years before Eddie Van Halen. The biggest influence of Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani sound. The First concert of G3 in 1991 the guest was Brian May. The 3 Best sellig Bands Worldwide are Beatles, Queen and Led Zeppelin.

3) First trash-metal song. Queen's 1973 song "Stone Cold Crazy" is cited as an early precursor of the speed- or thrash metal sound (not heavy metal). Metallica won a Grammy Award in 1991 for their recording of the tune. Similar to this song was "Ogre Battle" from Queen's 1974 album Queen II. Thrash metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music, one of the extreme metal subgenres, that is characterised by its high speed and aggression.

4) Queen is cited as a first Symphonic Metal and Power Metal Band. Biggest Influence of Helloween, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Queensrÿche, Iced Earth, Nevermore, Manowar etc. Following in the tradition of Queen, power metal vocalists tend to sing in a high register. The majority of the genre's vocalists sing in the tenor range with the ability to hit very high notes (Like Freddie).

5)Freddie was the first (and only) rock musician to compose, record, and perform classical opera.

6)Their light shows were revolutionary: dismissed as excessive at the time, but are now copied worldwide.

7)Queen were the first Band to introduce giant monitors and video screens at their concert.

7)Bohemian Rhapsody featured the first ever promotional video ever.

8)The Biggest Tribute concert ever: Freddie Mercury Tribute was watched by over 2 billion people. Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Tommy Iommi, Mettallica, Guns and Roses etc. pay tribute to Freddie.


* RAPPER'S DELIGHT (Sugarhill Gang)
* RAPTURE (Blondie)

More info:

Freddie Plant responded 8 years ago: #513

Michael Jackson was a friend of Mercury's in the early 1980s and cited the Hot Space album as a driving influence behind the making of his 1982 album Thriller on which Mercury was originally scheduled to appear. Glam-pop artist Prince cited Freddie Mercury as a key influence (falsettos, performance on stage, costumes etc..). Queen have also been cited as a major influence on the "neo-classical metal" genre by Swedish-American guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.

ansr responded 8 years ago: #514

Ah, the ageless question "who is the greatest guitarist in the world." There have been many great guitarists, great technicians, great musicians, great song writers, great instrumentalists, great historical performances, great historical songs, great historical solos... do you see where I'm going with this? They are all great in someone's mind. All of them that I've heard - and deem worthy of a second thought...without exception. But the greatest one - that I can unequivocally call THE BEST - I have yet to see. I will know once I see him, for he plays in my head every day.

Dave responded 8 years ago: #515

Here are the top selling rock artists since Soundscan starting tabulating record sales Saturn and Queen fans

Top 100 Selling Bands/Artists in the Soundscan Era

position sep 2005
position 1st jan 2006
position 1st jan 2007
soundscan total (albums) 1991-2006
soundscan total in 2006

(1) - (1) - 1 - Garth Brooks - 66.031m - 0.047m

(2) - (2) - 2 - The Beatles - 53.701m - 2.813m

(5) - (3) - 3 - Mariah Carey - 49.606m - 1.181m
(4) - (4) - 4 - Celine Dion - 48.395m - 0.559m
(3) - (5) - 5 - Metallica - 47.870m - 0.904m

(6) - (6) - 6 - George Strait - 37.871m - 1.851m
(8) - (9) - 7 - Alan Jackson - 34.393m - 2.353m
(11) - (11) - 8 - Tim McGraw - 34.045m - 2.658m
(10) - (10) - 9 - Pink Floyd - 33.394m - 1.362m
(7) - (7) - 10 - Shania Twain - 33.291m - 0.339m
(9) - (8) - 11 - Kenny G - 32.676m - 0.595m
(15) - (12) - 12 - Eminem - 32.471m - 1.619m
(14) - (14) - 13 - U2 - 31.358m - 1.330m
(12) - (13) - 14 - Backstreet Boys - 30.400m - 0.086m

(13) - (16) - 15 - 2Pac - 29.132m - 0.939m
(17) - (17) - 16 - Pearl Jam - 29.026m - 1.033m
(16) - (15) - 17 - Britney Spears - 28.484m - 0.129m
(19) - (19) - 18 - Aerosmith - 28.168m - 0.723m
(22) - (22) - 19 - Elvis Presley - 28.073m - 1.149m
(20) - (20) - 20 - Dave Matthews - 28.059m - 0.717m
(21) - (21) - 21 - Eric Clapton - 27.986m - 0.666m
(18) - (18) - 22 - N Sync - 27.941m - 0.196m
(23) - (23) - 23 - Reba McEntire - 26.405m - 0.463m
(29) - (25) - 24 - Rod Stewart - 26.147m - 1.616m
(28) - (32) - 25 - Dixie Chicks - 25.647m - 2.163m
(24) - (24) - 26 - Creed - 25.608m - 0.484m
(25) - (26) - 27 - Elton John - 25.139m - 0.728m

(31) - (28) - 28 - Enya - 24.910m - 0.902m
(33) - (29) - 29 - Madonna - 24.891m (+2m with Evita) - 0.858m
(27) - (30) - 30 - Frank Sinatra - 24.811m - 0.929m
(26) - (27) - 31 - The Eagles - 24.728m - 0.632m
(35) - (34) - 32 - AC/DC - 24.550m - 1.352m
(30) - (31) - 33 - Santana - 24.360m - 0.528m
(40) - (40) - 34 - Toby Keith - 24.125m - 2.231m
(36) - (35) - 35 - Jimmy Buffett - 24.007m - 1.048m
(32) - (33) - 36 - Nirvana - 23.884m - 0.554m
(37) - (39) - 37 - Jay-Z - 23.613m - 1.656m
(34) - (36) - 38 - BoyzIIMen - 23.046m - 0.196m
(41) - (37) - 39 - The Rolling Stones - 22.979 - 0.953m
(38) - (38) - 40 - Guns n Roses - 22.923m - 0.957m
(46) - (42) - 41 - Green Day - 22.480m - 1.147m
(39) - (41) - 42 - Michael Bolton - 21.829m - 0.340m
(47) - (47) - 43 - Brooks & Dunn - 20.820m - 1.139m
(42) - (43) - 44 - Nelly - 20.776m - 0.499m
(54) - (54) - 45 - Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 20.675m - 2.334m
(45) - (45) - 46 - Led Zeppelin - 20.634m - 0.853m
(43) - (44) - 47 - R Kelly - 20.253m - 0.369m

(44) - (46) - 48 - Alanis Morissette - 19.930m - 0.223m
(73) - (57) - 49 - Kenny Chesney - 19.880m - 1.921m
(48) - (48) - 50 - Barbra Streisand - 19.869m - 0.260m
(52) - (49) - 51 - Mannheim Steamroller - 19.597m - 0.556m
(50) - (51) - 52 - Leann Rimes - 19.233m - 0.455m
(53) - (53) - 53 - Janet Jackson - 19.177m - 0.753m
(49) - (50) - 54 - Limp Bizkit - 19.170m - 0.164m
(75) - (71) - 55 - Mary J Blige - 18.958m - 2.486m
(51) - (52) - 56 - Usher - 18.918m - 0.229m
(88) - (90) - 57 - Prince - 18.799m - 0.894m
(63) - (59) - 58 - Faith Hill - 18.553m - 0.703m
(56) - (56) - 59 - Michael Jackson - 18.532m - 0.407m
(59) - (60) - 60 - Snoopy Dogg - 18.532m - 0.904m
(55) - (55) - 61 - Beastie Boys - 18.457m - 0.317m
(62) - (63) - 62 - Luther Vandross - 18.220m - 0.849m
(57) - (58) - 63 - REM - 18.132m - 0.237m
(60) - (62) - 64 - Kid Rock - 18.077m - 0.570m
(58) - (61) - 65 - Vince Gill - 17.927m - 0.362m
(--) - (--) - 66 - Johnny Cash - 17.812m - 4.862m
(68) - (66) - 67 - Queen - 17.751m - 0.993m
(69) - (70) - 68 - Sarah McLachlan - 17.614m - 1.050m
(71) - (73) - 69 - Bob Seger - 17.538m - 1.483m
(61) - (64) - 70 - Van Halen - 17.456m - 0.311m
(64) - (65) - 71 - Alabama - 17.389m - 0.563m
(85) - (80) - 72 - Bob Dylan - 17.225m - 1.733m
(65) - (67) - 73 - Billy Joel - 17.187m - 0.482m
(67) - (68) - 74 - Linkin Park - 17.085m - 0.468m
(70) - (72) - 75 - Outkast - 17.051m - 0.678m
(--) - (--) - 76 - Bob Marley - 16.813m - 1.196m
(83) - (77) - 77 - Korn - 16.803m - 1.128m
(66) - (69) - 78 - Yanni - 16.746m - 0.187m
(80) - (78) - 79 - Bruce Springsteen - 16.744m - 1.128m
(82) - (74) - 80 - Destiny's Child - 16.584m - 0.574m
(--) - (87) - 81 - Bon Jovi - 16.282m - 1.403m
(72) - (76) - 82 - DMX - 16.220m - 0.458m
(74) - (75) - 83 - Sade - 16.100m - 0.336m
(89) - (84) - 84 - Sheryl Crow - 15.929m - 0.662m
(92) - (88) - 85 - Lynyrd Skynyrd - 15.887m - 1.020m
(76) - (79) - 86 - Fleetwood Mac - 15.881m - 0.335m
(84) - (86) - 87 - Van Morrison - 15.691m - 0.577m
(78) - (81) - 88 - Offspring - 15.618m - 0.201m
(79) - (83) - 89 - Smashing Pumpkins - 15.505m - 0.203m
(--) - (--) - 90 - Andrea Bocelli - 15.461m - 2.525m
(77) - (82) - 91 - TLC - 15.418m - 0.066m
(90) - (93) - 92 - Bone Thugs N Harmony - 15.415m - 0.838m
(81) - (85) - 93 - No Doubt - 15.317m - 0.118m
(93) - (94) - 94 - Def Leppard - 15.254m - 0.758m
(97) - (92) - 95 - Neil Diamond - 15.161m - 0.537m
(95) - (97) - 96 - James Taylor - 15.157m - 0.832m
(87) - (89) - 97 - Ozzy Osbourne - 15.062m - 0.296m
(--) - (--) - 98 - Christine Aguilera - 15.002m - 1.470m

(86) - (91) - 99 - Sting - 14.992m - 0.307m
(96) - (98) - 100 - The Doors - 14.725m - 0.515m

Dave responded 8 years ago: #516

1) Pink Floyd was doing light shows in the sixties.
2) The Beatles were doing promotional videos back in the sixties - Strawberry Fields Forever and Paperback to name a few.
3) The Beatles in just America had 169 millions albums sold; Queen had 32.5 million albums sold.
4) The Beatles lead the British Invasion, probably the most important invasion in rock music history.
5) The Beatles perform in the first global telecast in 1967.
6) Robert Plant is the first power metal vocalist and also sang in a very high range.
7) Ritchie Blackmore's guitar style is heavily influenced by classical music.
8) Another One Bites the Dust bass line steals the bass line fron Good Times by Chic.
9) The Beatles have the best selling album of this decade: Beatles 1
10) George Harrison organizes the first major benefi concert, The Concert for Bangledesh.
11) The Beatles stage the first huge rock concert in Shea Staduim, setting up Arena Rock.
12) The Beatles have sold an estimated one billion records, according to the Guinness Book of Records.
13) The Beatles are the biggest influence, along with the Kinks, of the whole Britpop sound of the 90s.

I can go on but most of your statements on Queen are not facts, especially when it comes promotional videos. The Beatles record catalog is worth the most in rock and Beatle songs are the most covered, including Yesterday with over 3,000 cover versions. I don't want to bash Queen, but they are not as influential as Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

pepe responded 8 years ago: #517

Dave, you crazy!!! The list you have is for United States sales, one album only.

The Beatles over 500 million records.
Queen,Led Zeppelin and Abba over 300 million
Pink Floyd over 250 Million

The total worldwide sales is a different list, check wikipedia list on:

Led Zep Fan responded 8 years ago: #518

Hey Queenfan, did you say that Led Zeppelin were just a blues oriented band? You are clueless. Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are the ones who defined heavy metal and the Beatles Helter Skelter was an important step towards heavy metal. You keep mentioning record sales. Wikepedia is very unreliable with the facts and do you honestly think that Queen is more influential than Led Zeppelin? Record sales are only part of tthe story. I wonder how many artists actually cover Queen songs or pattern their sound after Queen.

Led Zep Fan responded 8 years ago: #519

These are the acts that claim to be influenced by Queen from Queen information

Austin James Band, Envy on the Coast, The Feeling, LOURDS, Panic! at the Disco, Chiodos, Starling Electric, Tally Hall, Gosling, Metal Majesty, Scissor Sisters, The Darkness, The Ark, Zoo Story, Chris Opperman, Alan Burant, Robbie Rist, Mozart, The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love, MullMuzzler, Ben Folds Five, Gooding, Roger Manning, Lollipop Factory, Supernaturals, Kid Million, Super Ratones, Robbie Williams, The Merrymakers, Rufus Wainwright, Mind Science of the Mind, Satchel, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Hombres G, Dream Theater, Cross, Ween, Shudder to Think, Wham!, Steve Vai, Sweet, Styx, Billy Squier, The Smashing Pumpkins, Seal, Joe Satriani, Queensrÿche, Mr. Bungle, Mr. Big, George Michael, Metallica, King's X, Kansas, Jellyfish, Iron Maiden, Guns N' Roses, The Galactic Cowboys, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Extreme, Def Leppard, Culture Club, The Cult, Boston.

Led Zep Fan responded 8 years ago: #520

Here are the bands claim to be influenced by Led Zeppelin from Led Zeppelin Information


Gran Bel Fisher, Black Stone Cherry, LOURDS, The Rewinds, Men, Women & Children, Akimbo, Turn Me on Dead Man, 3 Blind Mice, The Golden Gods, The Muggs, The Letters Organize, El Pus, The Academy Is..., Mardo, Wolfmother, The Handful, Elope, Hawthorne Heights, Thornley, Dropbox, Electric Eel Shock, Blueprint Car Crash, Young Heart Attack, The Fire Theft, The Darkness, Jan Carlo DeFan, Mississippi Cactus, The Datsuns, Richard Christy, Secret Machines, 31Knots, The Mars Volta, Mama Zeus, Galapagos, Alien Canopy, Moneda Dura, J. englishman, Jumbo's Killcrane, From Autumn to Ashes, Elefantes, El Arranque, Ossiris, Leusemia, Wallop, Zoo Story, Minus, Michelle Branch, Llama, Halfway to Gone, Mandrácula, Ziroq, Andre Luiz, East West, The Cherry Valence, Xendra, The Painkillers, Crazy Daisy Band, Huevo Duro, Norine Braun, Plug Spark Sanjay, Dead Meadow, Impala, Juanes, B.D. Lenz, Unified Theory, Dispatch, Antigone Rising, Slash's Snakepit, Melon Diesel, Extra Virgin, Breed 77, Westworld, Tahures Zurdos, Overmars, Betty Blowtorch, The K.G.B., Sutra, Wolfgang, Janet Robin, Godsmack, Subway to Sally, Queens of the Stone Age, Anubis Spire, Gooding, Landon Pigg, Five Horse Johnson, Talk Show, Ghost, Seahorses, Manal, Stinking Lizaveta, Skank, Neglected Orphans, Maria Fatal, Zipper, Jim Martin, Aaron Lewis, Reef, Leaf Hound, Sponge, Satchel, Zakk Wylde, W.A.S.P., Van Halen, Steven Tyler, Brad Smith, Slash, R.E.M., Rick Nielsen, J Mascis, Bruce Kulick, James Hetfield, Billy Duffy, David Coverdale, Chris Cornell, Eric Carr, Jerry Cantrell, Trey Anastasio, Versus, Clutch, Jeff Buckley, The Headstones, Los Bondadosos, Marc Bolan, Stone Temple Pilots, The Opus, Tool, Blind Melon, 4 Non Blondes, The Mission UK, Trapeze, Roger Taylor, Sir Lord Baltimore, Phil Lynott, Juicy Lucy, Giuffria, Dream Theater, Ween, Type O Negative, Spinal Tap, Brian May, Masters of Reality, Richie Kotzen, Kick Axe, Green River, Chyld, Bedlam, Alias, Zebra, Wild Horses, Whitesnake, Vinnie Vincent, Vandenberg, Steve Vai, Uriah Heep, UFO, Twisted Sister, Trouble, Tora Tora, Thin Lizzy, Tesla, T. Rex, Styx, Paul Stanley, Billy Squier, Spooky Tooth, Southern Death Cult, Soundgarden, Gene Simmons, Scorpions, Michael Schenker, Samhain, Richie Sambora, Rush, David Lee Roth, Henry Rollins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ratt, Rainbow, Radio Active Cats, Quiet Riot, Queensrÿche, Queen, Prince, Primus, The Power Station, Poison, Joe Perry, Pearl Jam, Nuclear Assault, Nirvana, Nazareth, Mötley Crüe, Mother Love Bone, Ronnie Montrose, Montrose, Michael Monroe, Metallica, Freddie Mercury, Meat Puppets, Yngwie Malmsteen, Loverboy, Loudness, Living Colour, Lenny Kravitz, Kix, Kiss, Kingdom Come, King's X, Judas Priest, Journey, Joan Jett, Jane's Addiction, It Bites, Iron Maiden, House of Lords, Heart, Hanoi Rocks, Sammy Hagar, Guns N' Roses, Great White, Lou Gramm, Golden Earring, Ace Frehley, Foreigner, Lita Ford, Foghat, Flotsam & Jetsam, Fates Warning, Faster Pussycat, Extreme, Dread Zeppelin, Dio, Died Pretty, Diamond Head, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Death Angel, Dark Angel, The Cult, Cheap Trick, The Buck Pets, Boston, Bonham, Jon Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi, Blue Öyster Cult, Black Oak Arkansas, The Black Crowes, Bad Company, Babylon A.D., Angels, Alice in Chains, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Beastie Boys

Led Zep Fan responded 8 years ago: #521

These acts claim to be influenced by the Beatles biography from

Austin James Band, Dear and the Headlights, Buffalo Killers, Casket Salesmen, Crisantes, Hysterics, House of Fools, The Comfies, Attic Lights, The Diminisher, IV Thieves, Surround Sound, The Feeling, Bright Light Fever, Under the Influence of Giants, Faulter, Jet Lag Gemini, Hojas, Rick Oliver, The Fallout Trust, John Ralston, Evangelicals, Dirtie Blonde, Joshua Radin, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Wheelers, Love Arcade, Guillemots, Southcott, Paul Bertolino, The Class of '98, David Ford, The Village Green, The Hush Sound, Soraya, The Coral Sea, As Fast As, Jesse David Shepherd-Bates, Nightmare of You, Drake Bell, B.C. Camplight, Between Home & Serenity, 3 Blind Mice, Locksley, Extra Blue Kind, HAL, Sherwood, Daniel Powter, Army of Me, Starling Electric, Akron/Family, Bailey, Tally Hall, Modena Vox, Silver Sunshine, The Velvet Velvet, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Straylight Run, The Zinedines, Dios Malos, Elope, Matt Medved & The Others, Matt Collar, Mario Venuti, Sarah Hudson, McFly, Nic Armstrong, Matt Costa, The Well Wishers, Nellie McKay, Paper Airplane Pilots, Romanowski, Dios, The Redwalls, Jessica Fletchers, Dave Tough, To My Surprise, Happy Puppies, The Lovethugs, Pat & Dan, The Singles, The High Dials, Ro-d-ys, Elan, Matt Medved, The Format, Aerovons, Jet, Allusions, Jan Carlo DeFan, The Sleepy Jackson, Love Psychedelico, Shotstar, Solea, Quasar Wut-Wut, Rock Kills Kid, House of Heroes, The Canterbury Music Festival, Freddy Trujillo, The Hiss, Starch Martins, Marc Teamaker, Dargis, The Wombats, True Love, Taoist Cowboys, Greater California, The Westside Daredevils, Acme Rock Group, Splurge, The Playmates, Benjamin Biolay, ¡Los Checkmates!, Bozo Allegro, Soluna, Galapagos, TraviataBosniaLaFortina, The Get Set, William Tell, Rosetta, Santos Dumont, Octobre, Mar de Copas, Neffa, La Ruta, El Canto del Loco, Jade, The Saras, Blaq Lily, La Naranja China, Los Marañones, Bronco Bullfrog, The Moore Brothers, Jamnes Welshons, Convoy, Bluemolly, Strawberry Smell, Pillbugs, Ozma, El Hombre Burbuja, Ferroblues, Autoliner, Callejeros, Medellin, Leusemia, Culto Oculto, Fugu, Arlo Leach, The Capitol Years, Los Bunkers, Dioskuros, Dios Los Cria, Rick Altizer, Atkinson, Danko and Ford, Bandera Rota, Siconova, Andre Luiz, Zurdok, Greg Tamblyn, Richard Gilewitz, Bodega Sonica, Misty River, Special Goodness, Brickfoot, Silver Nightingale, The Painkillers, Novillero, Nomataras, Vending Machine, Andriette Redmann, The Magic Magicians, The Squires of the Subterrain, La Caramba, Laura Burgo, Vic Conrad, The Benjamins, Lùna Pop, Juana La Loca, Michele Cummings, Florapop, The Ghost Rockets, Gallygows, The Webb Brothers, Moonbabies, E.J. Decker, Lackloves, Princesa Soledad, Tory Cassis, Chris Opperman, The Fingers, Rockfour, Household Names, Climate, Ashley Park, Ignacio Pena, The Tremeloes, The Helio Sequence, The Elms, Rumble Fish, Moods for Moderns, Unified Theory, John Mars, Jumbo, The Villas, Tahiti 80, Heaven's Burning, Swag, Ooberman, Daybirds, John Cunningham, Babel Fish, Hong Kong Dragon Club, Will Hoppey, Marianne Flemming, Kleenex, Virgineers, Patti Witten, Lucky Bishops, Shecky, Manfred Mann, Rainbow Ffolly, N.E.R.D., Damn Personals, Ray Paul, Som Imaginário, The Return, Mike Johnson, All-Time ¡Quarterback!, From Bubblegum to Sky, "Awesome", Dum Dum Project, Jefferson Denim, The Lemon Tree, Taxiride, For Stars, Erin McKeown, La Buena Vida, We All Together, Richard Leo Johnson, Bliss, Bees, Mezzanines, Theo Travis, The Shy Guys, Roine Stolt, Snow Patrol, Florence Dore, Jumprope, Beatnix, Scot Sax, Janet Robin, Saves the Day, The Wilkinsons, Gary Jules, Twin Princess, Bobb Trimble, Spinning Jennys, Scout, Lucys, Hooker, Honey Langstumpf, Frankenbootie, Cowboy & Spingirl, Boot Camp, David Bazan, Myracle Brah, Dover, Die Ärzte, Brad Jones, Brother, The Warm Jets, A, The Lears, Santiago Ojeda, Swinger, Autumn Leaves, Landon Pigg, Connie Evingson, The Green Pajamas, Breetles, Tree Fort Angst, Revelino, Majority Dog, Flying Elephants, Honeymoons, Beagle, Meanwhiles, Brainpool, Spinner Dolphins, Sugarbuzz, The Grip Weeds, Webstirs, The Andersons, Pribata Idaho, Micah Gilbert, Big Hello, Oral Groove, Retoff, McKenzie, Butler and Pierce, Skooshny, Hittsville House Band, Speedboat, Weird Summer, Commanche Moon, Brian Jones Was Murdered, Tom Alford, Ray Roche, Barry Holdship, The Christines, Mind Reels, Poverty Stinks, Ray Wonder, Cloudberry Jam, Sugarplum, The Raves, The Churchills, Jeff Kelly, Los Valendas, Royal Crush, Rob Aldrich, Dominic Serene and the Semi Detached, Roger Klug, Manual Scan, Saturnhead, Pantookas, Bear Quartet, All Janet, Marshmellows, Pyramidiacs, Mayfield, Pearlfishers, Cone of Silence, Red Letter Day, Cool Blue Halo, Stonecake, Octopus, Even, Bent Black Tulips, Neighbors, Poppy Nosh, Nerk Twins, Chewy Marble, The Negro Problem, Supernaturals, Talk Show, Starlet, Rick Iantosca, David Lebon, Emanuel, Vivanativa, Velouria, Kid Million, Three Blind Mice, Tearaways, Tails, Shplang, Orange Cake Mix, Minstrels, Mea Culpa, Matthew Kahler, Impatients, Bogues, Super Ratones, Latina, Rey Guerra, Cinnamon, Kiko Veneno, Steamkings, Skank, Robi Rosa, Popsicko, Parasites, Odd Numbers, Isidro Infante, Eggstone, The Beatifics, Pen Pal, Out of My Hair, Coast, The Diggers, Mansun, Sun Kings, Paul Bevoir, Eric Voeks, Liquor Giants, Los Brincos, Bent Backed Tulips, Cardinal, The Moles, Cockeyed Ghost, Thrush Hermit, Duglas T.Stewart, The Trampolines, The Hutchinsons, Placebo Royale, The Van Delecki's, Anton Barbeau, The Summer Suns, Bullwinkel Gandhi, S.O.L., The Merrymakers, Kenny Howes, Wonderboy, Dee Walker, Toms, Three Hour Tour, Stems, Steinbecks, Elliott Smith, The Shambles, Push Kings, The Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel, The JetSet, Honeybunch, DM3, The Apples in Stereo, Mockingbirds, Airhead, Kippington Lodge, Splitsville, Kula Shaker, Fountains of Wayne, The Palace Guard, The Mockers, Terry Draper, Eels, Super Furry Animals, Jeremy Enigk, Robert Pollard, The Paper Garden, Feet of Clay, Doug Powell, Index, The Pleasers, The Mods, The Wondermints, Diego Vasallo, Ken Sharp, The Bluetones, Spinning Jenny, What Gives, Papas Fritas, Medicine Show, Yum-Yum, E-Type, Birdbrain, Menswear, Cast, Cotton Mather, The Pointed Sticks, This Perfect Day, Moberlys, Beatles Costello, The Wannadies, Squire, Hanna Cranna, 18 Wheeler, Bracket, BMX Bandits, Tobin Sprout, Ruben Rada, Sean Lennon, Andy White, Nick Rudd, Zumpano, Foo Fighters, Willie Wisely, Marion, The Escorts, Falling Wallendas, McCluskey Brothers, LMNOP, Holiday, Cleaners from Venus, Gary Frenay, The Stooges, Superstar, Silly Pillows, Ottoman Empire, The Greenberry Woods, Gone Fishin (Matt Piucci & Tim Lee), Gigolo Aunts, Dik Dik, Supergrass, The Twilights, The Rockin' Ramrods, Ray Columbus & The Invaders, Bobby & Laurie, The United States of America, Mother Hips, Laika & the Cosmonauts, Ginger, Kristian Hoffman, Horizontal Ladies Club, Tanya Donelly, Warren Zevon, David Yazbek, Chris Wilson, Vince Welnick, Scott Weiland, Chris Von Sneidern, Johnny Van Zant, George Usher, Steven Tyler, Travis, Glenn Tilbrook, Ken Stringfellow, Brian Stevens, Steppenwolf, J.D. Souther, Sonny & Cher, Brad Smith, Jimmy Silva, Lakshminarayana Shankar, Bob Seger, Ross, Tony Rivers, Chris Richards, R.E.M., Brian Poole, Sam Phillips, Hector Peñalosa, Paul Weller, Michael Omartian, Gerry O'Beirne, Rick Nielsen, Brian Nash, Roxy Music, Mott the Hoople, Morrissey, Ric Menck, Roger McGuinn, Scott McCarl, Glen Matlock, Nick Lowe, Joe López, Mike Levy, Will Lee, Brian Leach, Daniel Lanois, John Keaney, Lisa Johnson, Shannon Hoon, Jimi Hendrix, Ivan Graziani, Eddy Grant, The Go-Go's, Glenn Frey, The Fortunes, Pink Floyd, Flick, Fred Frith, Neil Finn, Duncan Faure, Jason Falkner, Enuff Z'nuff, John Easdale, Dr. Robert, Jackie DeShannon, Al Di Meola, Terence Trent D'Arby, David Crosby, Chris Cornell, Rossington Collins Band, Jonathan Michael Chunn, Peter Cetera, Michael Carpenter, Dean Brown, Brooklyn Bridge, Steve Barton, Richard Ashcroft, Trey Anastasio, Alfie, 92 Degrees, .38 Special, 10cc, Martin Newell, Oasis, Terry Scott Taylor, Kirtana, The Choir, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, THP Orchestra, Permanent Green Light, Ian Moore, Javelin Boot, J.K. & Co., Herb Eimerman, Ani DiFranco, The Blue Shadows, Blow Pops, Beatles Revival Band, Bim, 13th Floor Elevators, Sneetches, The House of Love, Hombres G, Los Bondadosos, Miracle Mile, Micky Dolenz, Frank Black, Belly, The Verve, The Vaselines, The Spent Poets, The Nines, The Iveys, The Hassles, Marc Bolan, Stone Temple Pilots, Lazy Smoke, Chad Allan, Outlets, Sloan, Plasticland, R. Stevie Moore, Parthenon Huxley, Eugenius, Khalèd, The Family Cat, Flying Color, The Boo Radleys, Blind Melon, Wigwam, Wackers, The Vapors, 20/20, Translator, Tomorrow, Times, Stone the Crows, Status Quo, Stackridge, Splinter, The Sneakers, Smokie, Slapp Happy, Phil Seymour, Scruffs, The Rubinoos, Rotary Connection, The Rollers, The Rockin' Berries, Emitt Rhodes, Poppees, Pop Rivets, Pilot, Off Broadway, Craig Nuttycombe, Nits, The Neon Philharmonic, Mortimer, The Mindbenders, The Merry-Go-Round, Marmalade, The Leaves, The Lambrettas, The Knickerbockers, Kayak, Neil Innes, The Idle Race, The Hudson Brothers, Tommy Hoehn, Gruppo Sportivo, Green, Great Buildings, Gary Glitter, Glass Harp, Episode Six, The Elvis Brothers, Earth Quake, Van Duren, The Diodes, The Cryan' Shames, The Creation, Corbin/Hanner, Clinic, Chopper, Blue Ash, Cliff Bennett, Lucio Battisti, Australian Crawl, Arrogance, The Wonder Stuff, The Vipers, Velvet Crush, Twenty Seven Various, Top, Thee Headcoats, Chris Stamey, The Spongetones, Los Shakers, Sex Clark Five, The Real People, No Use for a Name, Mystic Eyes, Mike McGear, Scott McCaughey, Brian May, Mary My Hope, Charles Manson, Klaatu, June Brides, The Hollies, Falling Joys, Easy, Dots Will Echo, Brent Bourgeois, The Bobs, Blur, Bay City Rollers, The Bats, Alias, Mike Richmond, Steve Marcus, Jaco Pastorius, Jan Hammer, Carla Bley, The Zombies, The Youngbloods, Yes, Y&T, XTC, World Party, The Who, Whitesnake, Was (Not Was), Vanilla Fudge, Van Der Graaf Generator, Utopia, Dwight Twilley, Tommy Tutone, The Turtles, The Tubes, Robin Trower, The Troggs, Brian Poole & the Tremeloes, Traffic, The Three O'Clock, They Might Be Giants, Them, That Petrol Emotion, Ten Years After, Teenage Fanclub, Tears for Fears, James Taylor, T. Rex, Matthew Sweet, Sweet, Supertramp, The Sundays, Styx, The Strawbs, Stories, The Stone Roses, Sting, Stephen Stills, Cat Stevens, Steely Dan, Paul Stanley, Billy Squier, Squeeze, Bruce Springsteen, Rick Springfield, Spooky Tooth, Split Enz, Spirit, Sparks, Joe South, Soundgarden, The Soft Boys, The Smiths, The Smithereens, The Small Faces, Grace Slick, Slade, The Sir Douglas Quintet, Paul Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, Gene Simmons, The Silos, Shoes, John Sebastian, The Searchers, Scientists, Leo Sayer, Joe Satriani, Richie Sambora, Doug Sahm, Leon Russell, Todd Rundgren, Roxette, Linda Ronstadt, The Romantics, Rockpile, River City People, Jonathan Richman, Renaissance, The Rembrandts, The Records, The Rave-Ups, The Raspberries, The Rascals, Gerry Rafferty, Trevor Rabin, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Queen, The Pursuit of Happiness, Pure Prairie League, The Producers, Procol Harum, Prince, The Primitives, Prefab Sprout, The Posies, Polyrock, The Police, Poco, Robert Plant, Pixies, Tom Petty, Peter & Gordon, Pere Ubu, Michael Penn, The Alan Parsons Project, Kevin Paige, Jimmy Page, The Outsiders, The Outfield, The Osmonds, Ric Ocasek, NRBQ, Nirvana, Harry Nilsson, Willie Nile, The Nice, Thunderclap Newman, Randy Newman, Michael Nesmith, The Neighborhoods, The Nazz, Elliott Murphy, The Move, Motors, Mötley Crüe, The Moody Blues, The Monkees, Modern English, Moby Grape, George Michael, Jim Messina, The Merseybeats, Freddie Mercury, Melanie, McGuinn, Clark & Hillman, McDonald & Giles, Material Issue, Marillion, Barry Manilow, Manfred Mann, The Mamas & the Papas, Madness, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jeff Lynne, The Lovin' Spoonful, Love, The Long Ryders, Little River Band, Little Feat, The Lightning Seeds, Let's Active, Julian Lennon, The Left Banke, Albert Lee, Led Zeppelin, The La's, Lenny Kravitz, Billy J. Kramer, Peter Koppes, The Knack, Kiss, The Kinks, King's X, King Crimson, John Kilzer, Steve Kilbey, Greg Kihn, Nik Kershaw, Paul Kelly, Kansas, Rob Jungklas, Jules & the Polar Bears, Judas Priest, Journey, Elton John, Billy Joel, Jethro Tull, Jesus Jones, Jellyfish, Jefferson Airplane, The Jayhawks, Tommy James & the Shondells, The James Gang, The Jam, Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson, It's a Beautiful Day, Iron Butterfly, Donnie Iris, Icicle Works, Hüsker Dü, Human Radio, The Hooters, Holsapple-Stamey, Susanna Hoffs, Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Himmelman, John Hiatt, Richard X. Heyman, Herman's Hermits, Don Henley, The Heartbeats, Heart, Justin Hayward, Hawkwind, Annie Haslam, Jerry Harrison, Happy the Man, Hall & Oates, Guns N' Roses, Gunbunnies, The Guess Who, Gryphon, Grateful Dead, The Grapes of Wrath, The Glove, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Bob Geldof, Game Theory, The Galactic Cowboys, Peter Gabriel, Freiheit, Freddie & the Dreamers, Peter Frampton, Foreigner, John Fogerty, Dan Fogelberg, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Flo & Eddie, Fleetwood Mac, The Flamin' Groovies, The Fixx, The Five Americans, Tim Finn, Bryan Ferry, The Feelies, Chris Farlowe, Georgie Fame, The Fall, Fairport Convention, The Fabulous Poodles, Extreme, Everything But the Girl, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Emerson, Lake & Powell, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Joe Ely, Electric Light Orchestra, Dave Edmunds, The Easybeats, E, The Dukes of Stratosphear, The Dream Academy, Dr. Hook, Donovan, Thomas Dolby, Don Dixon, The Dixie Dregs, Neil Diamond, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, The dB's, The Spencer Davis Group, The Damned, The Cyrkle, The Cucumbers, Crowded House, Crosby & Nash, Marshall Crenshaw, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cream, Crack the Sky, Paul Cotton, Elvis Costello, Alice Cooper, Phil Collins, Lloyd Cole, Jude Cole, Marc Cohn, Joe Cocker, The Close Lobsters, Ashley Cleveland, The Dave Clark Five, The Church, Alex Chilton, The Chills, Cheap Trick, The Charlatans UK, The Chameleons UK, Chagall Guevara, Eugene Chadbourne, Chad & Jeremy, The Cavedogs, Peter Case, The Cars, The Carpenters, Eric Carmen, Captain & Tennille, The Candyskins, Can, Camel, The Byrds, Kate Bush, Cindy Bullens, The Buggles, Buffalo Springfield, Lindsey Buckingham, Jackson Browne, The Breeders, Bread, David Bowie, Bourgeois Tagg, Boston, The Blues Project, Blue Rodeo, Blue Öyster Cult, The Black Crowes, Stephen Bishop, Big Star, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Chris Bell, Adrian Belew, The Bee Gees, The Beau Brummels, The Bears, Be Bop Deluxe, Barry & the Remains, Syd Barrett, Richard Barone, Peter Banks, The Bangles, Badfinger, Babe Ruth, Aztec Camera, The Association, Artful Dodger, Argent, Arcadia, The Animals, Angels, Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe, Laurie Anderson, Jon Anderson, Ian Anderson, Ambrosia, All, Air Supply, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, ABC, ABBA, 10,000 Maniacs, Thomas Mapfumo, Ashwin Batish, Neil Sedaka, The Residents, Jim Chappell, Phil Keaggy, Michael Card, Richie Havens, Steve Wariner, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Bill Lloyd, The Bellamy Brothers, Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Rutles.

Dave responded 8 years ago: #522

Pepe, Soundscan scans all record sales in the United States just not one album what are you talking about. Since 1991:

The Beatles - 53 milion
Led Zeppelin - 21 million
Elvis Presley - 28 million
Queen - nearly 18 million

I will add one more total - single sales. In Britain, the Beatles 20 million singles is second only Cliff Richard, who has sold more but barely. Again, wikepedia is not the total true source of information. Guinness book of records claim the Beatles have sold over a billion records, so they really don't know the truth.

Alternativedude responded 8 years ago: #523

Enough with the Beatles and Queen. We all know the Beatles have outsold everyone and have had the most covers of their songs and put British rock on the map worldwide. Enough is enough. There are other great rock acts or groups to like The Who or The Rolling Stones who helped the Beatles, too. Queen is a great act. It's dumb that they are touring again, just like the Who.

johnny responded 8 years ago: #524

Led Zeppelin doesn’t have any direct influence in New Wave, Hip-Hop, Symphonic Metal, Glam, Funk, Glam-Pop, Rap, Opera-Pop and Pop. Queen cover more generes than any other band. Queen is one of the biggest influence in Glam-Pop, Glam Metal, Power Metal, Hip-Hop, Rap and New Wave Music Among Others.

New Wave bands and artists influenced by Queen:

ABC, Act noir, Adam and the Ants, Adam Ant, After The Fire, a-ha , A House, The Alarm, Alphaville, Altered Images, Amazulu ,Aneka, Animotion, Any Trouble, April Showers, Art of Noise, Aztec Camera, The B-52's, B-Movie, Baltimora, Bananarama, Honey Bane, The Bangles, Toni Basil, Berlin, The Bible, Big Audio Dynamite, Big Country, Bije,Dugme, Black, Blancmange, Blondie, The Blow Monkeys, Blue Heaven, Blue Zoo, The Bolshoi, The Bongos, Book Of Love, The Boomtown Rat,Bourgeois Tagg, Bow Wow Wow, The Boys Next Door, Bram Tchaikovsky, British Electric Foundation, Bronski Beat, The Buggles, The Busboys, The Carnation, Cause and Effect, Cactus ,World News, Captain Sensible, The Call, Camouflage, Celestial Ribcage, Cardiacs, The Care, The Cars ,The Chameleons, China Crisis, Cipher, Anne, Culture Club, The Cure, The dB's, Dalek I Love You, Dead or Alive, Department S, Depeche Mode, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Devo, Divinyls, Division Kent, Thomas Dolby, Duran Duran, Easy Image, Echo & the Bunnymen, The English Beat,Erasure, Eurythmics, Eyeless in Gaza, The Expression, The Expressos, Falco, Fine Young Cannibal, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, B. B. Gabor, Gang of Four, General Public, The Go-Between, The Go-Go's, Nina Hagen, Billy Idol, INXS, The Jam, Philip Jap , Japan ,Grace Jones ,Kajagoogoo, Jane Kennaway and Strange, Behaviour ,King, Kissing the Pink, Annabel Lamb, Level 42, London, Madness, Midnight Oil, The Nails, Naked Eyes, Graham Parker, Pet Shop Boys, The Police, Prince, Simple Minds, Spandau Ballet, Then Jerico, Toyah,Trans-X, Translator, The Waitresses ,The Wake, Wall of Voodoo, Wang Chung, Yazoo, U2, among others.

Glam Metal (Hair Bands) influenced by Queen:
Mötley Crüe, Ratt, W.A.S.P., Van Halen, Twisted Sister, Scorpions, Cinderella, Faster Pussycat, Skid Row, L.A. Guns, Roxx Gang, Poison ,Bon Jovi, Winger ,Guns N' Roses , Quiet Riot, Autograph, BulletBoys, Cinderella, The Cult , Def Leppard, Dokken , Electric Angels, Europe , Extreme, Judas Priest, L.A. Guns, Mr. Big, Pantera , The Quireboys, Shotgun Messiah, Slade, Slaughter, Stryper, Survivor,Spinal Tap, Twisted Sister, The Darkness, Warrant, White Lion, White Tiger, Whitesnake, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zebra, among others.

American and European power metal and Symphonic metal bans influenced by Queen:
Angra, Avantasia, Ayreon, Blind Guardian, Bride Adorned, Dark Moor, Dragonforce, Fairyland, Enslavement of Beauty, Freedom Call, Isengard, Kamelot, Luca Turilli, Lunatica, Nightwish, Rhapsody of Fire, Seraphim, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Symphony X, Aesma Daeva, After Forever, Angtoria, Delain, Edenbridge, E.R.,Skade, Epica, Haggard, Helloween, Luca Turilli, Luca Turilli's Dreamquest, Nightwish, Rain Fell Within, Saviour Machine, Stream of Passion, Therion, Tiamat, IWithin Temptation, Austin James Band, Envy on the Coast, The Feeling, LOURDS.

Rock, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop artists influenced by Queen:
Air Supply,Alanis Morissette , Beastie Boys ,Dr. Dre, Vanilla Ice, Wyclef Jean, 50cents, Mc Hammer, Prince, Michael Jackson, George Michael,Bad Company, Rick Springfield , Culture Club, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Madonna, Spice Girls, Jesse McCartney, Beyoncé,Joe Perry, Jewel, Garth Brooks, Amici Forever, G4, Divo, Sarah Brightman, Kansas, Stix, Mika, Nirvana, Panic! at the Disco, Chiodos,Scorpions, Starling Electric, Tally Hall, Gosling, Metal Majesty, Scissor Sisters, The Ark, Zoo Story, Chris Opperman, Alan Burant, Robbie Rist, Mozart, The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love, MullMuzzler, Ben Folds Five, Gooding, Roger Manning, Lollipop Factory, Supernaturals, Kid Million, Super Ratones, Robbie Williams, The Merrymakers, Rufus Wainwright, Mind Science of the Mind, Satchel, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Hombres G, Dream Theater, Cross, Ween, Shudder to Think, Wham!, Steve Vai, Sweet, Styx, Billy Squier, The Smashing Pumpkins, Seal, Joe Satriani, Queensrÿche, Mr. Bungle, Mr. Big, George Michael,Living Colour,Loverboy,Metallica, King's X, Kansas, Jellyfish, Iron Maiden, The Galactic Cowboys, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Cult, Boston, Beastie Boys, among others.

***Queen is one of the most difficult acts in rock to follow, Many young musicians and garage bands were impressed with Queen songs, but most of them choose to look for easier song-models to copy or cover. The Beatles are more easy to cover.

*** "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions" are considered the world greatests athems. The Artist Prince took the stage in the Super Bowl 2007 and began his show with Queen's We Will Rock You.

*** Bohemian Rhapsody is first in the Guinness world Records greatest singles of all-time, the 2nd is John Lennon's "Imagine."

Rob responded 8 years ago: #525

Sorry man You cant put SANTANA at 11 on the greatest guitarists, and not even on the all time greates bands... you dont know squat!!!!!!!!!!

D.C. responded 8 years ago: #526

Alright, what is it with you people?! How can The Who not be it this guy's list? And to think Led Zeppelin beat them? What is the world coming to? Try a listen to Led Zeppelin live after IV, yuck. Long Live Rock.

D.C. responded 8 years ago: #527

The Who is definitely better than Led Zeppelin hands down. Why everyone thinks they are so great, I don't know. They sucked after IV live and got worse from there. The Who should really be on this guy's list.

will responded 8 years ago: #528

You're a fool my friend, you know nothing of guitarists or bands. Angus young was and always will be a better guitarst that Kurt Cobain. I am a huge fan of Nirvana and know all thier songs. Get it right, man, for God's sake. Led Zeppelin 6? Pink Floyd 8? Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd were a couple of the bands who made rock what it is today!!! U2 as number 1???? BEFORE YOU PUT THEM INTO NUMBERS OF WHO IS BETTER, KNOW YOUR MUSIC AND RESEARCH IT, YOU IDIOT!!!!!!! THIS PAGE MUST BE TORN DOWN. IT IS A DISCRACE TO ALL THAT HAS EVER CALLED MUSIC MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian responded 8 years ago: #529

Man, Led Zeppelin at number 6? I don't even think U2 is important enough to be in that list. Led Zeppelin has got to be number 2, with the Rolling Stones at 1 and the Beatles at number 3. I mean, the Beatles are the most influential, but on rock and roll stats, the Rolling Stones has the greatest lyrics, riffs, and album after album, they never got old. The Beatles did. Beatles albums slowly became the same thing over and over again, but the Stones were releasing albums in the same year and each album had something different. Of course, as long as the Stones, the Beatles and Zeppelin are on the top five it doesn't matter. It's opinion. But U2????? It can't compare to anything close to what's on the list.

Brian responded 8 years ago: #530

A second comment: the most outrageous thing was U2. Not deserving at all. If I made a list it would look like:

1. The Rolling Stones - Rock and Roll
2. Led Zeppelin - Hard Rock
3. The Beatles - Classic Rock
4. Jimi Hendrix Experience - I dunno, Blues?
5. The Velvet Underground - Hear all this talk, don't really know.
6. Guns 'n' Roses - Hard Rock
7. AC/DC - Hard Rock
8. The Eagles - Classic Rock
9. The Kinks - Classic Rock
10. The Sex Pistols - Punk Rock

Each band did something to influence something, and actually deserved to be on this list. Pssh, U2.

Alex responded 8 years ago: #531

U2 is a New Wave,Post-punk, Pop-Rock Alternative Band. The band has sold upwards of 170 million albums worldwide. With six #1 albums in the U.S. and nine #1 albums in the UK, U2 is one of the most successful acts of all time. They have won 22 Grammy awards, more than any other recording artist.

The Grateful Dead never won a Grammy. Queen never won a Grammy. The Doors never won a Grammy. Led Zeppelin never won a Grammy. Janis Joplin never won a Grammy. The Jefferson Airplane never won a Grammy. Neil Young never won a Grammy. The Who never won a Grammy. Buddy Holly never won a Grammy. Peter Frampton never won a Grammy. Lynyrd Skynyrd never won a Grammy. Creedence Cleerwater Revival never won a Grammy. JJ Cale, Leonard Cohen, George Clinton never won Grammys. Cream never won a Grammy; neither did The Yardbirds. Bob Marley never won a Grammy. Jimi Hendrix never won a Grammy. Pink Floyd only 1 in 1994. I hate the Grammys!!!!!!!!

The Pseudo-artist Milly Vanilli won various Grammys. Bobby McFerrin (Don't Worry be Happy) won Various Grammys, including song of the year and U2 Won 22 Grammys. The Grammys #@#@$$$%^%%!!!!!

What did U2 pioneer? My answer is nothing.

Best punk Bands or artist:

1) Sex Pistols
2) The Clash
3) Ramones
4) Talking Heads
5) Blondie

Best Pop-Rock Band or artist:

1) The Beatles
2) Rolling Stones
3) Parliament/Funkadelic
4) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
5) Prince & the Revolution

Best Classic Rock Band:

1) Led Zeppelin
2) Queen
3) The Who
4) Black Sabbath
5) Allman Brothers Band

ozzy#1fan responded 8 years ago: #532

Ozzy, AC/DC, the Doors, Bon Jovi, Dokken, Seether, and Sabbath rock!!!!!!!! I think rock is the best. Led Zepplin, awsome.

Quiet riot is awesome live in consert.

Mike responded 8 years ago: #533

U2 and the Dead in the top 4? Thats a joke, absolute joke! The greatness of a rock artist or group stems from song writing, vocals, musical appeal, diversity, range, preformance, influence, and brilliance. Having said that, here is THE top 10s:


1) Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band

2) Bob Dylan


3) The Rolling Stones
4) Garth Brooks
5) The Beatles
6) Eric Clapton
7) Creedence Clearwater Revival
8) Bob Seager and the Silver Bullet Band
9) Elvis Prestly
10) Chuck Berry

rtrjgniagueilt responded 8 years ago: #534

Johnny, you made that up. The Cult, Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, etc. are not influenced by them. So don't fool yourself. Queen are a guilty pleasure nowadays.

My favorite bands are Pink Floyd, but The Beatles own the #1 spot. End of story. Led Zeppelin is there for influence, although I prefer lots of other bands (such as The Cult.) The Smiths have to be there for influence, and the Rolling Stones and The Kinks belong in the top 20, for sure.
And guitarists? Across ALL genres, it would be:

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
3. Billy Duffy
4. Joe Pass
5. Johhny Marr
6. Martin Taylor
7. David Gilmour
8. Gary Moore
9. Jeff Healey
10. Jimmy Page
11. Frank Zappa
12. Kirk Hammett
13. Mark Knopfler
14. Jeff Beck
15. Carlos Santana

AC/DC fan responded 8 years ago: #535

What about AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van Halen?

Grateful Dead Sucks. Zeppelin should be higher up.

Jimi Hendrix should also be in top 10 bands. Good Guitarist list though.

Bruce Dickinson responded 8 years ago: #536

rtrjgniagueilt, the biggest influence of Iron Maiden is Queen.
I am a huge Iron Maiden fan and I have the song "Iron Maiden Tribute to Queen-Live" in this tribute Iron Maiden play a medley of Queen songs. Download the song in LimeWire.

In influences of Iron Maiden: Jimi Hendrix, Budgie, Yes, The Who, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Queen, Motörhead, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath.


In influences of The Cult: Steppenwolf, Thin Lizzy, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, The Doors, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith and AC/DC.


Dragonforce influences: Iron Maiden, Queen, Motörhead, Helloween, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.

Alex Unrein responded 8 years ago: #537

Why do people always put Cobain near the tops of guitarists of all-time list. His band was influential and started a whole new era of music, but as far as his talent of guitar playing goes, he shouldn't be ahead of Angus Young and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Fiona responded 8 years ago: #538

In terms of influence, it's the Beatles hands down. I would say in pop/rock, The Beatles. Who in rock history wrote and performed at least 100 songs being played on the radio in the seven years to the time they broke up? These are accomplishments that Elvis Presley or Chuck Berry never did. Hard rock, it's Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath in terms of influence but to say who the greatest act of all time, it's hard to say they are too many variables.

Opinionated responded 8 years ago: #539

Music and favorites are opinions....No Poll can ever be right for everyone that listens to music....There are Inventors...innovators...and Creators...Opinions differ Depending on who they/you are, and which genre of music one listens too. I belive the Bands, and those that played in them that created a genre of music in and of itself are the greatest...just because someone can play real fast or make a lot of noise (feedback)...does not make them great.

Zack responded 8 years ago: #540

Bob Marley is reggae with all due respect and the Grateful Dead should not be over Led Zeppelin. Queen and the Who should be in the top 10, especially over U2. The Beatles deserve the top spot for help paving the way for the great English bands and to make the rock group bigger than the solo dominated acts like Elvis or bands with an obvious frontman like Buddy Holly. The Doors deserve consideration also.

sacos responded 8 years ago: #541

I think Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Kurt Cobain do not deserve to be on that list. There are better guitarists like Malmsteen or Marty Friedman.

Tony Barbour responded 8 years ago: #542

Styles vary and tastes as well. Your list of the greats would vastly differ from mine. There are no Right or Wrong answers, merely opinions. To say someone is an idiot for their choices is moronic.

Want a list of the greats? Here are mine. You won't find yours here probably. Oh well, I must be stupid.

1. Vivian Campbell
2. John Sykes
3. Eddie Van Halen
4. Steve Vai
5. Stevie Ray Vaughan
6. Joe Satrianni
7. Lindsey Buckingham
8. Mark Knopfler
9. Ted Nugent
10. David Gilmore

Go ahead and disagree...these are MY top 10.

juan pablo responded 8 years ago: #543

i just want to say that QUEEN is the best band ever and it doesn't matter what everybody says FREDDIE MERCURY was the greatest vocalist ever and no one but no one can sing as good as he did. Maybe Robert Plant can be close but please stop this bull and just admit it. Just because Freddie Mercury was bisexual, you can't admit THAT QUEEN IS THE GREATEST BAND EVER. THE BEATLES WERE GOOD WRITERS BUT FREDDIE WAS BETTER SINGING THAN THE FOUR OF THE BEATLES TOGETHER. QUEEN ROCKS!

Lisa responded 8 years ago: #544

A fact: Robert Plant is bisexual too!!!!

A fact: Queen is the only band inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame (the four members of the band; inducted). The band is also the only band in which every member has composed more than one chart-topping single. Mega Super Great Achievement!!!!

A fact: Only John Lennon and Paul McCartney are inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame (Ringo and George; OUT!!)

Zep is God responded 8 years ago: #545

I'm afraid that several of you people are quite wrong. Queen is definatly not the best band, and wouldn't even be close to my top 10. And I saw some people putting Prince in their top 10 rock bands of all time. Definitly not cool. Prince, is, well... let me put it this way. PRINCE SUCKS! He wouldn't be in my top 1,000. If anyone cares, here is my Top 10 Best Rock Bands of All Time.

~1. Led Zeppelin
~2. Pink Floyd
~3. The Rolling Stones
~4. The Beatles
~5. The Grateful Dead
~6. The Who
~7. Red Hot Chili Peppers
~8. The Doors
~9. AC/DC
~10. Guns'n'Roses

I put the Red Hot Chili Peppers in there because they've been around since Led Zeppelin (a glimpse of god) broke up. They've written some amazing stuff and they've definitly got talent. So there's my Top 10. With no Queen. And definatly no Prince. Remember, Led Zeppelin is God. Page, Plant, Jones, Bonham. Revere them.

Allan responded 8 years ago: #546

Led Zeppelin is the most influential hard rock band; sorry Queen fans. I know Britain loves Queen more than Led Zeppelin. So what? Next time you need to insult the Beatles, just list these facts.

1. The Beatles helped break the Northern sound in Britain
2. The Beatles lead the British Invasion.
3. The Beatles break the American domination on songwriting and on the charts.
4. The Beatles inspire folk artists to go rock example the Byrd's and Donovan.
5. The Beatles usher in the classic rock era.
6. The Beatles help make the rock group who are self contained bigger than the solo act Elvis or the act with a dominant frontman Buddy Holly.
7. The Beatles lead the way in making the album bigger than the single.
8. The Beatles stage the first major outdoor rock concert Shea stadium leading to Arena rock.
9. All four Beatles have sung and wrote number one songs.
10. The Beatles give rock respectability with winning the First Grammy by a rock artist for album of the year.
11. One more by releasing Sgt.Pepper and the White Album with no singles they help such artists as Led Zeppelin to many progressive artists not to worry about releasing singles to sell records.

Jay Mathes responded 8 years ago: #547

Where's the love for Yngwie Malmsteen and Michael Angelo Batio?

Xavier responded 8 years ago: #548

Zep is Cod. You think Guns'n'Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and AC/DC are Better Than Queen. In the early 70s Queen are regarded as the most heaviest and powerful act both in the studio and on stage (Thrash-Metal pioneers).

Rob Halford (Judas Priest vocalist) about Queen: "All I've got on my iPod is every single Queen song and every single [Judas] Priest song. Queen were an incredible heavy metal band. I saw them on their first ever tour, at Birmingham Town Hall. They just blew me away.

Richard Barbieri (Porcupine Tree): "When Queen rocked out they easily rivaled [Led] Zeppelin, [Black] Sabbath, and [Deep] Purple."

FREDDIE MERCURY is the greatest vocalist ever, Brian May one of the best guitarist, Roger Taylor one of the best drummers and John Deacon one of the best bassist. Queen should be on the top 10.

1) Led Zeppelin
2) Beatles
3) Queen
4) Black Sabbath
5) Rolling Stones
6) The Who
7) Cream
8) Pink Floyd
9) Jimmy Hendrix-The Experience
10) Allman Brothers Band

William J responded 8 years ago: #549

I can understand why some think Zeppelin is overated. It's likely a gut reaction to so many adoring fans, usually refering to some part of Stairway to Heaven.

Having said that, their influence was and is tremendous. Page is a unique guitarist who has created great work with both acoustic and electric guitar, as well numerous other instruments (listen closely to the third album). The other three members are also considered among the very best in their respective categories. Lastly, every studio album has a very unique and often ground breaking sound.

Also, lighten up on U2. Great band, a ton of emotion, several very good if not great albums. Not a number 3, though.

The best rock band all comes down to personal tastes, but if you are looking at overall body of work, The Beatles, Zeppelin, and The Stones all stand well above the pack. Honorable mentions - The Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, The Who.

Hendrix was great, but maybe a bit overated? He definitely didn't have a great band around him like Page and Allman, and even Clapton at times. Who knows what he might have done if he did?

stalker responded 8 years ago: #550

Brian May is the best guitarist of all time.
He even built his own guitar (the red special.)
He is a great person, and he has a masters degree in astronomy.

Ray Connors responded 8 years ago: #551

Jimi Hendrix is the most overrated guitar players of all time, and the most underrated is the brilliant Mark Knopfler.
If you hunt down some of his best stuff, you will see that he is in a league of his own.
Mark Knopfler is the greatest of all time.

Doctorx5150 responded 8 years ago: #552

EVH at #7 under Joe Satriani? Are you serious?
Eddie Van Halen comes along once in a lifetime. I'd say #4, and Slash at 5. Top 3 stand pat.

mike responded 8 years ago: #553

I don't know who the best guitarist is, but I think the most influential are Jimmy Page, Hendrix, Tony Iommi, Van Halen, and Randy Rhodes. Rock would be a lot different without them!

mike responded 8 years ago: #554

Eddie Van Halen is definitely one of the best and most influentual guitarists around. VH also holds record for most #1 hits on the rock charts.

Roger responded 8 years ago: #555

Van Halen is a poser, who turns up the distortion too much and randomly picks at strings. As far as the greatest bands go, I am upset that the Beatles are number one. Their influence is seen as being tremendous; however, the Beatles didn't single-handedly do anything. The Rolling Stones should be higher than the Beatles, and Zeppelin should be higher than all of them. Here's my list:

1. Led Zeppelin
2. Pink Floyd
3. Rolling Stones
4. Doors
5. Lynyrd Skynyrd (completely neglected)
6. The Who
7. ZZ Top (not even mentioned)
8. AC/DC
9. Steve Miller Band (overlooked also)
10. Jimi Hendrix Experience

Old and New schooled rocker responded 8 years ago: #556

Just one question - what happened to The Doors? Not a mention. Maybe not the best players in some people's opinion, but Robby Krieger was damn good. Spanish Caravan? One of the best guitar songs of all time. If you can't appreciate his playing with The Doors, then maybe you should listen to some of his solo work. And let's talk about influencing rock/blues - they are to this day. And John Densmore is one of the most underrated drummers of all time. Furthermore, I would rate Morrison as one of the all-time best vocalists of all time (though some may refer to him as a lounge singer). Admittedly, The Door's are/were a love them or hate them band, but you can't know the influence they hold on rock.

Now after reading that, you probably think I'm stuck somewhere in the past, or a Doors fanatic. Actually, I'm more into progressive music. And speaking of progressive - where's Robert Fripp on the list?

I agree with some of the previous posts - Kurt Cobain was a complete guitar hack (although he made great music). Keith Richards made the list as a great guitarist? - c'mon. The guy can't play his way out of three chords. And the tuning on his guitar is always just a horrible, horrible listening experience.

Satriani - great, but alas b-o-r-i-n-g. Edie Van Halen (student/prodigy) was much, much better and deserves to be on the list.

Alvin Lee definitely deserved if not a top spot, an honorable mention. Same goes for Steve Howe, Jeff Beck (my gawd, how was he overlooked), Carlos Santana, Gary Moore...the list goes on...

Kudos overall for the list, but I think you bit off more than you could chew - you need to make the list at least 100.

Henry responded 8 years ago: #557

Where is Iron Maiden? They are not in the list.

Liam responded 8 years ago: #558

The Beatles single-handedly broke the American domination on the charts and songwriting, not to mention spearheading the British Invasion so Roger you wrong. The Stones on the other hand were considered the poor man's Beatles in the 60's.
Here is a list to think about.

Rolling Stone: The Immortals:
100 Greatest Artists of All Time
(compiled in 2004)
1 - The Beatles
2 - Bob Dylan
3 - Elvis Presley
4 - Rolling Stones
5 - Chuck Berry
6 - Jimi Hendrix
7 - James Brown
8 - Little Richard
9 - Aretha Franklin
10 - Ray Charles
11 - Bob Marley
12 - Beach Boys
13 - Buddy Holly
14 - Led Zeppelin
15 - Stevie Wonder
16 - Sam Cooke
17 - Muddy Waters
18 - Marvin Gaye
19 - Velvet Underground
20 - Bo Diddley
21 - Otis Redding
22 - U2
23 - Bruce Springsteen
24 - Jerry Lee Lewis
25 - Fats Domino
26 - Ramones
27 - Nirvana
28 - Prince
29 - The Who
30 - The Clash
31 - Johnny Cash
32 - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
33 - Everly Brothers
34 - Neil Young
35 - Michael Jackson
36 - Madonna
37 - Roy Orbison
38 - John Lennon
39 - David Bowie
40 - Simon & Garfunkel
41 - The Doors
42 - Van Morrison
43 - Sly & The Family Stone
44 - Public Enemy
45 - The Byrds
46 - Janis Joplin
47 - Patti Smith
48 - Run-D.M.C.
49 - Elton John
50 - The Band

sarah responded 8 years ago: #559

They're seriously going to say that the grateful dead are better than Pink Floyd? Give me a break.

Lucas responded 8 years ago: #560

From the Vh1 100 Greatest Artists of Hard rock (2006):

50. Slayer
49. The Smashing Pumpkins
48. Janis Joplin
47. Rollins Band
46. Scorpions
45. Pantera
44. ZZ Top
43. Nine Inch Nails
42. The Kinks
41. Ted Nugent
40. Stone Temple Pilots
39. Neil Young
38. MC5
37. The Yardbirds
36. Frank Zappa
35. Jane's Addiction
34. Alice in Chains
33. Rage Against the Machine
32. The Doors
31. Def Leppard
30. Red Hot Chili Peppers
29. Mötley Crüe
28. Rush
27. Iggy Pop
26. Mötorhead
25. Cheap Trick
24. Iron Maiden
23. Judas Priest
22. Deep Purple
21. Pearl Jam
20. Alice Cooper
19. The Clash
18. Ozzy Osbourne
17. The Ramones
16. Cream
15. Pink Floyd
14. Soundgarden
13. Queen
12. The Sex Pistols
11. Aerosmith
10. KISS
9. Guns N' Roses
8. The Who
7. Van Halen
6. Nirvana
5. Metallica
4. AC/DC
3. Jimi Hendrix
2. Black Sabbath
1. Led Zeppelin

Murray responded 8 years ago: #561

These lists are always interesting. Any such lists however that do not include Deep Purple in the "greatest bands" category, and Richie Blackmore in the the "greatest guitarists" category - in my respectful opinion - lack overall credibility. One can argue where they ought to be on such lists - but they ought to at least be on them.

Rick Kent responded 8 years ago: #562

Hi all,
I really like these best of lists. Lot's of fun. For a Top Ten there really some groups that are there by default. No question.
1. Beatles
2. Stones
3. Cream
4. Jimi Hendrix Experience/or just Jimi Hendrix and whoever
5. Who
6. Pink Floyd
7. Door
8. Zeppelin
.. and that's already 8!!
from here my personal picks would tie for about the next 10-15 spots
and BTW my top eight aren't necessarily in order. My #1 could be Cream
but that's me. Beatles are certainly the most noteworthy of all.
I could make a strong arguemnt for having the Beach Boys up there
since they had so much influence on studio technique and were
a popular band.. and did sound damn good as well.
Sex Pistols? How could anyone leave them out? Same for The Clash.
I would never include a band like Kiss. They are more novelty
and show than anything else. None of them would be included in
a best of on their instruments. How about Nirvana? On and on.
Deep Purple, Kinks?
I love music!

Joe responded 8 years ago: #563

According to, it's the Beatles 1st then Led Zeppelin. The site has all kinds of music lists you can vote on.

Stephen responded 8 years ago: #564

I'm sorry, but you can't have a list of the greatest rock bands without including Queen. My top three would have been Queen, Zeppelin, and the Beatles. No one could match Zeppelin for pure instumental talent, no one could compare to the Beatles populrity and influence, and not only is Mercury the greatest rock singer ever, but the music that Queen wrote is heads and shoulders above any other rock band as far as writing good music that displayed the musical genius of the band.

Joe responded 8 years ago: #565

One more site to check out is acclaimed, and has any one seen the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame greatest 200 albums list that came out this week?

Max responded 8 years ago: #566

Why is everybody getting so agravated? Everybody has different opinions, respect them. All the bands mentioned deserve a spot among the best, where exactly that spot is, is up to whomever is listening.

Jake Stone responded 8 years ago: #567

My list of Greatest Guitarists is as follows:

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
3. Eric Clapton
4. Jimmy Page
5. Slash
6. Angus
7. Eddie Van Halen
8. Carlos Santana
9. Freddie King
10. Joe Satriani

The Greatest Bands are a bit different:

1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
4. AC/DC
5. Cream
6. Guns n' Roses
7. Van Halen
8. Red Hot Chili Peppers
9. Joe Satriani
10. Steve Vai

Brett responded 8 years ago: #568

Taking a class right now in music and one fact that I never knew, rock and roll was more than ten years old in 1964 yet the Beatles had the first number 1 album by a British rock act and the first number 1 album by a rock group overall in the United States. Also, the first album to go number one without a single in the states was not Sgt. Pepper, it was the American version of Rubber Soul, so the Beatles did break ground that their mentors could not acheive. Just a thought.

Brett responded 8 years ago: #569

I forgot to say the first rock album to go number one by a rock group was Meet the Beatles.

anonymous responded 8 years ago: #570

I agree with Bret other than Hendrix is overrated, as are Nirvana and Angus, and slash should be higher.

Joe responded 8 years ago: #571

Anyone who doesn't play guitar really shouldn't be ranking guitarists, as they have no clue what's really talent and what's just show. Secondly, anyone who does play guitar and knows what they're talking about shouldn't say any one "sucks." You know that you'd love to play as well as anyone on those lists.

Thor responded 8 years ago: #572

I want to know how on Earth Aretha Franklin can be ahead of Zep on the Rolling Stones list. GG Rolling Stone.

james responded 8 years ago: #573

What about prince?

Matt responded 8 years ago: #574

Stevie Ray Vaughn #19? Hmmmm, that's an interesting analysis.

Patrick responded 8 years ago: #575

The debate such lists generate can indeed be a source of great fun for those who participate (or may simply wish to observe).

From the above commentary however, it is clear the "great debate" can also be a very frustrating one for many (and with good reason, please read on).

The frustration I think is mainly the result of a lack of "clearly" defined categories - such that artists which "clearly" ought not be included on certain lists are nevertheless showing up on those lists. (As well, some of this could be attributed to to the aberration created by the "personal favorite" versus "best of" rationales - which I touch on more below.)

To avoid (or at least "minimize") the incidents of anomalies occurring, any "Best of" list should in my opinion - as a preface to the actual list - set out what the creator of that list considered as the "qualifying criteria" to be considered on his/her/their/its list.

By way of example, for "Hard Rock" (and is of course just my opinion, but at least sets out parameters for future debate), my criteria would include not just what most traditionally consider "hard rock" to be (Deep Purple, Led Zep, etc.) - but also "progressive rock" (ELP, Yes, Jethro Tull, etc.), and Psychedelic Rock (Floyd, Zappa, Hendrix, etc.). It would NOT include metal, new wave, punk, grunge, motown, blues, 50's or 60's "rock and roll", pop, hip hop, rap, etc. - as these areas involve far too many artists for me to keep track of (or frankly wish to listen to) for my list. As well, all are areas I think more clearly "NOT" hard rock as are prog and psychedelic rock. (Granted there are areas of overlap with "hard rock" involving most - if not all I guess - of the above areas, but I think the greatest such "areas of overlap" are with prog and psychedelic rock).

Setting out the parameters for one's list at the outset of that list therefore should, at the very least, bring greater degrees of consistency, uniformity - and thereby relevancy and credibility - to the list itself, and indeed to the comparatives/commentary offered in the the ensuing debate.

It should therefore lead to a more informed, meaningful - and ultimately satisfying - debate overall, than is so often the case with so many (not all) such lists floating around.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but presumably, it would also minimize the potential for such apparent anomalies as an Aretha Frankiln (as great an artist as she may be) even being included for consideration/comment on most "Hard Rock" lists,...much less ahead of a band like Led Zep on that list (which I completely agree - can only give rise to a resounding and collective "What's up with that???!!!").

In other words, such lists should only include "apples and apples", as opposed to "apples and oranges" - with some allowance (as the case can be made) for "grey area candidates" (note above, my "Hard Rock" criteria is: traditional hard rock, prog rock, psychedelic rock - and of which I would include examples of each in the general preamble to my list).

"Wind bag" that I am (...alas, a curse afflicting more than a few in my profession - lawyer), I did did have one other note to add. In reviewing the comments on this site, it appears to me that quite a few of the various list makers (and subsequently, "commenters" on such lists) are confusing "Best Of" lists with "Favorites" lists.

The only real lists which I think can generate rationale, meaningful debate are the "Best Of" lists.

Not to say that there is anything inherently wrong with "Favorites Lists". It is just that such lists will, by their very nature, always be unique to a person's own tastes (...and who am I, or anyone else, to tell a person what he or she should like?).

"Favorites" lists are therefore not the subject of fair comment by others, and therefore of reasonable debate - at least not in the way as are the (hopefully) more objectively based "Best Of" lists.

For example, my "favourite hard rock band" is not my pick for "best hard rock band" (not even top five). The same more or less applies to my "favourite hard rock guitarist," relative to my opinion of "best hard rock guitarist", and so on for most other hard rock categories.

As well (okay I lied about the above note being my final comment - feel free to "insert lawyer joke here"), while "spirited debate" is always healthy regarding such lists - rude, derogatory, disrepectful commentary serves to add little (if anything) constructive to the debate. Rather, I think it only serves to undernmine the credibility of persons who utilize such an approach to debate - and who otherwise may well have very valid insights to offer.

Anyway, as I am all out of wind (I know, "finally"), I shall not at this point offer any of my "Best Of Hard Rock" lists (bands, guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists, vocalists, front men, songs, riffs, albums, underrrated all, overrrated all, etc.) Rather, I welcome any others as may wish, to start the "Great Debate" anew - prefacing your list, or lists, with your "criteria for consideration" on any such list(s).

..And if by chance anyone wishes to make a case for Aretha Franklin being on a "hard rock" list, please go for it. The years, and countless concerts, have no doubt eroded a few million brain cells from my mind - but I like to think it still remains open to possibility.


Billy Branson responded 8 years ago: #576

The Top Ten Greatest Hard Rock Guitarist's of All Time

1. Jimmy Page
2. Eddie Van Halen
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Eric Clapton
5. Dimebag Darrell
6. Steve Vai
7. Carlos Santana
8. Kirk Hammett
9. Ted Nugent
10. Slash

Metal Maniac responded 8 years ago: #577

Yeah, fair comment. Good list, but I would maybe think take someone out and put in Marty Friedman of Megadeth. Just because he's so unique and amazing. And maybe Jason Becker. But I'm not sure who you'd take out to fit them in. The only one I haven't heard out of that list is Ted Nugent... maybe take out Clapton because he's blues (not hard rock).

Murray responded 8 years ago: #578

Re Patrick's thoughts above (March 19), right on man!!! I agree 100 percent - the two keys to any credible list are ensuring all on the list belong to the same musical genre, and that people be as objective (and civil) as possible when making their list choices and when critiquing others'.

Re Billy's list (hard rock guitarists, March 20), nice picks, man - all deserving of top 10 status. I would be interested however in how you rate Ritchie Blackmore.

Before answering - if you haven't heard them already - you may want to check out Blackmore's work on (that is, if you can find them) the British album releases of the Fireball, In Rock, and Machinehead (all of which, to my ear, are either different mixes than the U.S. releases, or are different recordings altogether).

As well, check out the song, "Son of Alerik" - an awesome, yet oh so subtle (something not all guitart greats do - or may even be capable of doing?) 10 minute guitar journey. (I think it was only released in the U.S. as the B-side to the Perfect Strangers single in 1984, but also shows up, I am told, on the Deep Purple "Century Masters" complilation CD.)

Anyway, as you clearly have a good appreciation for the genre, I am interested in your thoughts on hard rock's "Man in Black."



mike responded 8 years ago: #579

I like Kirk Cobain and I think he should be higher. He was amazingly influential and was [bleeping] awesome. No one will be as good as him.

dylan responded 8 years ago: #580

I am only 9 years old. The greatest band in the world is Led Zeppelin.

1. Led Zeppelin
2. The Beatles
3. AC/DC
4. The rolling stones.
5. U2

Maximus121 responded 8 years ago: #581

The Top 10 Rock Bands Of All Time.

1) Led Zeppelin
2) Pink Floyd
3) Nirvana
4) Metallica
5) Rolling Stones
6) Iron Maiden
7) GNR
8) Deep Purple
9) Black Sabbath
10) The Scorpions

Stretch responded 8 years ago: #582

The Top 10 Rock and Roll acts of all time. Here is my list.

1)The Beatles
2)The Rolling Stones
3)The Who
4)Jimi Hendrix
5)The Doors
7)Pink Floyd
9)Led Zeppelin

I believe that rock died around 1980. RIP.

JAKE S. responded 8 years ago: #583

SRV IS THE BEST!! NO QUESTION! Everybody is talking about Stairway to Heaven being the hardest song ever to play. Listen to rude mood and then look at the tab! The whole song is a solo that is 10x harder and faster than Stairway to Heaven, plus it is altogether in one rythym. SRV is the best.

QueenRocks Forever responded 8 years ago: #584

Heres my list of greatest bands and greatest vocals ever.

1. Queen
2. Metallica
3. AC/DC
4. Pink Floyd
5. Guns& Roses
6. Iron Maiden
7. Smashing Pumpkins
8. Pearl Jam
9. Kiss
10. Soundgarden

1. Freddie Mercury
2. James Hetfield
3. Axl Rose
4. Chris Cornell
5. Brian Johnson

Dylan P responded 8 years ago: #585

All aroung decent list, but THE MIGHTY led-Zeppelin should be first for the best rock band ever and best guitarist ever!!!
This would be my list for best Rock Guitarists.

1. Jimmy Page Led-Zeppelin
2. Slash Guns n Roses
3. Eddy Van Halen Van Halen
4. Brian May Queen
5. Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix
6. Ronnie Van Zant Lynard Skynard
7. David Gilmour Pink Floyd
8. Ritchie Blackmore Deep Purple
9. Kirk Hamnmet Metallica
10. Steve Vai Steve Vai

brian responded 8 years ago: #586

Dude,you put Kurt Cobain, James Hettfield, and a bunch of other guitarists who didn't even belong on the list on here, and Angus Young doesn't even deserve to be on here, and Brian May and Slash should not be that high, and Stevie Ray Vaughan should be in the ten definitely.

brian responded 8 years ago: #587

Greatest Guitarists
10.Joe Satriani
9.Michael Angelo Batio
8.Joe Perry
7.Johnnie Garcia
6.Jimmy Page
5.Steve Vai
3.Stevie Ray Vaughan
2.Eddie Van Halen
1.Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix he inspired so many and didn't have all the effects we have today, so that's why I put him at one.

Fred Just Fred !!! responded 8 years ago: #588

Led Zeppelin was not only the best band ever, but they where so far ahead of whoever was # 2.

GERMAN responded 8 years ago: #589

Ok, I might agree with some obviously greatest bands (Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepp, Pink Floyd, The Who, a. s.o.), but a few of them speak of "Influence" and almost no-one of "Talent; "Vision" and "Creation," so my list is an alternative list (Why we can choose of 10 when music have no limits?)

n + 1) Can
n + 2) Soft Machine
n + 3 ) Joy Division
...) Gong
..) Gentle Giant
..) Van der Graaf
..) The Residents
..) Brian Eno
..) Phillip Glass

Push the limits, rock is much more than a top 10 list.

Monster responded 8 years ago: #590

Most important is who came first, for he set the stage. After that, are many better players but none can compare to Terry Kath of Chicago. Shame on you for overlooking your hometown's most underrated monster. None, NOONE, can compare!

Patrick responded 8 years ago: #591

What the USA created in the fifties the British perfected in the sixties and seventies. The top five bands are all British -Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles, Floyd, Who. The Doors, AC\DC, Aerosmith, Rush, and Van Halen round out the list. Volume of great songs is the primary measure of a band's greatness and the ability to stand the test of time the standard for a great song. With the above in mind I find it hard to believe that the following bands (Velvet Underground, The Ramones, Sly and the Family Stone, Bob Marley, The Beach Boys, Earth, Wind & Fire, Buddy Holly, and Roxy Music) made the top 10 list as well as the 20 honorable mention bands (30 bands total). Yet AC\DC didn't even make honorable mention. AC\DC IS ROCK! What the [bleep] is Roxy Music? Sly and the Family Stone and Earth, Wind & Fire? Zeppelin and the Stones are Gods among boys, however.

Pat responded 8 years ago: #592

Zeppelin and the Stones Are Gods among boys, and AC\DC is the greatest pure hard rock band that wasn't even on the honorable mention list.

Joe responded 8 years ago: #593

Greatest Groups of all time

1. Ben Folds Five
2. Oasis
3. Modest Mouse
4. Nirvana
5. The Verve Pipe
6. Lazlo Bane
7. The Verve
8. Jimi Hendrix
9. The Who
10. AC/DC

Nicky 10lbs responded 8 years ago: #594

Well, it's got to be Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi. They thought of every classic riff in the book. So it has to be Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, mates.

nick responded 8 years ago: #595

Best bands:
Jimi Hendrix Exerience

Rich responded 8 years ago: #596

When it comes down to the best band ever, you'll have to admit, Alice In Chains is tops. The lyrics told a story of Lead singer Layne Staley's struggle with drugs and survival, Jerry's fathers experience with Vietnam (ROOSTER) and with Layne's unmatchable vocals and Jerry Cantrells trademark guitar licks, I believe you have one of the best, if not the best band and guitarist of all time. I agree they belong with the likes of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Nirvana and Kurt Cobain were overrated, though great. Check out NOTHING SAFE CD by AIC. You won't be disappointed!

FLOSYD responded 8 years ago: #597


Out of these DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is the world's biggest selling and standing in bill board chart for about 15 YEARS.
(you can check on Guiness worlds record book)


So, just think man, they have the best ALBUM & LYRICS & CONCERTS.!!!:)


Zeppelin #1 responded 8 years ago: #598

Led Zeppelin is the greatest Rock and Roll band of all time. They are as popular today as they were over 20 years ago.

Jimmy Page has brought more different styles of guitar playing than any other guitarist that ever lived. You have his session work with bands like the Kinks and Joe Cocker, the Yardbirds era, and the fact that almost every Zeppelin album has a different guitar sound to it.

While they are great, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and U2 are the most overated bands of all time.

I fully understand that Jimi Hendrix came out on several hits of LSD and made the craziest guitar sounds ever heard (at the time) and blew away everyone with the music he was playing (remember, these folks were listening to "I Want To Hold Your Hand," "For Your Love", and "California Girls" style playing up to this point). He get's credit for his inovation and style, but most of Hendrix playing sounds the same. He would be in my top 10 near the bottom, because to me "the best" rock guitarist would have to play several different styles and guitars and have different sounds.

The greatest album of all time: Pink Floyd "The Wall."

The greatest live album of all time: Pink Floyd "Is There Anybody Out There."

Taylor responded 8 years ago: #599

The Beatles are the most influential pop group of all time, most likely the greatest rock group and the most covered singer songwriters of all time, all at the same time. Who else can say that? Plus the Beatles broke ground for every great British rocker who came after them and people like Elvis and Chuck Berry could not compete with them artistically and commerically.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #600

To Zeppelin #1. U2 and Nirvana are in fact two of the most overrated groups of all time. But Hendrix wasn't overrated. He actually deserves the credit he receives. Unlike Cobain and The Edge.

Joe S responded 8 years ago: #601

Greatest groups of all time

1. Ben Folds Five
2. Oasis
3. Modest Mouse
4. Nirvana
5. The Verve Pipe
6. Lazlo Bane
7. The Verve
8. Jimi Hendrix
9. The Who
10. Matchbox 20

Mark responded 8 years ago: #602

I've listened to every band on all the lists provided, being an avid classical rock fan. Many examples of supergroups no doubt; a lot of phenomenal music out there. There will never be agreement on such a list because music is a personal, subjective experience. However, musically speaking, the best rock group ever is The Moody Blues. Emerson, Lake and Palmer also deserve mention. Whatever you listen to, enjoy!! Well, back to the piano...

Taylor responded 8 years ago: #603

I have to disagree on Jimmy Page having brought out the most styles or sounds in rock. I would give that to the Beatles. The Beatles introduced backward guitar solo and and twin backward guitar parts, and the 12-string Rickenbocker sound. There would be no Byrd's without The Beatles, popularized audio feedback, volume swell technique, sitar, tamboura drone, one of the first bands to use guitars through a leslie speaker a technique Page and Hendrix used frequently, backward feedback, bass through through a fuzz pedal, heavy distortion on Revolution, Indian style slide guitar playing, guitars through Direct Input, guitar drone, and so many others. I'm not putting down Page. He is the better guitarist, but Page was not the only one making new sounds in rock music.

wesley responded 8 years ago: #604

The Beatles #1, Led Zeppelin #2, and Pink Floyd #3.

Raphael responded 8 years ago: #605

Queen was the rock band that gave birth to the most known rock anthems and rock epic songs ("We Will Rock You," "We Are the Champions," "Stone Cold Crazy," "Another One Bite the Dust" etc..). From their first hit "Keep Yourself Alive" to their top "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the epic last songs "Innuendo" and "The Show Must Go On," Queen had continuously been teaching the musical world how rock music should be. How you can create something unique and techincally perfect by mixing the best of the available influences. Although The Beatles were the startpoint of rock music their sound was very boring and monotonous at times, and few of their songs have survived the test of time. Led Zeppelin, on the other hand, used a very hard and heavy rock sound that made it difficult to gain attention, and as a result only one song, their "Stairway to Heaven" is now widely known. Queen mixed up all those previous rock styles and created a bombastic, excessive at times, glam rock that is until now their trademark. Mercury’s voice and performances was something not ever found since then. Queen is #1.

Omar responded 8 years ago: #606

In my humble opinion:

1. Queen
2. Beatles
3. Led Zeppelin
4. Rolling Stones
5. Nirvana
6. Sex Pistols
7. Guns N Roses
8. The Who
9. The Kinks
10. The Police

Omar responded 8 years ago: #607

In my humble opinion:

1. Queen
2. Beatles
3. Led Zeppelin
4. Rolling Stones
5. Guns N Roses
6. Nirvana
7. Sex Pistols
8. Kinks
9. Pink Floyd
10. The Police

LZRocker responded 8 years ago: #608

First of all if you are gonna talk about vocals... You have to mention Robert Plant. Second if ur gonna mentions guitarists, then you can't include Cobain and Hammnet and leave out Townsend. Drummers would have to include Keith Moon and John Bonham. And lastly about the bands, most lists are close (in my opinion) of course will go with Led Zeppelin (no comparison). Some give there fav bands way to much credit, but then again who doesn't. Ultimately Nirvana and U2 are nowhere near the ranks of Zepplin, Stones, GnR and others .... thats my opinion. Someone made the comment that rock died in the 80s and they were dead on .... about 89 percent of all new rock sucks and the greatest bands of all time have already had their reign and that is the absolute truth!!!

Taylor responded 8 years ago: #609

Raphael, I would say the Beatles are the band most responsible for the transition from rock & roll to rock music, I listen to classic rock radio and the oldest music being played are the Beatles records and tunes like A Day In The Life, Strawberry Fields Forever still sound like nothing in rock music past or present. As for Led Zeppelin having one great song that is your opinion, but I doubt anyone would say Queen is more important than Led Zeppelin. One more point: go find one Queen song that approaches that amount of covers that Beatles songs like Yesterday or Something has received.

ukyjcucfyzy\,rj responded 8 years ago: #610


1. Jimi Hendrix
2. SRV
3. Billy Duffy
4. Johnny Marr
5. David Gilmour
6. EVH
7. Steve Vai
8. Jeff Healey
9. Kirk Hammett
10. Gary Moore

Then there's the like of Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Frank Zappa, James Hetfield, etc.

Fred Just Fred responded 8 years ago: #611

I agree with you guys, U2 is highly overated. That Lead singer Bono is what's overated about them. Also, Hendrix is not to me overated, but your right he didn't have any other styles. But he could play.

Guitar Worshiper responded 8 years ago: #612

You guys are retarded... Zakk Wylde and Dimebag were friends, they both worshiped Randy Rhoads because he was the best guitarist ever.

1. Randy Rhoads
2. Dimebag Darrell
3. Zakk Wylde
4. Eddie Van Halen
5. Slash

No Contest

Randy was the best guitarist ever, he wrote Crazy Train when he was 14 and died when he was young. Dime and Zakk are both amazing guitarists who were influenced by him. Van Halen wrote Eruption (voted best solo ever), and Slash who wrote many rock anthems like "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Sweet Child of Mine."

There are no one better then these five. Not even Hendrix, who couldnt play the guitar worth [bleep].

Claire responded 8 years ago: #613

Pearl Jam should have been mentioned. Eddie has an amazing voice and Mike McCready is a genius on guitar.

Alec responded 8 years ago: #614


Joe responded 8 years ago: #615

Oasis and Ben Folds are gods.

rick d responded 8 years ago: #616

Dude, you forgot to but Mr. Big up there. I mean come on, what about Paul Gilbert? No one can beat him at soloing.

that on guy responded 8 years ago: #617

Hendrix is horrible! He was so high on meth all the time that he ran out of places to shoot his heroin. He started injecting them threw his eye lids. He was so high all the time he didn't know what hes was playing. Page is so much better than Hendrix. Page played a dubble neck guitar and he played a guitar with a violin bow.

angus young responded 8 years ago: #618

I'm the best with Jimmy Page 'cause we're buds!

Armada360 responded 8 years ago: #619

If you think of it, Eddie Van Halen and the edge are really not that great. All they do is use 400$ effect boxes. When you think about it, the true sound of a rock guitar is AC/DC's Angus and Malcolm Young - no effects, no distortion, just amps put to 10!!!!!! And Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page were just too high to do anything truly out of the ordinary!

liam responded 8 years ago: #620

Top 3 bands: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath.
Top 3 guitarists: Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, Angus Young.
Top 3 songs: Stairway to Heaven, Back in Black, Eye of the Tiger.

John responded 8 years ago: #621

When asked, Jimi named Billy Gibbons the best guitar player he ever heard....but of course, that was a while back.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #622

Armada360 Said:

"If you think of it, Eddie Van Halen and the edge are really not that great. All they do is use 400$ effect boxes. When you think about it, the true sound of a rock guitar is AC/DC's Angus and Malcolm Young - no effects, no distortion, just amps put to 10!!!!!! And Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page were just too high to do anything truly out of the ordinary!"

Have you ever even heard eruption?!?!?!?! Angus Young is good, but couldn't replicate most of EVH's songs.

Sam responded 8 years ago: #623

Queen is the greatest band ever.

Queen Fan Forever responded 8 years ago: #624

HOW DARE YOU LEAVE OUT QUEEN!!HE'S SOOOOOOO EVIL!!! Queen was at least one of the greatest. How dare he leave them out.

Follix responded 8 years ago: #625

I would say

1.Pink Floyd
3.Led Zeppelin
5.Gun N roses
7.The Police
8.Iron Maiden

Zeppelin #1 responded 8 years ago: #626

I think there are several categories that a band must be great at to be concidered "The Best."

Some people here are saying a band is this and that because they had a great album or two. My personal two favorite bands are Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, however due to several factors I would have to have my "Best" list read something like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and from there on I would have to think about it and do some more research.

I love AC/DC and Queen, however two or three great albums don't make a band "The Best." Angus Young is a great guitarist and has some of the greatest rock guitar riffs ever, however he would not be in my top 10. By the way, AC/DC "Back In Black" is one of the greatest albums ever made.

I get it that Nirvana came at a time were a change was really needed and they had a couple of really great albums;, however they would be lucky to make it in my top 50 rock groups.

Guns N Roses would have been in the top 10 if they had been around longer. Like Hendrix, Randy Roads, and Nirvana, we can say that they could have been even better and could have been around for several more years if the bands didn't "end' for various reasons, but the bottom line is they were only around for a short time. Imagine what Zeppelin could have done if they didn't "end' in 1980?

Gluark responded 8 years ago: #627

The Beatles top it for me, then comes Zeppelin, Floyd, the Doors, Queen, etc.

George responded 8 years ago: #628

I think rock died in 1980 with the deaths of John Lennon, the official end of the Beatles ever getting back to together, and the death of John Bonham the end of Led Zeppelin. Those two bands are the most influential bands ever. It would be hard to argue otherwise.

Zepping responded 8 years ago: #629

Led Zeppelin was a far superior band rock to most.

Jimmy Page is like Jimi Hendrix on fire playing with such speed and precesion you think he might just blow up on the spot. On songs like Stairway and Dazed and Confused there is no denying of how well he plays. His two headed Gibson is legendary switching from 12 to 6 string. Same with his bowing with a chelo bow (I'm right I got my facts).

Robert Plant is a freaking air siren while singing. Whole Lotta Love is a perfect example the crowd would just go nuts once he does his fake orgasm. I guess he's that good.

John Bonham aka the beast because of his temper while being drunk. (Page and Plant loved calling him that because it only seems to pent up his rage). Bonham didn't have drum sticks he had Tree Trunks. He was able to preform the triplet with feet that earned him alot of respect; he also hit his drums with such force and volocity he didn't even damage them. His drumming was godly during Moby Dick; he was truly the best drummer of all time.

Now John Paul Jones was a wierd one. He could of easily been the worst for drugs and alcahol instead he just went off and did his own thing. He was a very good bassist? His preformance in No Quarter was awe inspiring. I don't know alot about Paul, sorry.

All in all Led Zeppelin is one of the best.

ACDC is way overrated. I still like them but Black 'N Black is not as great as people think. Same with Queen's We will Rock You. Not a great rock anthem. It doesn't bring out the true meaning of rock. Rock and Roll by Led Zepp is a perfect fit for rocks anthem.

The Zepp Band members hate being called metal, heavy metal. Their Genres are rock, blues, and country.

Joe responded 8 years ago: #630

No one is better than Oasis or Ben Folds.

rockergirl responded 8 years ago: #631

I think in vocalists Axl Rose should go higher up... He has a perfect voice for rock, but then again it's all about people's tastes.

Just my opinion responded 8 years ago: #632

The truth is that Robert Johnson is the greatest guitarist of all time. He was the ultimate guitar player of the delta, combining all the emotion and technique of the musicians that he saw and the musicians that he heard on records to create the powerful and enduring soulfulness that raveged his compositions. Without this passionate and powerfull blues men, you would not have the same image, and creativity of his predecessors that still ramble through our minds to this day. Robert Johnson is the one of the many great delta bluesman who put the idea of creative expression into the mind of Muddy Waters and all those other great Chicago electric bluesmen, who put the idea into Chuck Berry one of the early inovators of rock n roll, who put the idea in the minds of the Rolling Stones, The YardBirds, and Jimi Hendrix, who put the idea in the minds of Eddie VanHalen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Slash. So without Robert Johnson are any other of the great delta bluesmen the guitar and rock and roll for that matter would not be in the form we know and love today.

Greatest Rock Guitarist of all time

1.Robert Johnson
2.Jimi Hendrix
3.Stevie Ray Vaughan
4. Eddie Van Halen
5.Eric Clapton
6.Lightnin Hopkins (bet none of you ever heard of him)
7.Chuck Berry
8.Jimmy Page
9.Duan Allman
10.Kirk Hammett

Joe responded 8 years ago: #633

All other artists are not good, they all should be put into a huge blender and diced up so only the gods of rock and roll, Ben Folds and Oasis, can take their rightful spot at the top of rock and roll.

Joe responded 8 years ago: #634

John Lennon deserved to be shot.

Dan responded 8 years ago: #635

Someone of the people who says that Queen don't rock. Have you listen to albums Queen/Queen II/Sheer Heart Attack? And one point: America & Canada is not the world. Abba is one of the most (maybe the most) selling bands of the world (Pop? yes). Maybe Queen has no covers (have you hear Blind Guardian versions?) but...

ZEPFAN_007 responded 8 years ago: #636

Okay, Hendrix was good, but not better than Page. And if you want honnorable mentions, let's go with the guy that Jimmy Page himself has seen in concert and liked.... Jack White of the whitestripes is not the best ever or anywhere near the top 10 or 50, but still really good. Listen to Ball and Biscut live or Death Letter or Jack the Ripper. The guy's got talent.

Javier from Spain responded 8 years ago: #637

The #1 sport in the world is football soccer and United States hates it; the same with Queen. Led Zeppelin sold more records than Queen in U.S. but Queen sold more records worldwide than Led Zeppelin. Queen and The Beatles are the the only bands that have more than 18 number 1 hits Worldwide. Some of the musicians that have cited Queen as an biggest influence include: Ben Folds Five, Blind Guardian, Def Leppard, Extreme, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Guns N' Roses, Kansas, Metallica, George Michael, Marilyn Manson, Kaiser Chiefs, Muse, Mika, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, Nine Inch Nails, Panic! At The Disco, The Smashing Pumpkins, Van Halen,Styx,Judas Priest,Iron Maiden and Sweet (this list include the most important bands of the 80's, 90's and today!!!). Queen have many covers. Chemical Romance cover "Under Pressure", Green Day "We are The Champions", Metallica "Stone Cold Crazy", Iron Maiden "We Will Rock You", SymphonyX "Prophet Song", Etc.

***I live in Argentina and Spain. In this two countries Queen are considered Rock Gods. In Spain Queen is the best selling band ever and in Argentina are more popular than The Beatles. (Argentina and Spain Know nothing about Led Zeppelin). Like Dan said, the "United States is not the world." Many Spanish rock bands cover and are influenced by Queen.

Queen composed music that drew inspiration from many different genres of music. Among the genres they have been associated with are: arena rock, dance/disco, glam rock, hard rock, heavy metal, pop rock, progressive rock, and psychedelic rock. Queen also wrote songs that were inspired by genres that are not or barely associated with rock, such as country, ragtime, and folk. They also experimented with rock-genres such as punk rock and speed metal, amongst others.

Angus responded 8 years ago: #638

What about Angus Young? Kurt kobain was terrabile- the tab for his songs ( smells like teen spirit ) are immposibble to read! No respect to Motorhead, Lightin Hopkins,Kurt Hamett Here's my list:
1. Hendrix
2. Eric Klampton
3. Peter Frampton
4. Angus Young ACDC
5. Slash
6. Eddie Van Halen
8. Jimmy Page
9. Ted Nugent
1. ACDC- best album ever
2. Led Zepplin- all around greatness
3. Black Sabbath- still rockin without Ozzy
4. Queen- King of rock
5. Guns and Roses- Slash&Axl are one of the best tandems of singer guitarists ever
6. Nirvana- Lead singer of Fo Fighters was their drummer
7.Stix- i'm a Chicago native!
8. Pink Floyd- good band?
9.The Police- send it on an SOS
10. KISS- makeup doesn't help the music
11. Van Halen- one of the best guitarists ever
12. Sex Pistols
13. Motorhead- The ACe of Spades
14. Aerosmith- all around good
15. Lamb of God- good music, deduction for insane ideas

1.Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution ACDC
2.Free Bird Lynard Skynard
3.Iron Man Black Sabbath
4.Bohemain Rapsody Queen
5.London Calling The Who
6.Paradise City Guns&Roses
7.Crazy Train Ozzy Osborne

Bob responded 8 years ago: #639

About the top guitarist list, John Lennon said it himself. Rick Nielson is better than Clapton.

zeppelinrules responded 8 years ago: #640

Hey, Zeppelin is way better than 6th. And who the heck is Velvet and the Undergrounds? I've listened to tons of rock and I've never even heard of them. No way a band that's never played is better than Zeppelin. Only band better than Zeppelin was the Beatles.

Andrew Linden responded 8 years ago: #641

Ok I think Olsen got close:
Im a rock historian and musician.
The Beatles & the Rolling Stones are together tied for first. Everything else doesn't matter and you can fight until you are blue in the face. Hendrix, Zepp, Who, U2, Floyd,, all come after the two biggest acts of all time. Beatles & Stones have had a major cultural impact on music if it wasn't for them their would be no Zepps and Who's. If you combine all the great songs written by Jagger Richards & Lennon McCartney, I would think that the other bands would look absolutely ridiculous.

Also, those other artists do NOT have the dynamic that these 2 artists have. Personally, they are not my all time favorite bands, but historically, Mccartney is considered by 99.9% of musicians the greatest writer of all time. The Rolling Stones have been considered the Greatest Rock & Roll band of all time consistently, and still put new music out and consistently beat out all rivals when it comes to concert sales. They are a phenomenom. So anyone arguing over who's the best, start with #3. the Stones and Beatles occupy the first 2 slots.

Hewhomustnotbenamed responded 8 years ago: #642

The top 10 Rock bands of all time are Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix expierience [it was a band], AC/DC, Kiss, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, the Who, Metallica, Van Halen. Some of them didn't even make your list. You don't know what you're talking about.

Hewhomustnotbenamed responded 8 years ago: #643

Your guitarists are a little better. Here's mine..............Jimi, Angus Young, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, and Chuck Berry.

slowhand responded 8 years ago: #644

John Mayer is climbing the list for guitarists just so everyone knows, but the top 3 go in this order.

1. Jimi
2. Clapton
3. Jimmy

As far as bands...
1. Beatles
2. Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band

sweed responded 8 years ago: #645

Listen to his work on Murmur, Out of Time and Monster, and then tell me why Peter Buck is not on this list? His ability to evade being a one-dimensional rock guitarist and still bring cutting-edge goods for 10+ years during REM's prime may only be rivaled by Clapton. That fact that he was never into showmanship (live or in the studio) should not be counted against him. The dude was simply brilliant!

ashley responded 8 years ago: #646

I'm glad Jimmy Hendrix is on the list i think he deserves it. angus young should be higher on the list and as for Kurt Cobain he should be higher on the list to he was a great guitarist ive seen him perform and he was great he started a revolution he deserves mor credit he singled handedly chandged rock and roll forever. I'm not a big fan of Nirvana but they should be in the top 3.

Coach responded 8 years ago: #647

Maybe I have been sheltered or maybe I really have keen ear for great guitar music. I just cannot believing in GOD's good green Earth ther are five better guitar playes that the following..1) Eric Clapton 2) Carlos Santana 3)Don Felder $0 George Harrison 5) Joe Walsh. No amount of discussion can dethrone these guys....think about it..have you ever heard better? I think not!

Jamie Leighton responded 8 years ago: #648

I would like to put Terry Kath of Chicago as one of the all time greats. Others that are underrated include Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Neal Schon of Journey, Kenny Wayne Shephard, Dave Mason, Paul Simon, Pete Townsend, Johnny Cash, Randy Bachman, and Alex Lifeson of Rush. People ignore great pop guitarist, in favor of the loud heavy metal ones. Loud doesn't always mean better.

Jamie Leighton responded 8 years ago: #649

Of underrated rock bands - I have to say that REO Speedwagon, The Rascals, The Buckinghams, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, The Jam, Collective Soul, Bachman, Turner, Overdrive, Jethro Tull, Asia, Simon and Garfunkel, Foreigner, Joe Jackson, Kansas, Molly Hatchet, and many other rock groups are highly neglected in their rankings.

jamie leighton responded 8 years ago: #650

Two things that have changed positively is Internet and records practically for nil. I am finding all kinds of artists that I never heard about 20 - 30 years ago. There are too many artists to list from too many genres. I would add Jeff Beck and Johnny Winter as great guitarists. From the 70s, I would definitely add Billy Joel. Billy Joel had great albums, like Piano Man and The Entertainer. Crazy Horse with Neil Young was good. The group that did all the Young Dudes with David Bowie is amazing. Mountain was amazing. In the 80s, there was New Order. New Order is an entity of itself. It made the Manchester scene. They had their own record label, and they were/are geniuses with the synthisizer sound. I also like Simple Minds, The Cult, Ministry, The Pet Shop Boys, and OMD. OMD's early stuff was amazing. I heard this Australian group Jet. They are amazing. The singer sounds like the singer from Great White, but has 10 times the voice.

Jamie Leighton responded 8 years ago: #651

I also agree with the poster about The Who. I think that Pete Townsend is a genius, and I loved The Who. Ditto, for the Kinks. A lot forget that the Kinks did great stuff during the 70s and 80s, not just the 60s.

Nick Z. responded 8 years ago: #652

Personally... I think Pink Floyd should be number 1 band and David Gilmour should be number guitarist... have you ever listened to Comfortably Numb and never got the chills or listened to Wish You Were Here and cry?? Or feel relaxed to high hopes or out of your body when listening to Marooned...their songs were not about sex or money (besides the one song money, haah) but they were more than words... everyone in some way could connect to their words and not ever feel alone because they know exactly how you one really stops to think deeply about Pink Floyd but only think of the prism and the colors out the other end... and in concert they are probably the most amazing band to ever see... another band I think is Lynyrd Skynyrd. Even though they are hick, their music in some way is like how I explained Pink Floyds... each of their songs is a story and a different feeling.

-also to mr. andrew linnen... Pink Floyd and the Beatles recorded down the hall in the same studio from each other in the early days, so with out the Beatles there would still be floyd... and thank God no one said anything about the Doors cause their music is horrible... but that's just me.

harley responded 8 years ago: #653

Hey, people, can you please give me your opinions on who the best guitarist is 'cos this is only 1 opion, that Hendrix is the best. Tell me who you think is....tell me on my msn,

Cheers, Harley

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #654

Hey, moo, shut up, just shut up. Do you honestly think the Cult and the Smiths are better than Led Zeppelin? I mean that's not even close. You add the bands influence creativity, popularity, and what they've done for rock and roll, and they dont even stand close to Zeppelin. The only band that beats Zeppelin is the Beatles. You can't just say they own and have no reasons to back it up, and Page is number two, not SRV, he died in his prime, before he even really demonstrated what he was capable of, and what he did demonstrate was only mildly impressive.

Chris Cornell responded 8 years ago: #655

And Jamie Leighton, the only bands that are under-rated really that you mentioned are probably Collective Soul and Foreigner. The Buckinghams were absolutely terrible by the way. And are you people forgetting this list is not just about Who's the "best" if you had no influence then how can you say you're the best, you have to do something for rock and roll, not just have maybe a hundred thousand casual fans.

Nick Z. responded 8 years ago: #656

All of us can argue and argue about who is the best... from punk to Elvis, all through the years everyone has attributed great music (except for that emo cr*p) but everyone has created something that fits each of us... each guitarist has there own style... you can't compare Jimmy Hendrix to Eric Clapton or David Gilmour to Joe Perry... why don't we all just agree that rock is the best music and not forget who made it what it is?

Alberto Aguilera responded 8 years ago: #657

Axl Rose is one of the greatest singers of all time. Axl and Slash are the best combonation since Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Guns n' Roses 4LIFE.

Tony responded 8 years ago: #658

Stevie Ray Vaughn is number 19? NINETEEN??? And Eddie Van Halen isn't even in the top 5?? This list was obviously made from image and NOT raw guitar talent. That can be the only explanation for the likes of James Hetfield, Slash, and Kurt Cobain even being on that list.

One word = BOGUS!!

Michael responded 8 years ago: #659

2)The Beatles
3)Led Zepplin
4)Jimi Hendrix Expierience
6)The Who
7)Rolling Stones
8)Lynyrd Skynard
9)Black Sabbath
10)The Clash

Oliver Closeoff responded 8 years ago: #660

I dont care what you people or anyone else says, Slash is the best there ever was and ever will be. It is a complete outrage that Slash wasn`t rated number one on this list and wasn't even mentioned on the other. Slash could and still can do anything just as well if not better than anyone else.

No1 Queen fan responded 8 years ago: #661

Queen are the greatest band of all time with the greatest singer of all time but the greatest guitarist is Yngwie Malmsteen. The guy is so fast. Brian May is still in my top ten guitarists though. My top ten goes like this.

1. Yngwie Malmsteen
2. Steve Vai
3. Joe Satriani
4. Brian May
5. Steve Lukather
6. Nuno Bettencourt
7. Slash
8. Eric Clapton
9. Paul Gilbert
10. John Petrucci

Miran responded 8 years ago: #662

Hallo folk,

My list:

AC/DC (with Bon Scott)
Black sabbath
AC/DC (with Brian Johnson)
The Doors
Pink floyd
Rolling Stones
Iron Maiden
Jimmy Hedrix Expierience
The Cure
Van Halen

Bruno responded 8 years ago: #663

DAM "best ever lists." I'm not gonna listen to music from band that I don't like, even when they are in top ten. I like listening to Fleetwood Mac with, their stunning guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, and they are not noticed at all.

Keith responded 8 years ago: #664

The best bands, for mr, are:

10-Guns n' Roses
9-The Doors
8-The Who
7-Led Zeppelin
6-The Ramones
5-Pink Floyd
3-The Rolling Stones
2-The Beatles

Jack responded 8 years ago: #665

I don't see Buckethead or Paul Gilbert. They have soul, speed, rthymic tecnique and passion. I think they should be on there.

HasH responded 8 years ago: #666

What the [bleep] have you done to those lists?? They are both shocking! The top guitarists list is a shambles! Hetfield, Hammett and Cobain should be no where near the top 20. And why have you not had the brains to put JOHN PETRUCCI in the list. HE IS THE BEST GUITARIST AROUND TODAY, followed closely by Vai and Satriani.

JoSh responded 8 years ago: #667

666 comments! I'm not a satanist or anything but... like the Iron Maiden song. "Six... Six Six... The number of the beast!

Keenan responded 8 years ago: #668

I agree with the lists questions asked ritchie blackmore should have been in there somewhere. O yea, and no question the best guitarists are


Lazarus responded 8 years ago: #669

for bands... what about phish? not many bands can compare to their following.

my opinions

Best guitarists

1. Hendrix
2. Allman
3. Clapton
4. Petrucci
5. SRV
6. Gilmour
7. Page
8. Trey Anastasio
9. Eddie Van Halen
10. Santana

Best Drummers

1. Carter Beauford
2. John Bonham
3. Mitch Mitchell
4. Neil Pert
5. Keith Moon
6. Danny Carey (Tool)
7. Stanton Moore (Galactic)
8. Ginger Baker
9. Jon Fishman
10. Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater)

Best Bassists

1. Victor Wooten
2. John Entwistle
3. Mike Gordon
4. Flea
5. P-Nut (311)
6. Rob Derhak (moe.)
7. Paul McCartney
8. Berry Oakley
9. Phil Lesh
10. Jack Bruce

Best Bands

1. Led Zeppelin
2. Pink Floyd
3. The Beatles
4. Phish
5. Derek and the Dominos
6. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
7. The Doors
8. Cream
9. Tool
10. Grateful Dead
11. Black Sabbath
12. AC/DC
13. Lynrd Skynrd
14. The Allman Brothers
15. The Who
16. Metallica (before Load)
17. Rush
18. Nirvana
19. Guns and Roses
20. Van Halen

Marcus Oliver responded 8 years ago: #670

No, no, no, no! Without a doubt, the greatest guitarist is
Glen Campbell. Sound strange? He can play rings around the lot.

Amber responded 8 years ago: #671

Regardless of what "Tony" says, Kurt Cobain definitely deserves to be on this list. He was amazing.

Kaz responded 8 years ago: #672

What's this list? Where is Queen? No singer can entertain like Fredie on stage!! Why aren't Michel Schenker and Ritchie Blackmore in the list!! What are people listening to?

zfghsdtystytrtr responded 8 years ago: #673

To Chris Cornell, get over Led Zeppelin. SRV would rape Jimmy Page without even trying; any good guitarist will tell you that Page's licks are easy to play. The Smiths were the most influential band of the eighties, so if it's influence you're talking about...and who gives a [bleep] about that? Robert Johnson has had more influence than Page could dream of, but does that make him better? No. The Cult pwn Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin are lame compared to The Cult.

Oh, and btw, name me ten classic Jimmy Page guitar solos.

fanofthefab4ab4 responded 8 years ago: #674

It's unreal to me that nobody said anything about what Joe in a post way above said about John Lennon deserved to be shot! That is so sick and cruel. John Lennon was an extremely talented singer and song writer who is generally regarded as one of the best, along with Paul McCartney, of the 20th century! John was an innocent person killed by a crazy obessed John Lennon fan! The guy who killed him had been a huge Beatles fan since he was a teenager and John was his favorite Beatle, and he used to play Beatles songs on his guitar wearing an army jacket like John used to wear in the early 1970's. He signed his name John Lennon and thought he was him, he married a Japanese woman just because John did, etc. He even met John's then five-year-old son Sean the day before he killed John and he said in an interview that he was the cutest little boy he ever saw and didn't even consider he wouldn't have a father anymore!

fanofthfab4 responded 8 years ago: #675

I also wanted to add,that this terrible sick cruel Joe's post should never have been aproved on here! And for his sick, ignorant information. Oasis, especially Liam and Noel Gallagher, have said they are big John Lennon and Beatles Fans! Nobody deserves to be innocently walking to their appartment and have a lunatic shoot 5 bullets into their back, especially John Lennon! How would you like it if some crazy stalking fan shot and killed Liam Gallagher?! Of couse he's not nearly as great as John Lennon either!

greg responded 8 years ago: #676

I don't know if anybody has already said this because I don't want to read through hundreds of comment, but I will say that everybody (and i mean everybody) has their own specific taste in music. Just because one person believes that Page is the best guitarist ever doesn't mean that somebody else might think that Clapton is better. It is all a matter of taste. I PERSONALLY believe that Allen Collins (Skynyrd) is one of the better guitar players of his era and out of all of the lists of "best guitar players ever," he is nowhere near even the top 50. The Freebird solo is one of the best guitar solo's ever IN MY OPINION. Whoever wrote this article and all of the people out there who try to make "best guitar players ever" lists are asking for people to complain that their favorite player is not on there. It is useless to even try because no matter what anybody says there will be people who bitch and complain.

While I am commenting, I might just add that putting Bob Marley and the Wailers on the best "rock" bands ever is extremely retarded.

Nande responded 8 years ago: #677

I think slash sucks, he's not so good. I'd rather choose Kirk Hammet or James Hetfield. Metallica kills 'em all.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #678

I wanted to add that on a fan site for the rock group Yes called They have a topic going on since 2004. Are The Beatles Overrated? And 74 1/2 percent answered the first option - No. How Dare You Question Their Greatness! One Yes fan recently posted, "What a stupid question. Is the greatest band of all time overrated? [Bleep] no, he said! Another Yes fan quoted him and said exactly! Another 29-year-old Yes fan, quoted his own post from over a year before saying he thought The Beatles were overrated, and calling himself lame for saying it, and said he now loves The Beatles! Another Yes fan said, was Beethoven overrated too then?

Joe Chris Desper responded 8 years ago: #679

Best Guitarists
1. Rory Gallagher
2. Blackmore
3. Page
4. May
5. Hendrix
6. Malmsteen
7. Satriani
8. Ray Vaughn
9. Iommi
10. Slash

Best Vocalists
1. Dio
2. Coverdale
3. Cooper
4. Plant
5. Gillan
6. BonJovi
7. Tyrner
8. Rose
9. Waters
10. Andersson

Best Bassists
1. Daisley
2. Jones
3. Glover
4. Butler
5. Hughes
6. Simpler
7. Waters
8. Such
9. Burton
10. McKaughan

Best Drumers
1. Powell
2. Paise
3. Bonham
4. Ulrich
5. Winny Appice
6. Carmin Appice
7. Ward
8. Torres
9. Sorum
10. Grohl

Best Hard Rock Bands
1. Black Sabbath
2. Nirvana
3. Dio
4. Rainbow
5. Guns N Roses
6. Iron Maiden
7. BonJovi
8. Velvet Revolver
9. Led Zeppelin
10. Metallica

diego gitar hero responded 8 years ago: #680

No way, this is awuful. Guns n Roses (1987_1993) is the best band all times, and the best guitar player is Slash of course.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #681

The Beatles are # 1 on Acclaimed which complies many reviews by all different rock critics from decades,Queen is # 113! To Roger,Brian,Raphael, to say that The Beatles are boring and only a few of their songs hold up today,well this is totally untrue! The Beatles Athology Cd's went to # 1 all around the world soon after they came out 25 years after The Beatles broke up! And I heard a rock radio DJ say that 40% of the people buying them were teenagers.And The Beatles 1 CD also went to # 1 soon after it came out around the world 30 years after they broke up and many young people bought this too! And The Beatles Love CD also went to the top of the charts 36 years after they broke up! And there are a lot of teen and college age Beatles fans on Rate Your Music where many young guys list The Beatles as one of their favorite artists,and quite a few list them as The Greatest Rock Band Ever! And Last where there are mostly college age people,The Beatles have over 2,000 members of their fan group including from otjer countries,The Rolling Stones have about 85 fan members! And The Beatles are often the # 1 listened to music artists on there! And there are also many teen and college age fans on Beatles fan sites,John Lennon fan sites,Paul McCartney fan sites including his official site,and on George And this is because like Beethoven, The Beatles made great diverse quality timeles music! The Beatles are also rated the # 1 Greatest Rock Band on a major music review site called,Digital and there are many musicians on here. John and Paul are tied at #1 Greatest Rock Song Writers,and Paul McCartney is # 8 out over 100 Greatest Rock Bass Player Bill Wynman is # 95! George Harrison is # 54 Greatest Guitar Players out of 200,and Ringo Starr is # 47 Greatest Drummers and Charlie Watts is # 53! John and Paul are also on The Greatest Rock Singers List. And on a recent online Rolling Stone Magazine Poll,John Lennon and Paul McCartney are voted # 1 Greatest Rock Song Writers beating Keith Richards and Mick Jagger again! And to Roger who claimed The Beatles never single handedly did anything, many great knowledgeable posters on here including me who gave *many* strong examples of how truly innovative,creative and prolific John and Paul were so this is totally inaccurate and ignorant! And to Brian who said that The Beatles mostly sounded the same but The Rolling Stones made different sounding records,it's totally the other way around! It's The Rolling Stones who mostly stuck to the same sound except when they tried to copy The Beatles great Sgt.Pepper album with their bad imitation Satanic Majesties Request album! And The Beatles always made different sounding songs,and albums from the next! Rubber Soul a folk rock album, sounds nothing like A Hard Day's Night,and even the Help album which came out earlier the same year,and Sgt.Pepper a psychedelic rock album sounds nothing like those albums,and The White album is so different from all of them etc! Also in the recent anniversary issue of Rolling Stone Magazine,Bob Dylan said that he is in awe of Paul McCartney's talent as a singer,music composer,his melodies,and that he can play any instrument! He said he's the only one he's in awe of,and he said there were no better singers than John Lennon and Paul McCartney!

Annette responded 8 years ago: #682

Hey, fab4fan, the only group in the Songwriters Hall of Fame is Queen. The band are also the only group in which every member has composed more than one chart-topping single.

According to The Guinness Book of World Records, Queen albums have spent a total of 1,422 weeks, or 27 years, on the United Kingdom album charts; more time than any other musical act, including The Beatles and Elvis Presley. Also in 2005, with the release of their live album with Paul Rodgers, Queen moved into third place on the list of acts with the most aggregate time spent on the British record charts.

According to The Guinness Book of World Records, Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest song ever.

In 2006, the Greatest Hits album was found to be Ireland and United Kingdom's all-time best selling album, with sales upwards of 5,407,587 copies, over 604,295 more copies than its nearest competitor, The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Their Greatest Hits II album came in seventh with sales upwards of 3,631,321 copies.

Queen has also been cited as a major influence on the "neo-classical metal" genre by Swedish-American guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.

*In 2007, their Greatest Hits I & II was the #1 most downloaded album on iTunes in North America.

Please, fab4fan, hear the song from the Queen's album "Night at the opera" with the title "Prophet Song" - it's a masterpiece!!!

Stephen responded 8 years ago: #683

Joe Chris Desper, pretty good list. I would have done mine differently, but everyone has an opinion and what's that to you? However, I feel the need to correct a couple FACTual errors on the list. Axl Rose should NEVER be placed on any list of talented singers - his voice makes me cringe when he sings the opening line of Sweet Child. Just because he can sing high and strong does not mean he sings well (which is disappointing because Guns n Roses is such a great band). Furthermore, creating a top vocalists list should always involve placing Freddie Mercury at the top. There is no question that the man is the most phenominal vocalist I have ever heard. He used his voice like an instrument - he didn't just sing. If your list measures talent and having studied the art of good singing for years, I can honestly say that your list of vocalists requires revision.

fab4fan responded 8 years ago: #684


The Recording Industry Association of America lists The Beatles as The Biggest Selling Music Artists of All Time! Not Queen! Queen is # 113 on Acclaime The Beatles are rightfully # ! It doesn't matter that all members of Queen are in the Song Writers Hall of Fame because John Lennon and Paul McCartney were such singer song writing genuises, they didn't need any other members to be as brilliant, although George Harrison was an additional very talented song writer and musician too! I don't know of any good music professors teaching music courses on what brilliant song composers Queen were, but there are many including award-winning music composer and conducter Dr. Glen Gass at Indiana University are teaching what brilliant song composers John Lennon and Paul McCartney were! And I never heard Brilliant composer and conducter Leonard Bernstein say Queen were the most brilliant song composers of the 20th century but he said it about John Lennon and Paul McCartney! I have never heard Ozzy Osbourne say that he thinks Queen Are The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth, but he said The Beatles Are The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth and called Paul McCartney a genuis in a 2002 online Bender Magazine interview! I have never heard Elton John and Brian Wilson say Queen are the greatest song composers of the 20th century but they both said this on TV interviews about John Lennon and Paul McCartney! Brian May himself is big Beatles/John Lennon fan and said so on his own blog months back! Billy Joel and Phil Collins also say how great The Beatles music is, and what brilliant song composers John and Paul were! And you are wrong, that only all members of Queen had top song hits, all 4 Beatles had solo hit songs even Ringo! And Paul McCartney has been in The Guiness Book of World Records since the Fall of 1979 as The Most Successful and covered music composer of all time! The Beatles are also the most covered music artists ever with everyone from classical, rock, jazz, pop, Motown and even heavy metal music artists recording their music! There was a recent heavy metal tribute CD called, Butchering The Beatles! The 1992 Rolling Stone Album Guide gives Queen a bad review and didn't give any Queen albums even 4 stars and gave many 2 and only a few 3 stars and says, Excessive, decadent, theatrical, ironic, self-concious Queen lived up to it's moniker with a gleeful abandon and that it could only have happened in the 70's. But in the group's prime, guitarist Brian May and irrepressible lead singer Freddie Mercury provide a steady flow of bombasticlly catchy shlock-rock hits. They also say that everyone else should proceed with caution buying Queen's albums because their albums are so emblematic of their time that even their Greatest Hits sound dated. In an interview called,Charlie Watts The Drinking Man's Rolling Stone that used to be online with Rolling Stone's drummer Charlie Watts from a 1973 Magazine called, Zig Zag, he says The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are similar as people, and he said what made The Beatles so great is they made one great single and one great album after the next!

Justïce Carranza responded 8 years ago: #685

Where is Queen? They are living, breathing rock music! Imagine, no "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" at footbal games. No biggest concert of all time (Wembley Stadium). Wayne's World wouldn't be cool. These guys were so versatile to go from opera, to metal, to disco. How can you not put them on here?

danny responded 8 years ago: #686

In my opinoin, Kurt Cobain shouldn't have been in the list at all because he sucks. My favorite guitarists are Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jerry Cantrell, Slash, David Gilmoor, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Warren Demartine. Those are my favorites. There are a lot of more guitarists that I like, but that's all I can think about right now. I really don't think Alice in Chains should have been categorized in grunge because they had a darker sound then most grunge bands.

Best vocals:

.Robert Plant
.Bruce Dickonson
.Layne Stanley
.Chris Cornell
.Rob Alfrod
.Bon Scot: Brian Johnson
.Axel Rose


Iron maiden
Ozzy both solo and sabbath
Van halen
Guns and roses
Alice in chains
Alice Cooper

ACDC im not catagorizing these because their all awesome.

connor responded 8 years ago: #687

None of the people on this forum have any idea what they are talking about. Trying to decide, and furthermore convince others who the best rock band is, is similar to trying to name the best food. It is immpossible because the thing with music (and food) is that whatever sounds good to you is the best to you. Others may feel the same, but if they don't, it doesn't matter

Johnny responded 8 years ago: #688

I don't care. Johnny Marr is THE best guitarist ever. Even he can't play what he comes up with. No one can be influenced by his music because it's so complex and melodical. Rory Gallagher is also under mentioned here. Jimi Hendrix voted Gallagher second to himself as the best guitarists. And Robby Krieger is under mentioned too. As for Duane Allman, Chuck Berry and all them old guys, they know nothing about good guitar playing. They are not even rock-like.

Wim responded 8 years ago: #689

Rory Gallagher is for me the best guitarist.


There is no better live guitarist that played better on stage than in a studio, always different solo's, one of the best slide guitarists, and had always great shows, some more than three hours.

I have seen him several times live and those concerts O remember the best of all the other bands I have seen.

Wim, Holland.

Lebron responded 8 years ago: #690

I don't like the Beatles because his voices sounds like a chipmunks or crickets, wrote too many girly pop songs, and are very bad musicians. The Beatles are only the first rock band ever, and that the only reason to be so influentials. I am musician and all Beatles songs are very easy to play or cover.

The Rolling Stone magazine and The Grammys know nothing about heavy metal or hard rock music; Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, AC/DC and many hard rock bands never won a grammy and in rare occasions are mentioned in the Rollig Stone magazine. Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, U2, The Police and many pop artists won various grammys and have many articles in the Rollig Stone magazine.

My list

2)Frank Zappa
3)Led Zepplin
4)Jimi Hendrix Expierience
6)The Who
7)Rolling Stones
8)Lynyrd Skynard
9)Black Sabbath
10)Pink Floyd

Robin responded 8 years ago: #691

I attended Shea Stadium's concert for peace in 1970. I cannot find a full list of all the performers who played that day. It was a spectacular show with Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. I think Creedence Clearwater was there, but I don't remember all the groups. I remember when Richie Havens sang "Freedom," they had to stop the performance and ask the audience not to jump in unison because they were not certain if the stadium was strong enough to support the jumping. Please respond to my e-mail address if you can retrieve this information. Thank you.

Robin Hurtt responded 8 years ago: #692

Does anyone know the names of all the bands who played at Shea Stadium's Concert for Peace in August 1970? I remember Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, Richie Havens, and Paul Simon. I think Dion Warwick sang. I can't remember them all, but it was one great concert. When Richie Havens sang "Freedom," they had to ask him to stop at one point because the whole stadium was jumping in unison and they were not sure if the rafters could support the jumping. Please let me know the full list. I think Creedence Clearwater Revival played, too. Thanks.

Santa Bertha responded 8 years ago: #693

On The Stage.

The Black Eagle.

The Bands

1.- The Beatles

2.- The Rolling Stones

3.- Led Zeppelin

4.- Deep Purple

5.- The Rest

The Guitarists

1.- Jimmy Hendrix

2.- Jimmy Page

3.- Eric Clapton

4.- The Rest


1.- Robert Plant

2.- Eric Burdon

3.- Axel Rose

4.- Steve Perry

5.- The Rest

And the new authors of the music change. The number one band on The 21 Century.

The Black Eagle.

Steve responded 8 years ago: #694

Really hard to say who is the greatest. All of the aforementioned axe men have contributed immensely to this wonderful experience of being of rock n roll music and being considered the best guitarist, ever. I have my favorites, but in the long run, what does it matter? They have all made their mark and could not care less about all of us wannabes think.

With that said, long live RR with his classical background and ability to read and take the instrument to heights it has never been taken to before. Randy's more defining moments were not his shredding (i.e. Mr. Crowley, Sucide Solution, Laughing Gase [Quiet Riot] and many others). It was his appreciation and respect for the instrument itself and drive to be the best he could be, especially, in his most humble way. He above everyone else has my utmost respect, period.

johnny b. goode responded 8 years ago: #695

Favorite guitarists:

Johnny Winter
Jimmy Paige
Jimi Hendrix
Duane Allman
Roy Buchanan
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Alvin Lee (ten years after)
Jeff Beck
Peter Frampton
Kim Simmonds (savoy brown)

+ many, many others

Greg responded 8 years ago: #696

Where is Ace Frehley of KISS? Rolling Stones magazine didn't even put him on their top 100 list. Ace Could blow out any of these guitarists, just go to Youtube and watch live Shock Me!

Superman responded 8 years ago: #697

Led Zeppelin should have been at least number 2. And Jimmy Page is by far the best guitar player of all time.

Kiril responded 8 years ago: #698

This is a total joke. Absolute joke. This list is very, very amateur. You know that the greatest band of all time is Queen, then Led Zeppelin .I am asking how can you put U2 in front of Led Zeppelin. How you dare???

And how can you say that Ozzy Ozbourne is a great vocal??? Ozzy is the worst lead singer of Black Sabbath. Ozzy can't sing. The only thing that makes him a singer is his unique voice. But there are at least 100 singers who sing better than Ozzy. All right you have put Robert Plant as a great singer. Yes, Plant is probably the greatest but where is Freddie Mercury??? Where is Ian Gillan???

Kiko responded 8 years ago: #699

Where is queen?

lenny responded 8 years ago: #700

In my opinion, the main reason that lists like this cause so much discussion and debate is that the words "greatest" and "best" mean very different things to different people.

In the case of guitarists, for example, if the word "greatest" to you means the fastest, cleanest, most technically accurate players, then you'd have to include guys like Satriani, Vai, and Malmsteen on your list.

But, if to you the greatest guitarists are the guys who play with the most emotion, the most "feeling," and the most passionate tone, then you'd have to include guys like Santana, Gilmour, and Guy.

Finally, if the greatest players to you are the people who are the most innovative, the most influential to other players and the craft in general, then it would be tough to not include Hendrix and Van Halen.

So, in my opinion, this is where most of the disagreements come from. People deciding on who are the greatest and best players using very different parameters.

Anyway.....'nuff of that.

My favorite guitarists are mainly the blues influenced rockers. But, if someone is lightning fast and very clean, then they don't have to be as bluesy to move up on my list.

For what it's worth, here's my list (in order) of the top 15 guitarists of all time:

Jimi Hendrix
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jimmy Page
Robin Trower
Eric Clapton
Carlos Santana
Eddie Van Halen
Gary Moore
Jeff Healey
Joe Satriani
Duane Allman
David Gilmour
Buddy Guy
Johnny Winter
Leslie West many more.....

Queenfan#1 responded 8 years ago: #701

*The greatest rock band ever is Queen. Freddie Mercury was famous for his raging vocal prowess, able to roar through a metal tune as hard as Motorhead, or warble a high falsetto that could turn opera singers green with envy.

Wikipedia info: Widely considered the greatest vocalists in popular music, Freddie Mercury possessed a very distinctive, almost four-octave voice. Although his speaking voice naturally fell in the baritone range, he delivered most songs in the tenor range. Another characteristic of his voice involved his powerful delivery of technically difficult material.

Brian May is the first master guitar orchestrator and the precursor of neo-classical metal sound and tapping technique. Queen change the Bluesy Metal Sound of the 60's and 70's introducing new more stylish and modern sounds with new techniques.

Cubanology responded 8 years ago: #702

I have created a web page with "my" favorite "Top 20 Rock n' Roll Guitarist" with a song, just in case you never heard of them. You can comment there, if you like. Please separate the "Blues" from "Rock n' Roll" when judging, although Rock n' Roll is an extension of the Blues. I understand that, but many innovations were made to the guitar that created a different sound. Thank you and enjoy, Jose Reyes (

Vernon responded 8 years ago: #703

Queen fans, calm down. The Beatles are the most influential rock band, half the members of Queen idolized John Lennon. The Beatles, if you combined record sales in Britain and America, the Beatles are over 300 million to Queen's less than 100 million. Queen may have spent more weeks on the charts than the Beatles in Britain but the Beatles were around for, what, seven years and still 40 number one records, including albums, singles and EPs. In North America, it's a one sided affair to the Beatles and not worth arguing, Queen fans. This to every one else - name one band who was a great singles act along as a great albums act. There have not been many. The Beatles led the British Invasion, the Classic rock era, the first huge outdoor stadium rock concert, appeared on the first global telecast, one of the first heavy metal songs Helter Skelter, and popularized classic rock radio. They did there own music videos 15 years before MTV, retired from touring and became the first successful studio rock band that did not need to tour. And don't forget that '50s artists like Elvis and Chuck Berry were totally incapable in competing with them. Enough said.

leonardo responded 8 years ago: #704

The Beatles stopped touring because they are bad musicians and not be able to play their own songs. Queen and Led Zeppelin are better musicians and composers. Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant are considered the greatest frontmen and vocalists in history. Brian May and Jimmy Page are among the best Guitar virtuosos. The greatest live act or arena band in history is Queen. The Beatles are the best selling band, but the other three best-selling bands are Abba, Queen, and Led Zeppelin. The first promotional music video is "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen (a fact). Great Britain's best-selling band is Queen and worldwide best-selling video ever is "Queen Live at Wembleys." The Freddie Mercury tribute concert is the greatest tribute ever with over two billions worldwide viewers. "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" are considered the greatest music anthems. The Beatles and Queen are the only two bands with over 18 #1 hits and Queen is the only Band with over 18 worldwide #1 albums. The Guiness Book of Records choose Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" the greatest song ever; the second is John Lennon's "Imagine," and third is "Stairaway to Heaven." In Live Aid (biggest concert ever), Queen stole the show and is named the world's greatest rock gig and live performance! *The only band in the "Songwriters Hall of Fame" is Queen. The Beatles are a great Pop-Rock group, don't have good musicians or virtuosos, no charismatic frontman or vocalist, only two good pop-rock songwriters (Paul and John); in the 1960s and '70s, the 85 percent of his fans are woman and children. Enough said.

Fintan responded 8 years ago: #705

Oh, and Leonardo is a fool - just ignore him. 'Brian May and Jimmy Page are amongst the most respected guitar virtusos.' Neither are even virtuosos. Virtuosos are guys like Steve Vai, Buckethead, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Johnson. Page has decent technique, May slightly better.

Fastest guitarists? Here are a few.

Francesco Fareri can sweep at 33 nps, but it's very sloppy.

Rusty Cooley reaches 24.7 nps in 'Under the Influence,' and has flawless sweeping technique (he's completely clean.) In the same song, he picks at 16 nps.

John Petrucci sweeps at 19.46 nps in the song 'Curve,' and his alternate picking reaches a steady 14 nps.

Paul Gilbert's record is 20.5 nps (sweeping), from the song 'Snakebite.'

Buckethead - In his lesson, he alternate picks at 16 nps. He reaches 14 nps on the song 'Jordan,' which contains tapping at 14.5 nps. In the song 'Jump Man,' he reaches an incredible 17.8 nps, and his live stuff is so fast that no-one has successfully measured it.

Steve Vai reaches 21.6 in 'The Riddle.'

Michael Angelo Batio - 23.3 nps in 'No Boundaries.'

Jason Becker - Sweeped at 20 notes in .451 seconds, which rounds up to 22.17 nps. Only thing is, could he actually play that in a second?

Eric Johnson - Hits 15 nps (alternate picking) on 'Ah Via Musicom.'

Shawn Lane - Could alternate pick between 19 and 21 nps.

Ron Thal aka 'Bumblefoot' - In 'Hands,' he apparently gets to 28 nps with legato and tapping.

Joe Satriani - The final part of 'Flying in a Blue Dream' hit 32 nps live, although there is no footage of it.

George Lynch - 19.8 nps in 'Wicked Sensations.'


Stephen responded 8 years ago: #706

I'm sure Brian May would agree that he is not the fastest guitarist of all time. But name me one of those guitarists who wrote a song that charted number one. Success in the music industry is largely based on sonwriting and innovation. Furthermore, playing fast is showing off. I'd rather listen to a slower solo that communicates the songwriter's message rather than a crazed flurry of notes that does nothing but impress me with how fast the guy can play. Music is an expression of emotion, belief, and, passion. A song that achieves that is a great song. That kind of song can be a fast, hard rocker or a slow ballad or a rhapsodic piece that shifts direction several times.

leonardo responded 8 years ago: #707

Fintan, you know nothing about Guitar virtuosos. Virtuosos is not about how fastest you play. Virtuosos are geniuses.

Musicians focused on virtuosity like John Petrucci, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani are commonly criticized for overlooking substance and emotion in favor of raw technical prowess. Despite the mechanical aspects of virtuosity, many virtuosi successfully artists like Brian May, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Kirk Hammett avoid such labels, focusing simultaneously on other musical aspects while writing and performing music.

Paul Rodgers says about Brian May:
"What happens is he can hear the song line and then he can hear all the harmonies on top of it," Rodgers explains. "We can't hear them, but when we go out in the studio he tells us what line we should sing. He knows exactly what he's doing and we don't know what it's going to sound like, but when we go back into the studio and the engineer puts everything up, we all go, 'Holy smokes, listen to that! So that's the genius of the harmonies."

Wikipedia says:
Brian Harold May (born July 19, 1947) is an English guitarist best known as the lead guitarist and backing (sometimes lead) vocalist for the English rock band Queen. As a guitarist, he is known for his memorable riffs and solos, distinctive tone, as well as for the fact that he built (with his father) his own guitar, called the "Red Special." He is also cited as a pioneer of the delay effect. He wrote many of Queen's most famous songs and biggest hits, including "We Will Rock You," "Fat Bottomed Girls," "Tie Your Mother Down," "Who Wants to Live Forever?" and "I Want It All." Because of his musical skills, he is described as a virtuoso.

Brian May is the precursor of tapping technique. "It's Late" is a hard rock song written and performed by Brian May. The song was May's idea of treating a song as a three-act theatrical play, and the verses are called "acts" in the lyrics sheet. It makes use of the tapping technique years before Eddie Van Halen supposedly "invented" it. Brian May and Jimi Page not only are Virtuosos; they are rock gods!!!

ru$h4rock responded 8 years ago: #708

AC/DC is not even mentioned! It is definitely one of the greatest bands ever!

Ronaldo responded 8 years ago: #709

The Beatles are the most covered musicians of all time and Queen are not the highest selling act of all time in Britain, let alone the world. As for Led Zeppelin being great composers, many of their songs were taken from other artists. The Beatles had 27 songs go number one in Britain and America alone and had 19 number one albums in America, so Leonardo get your facts straight. The Beatles quit touring because they could not hear themselves play because of the constant shrieking of girls. As for who likes the Beatles, artists ranging from Lemmy to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were influenced by the Beatles. The Beatles are the highest-selling rock band of all time. Leonardo, think before you speak about the most infuluential rock band of all time - The Beatles.

Fintan responded 8 years ago: #710

A virtuoso is a technically skilled guitarist. Speed, complexity and accuracy is paramount to be a virtuoso. Speed isn't the most difficult part of virtuosoity (far from it) but to say that Jimmy Page is more virtuoso than, say, Rusty Cooley, is quite frankly ridiculous. Page is far better, yes, but not more technical. The reason I posted that particular comment was to show you that Page and May are severely lacking in technical ability compared to a lot of guitarists (not that it matters, but I felt I needed to prove a point.) The term "virtuoso" was first coined to describe one who had skill but lacked soul.

1. SRV or Jimi Hendrix
3. Buckethead
4. Joe Satriani
5. Billy Duffy
6. Steve Vai
7. Johnny Marr
8. David Gilmour
9. Jeff Beck
10. Eric Johnson

Also, check out acoustic guitarists such as Martin Taylor, Al Di Meola, Joe Pass, Django Reinhardt, John McLaughlin, and Paco De Lucia.

Jordan Bennett responded 8 years ago: #711

The ten best rock bands ever are KISS, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Def Leppard, Metallica, Foghat, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, And Poison. KISS is unquestionably the best rock band in the world.

Number One KISS fan responded 8 years ago: #712

The twenty best rock bands ever are
3.Alice Cooper
5.Def Leppard
8.Pink Floyd
12.ZZ Top
13.Marylin Manson
14.Led Zeppelin
!5.The Donnas
16.The Beatles
17.Van Halen
18.Lynyrd Skynyrd
19.The Beastie Boys
20.Guns N Roses

Lucy responded 8 years ago: #713

Queen is champion of UK album sales!!! Queen are the only band in the UK chart to sell more than five million albums. Queen have two albums in the UK's top ten album sales chart. The Beatles have only 1 album. The Guinness book names Queen champion of UK charts. According to Guinness officials, Queen has spent 1,322 weeks on the British charts, compared to the Beatles' 1,293 weeks and Presley's 1,280 weeks.

1. Queen, Greatest Hits (5,407,587)
2. The Beatles, Sgt Pepper (4,803,292)
3. Oasis, What's The Story Morning Glory (4,304,504)
4. Dire Straits, Brothers In Arms (3,946,931)
5. Abba, Gold Greatest Hits (3,932,316)
6. Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of The Moon (3,759,958)
7. Queen, Greatest Hits II (3,631,321)
8. Michael Jackson, Thriller (3,570,250)
9. Michael Jackson, Bad (3,549,950)
10. Madonna, The Immaculate Collection (3,364,785)

Ronaldo you want facts; Check this websites:

Fintan responded 7 years ago: #714

Queen were a novelty band. Treat them like Spinal Tap (a joke.)

1. Pink Floyd
2. Everyone else

Ronaldo responded 7 years ago: #715

Queen has spent more weeks on the charts in Britain than the Beatles but the Beatles have sold more albums in Britain and America combined. Queen had one great singer the Beatles had two. Paul McCartney played all the instruments on some his albums and name one Queen album that is compared to Revolver or even Rubber Soul. The Beatles led in the classic rock era with the British Invasion. What did Queen do in comparison to that? The Beatles have inspired thousands of bands and musicians, including Queen themselves, Queen are not in that league. Queen will be known in the end as just anthem rockers. One more fact: the Beatles at one point had the top 5 songs in one chart in America. No one has approached that since.

Jam Bennett responded 7 years ago: #716

The best songs ever are...

1. Rock and roll all nite - KISS
2. Detroit Rock City - KISS
3. Calling Dr. Love - KISS
4. Shout it out loud - KISS
5. Lick it up - KISS
6. Love Gun - KISS
7. Shock Me - KISS
8. Strutter - KISS
9. Highway to hell -ac/dc
10. I don't wanna stop -Ozzy
11. Photograph - Def Leppard
12. Surrender

ESCAPE responded 7 years ago: #717

The best band besides KISS is my band ESCAPE. We live in Rantoul, IL. And we are gonna rock and roll all night, party every day, and shout it loud better than KISS. Also showing our respect to the KINGS OF ROCK - KISS.

You wanted the best, You got the best, the hottest band in the world, KISS. - Jeff Kitts

Not tellin' you responded 7 years ago: #718

3 Best guitarists are:

1. Gene Simmons - KISS
2. Paul Stanley - KISS
3. Ace Frehly - KISS

leonardo responded 7 years ago: #719

The Beatles don't have competence in the early 60's because in those years exist only two or three good bands and is easy with this panorama to have 5 stupid songs like "Help!" "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Good Day Sunshine" on one chart in America or in the world.

The late 1960s and '70s are different; too many Bands and only the best survive. The Beatles fame declined in the late 60's with the creation of new bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Yardbirds, among others.

Queen has a real challenge in the '70s, '80s and '90s; hundreds of bands born and new genres are created like Disco, Punk, Rap and New Wave.

The Beatles are a real joke. The Beatles pay a session drummer and Guitarist because Ringo was unable to play elementary drumming and George Harrison could not produce reasonable guitar string vibrato. The Beatles songs are super mega easy to cover or play.

Fintan, you think that Freddie Mercury's four-octave voice, Brian May's solos techniques, Roger Taylor's perfect timing in drumming, and John Deacon's world greatest bass reefs (“Another One Bite The Dust” and “Under Pressure”) is a joke!!!

If you think that Queen is a Joke, one of the best rock critics, GORDON FLETCHER, wrote in the Rolling Stone Magazine in Dec 1973 this:

“Rumor has it that Queen shall soon be crowned "the new Led Zeppelin," which is an event that would certainly suit this observer just fine. There's no doubt that this funky, energetic English quartet has all the tools they'll need to lay claim to the Zep's abdicated heavy-metal throne, and beyond that to become a truly influential force in the rock world. Their debut album is superb. The Zeppelin analogy is not meant to imply that Queen's music is anywhere near as blues-based as the content of Led Zep I & II. No, their songs are more in the Who vein, straight-ahead rock with slashing, hard-driving arrangements that rate with the finest moments of Who's Next and Quadrophenia. There's a song on the album (remarkably reminiscent of "Communication Breakdown") called "Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll," and that's exactly what Queen's music is. They're the first of a whole new wave of English rockers, and you'd best learn to love 'em now 'cause they're here to stay. Regal bearings aside, Queen is a monster.”

More info:

wim responded 7 years ago: #720

Brian May locked himself up for a day when Rory Gallagher died, he played that day only rory Gallagher songs.
Use the same amp ( vox ac 30 )as Rory Gallagher.
He was very influenced by Rory Gallagher.
Eric Clapton said after Rory Gallagher's dead, he's the man that bring me back to the blues.
Jimi Hendrix voted Rory Gallagher as the best guitarist ( ofcourse after himself )
Listen to the Irish Tour'74 lp/cd, you can hear who's the best.
This record is still one of the best live records ever made.
You see always in the music magazines the songs or riffs of Rory Gallagher, that must be doing for some reasons.
Wim (Holland)

Fintan responded 7 years ago: #721

Oh, and don't forget Shawn Lane. I've heard hardly any of his stuff, but the guy could alternate pick faster than John Petrucci can sweep. I'm not into speed, but that's unbeliavable. Plus, he had soul - he wasn't a souless shredder like Yngwie Malmsteen or Rusty Cooley.

Ronaldo responded 7 years ago: #722

Are you serious Leo? The Beatles fame declined in the late 60s? The Beatles had five number one songs between 1969-1970 and Abbey Road and Let It Be were monster selling albums. Zeppelin never had a number one single and they actually did release singles, and Pink Floyd did not reach real global popularity until really Dark Side of the Moon 1973, and the Yardbirds came in during the British Invasion which the Beatles ignited, so what are you talking about? George proved to be a better guitarist than say Keith Richards or Pete Townsend by the time The White album came along. The sitar based songs on Revolver and Sgt Pepper are very hard songs to cover - more complicated than say Queen or Led Zeppelin.

Nick responded 7 years ago: #723

Debut album went to No 1 in UK & USA. They never released anything else. BLIND FAITH. Have a listen; you won't be disappointed.

umpire58 responded 7 years ago: #724

Apparently, you never heard of Dave Mason or have see him in concert. By far, he needs to be added into the mix.

Mike responded 7 years ago: #725

Please do not forget ALL members of DREAM THEATER. They must have a room!!!!!!

Stephen responded 7 years ago: #726

The sheer popularity of Beatles music bothin the sixties and today says volumes about just how great Lennon and McCartney were as songwriters which is all anyone needs to be successful as a musician. Were the Beatles the most talented band? Certainly not. As far as pure instrumental talent goes, bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Guns n' Roses and many other greats blow the Beatles away. But the simplicity and ingeniousness of what the Beatles wrote will make their songs last as long as people listen to music and earn them a spot among the more talented instrumentalists. This does not mean that these other groups couldn't write incredible music - if they hadn't you wouldn't know who they were, nor that the Beatles had no technical ability - I'd bet each member could out play at least 90 percent of all musicians that read this site.

SAM NEVERMANN responded 7 years ago: #727


Gary responded 7 years ago: #728

Is there anybody aware of a guy called Frank Marino from the Mahognay Rush Band? Come on you guys - the man is awesome. He's brilliant. You have to include him in the top 10. Here's my list and it's definitely the true one.

Top 10 Guitarists




Polk responded 7 years ago: #729

My list

1. Beatles
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Pink Floyd
4. Stones
5. The Who
6. Hendrix Experience
7. Grateful Dead
8. Allman Bros
9. Queen
10. Yardbirds

1. Jimi
2. Eric Clapton
3. SRV
4. Duane Allman
5. Jimmy Page
6. Jeff Beck
7. Van Halen
8. BB King
9. Carlos Santana
10. David Gilmour

1. Freddie Mercury
2. Robert Plant

Woodylamule responded 7 years ago: #730

Boooooo! Nobody knows WARREN HAYNES from GOV'T MULE!?

dave rogers responded 7 years ago: #731

Where the heck is Dimebag? He influenced my entire outlook on music he is an inspiration and was an unbelieveable talent! You should be ashamed of yourselves for not putting him at number 1!!!!! Any readers that agree or disagree, e-mail me at

b responded 7 years ago: #732

There are too many people and bands to choose from, but where are Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore in any of these?

Beckham responded 7 years ago: #733

The Beatles are what they are - the most dominant chart force in rock history, paved the way for the British Invasion, ushered in classic rock era, made the rock group bigger than the dominant singer solo act, staduim rock, and some others also. No rock group can claim or has done more for rock music. Yes, there are rock groups who were better instrumentally, but the arguement who is the greatest rock band, not the best instrumentally.

Fintan responded 7 years ago: #734

1. Buckethead
2. Steve Vai
3. Stevie Ray Vaughan
4. Jimi Hendrix
5. Eric Johnson
6. Joe Satriani
7. David Gilmour
8. Billy Duffy
9. Johnny Marr
10. Eddie Van Halen or Jeff Beck
12. John Petrucci
13. Mattias 'IA' Eklundh
14. Gary Moore
15. Jeff Healey
16. Frank Zappa
17. Jimmy page
18. Carlos Santana
19. Allen Collins/Gary Rossington

neo responded 7 years ago: #735

Yo, yo... Tom Morello is the best.

James Cotten responded 7 years ago: #736

I would like to see Chris Rea on the list as well!

James Cotten responded 7 years ago: #737

Beckam: Beatles not great instrumentally??? Critics thought Georger Harrison had to record at half speed to be able to play so well, Paul was voted best Bassist of the 60's as well as Ringo on the drums....

JOB responded 7 years ago: #738

Who is Roxy Music? How about the 2nd most influential British Band of all time. At worst they are in the top-5. Four albums in the Rolling Stone top-500. U2 verbally inducted Roxy during their rockhall induction speech. Morrissey lists FOR YOUR PLEASURE as the best British album of all time. Bowie anchored off of Roxy. Roxy created whole genres of music. Their influence is legendary.,,1487397,00.html

Check Republik responded 7 years ago: #739

Under-rated vocalist is Maynard James Keenan. He really is top shelf!

rb responded 7 years ago: #740

What about DEVO?

tal responded 7 years ago: #741

Okay the choice of fans for the greatest rock guitarist were noted. As expected, different answers.

Now why don't we hear from what guitar gods have said as to who is the best rock guitarist on earth. David Gilmour, Tony Iommi, Gary Moore, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather, Joe Perry, Richie Blackmore, Slash, Steve Morse, Neal Schon, and the list goes on and on, have all at one time stated that Jeff Beck is the supreme rock lead guitarist on earth. In other words, Jeff Beck is the best rock guitarist on the planet.

Did you watch Crossroads 2 last July 28, 2007? Jeff Beck has once again proven his peers were right. Yes, he put on a guitar clinic during his set in front of 28,000 screaming fans and to millions around the world who watched the concert on line.

Oh yes, effortless. So stop arguing who is the greatest, the guitar gods have spoken. It is none other than JEFF BECK.

I agree with them.

matt responded 7 years ago: #742

I know I'm kind of late, but I can't shut up without mentioning the obvious missing of Iron Maiden, and its genious guitar players. Absurd.

srsherr responded 7 years ago: #743

How in the hell can nobody have Mark Knopfler in their top 10 guitarists????? The dude is sick.

And as far as vocalists go, I'll take Steve Perry any day.
He could sing like an angel!

metalhead responded 7 years ago: #744

James Hetfield????? A great guitarist? Where's Yngwie Malmsteen? Impellitteri?
Alex Masi? Jason Becker? Martin Friedman? Vinnie Vincent? Michael Romeo?

Lisa responded 7 years ago: #745

I totally agree - where's QUEEN. This band should most definitely get onto the list, even if it's at the bottom it should get a mention. QUEEN!!!!

K-Dawg responded 7 years ago: #746

Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, AC/DC, Metallica, Queen.....all great bands. None of them would have enjoyed any success if it weren't for the Beatles. They were clearly the most prolifc song writers, influencing every band to come after them. They revolutionized the way music was written & recorded. They were the first band to actually incorporate jazz & minor chords into their songs. Up till then songs were generally blues based 3,4,5. I don't think they are the best "Rock" band ever, but they were the best song-writers. Name me a band today that has as much influence or variety to their songs.

Kin responded 7 years ago: #747

Greatest bands-

1. Led Zeppelin
2. Pink Floyd
3. The Who
4. The Rolling Stones
5. The Doors

greatest guitarists-

1. Stevie Ray Vaughn
2. Steve Vai
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Jimmy Page
5. David Gilmour (tied with...)
5. Frank Zappa

Unbiased responded 7 years ago: #748

I like Buckethead and I would like to see Jethro Tull. I also like a lot of what the rest of you have selected. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that's what makes music so great is the freedom of choice. There are so many bands that deserve recognition that are not mentioned. Please don't let someone else's top 10 list discourage you or influence you in any way. Peace & death everyone. P.S. Thank you Joe Walsh for giving Jimmy Page his first Les Paul.

shawn responded 7 years ago: #749

What about the guitarist who has put together a lot of guitar solos... Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top?

zach responded 7 years ago: #750

1-Led Zeppelin
2-Black Sabbath
3-The Jimi Hendrix Experience
4-The Beatles

1-Jimi Hendrix
2-Michael Angelo Batio
3-Jimmy Page
4-Eddie Van Halen
5-Joe Satriani
6-Randy Rhodes
7-Frank Zappa
8-Ritchie Blackmore
9-Kirk Hammett
10-Dimebag Darrell

Graeme responded 7 years ago: #751

I think many viewpoints are seen through red white and blue glasses distorting the truth. Here is a non northern hemisphere unbias opinion. Generally I think many American Solo artists are fantastic but British bands are superior to American bands. There are not many American bands in my top 10.

1. Beck
2. Clapton
3. Page
4. Kossoff
5. Roy Buchanan
6. Albert King
7. Rory Gallagher
8. Alvin Lee
9. Duanne Allman
10. George Harrison

1. Beatles
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Rolling Stones
4. The Who
5. Pink Floyd
6. The Doors
7. Queen
8. The Kinks
9. Free
10. Creedence Clearwater Revival

Also a special mention for Uriah Heep (hugely underrated), Fleetwood Mac and Ten Years After.

Singer Songwriters Solo
1. Bob Dylan
2. Neil Young
3. Chuck Berry
4. Eric Clapton
4. George Harrison
5. Elton John
6. Joni Mitchell
7. John Fogerty
8. Pete Townsend
9. Lou Reed
10. Harry Chapin

soardale responded 7 years ago: #752

Couldn't stand to read all these comments, but for innovation, technical mastery, relevance, variety, lyricism, longevity, humor and on-stage genuineness, JOE WALSH is THE MAN. Guys like Satriani got their lix from Big Joe. Before arguing the point, LISTEN to the genius of Joe Walsh!

Andy Salmon responded 7 years ago: #753

What about Alex Lifeson? Yet again, the man (and band) are underrated.

bobby responded 7 years ago: #754

Led Zeppelin are still the standard by which all other ROCK bands are measured. They easily remain the greatest rock band that ever stepped on a stage. The Beatles are pop icons. Led Zeppelin are rock gods. It is fitting that these are the two top selling bands in music history. It's interesting and gives a little perspective to note the fact that the combined U.S. sales of The Who, Hendrix, and Queen, (three bands I love incidentally), total less than 50% of Led Zeppelin's U.S. record sales.

Luol responded 7 years ago: #755


Facts : Queen sold more records worldwide than Led Zeppelin. Queen have more than 18 worldwide #1 hits and Led Zeppelin only seven #1 hits. Like Raphael said: The #1 sport in the world is football soccer and United States hates it; the same with Queen. The only popular and well known song of Led Zeppelin is "Stair Away To Heaven". Compare With Queen; "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Under Pressure", "Ahother One Bite The Dust", "We Will Rock You", "We Are The Champions", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", "Radio Ga Ga", "Stone Cold Crazy", "Innuendo", "Somebody To Love" Amongst others.

Another important fact is that Queen wrote his own songs and Led Zeppelin performed songs from other composers or musicians. In 2004 Queen was the first inductee in The UK Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and Led Zeppelin was Inducted 2 years after, in 2006. Also Queen became the first and remain the only band to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. As of 2005, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, Queen albums have spent a total of 1,422 weeks or twenty-seven years on the album charts; more time than any other musical act including The Beatles and Elvis Presley. In 2006, the Greatest Hits album was found to be the United Kingdom's all-time best selling album, with sales upwards of 5,407,587 copies, over 604,295 more copies than its nearest competitor, The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Their Greatest Hits II album came in seventh with sales upwards of 3,631,321 copies.

Today , their Greatest Hits I & II was the #1 most downloaded album on iTunes in North America. Another notable historical fact about Queen is that they are the first ever rock band to be officially approved by the Iranian government for distributing their music in Iran. THE UNITED STATES IS NOT THE WORLD!!

JoSh responded 7 years ago: #756

To Luol: This subject has been discussed before. Record sales and positions on the pop charts don't make a band the best band in the world. I believe that influence and effect on music is what makes a band good. Brittney Spears dominated the charts but she is [bleep]. Now, in my humble opinion, Queen and Led Zeppelin are two of the greatest bands ever. Remember, that's in my opinion! And please, the Mighty Zeppelin had more hits than Stairway to Heaven! Whole Lotta Love and Kashmir are very famous. Not to mention Heartbreaker, Dazed and Confused, and Immigrant Song. None of those songs were covers either. Sure Zeppelin did covers such as When the Levee Breaks, and I think they made it famous than the original. Don't discount Led Zeppelin. Nor Queen for that matter

Luol responded 7 years ago: #757


*An important fact is that Queen wrote his own songs and Led Zeppelin performed songs from other composers or musicians. Also Queen became the first and remain the only band to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Awesome fact!!

*Queen have been selected for induction into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. All four members of the band sing. Freddie is the greatest and the most versatile (all-around) vocalist ever.

* Queen has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Led Zeppelin doesn't have a star.

* Queen wrote songs and complete soundtracks for Hollywood Movies and theaters.

Led Zeppelin facts:

"Dazed and Confused" is a song by folk singer Jake Holmes from his debut solo album "The Above Ground Sound" of Jake Holmes, released in June, 1967. During a 1967 tour of the United States by English rock group The Yardbirds, Holmes opened for them at the Village Theater in Greenwich Village on August 25, 1967. The Yardbirds were inspired by his performance and decided to work up their own arrangement of the song.

Whole Lotta Love. Much of the lyrics are taken from the Willie Dixon song "You Need Love," a favorite of the band's as performed by the Small Faces as 'You need Loving' on their debut Decca LP (Steve Marriot's vocal style on the track being not disimilar to Plant's) [citation needed] that had also been released by Muddy Waters in 1962. This (and "Bring It On Home") would lead to a lawsuit settled out of court in the favor of Dixon in 1985 over the similarity of the lyrics.

* Led Zeppelin never was going to be inducted in the "Vocal Group Hall of Fame" and the "Songwriters Hall of Fame."

Beckham responded 7 years ago: #758

The Beatles had 50 songs go number one at least in one country. The Guiness records are only for The UK in America the Beatles and Led Zeppelin destroy Queen in total sales. Half the Beatles are in the songwriters Hall of Fame, Vocal Group Hall of Fame, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Beatles and as a solo act. No member of Queen is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo act. The Beatles are estimated to have sold one billion records. Queen was not the first act in the UK Hall of Fame that was the Beatles. The Beatles songs are the most covered in music history, including "Yesterday" with over 3,000 cover versions. Queen is not close to Led Zeppelin or the Beatles in the influence of rock music history.

Steve responded 7 years ago: #759

Enough with the ... The Beatles were, still and forever be #1 by far. Paul McCartney Greatest vocals ever, blows Robert plant away, Listen to Oh Darling
And then the long and winding Road do you actually think plant can sing these songs please. This is a true Fact, Stairway to Heaven was a rip off from a
band called (FREE) get there album and listen. Zep was accused of lots of rip offs, so they werent so genius. My list as best bands ever: 1-Beatles, 2-Stones, 3-U2, 4-Doors, 5-Kinks, 6-Moodey Blues, 7-Yes, 8-Queen, 9-Kiss & 10-Aerosmith. And please with bands like Nirvana and Velvet Underground. I'm also a guitar player. Yes Jimmy Page is good but very sloppy, Eric clapton, Steve Howe from Yes and Alvin Lee from 10 years after will bend page to a pretzel in matter of fact ill bend him to a pretzel i can play anything and everything he has done with outbeing sloppy again i love Zep. There are other guitar players that are awesome like Davis from the Kink's Richie Blackmore from Deep Purple and, yes, underated George Harrsion from the Beatles. How about Steve Luthiker from Toto? Bass players like Paul McCartney and Stanley Clark are on top of my list, not John Paul Jones.

Again the beatles rule Sgt Peppers best of old time no one will ever touch this album this album is a work of art.

rock n roll 4ever responded 7 years ago: #760

AC/DC should b number 1 rock band of all time, and Steve Moorse from Deep Purple should be number 1 guitarists, just watch Moorsey in live at Montreal 1996.

Pat responded 7 years ago: #761

Just an honorable mention for the Who?! Any list without the Who in the Top Ten is simply not credible. They invented the power trio sound, the rock opera, were the first to use 100 watt amplifiers, and are widely considered the Godfathers of punk, and one of the best live acts ever. I have to give the nod to Zep, the Stones, and the Beatles at the top though.

Fintan responded 7 years ago: #762

Steve Vai
Stevie Ray Vaughan
John Petrucci
Jeff Beck
Frank Zappa
Joe Satriani
Eric Johnson
David Gilmour
Jason Becker
Eddie Van Halen
Jimi Hendrix
Billy Duffy
Johnny Marr
Gary Moore
Jeff Healey
Mattias IA Eklundh

They are the standout guitarists.

Fintan responded 7 years ago: #763

Oh, and JEFF BECK!

Chives responded 7 years ago: #764

Are you kidding me! Where's AC/DC? Metallica? Led Zeppelin at 6th? Tony Iommi? Jimi Hendrix at first? Do you listen to this kind of music?

Mohammed responded 7 years ago: #765

Queen is the best band of all time. Full stop.

Eg responded 7 years ago: #766

To say the world's greatest, it means it's got to be true for the whole world and not only the UK or the US, right? And the Beatles got that!

Legna Eteredla responded 7 years ago: #767

What has happened to today's pollsters? They seem to run around with their pens up their ***, with their ignominious cants about musicians to the public.

John Alderete, formerly of Racer X and now Mars Volta, has been and is a bassist supreme in "Rockdom."

MIKE B responded 7 years ago: #768


FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I KNOW THIS AND I'M ONLY 12 YEARS.BTW Kurt Cobain can't play for his life. Same with Jerry Garcia. Bottom line, both of them suck. Other than this, that list is half decent.

Daniel responded 7 years ago: #769

1 The Beatles
2 The Who
3 The Rolling Stones
4 The Kinks
5 The Velvet Underground
6 The Clash
7 Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band
8 The Beach Boys
9 Pink Floyd
10 Led Zeppelin

Since when Bob Marley is rock?
And U2 in the top 10? Please, get serious!!

John responded 7 years ago: #770

So much talk about every band but the one that most often tops people's list of the greatest rock and roll band of all time: The Rolling Stones. The question is: do they deserve it? Well, look at it this way. In 1968, The Stones were 4 years into their recording career and already had a dozen smash hits behind them, including one of the greatest songs in rock history, Satisfaction. That's when they decided to go back to their blues roots and find their true identity. And that's when they really shined. Over the next 7 years, they put out this string of classic albums: Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street, Goats Head Soup, and It's Only Rock and Roll. Only Led Zeppelin can match this consistent delivery of rock classics, but of course, due to the tragic death of John Bonham, their career ended. But The Stones went on, and after a few years of some substance abuse problems, they made Some Girls and Tattoo You, 2 more classic albums. And though that was the last of their truly great albums, they did however put out dozens of good songs over the next 20 years. And finally, last year, with band all in their sixties, they released A Bigger Bang, which though not an all-time classic, is a very good rock album, certainly better than anything U2 has put out in the last 15 years (and they are still considered relevant for some reason).
All together, their career spans over 40 years of writing and playing great songs. That doesn't make them dinasours. That makes them legends. And though Mick's stage act has grown a bit old and stale these days, what about the headbanging, guttural screaming thrashers that you still see everywhere? Haven't they been around for over 20 years now? Isn't their act just as tired and stale by now? Just a thought. So not to dispute anyone's list but simply as a suggestion to add to them, I say listen to the classic Stones albums listed above, and if you don't like them at first hearing, wait a few years and try again. It took time for them to grow on me and it might be the same for you. I couldn't stand them at age 18, I liked them a little at 21, and then, at 25, suddenly I got it: this is the essence of Rock and Roll. And speaking of great guitarists, Keith Richards might not be the best guitar player in the world, he does hold one important and commendable distinction: he is the ONLY rock guitarist who never overplayed a song his entire career. With Keith, there is no obligatory 30-second solos (whether the song needs it or not or whether the solo is any good or not); no playing scales as fast as he can; just one great riff after another, along with some brilliantly subtle and cool licks in between. In my book, Keith Richards isn't the best guitar player in the world, but he is the coolest, and in the end that might be better than being the best. Anyway, don't take any of these lists too seriously. It's music folks, not a sport. There is no finish line, so enjoy the ride.

Sean C. Wlliams responded 7 years ago: #771

It's extremely difficult to decide who has the Name "Greatest guitarist" but this is what I'd have to say:

1. Tony Ioomi: Black Sabbath
2: Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin
3: Slash: GNR/Velvet revolver
4: Zakk Wylde: Ozzy Osbourne
5: Dave Gilmour: The Doors
6: Jimi Hendrix
7: Robert Smith: The cure
8: Dimebag Darrell: Pantera
9: Tom Morello: Rage against the machine
10: Eddie Van Halen

Taylor responded 7 years ago: #772

The one who gets mentioned the most as being the greatest rock band is the Beatles the Stones are considered by most inferior to the Beatles. The Beatles had Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, The White Album, Abbey Road and Let It Be in four years. The Stones have not made a great album since Exile On Main Street. Let's not start who had the most smash hits or record sales the Stones don't compare either in that regard, and the Beatles were around for only seven years.

Garmon responded 7 years ago: #773

Slash? You have got to be kidding. Lol
Buckethead should be in there too.

jaideep responded 7 years ago: #774

Pink Floyd is the most under-rated band and Beatles are the most over-rated band.... My rankings for bands:

1. Pink Floyd (hands down... no competition... just see their musical depth, variety and lyrics)
2. Led Zeppelin (very very influential... page and plant absolutely kick ass)
3. The Who (they're amazing man... the guitars and d keyboards... awesome)
4. The Beatles (no way in top 3... very good but not good enough as d above three)
5. The Doors (yeah... they really really had attitude and kick ass)
6. Bob Dylan (not a band exactly, but song writing par excellence)
7. Black Sabbath (all ye metal heads... this is where it started)
8. Queen (they're too bohemian to leave them out)
9. Jimi Hendrix Experience (its got the greatest guitarist man...)
10. Metallica (well metal was started by sabbath... metallica perfected it)

Top 10 Guitarists

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
3. Eric Clapton (Cream/ solo)
4. John Petrucci (Dream Treater)
5. Slash (Guns n' roses)
6. Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
7. Tommy Iommi (Blac)
8. Kirk Hammet (Metallica)
9. Joe Satriani
10. Eddie van Halenscrew this.... pink floyd's d most under-rated band and beatles is d most over-rated band.... my rankings for bands

1. Pink Floyd (hands down... no competition... just see their musical depth, variety and lyrics)
2. Led Zeppelin (very very influential... page and plant absolutely kick ass)
3. The Who (they're amazing man... the guitars and d keyboards... awesome)
4. The Beatles (no way in top 3... very good but not good enough as d above three)
5. The Doors (yeah... they really really had attitude and kick ass)
6. Bob Dylan (not a band exactly, but song writing par excellence)
7. Black Sabbath (all ye metal heads... this is where it started)
8. Queen (they're too bohemian to leave them out)
9. Jimi Hendrix Experience (its got the greatest guitarist man...)
10. Metallica (well metal was started by sabbath... metallica perfected it)

Top 10 Guitarists

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
3. Eric Clapton (Cream/ solo)
4. John Petrucci (Dream Treater)
5. Slash (Guns n' roses)
6. Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
7. Tommy Iommi (Blac)
8. Kirk Hammet (Metallica)
9. Joe Satriani
10. Eddie van Halen

Taylor responded 7 years ago: #775

Yeah, the Beatles are overrated; all they did in seven years is become the biggest selling musicians ever, the most covered songwriters ever, the most influential rock artists, start the British Invasion, practically started modern rock music, made the rock band bigger than the solo act. Some of you people are clueless.

BOBBY responded 7 years ago: #776

As an owner of every Beatles Record and an avid listener of everything from Bach to AC/DC I can gaurentee you the Beatles are not overated. Number 1? No, but certainly a number two. They made not be as hard as other rock bands but their melodies and tunes are timeless and will live on in our hearts forever.

moi responded 7 years ago: #777

That is the thing that puzzles me about Americans, they just don't understand the brilliance of Queen like the rest of us. For heavens sakes, Freddie Mercury had a vocal range of 4 octaves and Brian May built his own guitar. John Deacon was one of the tightest bass players around and you won't find a better arena drummer than Roger Taylor. They were like the Johnny Depp of music; they could pull ANYTHING off. They did everything from thrash metal to barbershop! I could go on for ever...!

Revolver responded 7 years ago: #778

People out there... the Beatles are the act who established the rock group. They were others before who tried but before the Beatles rock music was solo dominated and the single was the big thing not the album without the Beatles the Stones, Pink Floyd, and so many others would have not have achieve the things they did. Show some respect. Queen is sort of popular in America and Canada but they won't rival Led Zeppelin in a popularity contest.

langfan responded 7 years ago: #779

The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame is now just a big joke. Did you see the latest group of nominees? Madonna included. LOL

Louis responded 7 years ago: #780

New Facts:

*Queen and the Beatles was inducted in the UK Hall of Fame the same year (2004).

*The Beatles are bad musicians and singers. The Beatles songs are easy to cover.

*All four member of Queen was in the Songwriter Hall of Fame (only two members inducted of the Beatles), Vocal Group Hall of Fame, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. No member of Queen is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo act because Queen never break up!!!

* Led Zeppelin and The Beatles don't have attendance records for concerts. Queen played to a total audience of 479,000 in Argentina and in Brazil play in front of 325,000 people, breaking all previous world record. They also played on January 19 1984 for a capacity-crowd of 325,000 fans. In 1976 concert in Hyde Park, London Queen set an attendance record, with 200,000 people confirmed to be in attendance.

*Queen's iconic performance at Live Aid in July 1985 has been named the world's greatest rock gig in an industry poll, more than 60 artists, journalists and music industry executives contributed to the survey. The only artists to refuse to be in Live Aid DVD video were Led Zeppelin because they said they put in a "sub-standard" performance; excuses!!. Queen are bigger than you think!!

* Beckham: "Queen is not close to Led Zeppelin or the Beatles in the influence of rock music history" Look at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, The biggest tribute concert ever with over 2 billion viewers. In the Freddie's Tribute DVD video the song "Innuendo" was not included, at the request of Robert Plant, explaining that his voice was in very poor condition and he couldn't remember the words and consequently couldn't sing the song correctly at the time. Too many excuses!!

* In Europe, Australia, South America and Asia Queen are considered Rock Gods. This countries know nothing about Led Zeppelin. More than 60% of Led Zeppelin records sales are in the U.S..

My list

1. Queen
2. Hendrix Experience
3. Black Sabbath
4. Pink Floyd
5. The Who
6. Rolling Stones
7. Allman Bros.
8. Led Zeppelin
9. Cream
10. The Doors

wim responded 7 years ago: #781

It's a pity that not so many people know Rory Gallagher.
He was, in the early 1970s, the best guitarist; no one could stand in his shadow.
He's the best live guitarist ever lived on earth.
Take a look at youtube there you can see who's the best.


Revolver responded 7 years ago: #782

Queen never broke up but they have not been a proper band since Mercury death but at least the Beatles three of the Beatles are in the rock and roll Hall of Fame as a solo act no memeber of Queen. The Beatles were the act who set up the foundation of huge concert venue example Shea Stadium. The Beatles are considered rock Gods all over the world, not Queen. The Beatles created music that you cannot duplicate live and I would love to see Queen cover Love You Too, or anyone of there true Indian stuff. I love Queen to cover the songs where McCartney played multiple instruments like the flute.

The Beatles are considered one of the pioneers of progressive rock. Yeah, Harrison plays sitar and considered one of the best slide guitar players ever, McCartney one of the best bass players, two great lead singers and the most covered songwriters ever. Please, Louis, are you the same who spew this stuff about Queen in the Internet. I know in a poll of 250 musicians, the Beatles were considered the greatest rock artists ever in a Rolling Stone poll recently. Queen was not even the top 20, so rant away. Queen was never the focal point or influence in rock the Beatles were, so live with it.

Beckham responded 7 years ago: #783

I echo Revolver's statements. Louis, you are the same who goes under a different name. Queen a great band if you like bombastic music. Queen was never the focal point in music like Led Zeppelin. Queen never made a great complete album. The Beatles are the group who started arena rock or huge concert staduim venues in rock music. Queen were not the first rock artist to use videos, they would be number 100 on this list. Queen never started any sort of rock movement like the British Invasion. Queen contributed to many styles in rock music but were not at the forefront to anything. Queen does not have one of their members as a solo act in the rock and roll of fame. The Beatles have three. The Beatles have influenced thousands of bands. Queen has not influenced the same amount of artists as someone like the Who. Led Zeppelin were at the forefront of hard rock and heavy metal not Queen. Queen is not popular in many parts of the world. Just because Freddie Mecury can sing 4 octaves, people should like him? Steve Vai is a master guitarist does that make him automtically loved by everybody. The Beatles and Led Zeppelin open doors for future artists and remain influential. Queen just followed them through the door like everyone else.

Yao Chung responded 7 years ago: #784

In the early '70s, Queen helped spur the heavy metal genre's evolution by discarding much of its blues influence; the New Wave of British Heavy Metal followed in a similar vein, fusing the music with a punk rock sensibility and an increasing emphasis on speed. Led Zeppelin are a Blues based hard rock band. The first real Heavy Metal Song is Queen's 'Stone Cold Crazy'(1973).

Freddie Mercury was the one rock star mentioned in singer Kurt Cobain's suicide note :
"I havent felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music along with reading and writing for too many years now. I feel guilty beyond words about these things. For example, when we're backstage and the lights go out and the manic roar of the crowds begins, it doesn't affect me the way in which it did for Freddy Mercury who seemed to love, relish in the love and adoration from the crowd, which is something I totally admire and envy."

Axl Rose about Freddie:
"If I didn't have Freddie Mercury's lyrics to hold on to as a kid, I don't know where I would be. It taught me about all forms of music. It would open my mind. I never really had a bigger teacher in my whole life."

Two of Queen's songs, "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We Are the Champions" have each been claimed, in separate polls, as the world's favourite song. Most recently, an Ericsson poll of 600,000 people in 66 different countries found "We Are the Champions" to be the world's most popular tune.


Dave Anthony responded 7 years ago: #785

Um, everyone needs to back and listen to Les Paul. He will blow ur mind positively. Yes, "the" inventor of the "Les Paul" guitar, besides he's the one who invented dub ins and many of the producing techniques used today. Get a clue!

Matthew responded 7 years ago: #786

How could SRV be number 19???? With Jimi Handrix and Jimmy Page, he's number 3 at worst. And Led Zep is number 6, c'mon, you're kidding right??????

PF responded 7 years ago: #787

I think that people are comparing uncomparable things. Each band had their own style. It´s impossible to say which one is the best band just based in influence. The Beatles, in my opinion, were the greatest in their style and the precursors of the rock. I think Led Zeppelin was the best in hard rock. And the Queen were also brilliant in their romantic ballads, pop rock and rock. I prefer Beatles and Led Zeppelin, but there is something I have got to admit: Freddie Mercury was the best showman that existed: a little better than Robert Plant and much better than any Beatle.

Jen responded 7 years ago: #788

I think that all the lists above are amazing, and most repeat the same message. People have different opinions about who the best rock bands, vocalists, and guitarists are. Everyone will have their own opinion and a lot of it depends on what bands you grew up listening to.

Jerry Cantrell
Eric Clapton
James Hetfield
Eddie Van Halen

Alice in Chains
Van Halen

Madeline responded 7 years ago: #789

KURT COBAIN: "His idea of a father-and-son day out would be to take me to work on Saturdays and Sundays and I would sit in his office while he went and counted logs. It's really a quite exciting weekend. I drew pictures, I made prank phone calls. And then I would go out into the warehouse where they stacked two-by-fours really high up into the air and I would pretend I was being chased or chasing robbers and cops or pretend to be Superman or any other super hero. ... And then I would take a nap in the van and listen to Queen -- "News of the World" on eight-track, over and over again, and drain the battery on the van. Then we'd be stuck. That happened a few times -- we'd get stuck after work with a dead battery because I listened to Queen too much."

Brian May (Queen): This affected me deeply, reading these words, in the new transcripts of Kurt Cobain's interview ... I wondered for a long time what Kurt's connection with us was. I had heard various things third-hand - good things - and I knew he mentioned Freddie in his 'farewell' note. Some commentator took that to be in a negative way, but I always had a strong feeling of empathy with him and his music. So now we know. I wish so much that I had met him ... I suppose I have that fantasy that I might have been able to help - and avert his tragedy ... That's probably wishful thinking, but somehow I have a feeling that at some point I missed an opportunity. Well, God Rest 'im ... what great stuff he gave us ... just wish that he and Freddie were still around to enjoy it.

Sad story. I love Queen...

gabanzastarman666 responded 7 years ago: #790

You're all unbelievable, fighting with people you've never even met before. They could be anyone!
I wish this site had posted up a list of 100 drummers; that is what would make this site awsome!!!

Revolver responded 7 years ago: #791

The only album Nirvana was listening to in the studio was Meet the Beatles when they were recording Nevermind. Kurt Cobain idolized John Lennon. Freddy Mercury's first band was named after a George Harrion song. Brian May has stated many times the Beatles were making music they no one ever created before. The first true metal songs were being produced by Black Sabbath. Even the Beatles could get a claim in that listen to Helter Skelter no blues influence there, or the second half of I Want You, which is blues influenced. Led Zeppelin came before Queen and they were the big influence in hard rock, not Queen, so live with it. Queen has not sold one billion records, the Beatles have. Rock music would have survived without Queen. I admit Queen is really talented, but let's be real - they will be only remembered in the future for writing stadium rockers.

rrhoads responded 7 years ago: #792

Where is Randy Rhoads and Glen Drover in the list?

Shawn responded 7 years ago: #793

Abba, The Beatles and The Bee Gees are in the same league: Pop-bands, bad musicians.

Best Bands
Led Zeppelin: Early precursors of heavy metal.(great musicians)
Queen: Early precursors of thrash-metal, symphonic-metal and neo-classical sound.(great musicians).
Pink Floyd: Progressive rock pioneers.
Black Sabbath: One of the pioneers of heavy-metal.

Major responded 7 years ago: #794

Where the heck is Guns N Roses. They should be there and near the top. I am disappointed.

Jimmi responded 7 years ago: #795

If here is anyone who understands rock, you will agree when I say that Angus Young in ACDC deserve a way better place than the 20th and ACDC should be at least in top 5 best rockbands in the world ever!!! Can you music?

SydWaters responded 7 years ago: #796

The Beatles pioneers in

1. British Invasion
2. Jangle Pop
3. Folk Rock= The Byrds
4. World Music Norwegian Wood
5. Raga/Folk Rock Norwegian Wood
6. Psychedelick Rock- Rubber Soul
7. Avant Rock- Revolver
8. Art Rock- Revolver
9. Experimental Rock- Tomorrow Never Knows
10. Acid Rock- She Said She Said
11. Progressive Rock- Revolver and Sgt Peppers
12. Symphonic Prog- A Day In the Life
13. Avant Classical Rock- I am The Walrus
14. Heavy Metal- Helter Skelter
15. Arena Rock- Shea Staduim
16. Power Pop- Hard Days Night

Along the way if you listen to today's rock music. The most dominant form of type of artists in rock music. Rock bands who write there own music and concentrate on making albums. Who is most responsible in making that the norm not Queen or Zeppelin it's the Beatles.

Fintan responded 7 years ago: #797

Queen were bleep. Mercury had a girl's voice. May was a poor guitarist with laughable technique, and the rhythm sction was so boring it's unreal.

I am better than Queen.

JOHNNY responded 7 years ago: #798



Fintan responded 7 years ago: #799

Nope :-) But I' fart better music than Queen, and most guitarists nowadays could smoke May without any effort at all.

Best lyricists - Roger Waters, Bob Dylan
Best guitarists - Buckethead, John Petrucci
Best bassists - Paul McCartney, Les Claypool
Best drummers - Thomas Lang, Jason Bittner

Queen = lame joke

Sam responded 7 years ago: #800

Yes, Fintan wrote Farthemian Rhapsody.

History of Queen:

King Farrokh Bulsara XXXIX left his castle on his home planet Mars one fine day in September, only to end up on some little island off the coast of Africa that everyone has forgotten the name of (turns out it was called Zanzibar). In retaliation, he took over a bigger island, England, changed his name to His Holy Greatness The King Frederic Of Mercury And The Entire Universe Of Everything That Exists (otherwise known as Freddie Mercury) and made the inhabitants slaves to his greatness. He gave India as dowry to the East India company who ruled it under Lord Mountbatten. During his long reign, Freddie Mercury came upon three other misplaced deities: Deacon John, the god of flippable names and biting dust, Roger Taylor, the god of drums, physical abuse, and cars, and Brian May, the god of guitars, fireplace mantels made out of wood, and big, curly hair. These four gods came together to form the greatest rock band that ever existed, which has a name that only gods can speak but is otherwise known as Queen to mortals and aliens.

God save the Queen!!!

Aaron responded 7 years ago: #801

Where is meatloaf?

The only way to decide whose the greatest is to compare how much of a influence the band had on thier generation.

(Sadly) The Beatles
Led Zepplin
Black Sabbath

SydWaters responded 7 years ago: #802

How pathetic (sadly the Beatles) are you people. While most of their peers, including the Stones, The Kinks, and the Yardbirds, had trouble writing a decent song in 1964, The Beatles had 14 songs on the chart at the same time. The Beatles wrote a no covers album A Hard Days Night, while the Stones first album had one original song. The Beatles in 1964 were already doing folk rock and jangle pop, which became the big thing in 1965. The Beatles were so ahead of their peers in so many ways.

Fintan responded 7 years ago: #803

'Bicycle Race' by Queen says it all - THEY ARE A JOKE.

Pink Floyd > all

Joseph responded 7 years ago: #804

Stone Cold Crazy, The Prophet Song, Death on to Legs, Ogre Battle, Innuendo, Liar, Son and Daughter, Sheer Heart Attack, White Man amongst other Queen Songs: Serious, Pure Heavy Metal!!

Dig a Pony, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Yellow Submarine, Baby You Can Drive My Car, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Dear Prudence, Octopus's Garden, Mother Nature's Son amongst other Beatles Songs: Songs for Kids, Pure Joke..

Blake responded 7 years ago: #805

Where's Rick Allen from Def Leppard? Come on now. One arm!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do any of these other drummers have one arm? Seriously, come on now.

SydWaters responded 7 years ago: #806

Queen is only influenced a fraction of amount of bands compared to the Beatles. Helter Skelter maybe the first metal song. Queen is not even ahead of the Doors let alone The Rolling Stones. The Beatles music is covered by jazz musicians and by every other genre. Who really covers Queen songs? I have not heard many cover versions of their songs.

LALO responded 7 years ago: #807


mel ramoneee responded 7 years ago: #808

What is u2 doing in 3rd spot. What crack are you on mate. There's no way U2 is better than Led Zep. ewww. It hurts me to write the two names in the same bloody sentence. There's no way U2 is better than the Ramones!!! Ramones rock baby and so do Led Zep. JIMMY PAGE SHOULD BE KNIGHTED. BEST GUITARIST OFF ALL TIME EVAAAAAAAAAH.

Fintan responded 7 years ago: #809

Queen ndidn't have the technical ability to play heavy metal. A rock riff and fast drumming doesn't mean metal.

You want metal, then go and listen to Cannibal Corpse and stuff like that.

Queen - a joke

ManUnitedfan responded 7 years ago: #810

Tomorrow Never Knows changed genres. The Beatles changed music.

Nevermind responded 7 years ago: #811

Led Zeppelin, no way.

Led Zeppelin went farther than just being influenced, to the extent of plagerising the blues. It should be noted that copping a line or stock phrase is common in blues tradition, but taking entire songs results in Willie Dixon law suits. When the Levee Breaks was originally from Memphis Minnie, who recorded in the 30s and 40s.

Aminchong responded 7 years ago: #812

This is such a subjective topic! It really depends on the style you like right? But in general, I do agree with your guitar list.

Carrie responded 7 years ago: #813

Led Zeppelin - World’s Greatest Cover Band

It’s always painful when the heroes of our youth are shown to be mere mortals. A story first brought into the spot light by Howard Stern, Denny Somach, World’s Foremost Classic Rock expert, on the show to discuss what appears to be very blatant plagiarism by “The Greatest Hard Rock Band of all time.”

This is very disturbing to many of us I’m sure. Led Zeppelin’s “Borrowing” goes way beyond the acknowledged blues fandom and influence to almost note for note and lyric for lycric plagiarism. In fact, on their first album only one of the nine songs appears to be an original composition. But it gets worse from there, one can still hope that this was perhaps the actions of a hungry young band, misguided by bad management. All doubts will be shattered though when you listen to the song “Taurus” by the band of the same name, where almost note for note Led Zeppelin seems to have found the “inspiration” for the opening riff of “Stairway To Heaven.”

In the face of all this plagiarism, how does one explain the meteoric rise and staying power of Led Zeppelin? A deal with the Devil perhaps? It might be more likely than we think.

jason responded 7 years ago: #814

Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all time. I don't understand how you have them 6th. In my opinion you cannot make an argument against that. Sure you could say the Beatles, but we all know Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all time!

jason responded 7 years ago: #815

Here is the real top 20 guitarists of all time:

1. Jimmy Page
2. Eric Clapton
3. Eddie Van Halen
4. Andres Segovia
5. B.B. King
6. Slash
7. Kirk Hammett
8. David Gilmour
9. Kurt Cobain
10. Angus Young
11. Tony Iommi
12. Stevie Ray Vaughn
13. Carlos Santana
14. Keith Richards
15. Jimi Hendrix
16. Jeff Beck
17. Joe Perry
18. Peter Frampton
19. Chuck Berry
20. Duane Allman

matty responded 7 years ago: #816

GET OUT OF COBAIN'S SHEETS.... he's not a good guitarist by any means....different yes but good, no.... STEVE HOWE SHOULD BE AT LEAST TOP 10.... he is one of the greatest guitarists of the last half decade...he is technically and melodically perfect....lassical, blues, rock, you name it STEVE HOWE is great...

John responded 7 years ago: #817

What about Eric Johnson? He's like Jesus on a guitar.

ProgThinker responded 7 years ago: #818

It's strange the arguments we get into. Look, no one will ever agree on a "greatest guitar player." We are always going to have a conflict between skill and something called "feeling." But come on, how the heck can you sit there and tell me how the I feel about my playing? There is no way you can tell me how my music moves me and what emotion is comming into my mind at the time. I could have blood pumping through my veins and be on a super high because I know I just pulled off that 32note run or ripped through a string of arps with blazing speed.

It's the satisfaction of knowing you are capable of doing something very few can. Don't get me wrong, I love the blues and grew up with Page, Clapton, Derek Trucks, and so on, but if everyone feels differently about their own playing and no one feels the same about anything, then I guess that "feeling" is just something people like to say, but can't explain. That's why I think you have to give credit to the technical players because, in the end, they can do something you can't... "you cant say your noise is better than my noise"...

Steve Vai... but just for fun

1.Joe Satriani
2.John Petrucci
3.Steve Vai
4.Paul Gilbert
5.Jason Becker
6.Eric Johnson
7.Rusty Cooley
8.Michal Angelo Batio
9.Herman Li
10.Yngwie Malmsteen

Joe is at the top because I'm not going to argue with a man that has taught most of the people everyone is saying and because he combines amazing skill while keeping in mind that he is writing a song with melody, not a jerk-off session. Petrucci is an amazing player and everything he plays is so tasteful, you can tell he cares about his music a great deal. Vai.....well...he's Vai.

Paul Gilbert might be the best string skipper on Earth and not a bad songwriter as well. Jason Becker had a short playing span because of his illness but man, that guy was inhuman with the arps. Eric Johnson, like Pertucci, is also a great musician and very tasteful even if they have different styles. Rusty Cooley and Batio are there simply for the technical prowess, they are jaw dropping with their speed and precision.

Herman Li is my oddball. He probably gets more criticism that any other player today. I think it is because he may have the talent to be the next virtuoso following players like Vai, but we will have to see if he continues to develop or if he fizzles. And Malmsteen, he is a great player but a little stale, some new ideas maybe...that harmonic minor scale is getting a little old.

Jacob responded 7 years ago: #819

Where are:

-Bon Jovi
-Def Leppard

ankit responded 7 years ago: #820

Acorrding to me The best Rock n rolll act's of all time would be:
1) The Beatles(First commercially succesful Band..ruled the 60's)
2) Led Zeppelin (Pionners of hard rock..The Rock god's)
3) Pink floyd(with's it's sonic experiment with music this band ruled the stage)
4) Rolling stones(The Commercially most succesful Band)
5) The Who(First Band to experiment Metal n Blues)
6) Aerosmith
7) The Doors(Jim morridon roxxxx)
8) Queen
9) Black Sabbath
10) U2(One of the most consistent Acts in Rock music for three decades)
11) Deep Purple(Creators of Hard rock along wid Led Zeppelin)
12) Judas priest
13) Metallica(Redefined Heavy Metal in 90's n 80's)
14) AC/DC(Pionners of Heavy metal)
15) Iron maiden(another metal band that roxxxx)

Greatest Artists of 90's

1) NIRVANA(Brought Grunge to the mainstream)
2) Pearl jam
3) Radiohead
4) Red hot chiiili peppers
5) Green day
6) Gun's n roses
7) Korn
8) Marilyn Manson
9) Nine inch Nails
10) Oasis

Greatest voclalists of all time:
1) Robert plant
2) Freddie mercury
3) Chris cornell
4) Jeff buckley
5) Bruce Dickinson

I personally like Kurt cobain the most...all time Favourite

Greatest rock guitarists :
1) Jimi Hendrix
2) Jimmy Page
3) Slash
4) Jeff Beck
5) John Petrucci
6) Joe Satriani
7) David Gilmour
8) Eddie Van Halen
9) Eric Clapton
10) Steve Vai Vaughan
11) Carlos Santana
12) Tom Norrelo
13) keith Richards
14) Kirk Hammet
15) Pete Townshend

Let There Be Rock responded 7 years ago: #821

Whilst Led Zeppelin was and is an amazing band with the combination of the legendary guitar skills of jimmy paige and the vocal skills of robert plant i do believe that they are being a bit overated in this discussion. I agree they are one of the great bands of all time but not THE greatest. Yes jimmy paige is an extremely talented guitarist, but i dont think it would be fair to say he's the worlds greatest. So here's the list of my preferred guitarist's
1. Jimmy Hendrix (you can't deny he was an extremely talented man)
2. Carlos Santana
3. B.B. King
4. Stevie Ray Vaughan
5. Jimmy Paige
6. Slash
7. Tony Iiomi (pioneer of Heavy Metal)
8. Eric Clapton
9. Phil Emmanuel
10. Angus Young (Not for his guitar skill, but for the presense he held on stage)

As for the band's people seem to be forgetting that Rock n' Roll orginated from blues and country and western music in around the 1940's and 50's. So wouldnt it make sense to have artists such as Muddy Waters, B.B. King and Bill Haley pretty high up on your lists? Because after all if it wasn't for people like these Rock n Roll wouldnt be the same. So with that in mind here is my top ten bands.

1. Bill Haley and the Comets (Rock around the clock one of if not THE first rock n roll song ever)
2. AC/DC
3. Black Sabbath
4. Led Zeppelin
5. Motorhead
6. Pink Floyd
7. Guns n' Roses
9. Genisis
10. Double Trouble

Although not all of them were extremely skillful bands in a lot of peoples opinions i believe that great bands take much more than putting a few people good at playing guitar and drums and bass and so on together. Like AC/DC for example whislt i'll admit they are nowhere near as "musically talented" as some other bands they however gods on stage and have an audience consumed by their music.

But i must say all this is just opinions. No one's "right" or "wrong" so you can't truely judge "the best band of all time" or "the most talented guitarist" because although you believe it, it doesn't make it so.

My preferred singers list would be
1. Bon Scott
2. Angry Anderson
3. Ozzy Osbourne
4. Phill Collins
5. Stevie Knicks
6. Dio
7. Robert Plant
8. Brian Johnson
9. Phillip Anselmo
10. John Fogarty

Obviously everyone will have different opinions on this and many will disagree with me. But as I said before, this is just a list of MY preffered bands, artists, and musicians.

LOGAN responded 7 years ago: #822


Myles responded 7 years ago: #823

I am a big fan of your articles but I think you messed up with this one. Sly and The Family Stone over AC/DC are you crazy?
Here's the real top 10 rock bands:

1.Led Zeppelin
2.Black Sabbath
4.Jimi Hendrix
6.Van Halen
7.The Who
8.The Doors
9.Pink Floyd
10.The Rolling Stones

And the Guitarists Zakk Wylde over Angus Young? Again are you crazy?
Here's the real top 10 guitarists:
1.Jimi Hendrix
2.Jimmy Page
3.Angus Young
5.Kirk Hammet
6.Kurt Cobain
7.James Hetfield
8.Eddie Van Halen
9.Eric Clapton
10.B.B. King

That is how things should go.

JESSI responded 7 years ago: #824

Greatest Bands :

[This is really the only band that any rock-n-roller can name every one of the members.]
2.Led Zeppelin
3.The Stones
4.Black Sabbath
5.The Doors
6.Pink Floyd
9.AC/DC [ They really dont get the credit they deserve.
10.The Clash

I mean its really on how you look at it, well any way you look at it THE BEATLES and LED ZEPPELIN are gonna be one and two. But as far as impact on rock n roll, the doors, pink floyd, the clash, black sabbath are all gonna be right up there at the top.
But if your talking but selling out stadiums, off the chart hits, i mean you gotta put AC/DC,Queen, The Rolling Stones, at 3, 4, and 5. I mean AC/DC played in front of 500,000 people SOLD OUT, and still played two nights after that sold out. Same with the Rolling Stones, and Queen they had stadiums and soccer fields sold completely out.

My Greatest Guitarists would have to be..

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Eric Clapton
3. Jimmy Page
4. Stevie Ray Vaughn.
5.David Gilmour
6 Angus Young [it really kills me when i dont see him in any tops]
7. Randy Rhoades
8. Eddie Van Halen
9. Zack Wylde
10. Slash
and I also think LINDSAY BUCKINGHAM & I know CHUCK BERRY should be recognized

Vocals wise
1. Robert Plant
2. Paul Rodgers [from free,& bad company doesnt ever get any credit]
3. Freddie Mercury
4. David Gilmour
5. John Lennon
6. jim Morrison
7. Kurt Cobain
8. Bon Scott

if there was a list you'd have to have John Bonham number one, Keith Moon two, and Phil Collins,Dave Grohl,Lars Ulrich, Chris Slade, and probably some others would have to be on there.

Jarod responded 7 years ago: #825

First off...Black Sabbath is way overrated. Let there be rock is retarded for saying Ozzy is 3 best vocalist. He just plain sounds like crap.
Second... Queen definitely deserves some props and may Freddy Mercury RIP.
Third....Sly and the Family Stone.. WTF?
4....Bob Marley sucks
5....U2 is ten times more overrated than Black Sabbath
6....Give Zep a little more credit
7....Top Guitarists list is pretty good, except Santana needs to be higher
8....believe that John Mayer will soon join the list

jimmy responded 7 years ago: #826

where is john frusciante in all of these list?

rocky responded 7 years ago: #827

randy rhodes
"anything else is ok as long as no says greenday

Debbie responded 7 years ago: #828

Hi all! wow what a lot of comments! Everyone is passionate about their own likes and dislikes. I like a lot of different genres of music. I don't think or feel my ex is politically or otherwise correct when he makes the statement that " Anyone who doesn't think LED ZEPPLIN is THEE BEST of THEE BEST of THEE BEST is STUPID " .... I think that HE is STUPID for making that statement. People like who they like,.. and not everyone loves Led Zepplin as he does. Having said that, My personal favorites are: Journey, ac/dc, Bon Jovi, some Nirvana, some metallica, Elvis of coarse, what a legend !!! Guns n' roses, Prince, The Cars, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, The Who, Phil Collins, and I haven't looked through all the comments,.. but what I have seen,.. I have NOT seen " REO SPEEDWAGON!" Those guys are awesome !!! Also,.. Def Leppard is one of my favorites!! - Their Drummer plays with ONE ARM !!! .... my point is though,.. that these are some of MY favorites. They may or may not be YOUR favorites,.. it really doesn't matter. This is a free country,.. and everyone is entitled to their opinions and likes/dislikes. I don't have to like Led Zepplin ( and I really don't care for their depressing sounding music) ,.. but that is MY opinion. It's not right or wrong, it's simply how I feel. Music is a great thing !!! Everyone enjoys what they enjoy. I don't have to like what you like,.. and you don't have to like what I like. Everyone has their own idea of what/who THEY think should be number one,.. and so on,... and so forth. Why argue ? I'm not wrong because I like who I like,.. but I am also not going to ' argue ' with anyone and say that you should like who I like because,.... (fill-in-the blank) That's not right. This is a free country, and we are all free to like who we like and dislike who we dislike,.. and guess what ? If we DON'T like it,.. WE DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT !!!! .... That's my stand on the soap box ! Have a great day!

starman responded 7 years ago: #829

that list is very good however it is speculation and mere opinion. page, hendrix, clapton, excellent and safe choices. queen, floyd zep, same thing. the one band i dont see mentioned at all is rush. my choice my opinion. 3 men generating those invigorating jams, are unreal. perhaps the "experts" should listen to more than tom sawyer or closer to the heart to get an appreciation of this canadian power trio. oh, geddy lee (bass) and neil peart (drums) lead their respective fields maybe entwistle of the who is close to lee. MY OPINION. AND QUEEN SUCKS!

Skywalker responded 7 years ago: #830

I love Queen! They have inspired many artists to this day.Even though I actually prefer the first Queen's albums (you know: since Queen I until Jazz), I recognize that "Innuendo" is such a great song. Freddie Mercury was extremely talented and had the best voice ever. I was absolutely shocked when I listened to "The Prophet's Song", included in A Night at the Opera. Simply genial!

Queen influenced more artists than Led Zeppelín. Led Zeppelin and Queen influence heavy metal and hard rock bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Judas Priest and Gun’s amongs others. But Queen also influenced artists such as Prince, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Grandmaster Flash, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, MC Hammer, Mika, Sciccor Sisters, George Michael, Robbie Williams, Wyclef Jean and Seal.

Remember, Queen with May's staccato riffs and Taylor's jackhammer drums create the firsts speed and thrash metal riffs ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ and ‘Ogre Battle’ and also create one of the first hip hop (rap) songs ‘Another One Bite the Dust’. In 1981, The father of rap Grandmaster Flash released what is considered the most influential display of cutting and scratching ever recorded- "The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel." On it he uses sections of Queen’s "Another One Bites the Dust," and sections from some of their previous work. Michael Jackson was a friend of Mercury's in the early 1980s and cited the Hot Space album as a driving influence behind the making of his 1982 album Thriller on which Mercury was originally scheduled to appear.

One of the most beautiful R&B Song ever is ‘Somebody to Love’. Celine Dion in a BBC interview about Freddie and Queen (November 2007): " Oh yeah. Definitely my favourite singer of all time. I could pick a lot of his music. "The Show Must Go On" for me's kind of like a prayer. When I hear that song it really touched me deep. It says so much. No matter what happens in a day, and what happens in your private life, when it's time to show time, you go on and you still give it all, no matter what the price is. And when I heard that song for the first time I shed a few tears actually, to be honest with you. It touched me very deep because it's not always easy. No matter what the job you're doing, the show business is a crazy life. The adrenaline that gets you to perform, it's an amazing world. It's like when go on stage to rush. It's pretty amazing. That song in particular is like a prayer for me and I'm gonna have the privilege of probably of singing that song on the next tour. I just love Queen so much."

By the way 'Queen Rock Montreal' is #6 this week in US Billboard charts!! Congratulations!!!

Clark responded 7 years ago: #831

There is one thing missing from your list and that is the greatest band of all time, BON JOVI! They have been topping the charts since 1984. Not to mention that their last c.d. Lost Highway was number 1 on the charts its first week. And last but not least, the greatest song of all time (Livin on a prayer) should be enough to put them on the list.

Pablo responded 7 years ago: #832

The Beatles had success in the early days because they were just 4 cute young boys and the chicks loved them. They aren't better then Queen or Zeppelin in anything.

Sal responded 7 years ago: #833

When one rock artist could come up with this five album stretch Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour and the White Album then you can say someone is greater than the Beatles. Pablo you should be banned from any music forum for your comments on the Beatles.

Boss responded 7 years ago: #834

What group had 3 of the best voices, along with one of the best guitarist/songwriters to ever come out of rock music? It's simple, Levon Helm, Richard Manuel, Rick Danko, Robbie Robbertson (I'm astonished that nobody has him on their guitar lists)... The Band. It doesn't get any better than this. They should be on anybody that appreciates good music's top 5 list.

Grant responded 7 years ago: #835

IMO the eagles should be at the top of the greatest rock bands list..and if not first, then definately second.

Josh responded 7 years ago: #836

Where is Jack White on greatest guitarist list and no offense but Nirvana is easily better than U2 which is so over rated.

Charles responded 7 years ago: #837

1. Queen
2. Rolling Stones
3. The Who
4. The Beatles
5. Led Zeppelin
6. Nirvana
7. Metallica
8. Deep Purple
9. Black Sabbath
10. The Doors

1. Freddie Mercury
2. Ian Gillan
3. Robert Plant
4. Chris Cornell
5. Steve Perry
6. Ronnie James Dio
7. Geoff Tate
8. Rob Halford
9. Paul Rodgers
10. Roger Daltrey

Rocky responded 7 years ago: #838

Nirvana and U2 are both way overrated. As much as I do like the Beatles, I have to say they too are overrated, looking at their music alone. Yes, the influence they had was probably second only to Bob Dylan, but bands have made better music since them. Sometimes students do surpass their teachers.

Top ten are:

1. The Band
2. The Allman Brothers Band
3. The Rolling Stones
4. Pink Floyd
5. Led Zeppelin
6. The Beatles
7. Fleetwood Mac
8. Jethro Tull
9. The Police
10. Metallica

Sal responded 7 years ago: #839

The Beatles

27 number one songs in seven years in Britain and America
14 number one albums in six America.
The Most covered songwriters in music history
Number one selling rock act ever in America and most likely the world.
The first number one rock album with no covers A Hard Days Night.
The most influential music act the past 45 years
The British Invasion
Can't Buy Me Love and Hard Days Night early examples of power pop
She's A Woman- early influenced ska song.
Influencing the Byrds to mix folk with rock.
Ticket to Ride- uses guitar drone before the Kinks See My Friends
Influences Briand Wilson to create Pet Sounds
Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, and the White Album in three years.
Popularizing feedback- I Feel Fine
World Music- Norwegian Wood, Love You To, Within You Without You and the Inner Light
Automatic Double Tracking
Revolver- first extensive use of backward guitar in rock
Eleanor Rigby- no rock instruments just string octet and vocals
Tomorrow Never Knows- progressive rock
Strawberry Fields Forever- Avant Rock/ Sypmphoic Prog
Love You To- Classical Indian with rock
Norwegian Wood- First released song with sitar
Revolver- First number one psychedelic rock album
A Day in the Life- progressive rock/ avant
Rain- Backward music with psychedelic music.
Tomorrow Never Knows- Tamboura Indian Drones
Revolver- extensive use of tape loops with rock
Revolver- extensive use of mixed meters with rock
Yesterday- the most covered song by a rock artist
Tomorrow Never Knows- one of the first uses of mellotron
Beatles For Sale- conscious use of folk with rock and country rock before the Byrds
The Beatles use of 12 string influences McGuinn and Townsend to use the intrument.
Revolution and Helter Skelter- considered by many the first heavy metal or punk songs
The Beatles perform in the first global telecast.
Tomorrow Never Knows and Love You To early examples of deconstruction of rock and roll creating new types of music for rock music.
White Album- First double album to go numnber one in America and Britain at the same time
Help Started the classic rock era
Made the rock band bigger than the solo or Elvis clones
Helped the album as a art form
Acclaimed Music Forum number one artists

Rocky responded 7 years ago: #840

The Beatles were no doubt a very talented group of young men, but where was the soul in their music? What is music without soul? I don't know, to me it seems like they were sure missing something.

Sal responded 7 years ago: #841

If you want soul or agnst try Yer Blues, Revolution, Oh Darling, Don't Let Me Down, I Want You She So Heavy, and Money That's What I Want a lot their later stuff shows that also.

HasH responded 7 years ago: #842

JOHN PETRUCCI (Dream Theater) and JERRY CANTRELL (Alice in Chains) FTW!!!!!!!

QueenZepfan#1 responded 7 years ago: #843

The Beatles are a pop-group. The Beatles suck!

Jetson responded 7 years ago: #844

Freddie Mercury called Lennon a genius, and Jimmi said without the Beatles their would not be groups like us without them. The Beatles are rock, pop, folk they are a music group. Revolution, Helter Skelter and Yer Blues are considered the first songs of heavy metal/ punk. Anyhow everyone knows that Queen has hardly influence on today's rock bands. The Beatles still do and always will. Compared to what came out in the sixties the Beatles were way more ahead of the what Queen came out. You hear a lot of Tomorrow Never Knows, Taxman and Helter Skelter type songs than you hear opera rock of Queen.

Bass responded 7 years ago: #845

The greatest Rockbands in the World!!!

1.The Rolling Stones
2.The Beatles
3.The Who
4.Led Zeppelin
5.Pink Floyd
7.Iron Maiden
8.The Ramones
9.Sex Pistols
10.The Doors

Christofero responded 7 years ago: #846

I'm 20 years old, but i'm pretty educated in all kinds of music. I know what is and what isn't pleasing to these and many other ears. None of these lists have much credibility in my opinion. Yes, Velvet Underground is an amazing band. Yes, U2, The Grateful Dead, and Sly are also great, but not deserving of " Top 10 " recognition. No band, no just in my honest opinion, should lay claim as the greatest other than John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The Beatles. Here's my list:

1. The Beatles
2. Elvis Presley
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Rolling Stones
5. The Who
6. Bob Dylan
7. Queen
8. Led Zeppelin
9. Ray Charles
10. Black Sabbath

I have MANY an issue with the " guitarists " list but i'll save that for another time. Ciao.

Fintan responded 7 years ago: #847

Most famous guitarists are overrated - Hendrix, Van Halen and Page spring to mind here. Sure, they were good, but instrumentalists like Buckethead are miles ahead of them in every way. Guys like Page wrote catchy riffs and cool, pentatonic solos, whereas Buckethead can play in any style, has fantastic technique and writes better music.

Instrumentalists/Solo Artists:

1. Buckethead
2. Steve Vai
3. Joe Satriani
4. Jeff Beck
5. Eric Johnson
6. Jason Becker
7. Mattias IA Eklundh
8. Shawn Lane
9. Andy Timmons
10. Paul Gilbert

Band Guitarists/Non-Instrumentalists:

1. John Petrucci
2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
3. David Gilmour
4. Randy Rhoads
5. Jimi Hendrix
6. Duane Allman
7. Billy Duffy
8. Jeff Healey
9. Gary Moore
10. Johnny Marr

Acoustic Guitarists:

1. Martin Taylor
2. Django Reinhardt
3. Joe Pass
4. Paco de Lucia
5. John McLaughlin
6. Al Di Meola
7. Tommy Emmanuel
8. Bireli Lagrene
9. Michael Hedges
10. Andy McKee


1. Pink Floyd
2. Dream Theater
3. The Cult
4. The Smiths
5. The Mothers of Invention
6. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
7. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
8. Praxis
9. The Beatles
10. Lynyrd Skynyrd

tyler responded 7 years ago: #848

were the hell are Queen?

Blaze responded 7 years ago: #849

Greatest Band: RUSH!!! They have the greatest drummer, and bassist and a hells good gutarist but people dont know him because he's not flashy. talentwise he's great!!
Greatest Bassist: Geddy Lee
Greatest Drummer: NEIL PEART (HANDS DOWN!!!)
Greatest Guitarist: No question...Eddie Van Halen. He completely revolutionized the guitar for history playing solos that have left me completely speechless. his methods of playing are used today for modern rock bands that can wail!!

Chelsea responded 7 years ago: #850

Instrumental ability- Rush
Sonwriting- melodies,lyrics, chord progressions and riffs- The Beatles
Innovation- the Beatles
Vocals- lead vocals Freddie Mercury- vocal harmonies the Beach Boys.
Influence- the Beatles
Albums- the Beatles
Singles- the Beatles

all this adds up to the Beatles

Jack responded 7 years ago: #851

The beatles are by far the best band ever, while led zep is the most overrated band of all time. jiimy paige is a great guitarist, but doesn't compare to clapton, duane allman, jimi, or even robert johnson who is in my top 5 greatest guitarists for his influence, and without robert johnson there would be no blues or even rock n roll

Jack responded 7 years ago: #852

1.Jimi Hendrix
2.Robert Johnson
3.Eric Clapton
4.Duane Allman
5.BB King
6.John Mcclaughlin( has anyone mentioned him?)
7.Chuck Berry
8.Carlos Santana
9.Keith Richards
10.George Harrison

1.The Beatles
2.Bob Dylan
3.Robert Johnson
4.The Rolling Stones
5.Chuck Berry
6.The Beach Boys
7.Jimi Hendrix Experience
10.The Who

the doors are overatted too they're a good band but not in the top 10
the yardbirds, john mayall and the bluesbreakers, muddy waters, howlin wolf, little richard, grateful dead are all great but not in the top 10

fanofthefab4fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #853

There certainly really are *ALOT* of idiots on here saying the most ignorant ridiculous bulls*hit about The Beatles but one specific poster who keeps posting with many different names,including as Lebon,Leonardo etc,has made some of the stupidest comments about The Beatles! I really hope that you are only an ignorant 15 or 16 year old kid! You obviously didn't read through all of the great information that I and many other posters like,Chris,George,Joe,Josh,John,Ann and Sal and some others have explained about theBeatles especially John Lennon and Paul McCartney's brilliance as singers and song writers and musicians! The Beatles *Were* VERY GOOD MUSICIANS and they have been recognized as so by most major music polls,and some other well known musicians! As I already posted on here months ago, on an excellent web site called,The Evolution Rock Bass Playing McCartney Style Stanley Clarke,Sting,Will Lee and Billy Sheehan all say what a great,melodic,and influential bass player Paul McCartney has always been! The 1992 Rolling Stone Album Guide also calls Paul a remarkable bass player,as well as calling John and Paul the 2 greatest song writers in rock history! Paul McCartney is now # 2 Best Rock Bass Player on Rankopedia as voted by 1,000's of people from all over the world! He was also voted # 1 on The Mister Poll out of over 1,000 people,he's # 8 out of 100 greatest rock bass players on where many musicians post,Queen's bass player John Deacon is # 32! The Beatles are # 1 Greatest Rock Group and John and Paul are also # 1 greatest song writers on both Rankopedia and! John and Paul are also on both web sites lists as greatesat rock singers! And The Beatles as has already been mentioned sveral times by Sal and me are in both the song writing Hall Of Fame and The Vocal Hall of Fame! Also in every major poll that has ever been done with over 1,000 people 18 and older,The Beatles have been voted the # 1 Greatest Rock Band Ever! In the Gallup Poll,The Zogby Poll,The VH1 Poll,The Virgin Records Poll,The BBC Poll,etc!And For Very Good Reasons! Also Eric Clapton says in an online interview called,Eric Clapton in His Own Words,that John Lennon was a pretty good guitar player! And he would know since he played with John in his 1969 Plastic Ono Band! Eric Clapton also called George Harrison a fantastic slide guitar player when they were interviewed and asked what they admired about each other during their 1992 Japan tour. Phil Collins and Max Weinberg both praise Ringo Star as a drummer too! And as The All Music Guide says in their excellent Beatles biography,not only were The Beatles The Greatest and most innovative act of the rock era,but as singers both John and Paul were among the best and most expressive in rock! But you are obviously too deaf and dumb to hear this!

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #854

Also I have to add,that there is a guy named Ken who runs a Rolling Stones and John Lennon fan site and he also has a Classic Rock n Roll Site and on a top 10 list he voted John and Paul # 2 greatest song writers after Bob Dylan,and the fans voted John and Paul #1! He voted Paul McCartney # 2 for Top 10 Rock Bass Guitar Players,the fans voted Paul # 3 ahead of John Paul Jones and Ken doesn't even include him! He voted John Lennon # 2 Top 10 Rock Rhythm Guitarists and the fans have John in a tie with Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones! The fans voted Jimi Page # 9! Ken voted John Lennon in a tie with Elvis as # 1 Top 10 Greatest Male Rock Vocalist and the fans voted John Lennon # 1 they voted Robert Plant # 3 and Freddie Mercury # 4. Ken voted Paul McCartney # 6 Top 10 Male Rock Vocalist,and the fans voted him # 7,Ken doesn't even include Robert Plant! The fans have Eric Clapton and George Harrison in a tie at # 10 for Top 10 Rock Slide Guitarists! Also Ken says in reviewing The Beatles great albums 1962-1966 and 1967-1970,that The Beatles were a really great band and that if you don't love or at least like The Beatles and their music,than you are not a true rock fan and more than likely never will get it! He says in reviewing The Beatles 1967-1970,Damn The Beatles were one GREAT group! He also said that John Lennon played one of the first and best acid guitar parts on his great hard rocking 1968 single Revolution,and he also said that John proved on Paul's song Get Back,why he should have played lead guitar more often because he did such a good job! He also said John played a very good slide guitar on George's For Your Blue! Even Ozzy Osbourne said in a 2002 online Bender Magazine interview,that The Beatles Are The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth! He didn't say Queen,Pink Floyd,Led Zeppelin,The Rolling Stones,The Who or even his own group! He has been a huge Beatles fan since he was a teenager and he says not loving The Beatles is like not loving oxogen! Also USA Today music critic Ken Barnes said in an online question and answer,that he can't stand Queen and they influenced music for the worst! And The Beatles Were Mostly a Very Innovative,Creative,Prolific,Diverse Great *ROCK* Band! And John and Paul both had great voices and were both great love song and great rock singers with great ranges! John had one of the most unique beautiful voices of all male singers too! And Dear Prudence is a beautiful John song,and it's not a song for "children" neither is *any* Beatles song except Yellow Submarine! Many good music professors at good universities including award winning music professor and composer Dr.Glen Gass who has been teaching a course on rock music and The Beatles since 1982 at Indiana University,are teaching the brilliance of John and Paul's songs that were not for children! And The Beatles music is not as "simple" as you and some other ignorant people mistakenly believe,even their early songs like She Loves You & I Want To Hold Your Hand had clever subtlties and interesting and unsual chords that Bob Dylan and many music critics pointed out! Their music in their middle-later period was really different,innovative and even much more complex! And Paul McCartney can play any instrument great! He played every instrument all by himself at only age 27 on his first very good solo album McCartney and he played so many instruments great! He did this again 10 years later on McCartney 2,and on his great 1973 Wings Band On The Run album, only he and Denny Lain played all of the instruments! He also plays most of the instruments on his 2005 Chaos & Creation In The Backyard,and his recent album Memory Almost Full! Also

Fabi Teo responded 7 years ago: #855

Let not forget some of the death rock great guitarist like Paul kossoff from Free, Tommy Bolin from James Gang or Steve Marriot from Hunble Pie. They need some little repect too.

Mr.Pither responded 7 years ago: #856


time-keeper responded 7 years ago: #857

the beatles are great, but i cannot put them ahead of led zeppelin, the same can be said about the other bands (U2 should definitely not be on there) can almost feel their music...but my favorite song is still the live version of comfortably numb by pink floyd off the pulse dvd followed closely by since i've been loving you...listen to those songs, you will difinitely enjoy them

ledzeppelinpinkfloyd&queensucks!!! responded 7 years ago: #858

I have always totally hated Led Zeppelin,Queen,and never liked Pink Floyd!!!! They are the only 3 groups that I have off of my chair even if I'm very tired and turn off immediately before I shoot the radio!!! They are the worst bands I have ever heard and just thinking about what they sound like puts me in a very bad mood!!! The Who,The Rolling Stones,Jimi Hendrix,hell even Van Halen,and especially The Beatles are all a million times better than Led Zeppelin,Queen and Pink Floyd!!!

Viegas responded 7 years ago: #859

Beatles are the best for sure, if you don´t believe me just hear the melody
golden slumbers/carry that weight/ the end.

Cameron responded 7 years ago: #860

Kurt Cobain was a horrible guitarist, and yes David Gilmour is good but he's not even in the top 10. Get Cobain the hell out of there and put in Randy Rhoads, please. And Led Zeppelin is the only band that deserves to be on the greatest bands list.

Beatlesfan responded 7 years ago: #861

When Led Zeppelin's debut album was released, it received generally positive reviews. However, John Mendelsohn of Rolling Stone magazine, criticized the band for stealing music, notably "Black Mountain Side" from Bert Jansch's "Black Water Side" and the riff from "Your Time Is Gonna Come" from Traffic's "Dear Mr. Fantasy". He also accused the band of mimicking black artists, and showing off. This marked the beginning of a long rift between the band and the magazine, with Led Zeppelin rejecting later requests for interviews and cover stories as their level of success escalated.

One song from the album, "Dazed and Confused", was a song originally written by Jake Holmes on his album "The Above Ground Sound" of Jake Holmes. The Yardbirds, Jimmy Page's old band, had made a version called "I'm Confused", and Page reworked the song again for Led Zeppelin's debut recording, with Holmes having never received any royalty payments for their recording. Holmes did not file suit over the song, although he did send the band a letter stating "I understand it's a collaborative effort, but I think you should give me some credit at least and some remunity." His letter was never replied to and he did not follow up on it.Holmes is however also reported to have said "what the hell, let him [Page] have it [Dazed and Confused]".

Led Zeppelin II's credits have also been the subject of debate since the album's release. The prelude to "Bring It on Home" is a cover of Sonny Boy Williamson's "Bring it on Home" and drew comparisons with Willie Dixon's "Bring It on Back". "Whole Lotta Love"shared some lyrics and an overall pattern with Dixon's "You Need Love/Woman You Need Love". In the 1970s, Arc Music, the publishing arm of Chess Records, brought a lawsuit against Led Zeppelin for copyright infringement over "Bring It on Home" and won an out-of-court settlement. Dixon himself did not benefit until he sued Arc Music to recover his royalties and copyrights. Years later, Dixon filed suit against Led Zeppelin over "Whole Lotta Love" and an out-of-court settlement was reached. Later pressings of Led Zeppelin II credit Dixon. Similarly, the "Lemon Song", from the same album, was a cover of Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor." The band was successfully sued for copyright and forced to give credit to the original author of the song.

Two songs from the album "Physical Graffiti" have also come under scrutiny. "Boogie with Stu" is simply the Richie Valens song "Ooh! My head " retitled and "In My Time of Dying" is a traditional blues number (covered by Bob Dylan among others), yet it is credited to Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham.

The intro to "Stairway to Heaven" is have been directly taken from the Spirit song "Taurus" written by Randy California in 1968. Led Zeppelin was the opening act for Spirit's 1968 tour.

taurus spirit:

Dog responded 7 years ago: #862

What band did George Harrison of The Beatles call "the greatest band in the universe?" What band was Eric Clapton so impressed by after hearing the release of their first album in 1968 that he quit Cream and tried to join them? He said the release of this album "changed his life." I want to see if anybody out there knows who this very under appreciated group is.

John Lennon Follower responded 7 years ago: #863

Why in the world are pink floyd, U2, the greatfull dead, velvet underground, and Bob Marley in that list? Where aren't the Who, Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience in there? I hate pink floyd so much. Led Zeppelin were great when their first album came out but now they are just O.K.! Queen is overrated, come on people. It's mainly all simple beats with people singing in harmony. Also Nirvana had some good hits but you don't here about them any more. Same with deep purple. The bands don't have very good lyrics like Bob Dylan and John Lennon. Think about if the lyrics even make sense. It should be:
1. The Beatles
2. The Rolling Stones
3. John Lennon
4. The Who
5. Jimi Hendrix Expierience
6. Bob Dylan
7. Paul McCartney
8. The Beach Boys
9. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
10. Eric Clapton

And Stevie Ray Vaughan should be in the top five best guitarists.

Van Halen is worthless!! They stole 'You really got me' from the Kinks.

John Lennon Follower responded 7 years ago: #864

To dog:

The album Music from Big Pink by the Band impressed Clapton so much that it convinced him to leave Cream. I'm not sure but I think the band Geoge Harrison said was the greatest band in the universe was The Band. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Nathan responded 7 years ago: #865

Eddie Van Halen at #7? come on man! He is so better than that!

Dog responded 7 years ago: #866

Right on both 'em Lennon Follower. I'm glad at least someone out there knew that. The Band was held in such high regards by fellow musicians from that time as well as the critics. I think they are the most under appreciated and under recognized group for the great music they made and the influence they had on music. 5 of the most talented musicians from their era with the greatest songwriter of all time (Dylan) as their mentor and employer for 3 years, one shouldn't expect anything but greatness to come from that, and that it was, and still is. I think anyone that gave their music a good listen would not leave them off of their top 10 list.

john menta responded 7 years ago: #867

hi there all great guitarist diffrent forms of expression all individual guitarist oh ya you forgot about another great guitarist myself john menta not known who knows maybe one day yours truly john

Jeff responded 7 years ago: #868

What about Queen?!

kim responded 7 years ago: #869

what about AEROSMITH?!

IronCrue responded 7 years ago: #870

BEST bands opinion
1.Motley Crue
2.Iron Maiden
4.Guns n roses
6.Aerosmith sabbath
10.Alice Cooper

My opinion again...the best guitar player is mick mars the best sngers are Ronnie james Dio, and Bruce Dickinson

Common Sense responded 7 years ago: #871

KISS??? Are you kidding me?

Rooney responded 7 years ago: #872

I always thought the Beatles invented techno even it its very psychedelic with Tomorrow Never Knows and Heavy Metal with Helter Skelter. Even Roger McGuinn credits the Beatles for inventing folk rock.

PETER E responded 7 years ago: #873


Dog responded 7 years ago: #874

Doesn't anyone have anything worthwhile to say? Who has seen the live reunion concert for Fleetwood Mac (The Dance)? Lindsey Buckingham is without a doubt one of the top 2 guitarists of all time. That's right I said it, it had to be said. Watch that dvd and try to argue that statement!

Top 5 guitarists in no particular order:

Lindsey Buckingham
Robbie Robertson
David Gilmour
Mark Knopfler
Jimmy Page

Skypilot responded 7 years ago: #875

Love Me Do (Power Pop)
This one is fairly easy, but the precise use of harmony, chiming guitars and a soaring, easy to understand chorus about love is basically the blueprint of every power-pop band to ever exist, from the Raspberries and Big Star to Sloan and Superdrag. This song might not be the first to combine all these factors, but it was the first time anybody did it better than anybody else.

I’m a Loser (Slack/Indie Rock/Emo)
Before Beck, Radiohead and Sunny Day Real Estate came along and snivelled about their own self loathing, the Beatles showed that you could be self-deprecating way back in the early ’60s.
Tomorrow Never Knows (Techno/Electronica/Kraut Rock)
Combining swirling psychedelia with a repetitive melody and wicked sound effects, “Tomorrow Never Knows” could possibly be the first and only Beatles song that could put you in a trance and make you shake that thang simultaneously. The Chemical Brothers didn’t sample and loop the drum track and bassline from this song for nothing.

A Day in the Life (Prog Rock)
Before this song was released in 1967, combining two songs in one was completely unheard of (not to mention its risky running time of 5 minutes and 33 seconds). A few years later, Yes, King Crimson, and even later, the Mars Volta, wouldn’t exist without the Beatles taking the dive into

Dani responded 7 years ago: #876

This God's List:
1- Jimmy Hendrix
2- Gilmourt
3- Steve Vai
4- Slash
5- Angus
6- Eddy van halen
7- Alex Lifeson
8- Brian May
9- Mark No
10- Eric Clapton

Jimmy Page is God......period

Jacob lindy responded 7 years ago: #877

Wats with the whole jurt cobain top twenty all the time he isnt a ery talented guitarist and he isnt even the best guitarist in the band this guitarist list is bad but bands is ok but leavin the who off top ten and also u2 at three and grateful dead and velvet underground before led thats just dumb led deserves a spot at three

Max responded 7 years ago: #878

I don't fault you for taking default lists. But let's take apart some of the lists. Is it really possible for one band (Metallica) to have 10% of the 20 greatest guitarists of all time? I guess what I'm asking is: what are the odds that two of the greatest guitarists are born in close enough proximity in time and space to form a band together. Even in a city as large as Los Angeles. This seems to be at the far tail of the probability curve, and we must conclude that James Hetfield is vastly overrated since he is not the lead guitarist of the band. If he was truly one of the top 20 of all time, why would he even have recruited Kirk Hammet to be in Metallica?

The Yardbirds (who clearly have 2 of the greats, and 3 if you count Jeff Beck which I do, though maybe not top 20 like Page and Clapton) are a different deal, since they never cohabitated.

On the bands, you have to wonder about a list that includes a largely fictional band that breaks the lists own rules (The Spiders from Mars were Ziggy Stardust's backing band, nothing more, and Ziggy was a character Bowie played for a few years, but he became the special man). You also have to wonder at the inclusion of Bruce and his backing band, Marley and his backing band, Buddy Holly and his backing band, and Prince & his first backing band, but not his second backing band.

It's hard to discuss the It's a Wonderful Life factor for a band like Van Halen. It's clear that their influence is far and wide. They are pretty much the Star Wars of bands (great movie, bad precedent). I think that's a High It's a Life factor. And they are clearly more seminal (with David Lee Roth) than Roxy Music, Sly Stone, Nirvana or REM (the last two being critical darlings but not really having a lot of long term influence on anyone else... think about this).

Last thing: Based on everything but longevity cited (a real band, original material, Wonderful Life, general circle of music, and influence), how do you not consider Boston. Their first album sells 6 million copies and they define the sound of rock from 1977 through 1985 with that album and the followup. I'm not saying they are one of the most important bands of all time, but they outsold Nirvana (yes, really) and had a longer period of influence. I hate to keep killing Nirvana, but it's really 3 studio albums (with Bleach, one that nobody knows) plus a live disc, right? And we're not talking a long career either, 1989 to 1996. Boston put out three discs in 8 years. And bands like Foreigner, Styx, Supertramp, Heart, REO Speedwagon, Bad Company, and many others would not have figured out their sound without Boston's first album. You can make a case for them creating a popular Journey (easy) and Kiss (harder, but not hard).

Just saying. Thanks for a great post. Even if I'm two years late to the party.

Misha responded 7 years ago: #879

HOLY! This post is long!

if the question is "what is the best rock band ever" the answer is "Led Zeppelin." They are the most essential band ever, blues rock rapes anything else in existence. Uriah Heep, i saw someone mentioned, for sure, but on the best metal band ever list. I think theres a pretty big difference between metal and rock. Yea, theyre similar but so different. Music is not really something like hot and cold, everyone has theyre own opinion. But people decided that Led Zeppelin was the best (and i agree) by buying more of their albums than any other american bands. Beatles own too, but its a whole other story with them. And whoever said Led Zeppelin had some of the best individuals is right: Robert Plant, Bonzo, Jimmy Page (god), but why did u leave out JPJ? He's one of the best bassists too u know. My list would have LZ on top. Oh yeah, and jimmy is the best guitarist... part of it is not just playing, but also composing. There may be guitarists who can strum faster or play technically better but NO ONE can compose like Jimmy, or play so spirited live.

Insead, I'll make a list of best SONGS ever:

1. Stairway to heaven
2. Since I've been loving you
3. Dazed and confused
4. I can't quit you
5. Heartbreaker
6. Kashmir
7. Good times bad times
8. Black dog
9. How many more times
10. Babe I'm gonna leave you

lol, cheers.

max responded 7 years ago: #880

One other thing. The Beatles are the greatest band of all time. This is not even negotiable. Even if you don't like them, they invented pretty much everything we understand about rock stars. Without them, no one even cares about the Rolling Stones or the Who. You can suggest that the Beatles, the concept, was inevitable, but would it have been the same if Mick Jagger and Keith Richards had invented everything. Could they have done Sgt. Peppers? That album invented the concept album and progressive rock, one fell swoop. While I made an argument about the liklihood of the two best guitarists sharing enough proximity to be in the same band at the same time, maybe it is possible, since Lennon and McCartney (not great guitarists, but great rock innovators and writers) did it before. If you are gonna let go of the no-solo artists limit, it's Elvis and the Beatles, and you can argue who is #1 and #2 (I think Elvis is #2, but what are the Beatles like in an Elvis free universe?) We cannot answer this question.

I'm going to make an argument here for another band not in either the top 10 or the honorable mentions that is clearly a Wonderful Life Question. Since every heavy metal band is basically a mixture of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath (Deep Sabbath is how Robert Plant describes 90% of heavy metal, and I would argue that very few have the musicality of Led Zeppelin... ask yourself how many heavy metal bands have a song like The Rain Song), you have to honorably mention Deep Purple, even if you don't particularly care for them (I am a Highway Star, so I do).

If you're putting the most influential bands of all time together, top 20, dump Sabbath and Purple together in the high teens, same line. Preferably Nirvana's line.

LUPO DE LUPIS responded 7 years ago: #881

My personal list of the worst EVER
(world would have been a much better place WITHOUT THEM)
1- Michael jackson
2- Mungo Jerry
3- Boney M
4- Madonna
5- Disco Music from A to Z
6- House Music from A to Z

NIRVANA responded 7 years ago: #882

NIRVANAAAA!! the best band!!!

kirby responded 7 years ago: #883

best bands:1.Sabbath 2.Zeppelin 3.Stones 4.Who 5.Beatles 6.Skynyrd 7.AC/DC 8.Floyd 9.Doors 10.GN'R
best guitarists:1.Randy Rhoads 2.Brian May 3.Richie Blackmore 4.Tony Iommi 5.Michael Schenker 6.Slash 7.Brian Robertson 8.Billy Gibbons 9.Angus Young 10.Jake E. Lee

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #884

As The All Music Guide says in their excellent Beatles biography,"So much has been said and written about The Beatles and their story is so mythic in it's sweep that it's difficult to summarize their career without restating cliche's that have already been detested by tens of millions of rock fans.To state the obvious,they were the greatest and most influential act of the rock era,and introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century,moreover they were among the few artists of *any* discipline that were simultaneously the best at what they did,*and* the most popular at what they did Relentlessly imaginative, and expermintal The Beatles grabbed a hold of the international mass consciousness in 1964 and never let go for the next 6 years always staying ahead of the pack in terms of creativity but never losing their ability to communicate their increasingly sophisticated to a mass audience.Their supremacy as rock icons remains unchallenged to this day decades after their breakup in 1970."

"Even when couching praise in specific terms, it's hard to convey the scope of The Beatles achievements in a mere paragraph or two. They synthesized all that was good about early rock &roll and changed it into something orginal and exciting. They established the prototype of the self-contained rock group that wrote and performed it's own material. AS composers their craft and melodic inventiveness were second to none and key to the evolution of rock from it's blues R&B- based forms into a style that was far more eclectic but equally visceral. As vocalists John Lennon &Paul McCartney were both among the best and most expressive vocalists in rock;the groups harmonies were intricate and exhillarating."

"The Popularity Of The Beatles as a unit proved eternal. In part this is because the group's 1970 split effectively short-circuited the prospects of artistic decline;the body of work that was preserved was uniformly strong. However it's also because like any great works of art,The Beatles records carried an ageless magnificence that continues to captivate new generations of listeners. So it is that Beatles records continue to be heard on radio in heavy rotation,continue to sell in massive quanities and continue to be covered and quoted by rock and pop artists through the present day"

ihateledzeppelinqueen&pinkfloyd! responded 7 years ago: #885

It's truly mindboggling how *anyone* can think that Led Zeppelin's horrible screaming screachy noise is remotely good much less great!!!! They are one of the worst bands ever and should only be on The Worst Bands Ever List!

I'm not alone in this either,I have found many people on music boards saying the same things that they hate Led Zeppelin and that they are one of the worst bands ever even some people on heavy metal sites! And Beatlesfan, I have read some other people on other music boards saying that Led Zeppelin have stolen music from other artists and many people saying that Led Zeppelin's lyrics are simple ordinary and like a teenager could have written them! And to Chelsea The Beatles are in both The Song Writing Hall Of Fame and The Vocal Hall Of Fame and John & Paul were both great singers with great singing voices for both love songs and rock! And John Lennon had such a unique beautiful voice! Many people say they think he's the best rock singer with the best voice ever and I agree!

And Max, very people don't like The Beatles and as The Rolling Stone Album Guide says Not Liking Them is Like Not Liking The Sun,and Ozzy Osbourne says not loving The Beatles is like not loving oxogen! And you said that John Lennon & Paul McCartney were not great guitarists,thats *NOT* true! Eric Clapton says in an online interview,Eric Clapton In His Own Words that John Lennon was a pretty good guitar player and he would know since he played live in concert with John as a member of John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band in 1969! John Lennon co-wrote the hit Fame with his friend David Bowie and he sang backing vocals and played guitar on it too!Paul McCartney is known to be one of the best rock bass players ever,and many well known bass players have praised him,Stanley Clarke,Will Lee,Billy Sheehan,and Sting etc,and Paul played great lead guitar on George's song Taxman as well as the great bass,and he also played lead on Another Girl,John's Ticket To Ride,and at age 27 in late 1969 he played every instrument on his first very good solo album called, McCartney and he played *so* many different instruments so well! On his great 1973 album Band On The Run,just he and Denny Laine played all of the instruments and Paul played,piano,lead guitar,accoustic guitar,bass and drums! In 1974 when Paul visited John who was living with Keith Moon and Ringo in LA Keith Moon asked Paul who was playing the drums on The Band On The Run album because it's great,and Paul told him it was me man! Paul also played every single instrument on McCartney 2 in 1979,and most of the instruments on his 1997 Flaming Pie,and his two recent albums,Chaos Creation In The Backyard and Memory Almost Full!

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #886

Even, Ozzy Osbourne said in an online 2002 Bender Magazine interview that The Beatles Are The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth! He's been a huge fan since he's been a teenager and he says not loving The Beatles is like not loving oxogen! The Rolling Stones were very good friends and fans of The Beatles and Mick Jagger was at 4 Beatles recording sessions and Keith Richards was at 2 of them with them! Also,The Beatles even wrote one of The Rolling Stones first hits with the song,I Wanna Be You're Man in late 1963. As for the other inaccurate comments that some people say The Beatles didn't even stay together for 2 decades,well they didn't have to because they did about 50 years worth of innovative,creative,diverse,prolific great critically acclaimed popular songs and albums in just a remarkable 8 year recording career!

The Beatles are in The Song Writing Hall Of Fame & The Vocal Hall of Fame,and As The All Music Guide says in their excellent Beatles biography,"So much has been said and written about The Beatles and their story is so mythic in it's sweep that it's difficult to summarize their career without restating cliche's that have already been digested by tens of millions of rock fans ,to start with the obvious,they were the greatest and most influential act of the rock era ,and introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century." "As vocalists John Lennon & Paul McCartney were among the best and most expressive in rock and the groups harmonies were intricate and exhillirating."

And music critics as well as brilliant classical composer Leonard Bernstein called John & Paul the most brilliant song writers of the 20th century when they were still a band . As for The Beatles playing live,they sounded pretty good playing live considering that when they were playing in 1963,1964,1965,and 1966 the sound systems back then were very limited and primitive,they only had 100 watt amplifiers,no feedback monitors so they couldn't even hear themselves play and sing,yet they amazingly played in tune and in sync anyway,and at the August 1965 Shea Stadium concert which was the first big outdoor rock concert with over 55,000 fans,they were plugged into the PA system that they announce baseball games with plus the screaming crowds drowing out their great music! Can you imagine The Rolling Stones and The Who playing on these very limited primitive sound systems? They wouldn't have sounded much better! Thats why they gave up touring,because they were serious music artists,composers,and musicians and they wanted their great music to be heard and valued. It would be like Beethoven playing on these limited primitive sound systems and screaming crowds! Also they were now writing music that was too complex to reproduce on stage at that time.

On the roof top concert in The Let It Be Film,they sounded great,because by January 1969 the sound systems had improved somewhat(although not anywhere near the 1970's,1980's,1990's and especially today's!) and they had changed and people had changed so there were no more screaming crowds so they could be heard.When I was a teenager I met 3 people who saw The Beatles in concert two of them were teachers who saw them in 1966 and he and she told me they were great,and my cousin saw them at age 16 at The Baltimore Colsieum in 1964 the year before I was born,and she said they were great.

Former Kiss guitarist and grammy winning producer Bob Kulick who made the heavy metal Beatles tribute album Butchering The Beatles last year,says in an online interview,that he saw The Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1966 and that he could only make out pieces of the songs because of the screaming,but he could make out the songs Baby's In Black and Paperback Writer and he said they sounded amazing! He also calls The Beatles The Greatest Rock Band Ever! George Harrison at only age 14 would stay up playing his guitar until he got all of the chords exactly right and his fingers were bleeding! And One of The Beatles engineers Geoff Emerick says that in early 1966 when The Beatles were recording John's song I'm Only Sleeping,George Harrison played backwards guitar the most difficult way possible even though he could have taken an easy way,and it took him 6 hours just to do the guitar overdubs! He then made it doubly difficult by adding even more distorted gitars and Geoff says this was all George's idea and that he did all of the playing!

Eric Clapton said in a 1992 interview when he and George were asked what they admired about each other during their Japan tour,that George is a fantastic slide guitar player. He and George were very good friends and they obviously admired and respected each others guitar playing and George played guitar on Cream's song Badge. Roger McGuinn of The Byrds says The Beatles used unusual folk rock chords in their early music and that they invented folf rock without even knowing it! He started to play a 12 string guitar after he saw and heard George Harrison playing one in The Beatles great film A Hard Day's Night in early 1964. In an online Eric Clapton interview called,Eric Clapton In His Own Words he says that John Lennon was a pretty good guitar player and he would have known since he played live in concert with John as a member of John's 1969 Plastic Ono Band!

On an excellent site called,The Evolution Of Rock Bass Playing McCartney Style by Dennis Alstrand Stanley Clarke,Will Lee,Billy Sheehan,Sting,George Martin,and John Lennon are all quoted saying what a great,melodic,influential bass guitar player Paul McCartney has always been! The 1992 Rolling Stone Album Guide calls Paul a remarkable bass player and rightfully calls John &Paul the 2 greatest song writers in rock history! Both Phil Collins and Max Weinberg both Beatles fans and both praise Ringo's drumming and Phil Collins says that Ringo's great drumming on A Day In The Life can't even be repeated even by him! Also on Rankopedia The Beatles are # 1 Greatest Rock Band,# 1 Greatest Most Innovative Rock Band,John &Paul are # 1 Greatest Rock Song Writers,John &Paul are on The Greatest Rock Male Vocalist list,and Paul McCartney is # 2 after John Enwistle as Greatest Rock Bass Players,John Paul Jones is # 6,and Bill Wynman is # 20! And on Digitaldreamdoor where many musicians post,The Beatles are # 1 Greatest Rock Artists,John &Paul are # 1 Greatest Rock Song Writers,they are both on The Greatest Rock Male Vocalists list,and Paul McCartney is # 8 out of 100 Greatest Rock Bass Players,John Paul Jones is # 21,and Bill Wynman is # 95! George Harrison is # 54 On The Greatest Rock Guitarists out of over 100.

And there are many music professors teaching music courses at good universities on the brilliance of The Beatles especially of John & Paul,including by award winning music professor and composer Dr.Glen Gass,who has been teaching a course on The Beatles and rock music at Indiana University since 1982. On his web site for his course it says the main purpose of this course is to get students to have a better appreciation of this extraordinary group and their remarkable recordings. Dr.Gary Kendal's Beatles course is the most requested course at North Western University. And a music professor by the last name of Heinonen teaches a Beatles course at JYVASKYLA University in Finland,and the university of California also teaches a Beatles course etc.

Also check out Keno's Classic Rock n Roll Site he also runs a Rolling Stones &John Lennon fan site. And he made a Top 10 List and voted and the fans voted. He voted John &Paul # 2 after Bob Dylan as Greatest Rock Song Writers,the fans voted them # 1! He voted Paul McCartney # 2 after John Entwistle as Greatest Rock Bass Player,the fans voted Paul # 3. He voted John Lennon # 2 after Keith Richards as Greatest Rock Rhythm Guitarist,and the fans voted John in a tie with Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones at # 4 ! He voted John Lennon # 1 in a tie with Elvis as Greatest Male Rock Vocalist and the fans voted John # 1,he voted Paul # 6 and the fans voted him # 7. Ken says Darn The Beatles were one great group in his review of The Beatles album 1967-1970,and he also says that John on Get Back showed why he should have played lead guitar more often because he did such a good job! He also said that John on their hard rocking great 1968 single Revolution,played one of the first and best acid guitar parts.And he also said that John played a pretty good slide guitar on George's For Your Blue. And he says in his review of The Beatles 1962-1966,that if you don't love or at least like The Beatles and their music than you are not a true rock fan and more than likely will never get it.

And Brian Wilson said on a 1995 Nightline TV Beatles tribute show,that Sgt.Pepper is the single greatest album he ever heard,and he played With A Little Help From Friends on the piano and he said I just love this song. He also said he thinks John Lennon & Paul McCartney were the 2 greatest song writers of the 20th century! He also said when he first heard The Beatles great 1965 album Rubber Soul,that he was blown away by it,he said all of the songs flowed together and it was pop music but folk rock at the same time,and this is what he couldn't believe. He said this inspired him to make Pet Sounds. Elton John said in a 1991 CBS morning news show,when he was asked who he musically admires,he said You can talk about your Rogers &Hammerstein but for the quality of quanity songs that Lennon & McCartney did in that short period of time,they were the 2 greatest song writers of the 20th century! Most music artists want to believe and want the public to believe that *their* the greatest so when they say other music artists are the greatest it really means a lot! The Beatles are also the most covered music artists of all time with everyone from Motown,jazz,classical,and even heavy metal music recording their great diverse music!

And in 2001 VH1 had a panel of well known musicans and music critcs,that voted The Beatles The Greatest Rock Band Ever,and in 2004 Rolling Stone did the same thing and several people said on message boards that Rolling Stone had a recent panel poll like this and The Beatles were voted # 1 again and for darn great reasons too! Nobody created as much innovative,creative,quality,critically acclaimed,popular diverse songs and albums in such a short amazing period of time as The Beatles and thats why most people know that The Beatles Are The Greatest Rock Band That Ever Was Or Will Be!!!! Oh and A Day's Night is a great pop rock album!!!! And even Bob Dylan said decades ago about The Beatles early music,that their chords were outrageous,and the harmonies were wonderful and they were doing things in music that nobody had done before,and music critics of The London Times were praising their interesting and unusual chords that they used even in early songs like She Loves You &I Want To Hold Your Hand. Which were not as simple as they seemed and had clever subtleties in them.Infact Bob Dylan said in a Rolling Stone interview this Spring that he's in awe of Paul McCartney and he said he's the only one he's in awe of. He said that Paul has the melody,he has the rhthym and he can sing the ballad very good,and he can play any instrument.

He also said there were no better singers than John Lennon &Paul McCartney and he said if George wasn't stuck in the shadow behind John &Paul and he said who wouldn't get stuck,he would have emerged as a great song writer in his own right anyway.

And by the way I have read some people saying on message boards that they don't think The Rolling Stones were the best technical musicians,and many even some fans have said they haven't done anything good in 35 years, and that their overrated and I have also found many people saying they hate or don't like The Rolling Stones and many people say the only Rolling Stones song they like is Paint It Black! Oh and by the way,in every major poll of The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones,The Beatles always win as # 1 even on sites and message boards that are not Beatles fan sites! And when we look at the solo career comparison of Mick Jagger's and Keith Richards solo careers with John,Paul &George's,the facts are John Lennon's first brilliant solo album,and his second great album Imagine are rightfully critically acclaimed, and I love John's Walls &Bridges album and Paul McCartney's first solo album McCartney is very good,and he played every instrument all by himself at age 27,and he played so many different instruments great! Wings 1975 Venus & Mars is a great rock album too!

And he and Denny Laine are the only musicians on Paul's great 1973 Band On The Run album,which is critically acclaimed and popular,and he played every instrument by himself again on McCartney 2 in 1979,and most of the instruments on his 1997 Flaming Pie album,and his 2 recent acclaimed popular albums,Chaos And Creation In The Backyard,and Memory Almost Full.And John Paul Jones,David Gilmore,John Bonham &Pete Townsend all played on 2 songs with Paul and Wings on the last Wings album Back To The Egg, in 1979,and they played in the last Wings concert too in December 1979. You know I have found over 50 former Beatles haters on many message boards and web sites that are noe HUGE Beatles fans and many say they are now their favorite band and that they were the Greatest Band Ever! I didn't communicate with these people but they said in their posts that they had a lot of inaccurate misperceptions of The Beatles and they hadn't even heard most of The Beatles great songs and albums!

Most people don't hate The Beatles in the first place,most people of all ages all around the world love or at least like their music,but it's really something for former haters to turn into big fans and it just goes to show how Great The Beatles music is!!!!

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #887

And I and many people understandably feel that John Lennon had the best rock voices ever! George Martin said John's voice was one of the best he ever heard,and in May 1967 when The Beatles were recording their song,Baby You're A Rich Man,two recording engineers said they were always fascinated with the sound of John Lennon's voice,and they always wanted to record it live and when they heard him singing this song live they said they couldn't believe how great his voice was and that anyone could sing that well live.

And there are many people on message boards saying they can't stand the sound of Robert Plant's and Mick Jagger's voices,and Bruce Springteen has one of the worst voices I have ever heard,he sounds like he's throwing up to a music backing! I have to turn the radio off as soon as he's on,and the same thing with Tom Petty,he has a terrible nasally bad voice! Bob Dylan has never been considered to have a good voice but I can tolerate him!

Also,The Beatles were *NEVER* a boy band at all not even in 1963,1964 and 1965,and they were Mostly a Great *ROCK* Band from the start! They started out playing 8 hours a night for two years in a row playing in the sleazy strip clubs of Hamburg Germany wearing tight leather black pants and jackets,cursing and smoking on stage,and taking speed pills to awake,and going to bed with many young women groupies.The cleaned up image was a fake joke that their manager Brian Epstein created which John hated and resented the most.

There were a lot of rough thugs who came into those clubs,and if they played bad live,they would have beaten the crap out of them playing 8 hours a night for 2 years! Instead they became the most popular successful group in these German clubs even with all of the competition from other groups from England and Germany! They also played live in The Cavern Club for several years.They worked very hard to get where they got!

The Beatles wrote many great rock songs that were pretty rocking for the time,John's great song You Can't Do That from early 1964 which he played lead guitar on for the first time,Paul's great blues rocker,She's A Woman from late 1964,John's I Feel Fine from late 1964, with the first use of feedback guitar,and one of the first songs to have a great guitar riff,a year before The Rolling Stone's Satisfaction came out,Paul's screaming hard rocker especially for 1965,I'm Down which they played even louder and more screaming at the August 1965 Shea Stadium concert,plus Day Tripper,Paperback Writer,She Said She Said,And You're Bird Can Sing, Taxman,all with heavy electric guitar sounds,John's 1968 hard rocking single Revolution,Yer Blues,Birthday,Back In The USSR,While My Guitar Gently Weeps,Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me & My Monkey,plus Paul's Helter Skeklter which as many people have pointed out was the first heavy metal songs,plus John's I Want You She's So Heavy on Abbey Road which many people have also pointed out was also one of the first heavy metal songs,plus his great rocker Come Together,Paul's Oh Darling,You Never Give Me Your Money, Polthene, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window,and the hard rocking jam of Paul,George,and John on the song The End,etc!! So anyone saying The Beatles were not a rock band You Are Wrong!!

The Rolling Stones were very good friends and fans of The Beatles and Mick Jagger was at 4 Beatles recording sessions and Keith Richards was at 2 of them with them! The Beatles even wrote one of The Rolling Stones first hits with the song,I WAnna Be You're Man in late 1963.

Mick Jagger was such a big Beatles fan that when The Beatles were recording their song,Baby You're A Rich Man in May 1967,he came there and stood on the sidelines just to watch and listen to them record it and his name was on the tape box because he likely sang at the end verses.

The Rolling Stones could also be considered a pop band since they too were very popular,had many hit songs and albums and some of their songs could be classified as pop,Ruby Tuesday,Angie,She's A Rainbow,Lady Jane,As Tears Go By,Waiting On A Friend,Emotional Rescue, their whole Sgt.Pepper rip off Their Satanic Majesties Request and they also put out many greatest hits albums.

We One responded 7 years ago: #888

People, your heroes in music would be greatly sad reading your comments. All of you have those data mostly obtained from all facets of media.Some probably correct, and maybe false . But have considered asking yourselves that what really counts is what your heroes meant? Not to mention that our heroes in music are friends, and they admired each other. Each had their contributions to the continuous musical revolution. Personally, I am a Beatles fan, particularly that of John Lennon. But like Lennon, I respect the music of the old school, my contemporaries and the yet to come. The Beatles been active for 8 years only and you all have to consider the kind of society in their heydays. Remember the "greater than christ" statement by John? That condition somehow hurted the Beatles not only the sales but their influence. But it didn't in the long run because I agree with all the list that the John, Paul, George and Ringo IS the best band to evolve. If only your personal heroes could agree, they would have said the same. But then again, let us all respect each other as The Beatles them all as well. "In the end the love you make is equal to the love you take".

Banjo responded 7 years ago: #889

Good choices but here is a list by pros...and talented people that make a living out of this

eric responded 7 years ago: #890

george wrote while my guitar gently weeps not john.

Dog responded 7 years ago: #891

That list is B.S. How can you have any respect for a list of top 100 guitarists that leaves off Lindsey Buckingham and Robbie Robbertson? They are better than 90% of that list and whatever "genious" wrote this list left them off completely. The only thing that list is good for is maybe the 100 most popular guitarists.

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #892

There used to be an online interview with Rolling Stone's drummer Charlie Watts called, Charlie Watts The Drinking Man's Rolling Stone from a 1973 magazine called,Zig Zag,and said that The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were very similar as people and he said what made The Beatles so great is they made one great single and one great album after the next!

I just found an online interview with Wilco's bass player John Stirratt from Bass Player Magazine February 2005,and he was asked which bass players have had the most impact on his playing,and he said that Paul McCartney is one of the greatest bass players of all time and that if you listen to what he was tracking live in the studio it's unbelievable. He also said with Paul's tone and musicality he was a huge influence and that he covered all of his harmonic responsibilities really well, but his lines were absolutely melodic and inventive,

And a muscian and song writer named Peter Cross says The Beatles were the most creative innovative band and had the greatest rock song writers,John Lennon and Paul McCartney. He also said they did more innovative quality songs and albums than any other band,and he says that George Harrisonis underrated as a lead guitarist by people with average or below average musicial knowledge or ability,but most guitarists including Eric Clapton know better.He said George's strenth is in melody pure and simple,it would be difficult to find a George Harrison lead which is not melodic,and he says each of his leads has a strong beginning,a stronger middle and a well defined ending.He says infact thats Eric Clapton's definition of what makes a good lead guitar.He also says that George continually developed new guitar sounds for each Beatles song. He then says John and Paul are also excellent guitarists and both recorded great leads as well as innovative rhythm tracks.He says all three Beatles guitarists may lack showy technical fireworks but they make that definition of guitar mastery irrelevant by overwhelming the senses with creativity,style and pure melody.He also says the same thing can be said about John and Paul's keyboard playing,and that Ringo maybe underrated as a drummer by the public but he's not underrated by other professional drummers,Ringo mastered the art of drum sounds,and that no other drummer has recorded so many different sounds on so many different sounding records,Ringo invented a new style of slow drum playing epitomized on A Day In The Day Life and Strawberry Fields Forever,John said many times that Ringo has the best back beat in the business,and that the successful studio drummers understand why John was correct.He also says that Paul McCartney brought a new style of playing to the bass guitar reaching a new high of creativity on Sgt.Pepper with a level of sophistification never heard before. He says many other musicians besides me recognize Paul as being one of the best bass guitar players ever.

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #893

I have to add that as early as 1963 music critics were seriously analyzing and praising even the early Beatles music. William Mann and of The London Sunday Times and some others pointed out their use of interesting and unusual chords and how they arranged them. And in December 1963 Richard Buckle the ballet critic for The London Sunday Times called John Lennon and Paul McCartney the two greatest song composers since Beethoven after John and Paul wrote the nusic for a ballet called,Mods and Rockers!

And The All Music Guide says that The Beatles song I;m Down from early 1965 was one of their most frantic rockers and that they performed a really wild performance of this song at the August 1965 Shea Stadium concert. And The All Music Guide also says that The Beatles proved they could rock really,really hard with John's I Feel Fine,and Paul's She's A Woman from 1964 ,and the peerless Paul's I'm Down from 1965!

Skypilot responded 7 years ago: #894

fanofthefab4 you need to come up with new material. I love the Beatles but you come up with the same material its starting to make us Beatles fans look bad. Go to acclaimed music forum where there is a big argument on the Beatle there..

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #895


What a stupid insulting thing to say to me! I am not only explainig the same information at all and if you really read everything I wrote you would know this! I had to repeat some of my great information because recently there have been terrible posts from ignorant Beatles haters like a poster who uses different names such as Pablo and Louis and if you would have really read through all of these posts on here you would see other posters correcting and criticizing him and other ignoramouses saying totally ridiculous nonsense like the The Beatles weren't good musicians,they were bad singers,or bad song writers etc about The Beatles on here so I neeeded to debunk it again!

A few posters on here said they know that Louis is the same poster using different names,and the poster Sal on here said that Pablo who is the same poster as Louis should be banned on here for saying the ignorant cr*p about The Beatles! The Beatles are rightfully # 1 on Acclaimed which compiles many different reviews from many different rock critics from decades!

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #896

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The Beatles
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The Beatles

The Beatles are the Most Creative Band of All Time By Peter Cross
The Beatles phenomenon went way beyond any kind of stardom that had ever been seen before because of their creative songwriting abilities, their musical abilities and their charismatic personalities.
BACKGROUND HISTORY: The first musical bands originated in New Orleans among black musicians who have traditionally been the innovators. The first jazz record ever recorded was by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band in 1917, and of course they were white because racism always rears its ugly head to hold black people back. But during the Roaring 20's, young white people couldn't resist the dance beat laid down by the black jazz bands. Fletcher Henderson, a black man, became the first band leader to achieve national fame possibly because he featured Louis Armstrong on trumpet. Duke Ellington, a classically trained musician, brought a level of style and sophistication to jazz that hadn't been seen before. But it wasn't until 1935 that jazz bands with a "swing beat" achieved national attention due to Benny Goodman who I think was the best clarinet player ever to blow air into that instrument. Benny also had the good sense and taste to bring the first great drummer, Gene Krupa, into his band.

When rock and roll exploded into human consciousness during the early 1950's, black musicians like Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Smokey Robinson pioneered the way, but a white DJ named Alan Freed is believed to have coined the term "rock and roll". The first real rock and roll record was "Shake, Rattle and Roll", written by Jesse Stone who was black and recorded by Big Joe Turner who was also black but it wasn't a hit. The first big hit rock and roll record was "Rock Around the Clock" written by James Meyers and Max Freeman of obvious ancestry, and that one catapulted Bill Haley and his Caucasian Comets to stardom. During the 1950's and early 60's, there were countless "do wop" groups, rock groups, singers and songwriters but until The Beatles hit the charts, there had been very few bands which contained talented songwriters. The vast majority of jazz and rock bands recorded songs written by songwriters who were not performers, with occasional exceptions like Duke Ellington and Buddy Holly. As time goes on, it's increasingly clear that Lennon/McCartney songs are brilliant classics which will never be forgotten. Now here's why The Beatles are the most creative band of all time:


As I sit here writing this at the keyboard of my computer facing the unique and colorful Beatles poster in my bedroom, I'm aware that I have been directly and indirectly inspired by John Lennon's music as well as by the way he lived his life offstage. Squarely in front of me is a full color poster of all four Beatles standing in a heavenly-like flower garden at about the time of the Abbey Road album. Paul is angelic in his pink suit with a white laced shirt. John is enigmatic peering out from the background. George is charismatic staring directly into the camera from the lower right. Ringo is on the left with a stylish blue suit and his pink ruffled shirt. I always wished I could dress like those guys but obviously there's a bit of a problem with a money differential there. Surrounding this gorgeous poster which I have never seen elsewhere are my 45 speed original Beatles hit records, including I Want to Hold Your Hand, She Loves You, Please Please Me, Twist and Shout, Can't Buy Me Love, She's A Woman, Yesterday, and of course, Hey Jude. And surrounding all that is a chain of 1-1/2" long orange flicker flame lights which are the most beautiful and unique Christmas lights I've ever seen. I chose to decorate the wall directly in front of my work station this way because, as I've written elsewhere on this site several times, The Beatles were my major musical influence and having them on the wall in front of me inspires me to write web pages like this one. I was also among the millions of people who were inspired by how The Beatles were actually living their off stage lives. The Beatles' music creatively stimulated millions of people to change the way they were living, and The Beatles behavior encouraged people to have fun by trying new life style experiences. That's what I call a perfect example of FORM = CONTENT. In this case it means that the creatively and masterfully varied music The Beatles were producing (form) embodied the real life styles which each of the four Beatles were living (content), together as a band as well as separately as unique individuals.


This should be self-evident, but just because Paul McCartney has the title of the most popular songwriter in history doesn't necessarily make him the best songwriter in history. The qualities which do make both Paul and John the best songwriters in history go beyond writing the greatest number of catchy classic songs. "Catchy" means that their melodies and lyrics are instantly memorable. "Classic" means that they stand the test of time. But both Paul and John wrote very sophisticated melodies that moved beyond the simple groups of 2, 4 and 8 patterned phrases used by almost all other songwriters. John and Paul's melodies soared, floated, cascaded, dived and peaked with true dynamics, naturally following the syllabic lyric patterns - but not always. Sometimes the melodic and lyric patterns were independent of each other, almost counterpoint in nature, and as a songwriter, they never ceased to astonish me with their brilliance and originality. In the beginning, their lyrics were simple and their songs were simple love songs. But they soon began exploring new territory by writing about subjects that hadn't been covered before. Inspired by Bob Dylan, they wrote true poetry with feeling and depth, using evocative and unusual words. Rubber Soul marked the beginning of their evolution as mature songwriters, Revolver was a break-out album, and Sergeant Pepper was an historic landmark album in terms of new and innovative songwriting as well as production. Every song they wrote was significantly different from the last one even though each song had their unmistakable sound.

Most songwriters are only average players on their instruments, but John and Paul are both sophisticated guitarists who were able to integrate their playing into their songs and even into their song structure so that the "licks" they played became as catchy a part of their songs as the choruses and verses. Blackbird and Dear Prudence are only two examples of songs which couldn't possibly be written by any other songwriter because of the guitar playing which forms an integral part of the song structure. In similar fashion, Lady Madonna is the best example of a great song which derives from the unique and beautiful bass part which only Paul could possibly have created.

Average songwriters achieve the catchy quality by repeating a phrase endlessly or by beating a chorus to death. John and Paul found countless ways to be memorable without ever overly repeating something. The only time they repeated something over and over again for a long time was in Hey Jude, and what they chose to repeat is so gorgeous that one can only wish they had never ended the song. The Beatles were my biggest musical influence and I used to think, "If I could write just one song that's as good as John and Paul's worst song, I'd be happy." People tell me I accomplished that goal and they say one good example is John is Alive which is my sincere tribute to Sir Lennon.


Even Ringo could sing when he got a little help from his friends who lived in the yellow submarine. But to say that Paul and John are two of the best singers in rock and roll is to state the obvious. Combining John, Paul and George created the best harmony vocals the world has ever experienced. Even their two part harmonies were unusual, catching us all by surprise on their first hit record with the fast harmony melisma in the chorus of I Want to Hold Your Hand. John had a knack of placing a unique low harmony line underneath Paul's high melody line so as to form a second melody which created unusual harmony effects. He did that right from the beginning in the verses of She Loves You. Both Paul and John could blast out screaming rock and roll (i.e. Long Tall Sally and Twist and Shout), and both could break our hearts with touching, deep feeling ballads (i.e. Yesterday and Julia). There seems to be no end to their emotional vocal range, and John even explored the heights of vocal psychedelia in songs like She Said (Revolver) and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.


Paul brought a new style of melodic playing to the bass guitar, reaching a new high of creativity on Sergeant Pepper with a level of sophistication never heard before. Many other musicians besides me recognize Paul as being one of the best bass guitar players ever. George is underrated as a lead guitarist by people with average or below average musical knowledge or ability, but most guitarists (including Eric Clapton) know better. George's strength is in melody, pure and simple. It would be difficult to find a George Harrison lead which is not melodic, and each of his leads has a strong beginning, a stronger middle and a well defined ending. In fact, that's Eric's definition of what makes a good guitar lead. George continually developed new guitar sounds for each Beatles song. John and Paul are also excellent guitarists and both recorded great leads as well as innovative rhythm tracks. All three of the Beatles guitarists may lack showy technical fireworks but they make that definition of guitar mastery irrelevant by overwhelming the senses with creativity, style, and pure melody. The exact same thing can be said about John and Paul's keyboard playing. Ringo may be underrated as a drummer by the public but he is not underrated by other professional drummers. Ringo mastered the art of drum sounds. No drummer has ever recorded so many different sounds on so many different sounding records. Ringo invented a new style of slow drum playing, epitomized on A Day in the Life and Strawberry Fields Forever. John said many times, "Ringo has the best back beat in the business" and the successful studio drummers understand why John was correct.


A good definition of charisma needs to include "an unusual ability to influence people and arouse devotion" and "a personal attractiveness which enables a person to influence others". No musical group prior to or after The Beatles features true charisma emanating strongly from the entire group as well as separately from each member. The Beatles stunned the world with their photogenic quality, their charm, their bubbling and lovable personalities, their cuteness and their unique style. Even before The Beatles achieved fame, people in Liverpool were imitating their haircuts, the way they dressed, the way they behaved, and the way they lived. Such a simple subliminal message about smoking marijuana got communicated to all the hippies who were waiting to happen without actual words ever being spoken. The Beatles had a lot to lose by being explicit on that subject, but they successfully avoided trouble by keeping it very subtle while at the same time clear enough so that we all got it. The Fab Four kept changing their styles rapidly, almost with each album cover, and soon the message became one of explicit spiritualism. After visiting India, The Beatles introduced eastern mysticism and meditation to the Western world for the first time through the mass media. John's long saga with internal angst, drugs, spiritualism, politics, personal battles, and ultimately his marriage to Yoko played out like a movie the whole world got to watch in fascination. Paul's happy life with Linda, George's great focus on meditation, and Ringo's equanimity throughout were all perfect examples of the power, the truth, and the effectiveness of true charisma.


Need I say it? Ask the millions of girls who were screaming and fainting at the very sight of them. "The Boys" didn't move like Elvis or dance like Mick, they just stood there shaking their "mop top" heads around, smiling, laughing, and looking gorgeous as they performed great music and that was it. On their first visit to America, some enterprising weirdo from New York City managed to cut up the hotel bedsheets The Beatles had slept on into 1" square pieces, and these things were actually sold to girls over the public airwaves by adult DJ's on the AM radio stations who should have known better. The Beatles phenomenon went way beyond the rock and roll sex star status that had been seen before. Teenage girls in uncountable numbers fell in love, their hearts to be trapped, their heart strings to be continually plucked, and ultimately, their hearts to be broken by the unobtainable object of their love. Worshiping a star from afar? Infatuation? Obsession? Not real love? For many of them, it was their first experience feeling love for a man/boy. Whatever it was, it was very real to all of them, and we all soon understood that The Beatles were The Real Thing.

That's why I call The Beatles the Most Creative Band of All Time. They were The Real Thing. The Creative Zenith. The high point on the bell curve of musical history.

Credit: Peter Cross is a former professional drummer and a singer/songwriter/producer/Web Master who was among the first to put music on the Internet in a downloadable format in 1996. His web site is very entertaining and at 208 pages, it may be the largest music artist web site on the Internet. You can find this article at: The Beatles are the Most Creative Band of All Time. Examples of some of the first downloadable music that was inspired by the Beatles can be found at: The Girl of My Dreams and Someday. His home page is at: Rock and Roll with an Immortal Soul where his copyright is displayed right above the "Greatest Rock Sites on the Web" designation.

By Peter Cross
Published: 8/1/2006

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yeah responded 7 years ago: #897

#12 #13 #14 they shouldn't be on the list and i would definetly add Rhandy Rhoades, also although I am a huge G'n'R fan slash needs to be a little lower on the list but in the top 20 definetly!

randy responded 7 years ago: #898

why does no one ever mention alex lifeson of rush!!
take a listen sometime

randy responded 7 years ago: #899

stevie ray vaughn should also be mentioned

slash fan responded 7 years ago: #900

Slash is the best man! Number 4 is an understatement of him!

Quinn K. responded 7 years ago: #901

First of all, a person neds to have some technical knowledge of the instrument in order to talk about who has talent in the instrument. I'm now going to eliminate some of the names that are totally ridiculous. Kurt Cobain is not nearly as good as everyone says he is. Nobody ever heard anything good from him, and now nobody ever will. He was a great singer/songwriter, though. Brian May, of Queen was a terrible guitarist. Queen in itself was way over-publicized and couldn't back their fans' statements up. Some of the guitarists who are great but overrated are Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Joe Perry, Tony Iommi, and Angus Young. Now I'm going to say another thing: when compiling a list of great guitarists, you cannot just take rock music into account. There have been a lot of good guitarists within the genres of Jazz, Progessive Speed Metal, Avante-Garde, and the Blues. Here is my own list of the top 25 guitarists of all time, and for any obscure names, I will suggest some listening material.

1. Larry Carlton (Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan. He did the guitar.)
2. Pat Metheny (Above the Treetops)
3. Eric Johnson (Cliffs of Dover)
4. Joe Satriani
5. Steve Vai
6. Eddie Van Halen
7. Buckethead (Jordan, Padmasana)
8. Stevie Ray Vaughan
9. Sam Totman (Through the Fire and Flames)
10. Andres Segovia
11. Herman Li (Same song as #9. They did the alternating solos at the end.)
12. David Gilmour
13. Jimmy Page
14. Eric Clapton
15. Steve Lukather (Anything by Los Lobotomys)
16. Jeff Beck
17. Dann Huff
18. Jimi Hendrix
19. Carlos Santana
20. Slash
21. George Benson
22. Michael Landau
23. Lee Ritenour
24. Jeff Baxter
25. BB King

Nasir Bin Otis responded 7 years ago: #902

Pink Floyd is with out a doubt number one. Concept talent movies 2 crossover into r&b markets unprecedented (money & another brick in the wall pt2)

Hank responded 7 years ago: #903

What about my favorite the Red Hot Chili Peppers and John Frusciante, todays Jimi Hendrix?

RushinRio responded 7 years ago: #904


Rush in Rio responded 7 years ago: #905

Rush is the best band ever

Techno76 responded 7 years ago: #906

Is "Tomorrow never Knows" if not the first item Break-beat psychedelic Chemical Bros. type.?
There is "Flying" the father of hip / trip-hop instrumental?

samm responded 7 years ago: #907

i have to say this list is pretty limited to the popular sides of rock. the guitarists for dragonforce are absolutely insane and they arent mentioned at all. anyone who hasent heard them do it now. behemoth too their guitarists have a really unique approach to their songs. These are only two of many great bands out there.

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #908

Rock Bass Players By Bassist and Music Teacher Andrew Pouska

In our bass lessons we will probably start with learning several rock bass tunes. These are some of the players we will focus on in our lessons:

Paul McCartney

Bassist for The Beatles. The impact The Beatles had on music history is stupendous. Likewise, the impact The Beatles bass player, Paul McCartney , had on rock bass was huge, too. His basslines are very melodic and intelligent. One of the best.

Jack Bruce

The father of heavy rock bass playing. His work with Cream is his most famous. Check out the Live Cream recordings. Three guys with a huge sound together.

John Entwistle

Bassist for The Who. Fast flurries of notes and unrelenting rock power! Another highly influential early rock bass player. The song My Generation contains the first recorded rock bass solo.

John Paul Jones

Led Zeppelin bassist. Some of the best hard rock bass playing ever. Just buy the boxed set!

Geezer Butler

Bassist for Black Sabbath. Great, standard rock bass playing.

Geddy Lee

Extraordinary bass player in the band Rush. He not only plays the bass, but writes songs, plays keyboards, and sings! Consider getting the album Moving Pictures.


Sting's work with the Police showcases his use of sparse, but effective lines. Listen to The Police - Regatta DeBlanc or Ghost in the Machine. He is also a genius songwriter to top things off.

Tony Levin

Bassist with Peter Gabriel and King Crimson. A rock bass virtuoso. He always plays the right notes at the right time. Never one too many or too few.

Mick Karn

Perhaps the most interesting bass voice I've heard. Karn mixes exotic scales with unusual time signatures on his fretless bass. He takes you to a different planet I swear it.

Les Claypool

Bassist and singer for Primus. Les Claypool's style and sound is very unique.

home page:
Houston Bass Lessons

bass teacher:
teaching philosophy
about me
hear me play
contact me

bass lesson details:
what to expect
times &fees
location &directions
setup lessons

help and advice:
bass buying guide
amp buying guide
houston music stores
finding a bass teacher
bassist faq
bass players
bass links

student resources:
bass play-alongs
print files

Andrew Pouska
all rights reserved

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #909

Welcome to Bass Player magazine - Acoustic and electric bass guitar tabs, chords and lessons

Bass Player magazine is your source for acoustic and electric bass guitar tabs, chords and free online bass guitar lessons, tutorials and videos for both beginner and professional.


Your current location This Month Windy City Wingman Lays Roots With Wilco

John Stirratt

Windy City Wingman Lays Roots With Wilco

By Brian Fox | February, 2005

In the family tree of alternative country-rock, John Stirratt?s roots go deep. When he got the call in 1993 to take over bass duties from singer/ songwriter Jeff Tweedy in alt-country supergroup Uncle Tupelo, he began a working relationship with Tweedy that led to Wilco, one of the genre?s greatest success stories. It

In the family tree of alternative country-rock, John Stirratt?s roots go deep. When he got the call in 1993 to take over bass duties from singer/ songwriter Jeff Tweedy in alt-country supergroup Uncle Tupelo, he began a working relationship with Tweedy that led to Wilco, one of the genre?s greatest success stories. It?s a tale marked by multiple personnel changes and high-drama record-label relations?the band was dropped from its label, Reprise, after delivering tapes for what would become 2002?s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. The making of that watershed album is the subject of Sam Jones?s documentary film I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.

Amid the changes, Stirratt?s warm tone and dynamic fingerstyle and pickstyle attack have formed the foundation of Wilco?s seven albums (including two with singer Billy Bragg), which have ranged from raw and rootsy (1995?s A.M.) to richly textured and intricate (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot). The band?s latest, A Ghost Is Born, witnesses Stirratt at his best, especially on the loping bass-driven single ?Handshake Drugs.? Stirratt?s thumpy pickstyle line?played on a flatwound-strung Hofner?forms a balanced countermelody to Tweedy?s throaty vocals. Elsewhere, Stirratt?s playing is more staid and supportive, especially on the driving ?Spiders (Kidsmoke),? an homage to Krautrock duo Neu!. With Jeff Tweedy at the helm and Stirratt in the engine room, the Chicago-based six-piece is currently touring with guitarist Nels Cline, drummer Glenn Kotche, keyboard player Mikael Jorgensen, and multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone. When he is not touring or recording with Wilco, John plays with the Autumn Defense?a band formed with longtime friend Sansone?and with his twin sister in their group, Laurie &John.

Credit: Zoran Orlic

John Stirratt plays half the time with his fingers, the other half with a heavy-gauge Planet Waves pick. When he?s playing fingerstyle, he keeps the pick tucked under his pinkie and ring fingers so it?s easy to access. ?I play with my right hand pretty close to the neck,? Stirratt explains, ?and when I?m picking, I mute the strings a lot with the heel of my hand. In the studio, I put sponges or Styrofoam near the bridge to mute the strings so there?s no sustain.?

You and Jeff are the only original members of Wilco. How has your playing changed with the various lineups?

We were a four-piece in our previous incarnation, so I felt naked at times. I love having all of the musical information to feed off in this bigger ensemble. With the bigger group, my playing has gotten a lot more melodic, because in a smaller setting, my role is to just hold it down. Now I?ve got more room to move around, and I don?t have to stay on the root as much, because chances are someone else is covering it.

Wilco has always been a band of multi-instrumentalists. Do you ever share bass duties?

On Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and the new album, we had Leroy Bach in the band, and he?s a fantastic bass player?he played on a few tracks, like the ones with bowed upright. In Wilco we?ve always been generous about passing instruments around?I?ve done a lot of the basic tracks on piano or guitar. Having a different voice in the low end from track to track is great. On arabella, my sister and I had a fantastic bass player from Nashville, Brad Jones, on upright and electric. He plays a Gibson EB-2 and a Gibson Les Paul Studio bass through a SansAmp; he?s got a fluid, growly style.

What is the greatest strength you bring to Wilco?

I think I can hear what songs need. In learning to be a songwriter and singer first and foremost, I?ve come to realize the bass?s responsibility. Also, Jeff and I have been singing together for so long, I bring a lot of harmony to the band. That?s a big part of it, for sure. Over the years, the harmonies were either written by me or by [former Wilco bandmate] Jay Bennett. He?s an inventive writer of harmony and countermelodies and I learned a lot from playing with him.

Which bass players have had the most impact on your playing?

Paul McCartney is one of the greatest bass players of all time. If you listen to what he was tracking live in the studio, it?s unbelievable. With his tone and musicality, he was a huge influence. He covered all his harmonic responsibilities really well, but his lines were absolutely melodic and inventive. Also, Rick Danko of The Band was a huge influence on me. I love the idea of a bassist providing the high vocal harmony.

What is your favorite song to play live?

?Hummingbird? has great changes, and it?s one of the most inventive pop arrangements we?ve done, so that?s fun to play as an ensemble. On the other hand, there?s ?Spiders (Kidsmoke),? which basically has a one-note line for the whole ten minutes. But there?s a whole world of dynamics that I explore with that song. Every stage is different, and by playing with dynamics, you can turn the stage itself into an instrument. It?s fun to see how that song works in different spaces night-to-night. It really has a life of its own.

A Selected Discography

With Wilco: A Ghost Is Born, Nonesuch; Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Nonesuch; Summerteeth, Reprise; Being There, Reprise; A.M., Reprise. With Billy Bragg &Wilco: (both on Elektra) Mermaid Avenue Volume 2; Mermaid Avenue. With the Minus 5: (both on Yep Roc) At the Organ; Down With Wilco. With Laurie &John: arabella, Broadmoor. With the Autumn Defense: (both on Broadmoor) Circles; The Green Hour. With Uncle Tupelo: Anodyne, Sire.


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fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #910

Eric Clapton - In His Own Words

In the Yardbirds, Cream, Derek and the Dominos, and his own bands, guitarist extraordinaire Eric Clapton has continually redefined his own version of the blues. He discusses his epic career and how he coped with drug and alcohol problems to become one of the most revered guitarists and dependable hitmakers of the past thirty years.

t a certain point the Yardbirds started getting package tours, with the Ronettes, Billy J. Kramer, the Kinks, the Small Faces, lots of others, and we lost our following in the clubs. We decided to get suits, and I actually designed suits for us all. Then we did the Beatles' Christmas show, and at that point we really began to feel the lack of a hit. We'd be on for twenty minutes or half an hour, and either you were very entertaining or you did your hits. A lot of times the raveup bit got us through, and a lot of times it didn't. It became very clear that if the group was going to survive and make money, it would have to be on a popular basis. We couldn't go back to the clubs, because everyone had got that taste and seen what fun it would be to be famous.

So a lot of songs were bandied about, and we came up with a song by Otis Redding. I thought that would make a great single, because it was still R&B and soul, and we could do it really funky. Then Paul [Samwell-Smith, bassist] got the "For Your Love" demo, and so we went into the studio to do both songs, but we did "For Your Love" first. Everyone was so bowled over by the obvious commerciality of it that we didn't even get to do the Otis Redding song, and I was very disappointed, disillusioned by that. So my attitude within the group got really sour, and it was kind of hinted that it would be better for me to leave. 'Cause they'd already been to see Jeff Beck play, and at the time he was far more adaptable than I was. I was withdrawing into myself, becoming intolerable, really, dogmatic. So they kind of asked me to leave, and I left and felt a lot better.

Eric Clapton's Seventies
Billboard Top 40 Singles

"After Midnight" 11/70 #18
"I Shot The Sheriff" 8/74 #1
"Willie And The Hand Jive" 11/74 #26
"Hello Old Friend" 11/76 #24
"Lay Down Sally" 2/78 #3
"Wonderful Tonight" 6/78 #16
"Promises" 11/78 #9
"Watch Out For Lucy" 3/79 #40

All during Cream I was riding high on the "Clapton is God" myth that had been started up. I was flying high on an ego trip; I was sure I was the best thing happening that was popular. Then we got our first kind of bad review, which was in Rolling Stone. The magazine ran an interview with us in which we were really praising ourselves, and it was followed by a review that said how boring and repetitious our performance had been. And it was true! The ring of truth had just knocked me backward; I was in a restaurant, and I fainted. And after I woke up, I immediately decided that that was the end of the band.

There toward the end, we'd been flying with blinkers for so long, we weren't aware of the changes that were taking place musically. New people were coming up and growing, and we were repeating ourselves, living on a legend, a year or two years out of date.

We didn't really have a band with Cream. We rarely payed as an ensemble; we were three virtuosos, all of us soloing all the time. We did a lot of acid, took a lot of trips in our spare time. And we did play on acid a couple of times.

I met John Lennon and would see him a lot around the London clubs. I got the impression that he was very shy, slightly bitter but also a very sweet young man. There seemed to be a sort of game between John and George [Harrison], partly because John was a pretty good guitar player himself. When I was with Cream, George became interested in my playing, and I think he might have told John that he liked my work. So John assumed that if George liked me, I was probably better than George. So we got into the "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" sessions.

A few years later John called me one Saturday morning and said, "Do you want to go to Toronto?" I said, "Sure. When?" And he said, "In a couple of hours." I happened to have my equipment at home, so I met them at the airport, with [bassist] Klaus Voorman and [drummer] Alan White. We all got first-class seats on the plane and I learned the repertoire on the way.

"The idea of dying from drugs didn't bother me... But as I grow older, as I live more, death becomes more of a reality, something I don't choose to step toward too soon."

I got slightly disillusioned when we landed at the other end and John and Yoko were whisked off in a limousine and all the band was left standing in the rain. We didn't know how we were going to get to the gig or anything, but that wasn't their problem. Then before the gig, we did so much coke that I actually threw up and passed out. They had to take me out and lay me on the ground. And at the last minute we realized that we were going on between... I think it was Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry, and we were terrified. We were shaking. But it turned out to be a great experience.

There was a lack of direction in Blind Faith, or a reticence to actually declare among ourselves where we were going. Because it seemed to be enough just to be making the money, and that wasn't good; the record company and the management had taken over. I felt that it wasn't good; the record company and the management had taken over. I felt that it was too soon for Steve [Winwood]. He was feeling uncomfortable, and since it had originally been my idea, I was uncomfortable. I started looking for somewhere else to go, an alternative, and I found that Delaney and Bonnie [Bramlett] were a godsend. After the Blind Faith tour, I lived with Delaney for a while.

After the Dominos' Layla album, the band did a very big tour of America. We copped a lot of dope in Miami -- a lot of dope -- and that went with us.

Eric Clapton's Seventies
Billboard Top 10 Albums

History Of Eric Clapton 6/72 #9
461 Ocean Boulevard 8/74 #2
Slowhand 3/78 #2
Backless 1/79 #8

By the end of the tour, the band was getting very, very loaded, doing way too much. Then we went back to England, tried to make a second album, and it broke down halfway through because of the paranoia and the tension. And the band just dissolved. I remember to this day being in my house, feeling totally lost and hearing Bobby Whitlock pull up in the driveway and scream for me to come out. He sat in his car outside all day, and I hid. And that's when I went on my journey into smack. I basically stayed in the house with my girlfriend for about two and a half years, and although we weren't using any needles, we got very strung out. All that time, though, I was running a cassette machine and playing; I had that to hold on to. At the end of that period I found I had boxes full of playing, as if there was something struggling to survive.

I had no care for the consequences; the idea of dying didn't bother me. Dying from drugs didn't seem to be a terrible thing. When Jimi Hendrix died, I cried all day because he'd left me behind. But as I grow older, as I live more, death becomes more of a reality, something I don't choose to step toward too soon.

I did the Rainbow Concert in January 1973 very much against my will. I wasn't even really there. It was Pete Townshend's idea, and I didn't know what I'd done to earn it. It's simply that he's a great humanitarian and cannot stand to see people throw their lives away. It didn't matter to him if I was willing or unwilling; he was making the effort so that I would realize, someday, that somebody cared. I'm always indebted to him for that.

The thing that finally drew me out was when Carle Radle, the Dominos' bassist, sent me a tape of him playing with Dick Sims and Jamie Oldaker. I listened to it and played along with it, and it was great. So I sent him a telegram saying, "Maintain loose posture, stay in touch." And at some point after that I started to get straight.

Check out the
Eric Clapton
section at
or CD Universe!

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fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #911

Xu Homepage

McCartney To Be Honoured At Brits

Former-Beatle and Knight Of The Realm Sir Paul McCartney will be holding his thumbs aloft once more when he receives a special Brit Award next February.

The special prize for Outstanding Contribution To Music will be awarded to the music legend at next year's Brit Awards which will take place at London's Earls Court on February 20.

The Brits Committee's Ged Doherty said that McCartney's citation would be an "historic moment" for the ceremony.

He explained: "Sir Paul McCartney is one of the greatest songwriters of all time and a member of Britain's biggest ever group."

During his five-decade career, McCartney conquered the world in the 1960s with fellow Beatles John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, formed the hugely successful band Wings with his late wife Linda the following decade, made an impassioned plea for racial harmony with Stevie Wonder in the turbulent 1980s with 'Ebony &Ivory' while delighting a whole new generation of young fans with The Frog Chorus and 'We All Stand Together'. All thoroughly deserving of a special prize.

More recently, his 21st studio album, 'Memory Almost Full', was distinguished by the fact that it sold more copies in the U.S. during the first week of release than any of his other solo albums. Which either says a lot

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #912

Keno's Classic Rock n Roll Web Site

[guitars.gif (6044 bytes)]



[beatles_1967_1970.jpg (6249 bytes)]

1967 - 1970

Released - 1973, on Apple Records. Produced by George Martin, except tracks 27 & 28, produced by Phil Spector

John Lennon - Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm, Lead, Slide Guitars, Bass on track 15, Percussion, Harp, Keyboards
Paul McCartney - Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass, Drums & Lead Guitar on track 15, Keyboards, Percussion
George Harrison - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Backing and Lead Vocals
Ringo Starr - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, and Lead Vocals on tracks 4 & 25

Additional Personnel - Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Keith Moon, Marianne Faithfull, Pattie Harrison, Jane Asher, Graham Nash, Mike Sammes Singers and several others.

All songs written by Lennon/McCartney except "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Old Brown Shoe", "Here Comes The Sun" and "Something", written by G. Harrison and "Octopus's Garden" written by R. Starkey.



Strawberry Fields Forever 1967 10.0
Penny Lane 1967 10.0
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 10.0
With a Little Help from My Friends 1967 10.0
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds 1967 10.0
A Day in the Life 1967 10.0
All You Need Is Love 1967 10.0
I Am the Walrus 1967 10.0
Hello Goodbye 1967 10.0
The Fool on the Hill 1967 10.0
Magical Mystery Tour 1967 10.0
Lady Madonna 1968 10.0
Hey Jude 1968 10.0
Revolution 1968 10.0
Back in the U.S.S.R. 1968 10.0
While My Guitar Gently Weeps 1968 10.0
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 1968 10.0
Get Back 1969 10.0
Don't Let Me Down 1969 9.6
The Ballad of John and Yoko 1969 10.0
Old Brown Shoe 1969 6.0
Here Comes the Sun 1969 10.0
Come Together 1969 10.0
Something 1969 10.0
Octopus's Garden 1969 8.4
Let It Be 1970 10.0
Across the Universe 1970 9.0
The Long and Winding Road 1970 10.0
Ave. 9.75


This is the companion greatest hits double album to 1962 - 1966. You sure can see how much not only The Beatles appearance changed in just a few short years (just check out the two LPs covers, with photos taken at the same location of the Fabs just 6 years apart), but boy did their music change too!

No longer a pop group, they were now a pure rock band with songs that said a lot more than just I love you and I wanna hold your hand! Thanks to John Lennon, some of the most far-out lyrics written by anybody were now showing up on their records, and it seemed to rub off on Paul McCartney in some of his songs, too.

The best overall song on here was written by Paul for John's young son, "Hey Jude". It was at the time of its release the longest time running single ever released and was a smash hit, and most people were fooled into thinking the lyrics were about heroin addiction. The best written song in this greatest hits package has to be John's "I Am the Walrus", with "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" (another Lennon penned gem) a close second. One more song to make the "best" list would be "Revolution" with one of the first and best acid lead guitar parts ever played, courtesy of John.

The three greatest songs ever written by George Harrison show up on here, too, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Here Comes The Sun" and "Something". But what in the world is his "Old Brown Shoe" doing on here? This one is a weak song, if not for the slide guitar and neat bass it would not even be an average song, but for sure it was not a Beatles greatest hit, nor a song that most Beatles fans cared for. Almost any other song from '67 -'70 would have fitted in better than this dull one!

I guess I could close out this review in the same matter that I closed out my review for 1962 - 1966, nothing more needs to be written about this album, yes, it too speaks for itself! Damn, the Beatles were one GREAT group!

- Keno 2005

To listen to some soundclips from THE BEATLES 1967-1970 or to purchase it, click on: The Beatles '67 - '70

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fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #913

Keno's Classic Rock n Roll Web Site

Ken Also Runs A Rolling Stones AndA John Lennon Fan Site

[guitars.gif (6044 bytes)]



[beatles_62_67.jpg (6050 bytes)]

1962 - 1966

Released - 1973, on Apple Records. Produced by George Martin

John Lennon - Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm, Slide, Lead Guitars, Harmonica, Percussion, Keyboards
Paul McCartney - Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar on track 13, Keyboards, Percussion
George Harrison - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Ringo Starr - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Backing Vocals and Lead Vocal on track 25

Additional Personnel - Johnnie Scott - Flute on track 15; On track 25: Brian Jones - Percussion & Backing Vocals, Donovan, Pattie Harrison, Marianne Faithfull, Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall - Backing Vocals; Many others play on tracks 13 & 24.

All songs written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Love Me Do 1962 10.0
Please Please Me 1963 10.0
From Me to You 1963 10.0
She Loves You 1963 10.0
I Want to Hold Your Hand 1963 10.0
All My Loving 1964 10.0
Can't Buy Me Love 1964 10.0
A Hard Day's Night 1964 10.0
And I Love Her 1964 10.0
Eight Days a Week 1964 10.0
I Feel Fine 1964 10.0
Ticket to Ride 1965 10.0
Yesterday 1965 10.0
Help! 1965 10.0
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away 1965 10.0
We Can Work It Out 1965 10.0
Day Tripper 1965 10.0
Drive My Car 1965 10.0
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 1965 10.0
Nowhere Man 1965 10.0
Michelle 1965 10.0
In My Life 1965 10.0
Girl 1965 10.0
Paperback Writer 1966 10.0
Eleanor Rigby 1966 10.0
Yellow Submarine 1966 10.0
Ave 10.0


This greatest hits double album was released along with the companion greatest hits double album 1967 - 1970. Every single song found on here is a pure ten, and too think for the time period covered ('62-'66), they had other songs just as good that didn't make it into this package.

Michael Jackson can call himself the king of pop, but the real pop kings in the early '60s were the Beatles, as anybody who was around back then can tell ya. The first 16 songs on here are all pop, but by mid 1965 their music style would slowly start to change, and since the Beatles were the main trendsetters in music, all of rock music changed along with them.Whatever the Beatles did, everybody else would follow.

It is totally impossible to say for sure which song on here is the best one, but I will try. Let's see, the best pop song would be "She Loves You" - better sung and blended vocals are just not possible, best drug song would be "Day Tripper" - even if most fans didn't have a clue what the song was really about when it first was released, and the best of the newer sounding songs is "Girl", a song with a double meaning to it, something that they would get into again in the upcoming years.

I really don't have to say too much more about this greatest hits album, it speaks for itself and if you love the Beatles you more than likely already have it and love it. If you don't love or at least like the Beatles and their music, then you are not a true rock fan, and more than likely never will ever get it.

-Keno 2005

To listen to some soundclips from THE BEATLES 1962-1966 or to purchase it, click on: The Beatles '62 -'66

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Bleach responded 7 years ago: #914

Contributions The Beatles made to music on Listology fanofthefab4 is right up your alley. You would get a kick out it.

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #915

Bleach, The Beatles (GREAT!) contributions are as I have thoroughly demonstrated on here,as if I even should have to,are widely recognized not just on a site like Listology that you mentioned.

But I am familiar with Listology and to tell you the truth there are many people on there with as many inaccurate ignorant misperceptions about The Beatles as there are on here and other places sadly!

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #916


May 31, 2000

McCartney Takes Top Honor at Ivor Novello Awards

Sir Paul McCartney led the list of BMI UK songwriters honored at the recent Ivor Novello Awards, Britain's highest honors given to songwriters. McCartney received the Fellowship of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters, the first the academy has given. McCartney was cited as "a true giant of the world of songwriters and composers."

BMI's Ivor Novello Award Winners

British Academy of Composers and Songwriters Fellowship
Sir Paul McCartney

BMI represents over 350,000 songwriters, composers, and publishers with more than 6.5 million works.

Copyright 1994-2008, Broadcast Music, Inc. unless otherwise specified. BMI®,® and Broadcast Music, Inc.® are registered trademarks of Broadcast Music, Inc. Terms of use. |Privacy policy RSS

Alastair MacMillan responded 7 years ago: #917

English rock band Genesis. I can argue this from any angle.

Drew responded 7 years ago: #918

Led Zeppelin not #1? Every Album you can listen to start to finish. Each member ranks among the top in their fields. Led Zeppelin set the standard when it comes to Rock music. In addition, Metallica and AC/DC should atleast be on the Honorable Mentioned list, if not the Top 10.

John responded 7 years ago: #919

Pink Floyd is the IMO is 2nd after Zeppelin. Just sit down and listen to Floyd, you can just zone out without any drugs! Comfortably Numb on pulse has to be the best guitar solos of all time!

Dog responded 7 years ago: #920

Best voices in the history of rock n roll: Richard Manuel and Rick Danko.

Jerry responded 7 years ago: #921

John, you're absolutely right... but it makes it more enjoyable.

Joe responded 7 years ago: #922

Fanofthefab4, all the songs on that list are great except 3: Come together, Back in the USSR, and the Ballad of John and Yoko. Those 3 songs SUCK!!!

joe responded 7 years ago: #923

where the **** is iron maiden on your stupid list
i havent found them anywhere
they are way better than u2 or those other stupid people you put...

fanofthefabr4 responded 7 years ago: #924

Joe you are wrong and Keno,me and the majority of people are right,Back In The USSR,Come Together are both GREAT rockers,and The Ballad Of John & Yoko is a Great song written by John about the hard time he and Yoko were having being accepted after their recent mariage and how badly the press was treating them especially Yoko. And only John and Paul are playing every instrument including John on lead guitar.

And the best singers in rock are John Lennon & Paul McCartney!

And John and Drew as I said in posts above,Led Zeppelin is truly one of the worst bands EVER!!!! I recently found more people on message boards saying they don't like them either and one guy said they were playing on the radio at work and a 22 year old co-worker said,Who the h*ll is that,it's awful! I couldn't have said it better myself!

Rock critic Richard Meltzer says there is nothing orginal about Led Zeppelin,I really wish that this is what is the worst thing about them instead of their overall sound that is so dreadful!
And John and Drew Led Zeppelin is truly as

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #925

The site It' reports that The Beatles won more than 20 prestigious Ivor Novello awards for song writing in just 7 years from 1963-1970! They also won an academy award for the song score they wrote for their Let It Be Film in 1970! Paul McCartney has won many Ivor Novello awards on his own and he got an honorary doctorate in music from Sussex University in 1986!

There is also a recent interesting online interview with Roger Daltry of The Who called,Roger's Journey With The Who by Simon Cosyns . He was asked if The Who had screaming teenage girls and he said after Can't Explain they did. He said it was the screaming era and every band had one on the way up.He says it was fun but the trouble for a performer when your that young and inexperienced,you start to judge your performance by the amount they scream it's nonsense which is why Lennon gave up. Roger also says that The Who's new manager in the mid 1960's wanted them to change their image into Mods,and he says so overnight they went from scruffy looking rockers into Mods. Which is similar to The Beatles fake cleaned up image created by their manager Brian Epstein.

Roger Dalty also said when he was asked,Can he explain The Who's success that he asks himself how it did come together how? THen he said it's like Lennon and McCartney the sound of their voices together was so unique,you think of all the billions of ******* people on the planet,so how they go on stage and do what they did? He says there must be a God.He also said after The Beatles arrived it was like whoa,whoa,whoa this is all different,and we started doing their numbers and then we discovered Tamla Motown and the blues.

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #926



How Did He Become An Icon? 1966 Post Beatles
Thanks Pre-1963

Five String Taste
Influential Bass Players of the '60s 1963

Driving Rain
Large Scale vs. Small Scale Basses 1964/1965

What Do Others Say?
contact the author Bibliography


George Martin

" There's no doubt that Lennon and McCartney were good musicians. They had good musical brains, and the brain is where music originates - it has nothing to do with your fingers. As it happened, they could also play their own instruments very well.

And since those early days they've all improved, especially Paul. He's an excellent musical all-rounder, probably the best bass-guitarist there is, a first-class drummer, brilliant guitarist and competent piano player."


" It's hard to separate McCartney's influence on my bass playing from his influence on everything else-singing, songwriting, even becoming a musician in the first place. As a child, I would play my Beatles albums at 45 RPM so I could hear the bass better. He's the Guvnor."

Will Lee

" Growing up in Texas in the early '60s I was so obsessed with the Beatles' music that I didn't feel like a fan, I felt like I was in the Beatles. About the same time I switched from drums to bass I became aware of who gave the band its charm and personality, from visual tunes like "Penny Lane" to the group's repartee with the press. It was the same fellow who was able to take a poor-quality instrument like the Hofner bass and create magic on it. I especially dug Paul's funky, Motown-influenced side, evident in the bass line from Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey," or even in the syncopated part from "A Day In The Life.

Paul's influence on bassists has been so widespread over numerous generations that there's no denying he's in everybody's playing at this point. We're all descendants. He played simple and solid when it was called for. But because he had so many different flavors to add to a song, he was able to take the instrument far beyond a supportive role. Paul taught the bass how to sing."

Stanley Clarke

"Paul definitely had an influence on my bass playing, not so much technically, but more with his philosophy of melodic bass lines - especially as I hit my teens and the Beatles' records became more adventurous. On tracks like "Come Together," the bass line WAS the song. I've always liked that. The only other person I knew of who was doing that was James Jamerson. That was one of the reasons I was inspired to write "School Days": so I could just play the bass lines and people would hear a whole song.

I had the honor of being contacted by Paul through George Martin to play on Tug of War, and I also appeared on Pipes of Peace [both on Capitol]. Paul was very nice. He asked me to show him how to slap. During Pipes we got a groove going in a studio jam, and it ended up making on the album as "Hey Hey." He graciously gave me a co-writing credit, and it's still a thrill to see my name next to his above the music in the song book."

Billy Sheehan

" The reason I got involved with music in the first place was because I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. I watched all the girls going crazy, and I figured this was the best business in the world to be in. Later on, when I got more deeply into music, Sgt. Pepper was a break-through record for me. I must have listened to it several hundred times. What intrigued me was how totally musical every aspect of it was, especially Paul's melodic, fluid bass lines. When my band Talas was starting in the mid '70s, [the Beatles' tribute show] Beatlemania was big, and we used to play entire gigs of just Beatles tunes. I've learned so much from Paul about playing, writing, and playing and singing at the same time that I should probably start sending him checks.

Most bassists get into the flashy players, but I think the reason Paul is often overlooked is that what he was doing wasn't really obvious. It was so brilliantly woven into the context of the songs. One of my favorites is the bass line from "Rain." I still use it to test the low end of an amp. That Paul happens to play bass is a great boon to all of us, because he made us realize that there are no limitations to being a bass player."

John Lennon

"Paul was one of the most innovative bass players ever. And half the stuff that is going on now is directly ripped off from his Beatles period."

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #927

I recently also found a post from a guy on a message board who said he can't stand Led Zeppelin because their lead singer sounds like a cat trapped in a blender!

Joe responded 7 years ago: #928

Fanofthefab, is it of your your opinion that The Beatles were perfect in every aspect(of music I mean of course)?

Nick responded 7 years ago: #929

The rolling stone list was trash, i like this one way better

Beast responded 7 years ago: #930

Way too much Beatles obsession here. The biggest reason they were so popular was the media attention they got. The same way we elect a president of the United States, the one who gets the most media attention wins, even though there are much better candidates.

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #931

Beast that totally ignorant comment is EXACTLY why I have been posting the great strong information showing why The Beatles Are Great and are widely rightfully regarded so! It's stupid comments like yours that is the reason I have been posting great examples of other well known musicians and rock critics who correctly recognize the BRILLIANCE of The Beatles!!! And NO There ARE NOT Much Better Canidates you ignorant fool!! THe reasons THe Beatles still rightfully get the attention they get 38 years after they broke up is BECAUSE most rock music critics,millions of people and many other well known rock artists know THe Beatles are The GREATEST ROCK BAND EVER!!!!

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #932



Lennon &McCartney

Cole Porter

Bernard Herrmann

Leonard Bernstein


Howard Goodall

Find out more

First transmitted in June 2004

In this illuminating four-part series, British composer, Howard Goodall, considers the work of five composers who left an indelible mark on the 20th century. From Lennon &McCartney to Bernard Herrmann (composer of the film scores for Psycho and Vertigo), Cole Porter and Leonard Bernstein, Goodall explains why they will be judged to be among the greatest and most influential composers of the last 100 years.

? Vote for your favourite composer

? Howard Goodall assesses 20th century music.


VSubj: Channel 4 Howard Goodall's 20th Century Greats Lennon & McCartney First!
Date: 1/9/2008 7:27:32 PM Eastern



Lennon & McCartney

Cole Porter

Bernard Herrmann

Leonard Bernstein


Howard Goodall

Find out more

First transmitted in June 2004

In this illuminating four-part series, British composer, Howard Goodall, considers the work of five composers who left an indelible mark on the 20th century. From Lennon &McCartney to Bernard Herrmann (composer of the film scores for Psycho and Vertigo), Cole Porter and Leonard Bernstein, Goodall explains why they will be judged to be among the greatest and most influential composers of the last 100 years.

? Vote for your favourite composer

? Howard Goodall assesses 20th century music.


fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #933



Howard Goodall

Who?s your favourite composer?

Do you believe that Lennon and McCartney are the best songwriters of the 20th century? Or are you still in love with the everlasting classics of Porter and Bernstein? By whittling the choice down to a handful of contestants, Howard Goodall has highlighted five 20th century composers who changed the face of popular music. But who gets your vote? Join our poll by clicking on the composer of your choice.

Who is your favourite composer?

Lennon & McCartney 38%

Cole Porter 27%

Bernard Herrmann 12%

Leonard Bernstein 23%

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #934


Bob Dylan Still Has Mad Love For The Beatles

By Brendan Butler: 2007-05-16 15:53:09

Bob Dylan recently discussed with Rolling Stone magazine, as subsequently relayed by the fine blokes at NME, of his continued admiration and friendships with Beatles members both alive and gone.

The legend candidly divulged that George Harrison, particularly, struggled with finding his voice within the revolutionary quartet. "George got stuck with being the Beatle that had to fight to get songs on records because of Lennon and McCartney. Well, who wouldn?t get stuck?".

Dylan didn?t hold back in praising the Beatle who was most serious from the beginning about being a musician: "If George had had his own group and was writing his own songs back then, he?d have been probably just as big as anybody."

That?s an interesting point Dylan brought up, given that each artist?s desire to broaden his work may have, ultimately, been the biggest factor in the Fab Four?s breakup.

Furthermore, Dylan scoffed at the perpetual rumors that he had competitive feelings toward McCartney and Lennon: "They were fantastic singers. Lennon, to this day, it?s hard to find a better singer than Lennon was, or than McCartney was and still is." Dylan concluded his praise of the ?cute? Beatle: "I?m in awe of McCartney. He?s about the only one I?m in awe of. He can do it all. And he?s never let up?He?s just so damn effortless."

Back to Bob Dylan Still Has Mad Love For The Beatles


fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #935

Yes Beast and Bob Dylan just wants to give The Beatles attention away from himself and say he's in awe of them!

Washington, Apr 25 (ANI): American singer/songwriter/musician Bob Dylan though in awe of Sir Paul McCartney's singing career, wishes 'The Beatles' star would quit singing so that other singers stand a chance.

'The Blowin' In The Wind' singer admits that he is amazed by McCartney's talent in not only being able to pen great lyrics, but also play all kinds of instruments, as well as perform not only pop songs but also ballads with seeming ease.

"I'm in awe of McCartney. He can do it all and he's never let up. He's got the gift for melody, he's got the rhythm. He can play any instrument.

And he can sing the ballad as good as anybody," Contactmusic quoted Dylan, as saying.

65-year-old Dylan wittily commented that the 'Hello Goodbye' singer should take a break from his singing to give chance to other people to make a name.

"I mean, I just wish he'd quit!" he added. (ANI)

Copyright © 2007 Yahoo Web Services India Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.
Privacy Policy - Terms of Service - Copyright Notice

fanofthefab4 responded 7 years ago: #936

And yes Beast,what an appropiate posting name too,thats why The Beatles won more than 20 pretigious Ivor Novello awards for singing and song writing in just 7 years from 1963-1970,because they got a lot of media attention! Thats why they won quite a few grammy awards including for Sgt.Pepper album of the year and vocal performances on A Hard Day's Night,and Paul won vocal grammy awards for Michelle and Yesterday! And Paul McCartney won several grammy awards in his Wings/solo career and he got an honorary music doctorate from Sussex University in 1986,and why he won a special Ivor Novello award for being a recognized important giant as a singer and song composer,why he has won more than 6 Ivor Novello awards on his own,and why he's getting a special Brit Lifetime Achievement award next month as one of the greatest song writers ever!

And it's the reason that 25 years after The Beatles broke up,their Anthology CD's went straight to # 1 all around the world and a rock radio DJ said that 40% of the people buying them were teenagers! And in 2000 30 years after they broke up The Beatles 1 CD also went right to # 1 around the world and half of the people buying it were also teenage and college ages! And why on Rate Your Music they have the # 1 album Revolver and are the highest rated on there and it's mostly teenage and college age mostly guys on there. And why many 15,17,21,and 25 year old guys(and some young women too but there are more guys on the site)list THe Beatles as one of their favorite bands and artists,and many list them as The Greatest Band Ever 38 years after they broke up!

And on Last FM. which has mostly teenage and college age posters,The Beatles fan group has over 5,000 members and growing the average age is 22 and more guys. And why The Beatles in November 2006,JUne/July 2007 and December 2007 were the # 1 most listened to music artists on the site out of every music group and artist from the past to the present! They are # 2 this month! And they are still the most critically acclaimed,popular and the most covered music artists ever with everyone from Motown,jazz,classical and even heavy metal music recording their great music! So yes they get the very still deserved attention and they always will just like Beethoven and Mozart!

Murray responded 7 years ago: #937

No Ritchie Blackmore in the guitarists category? No Deep Purple in the band category? I'm sorry, but your lists lack credibility.

ReturnTheMusic responded 7 years ago: #938

My views have already been posted by many on this page so I'm not going to post them again. However, I would like to say that Bono sucks and Led was comprised of masters of their trade, making them the greatest band of all-time. Also, the fact that Robert Johnson is not on the list for greatest guitarist is insane; through his sound Rock and Roll was born.

ReturnTheMusic responded 7 years ago: #939

The fact that Robert Johnson is not on the guitarist list is insane. Through his sound Rock and Roll was born. Many on the list were students of his work such as The Stones and Clapton. Bono SUCKS!

Beast responded 7 years ago: #940

The masses are the asses.

Dog responded 7 years ago: #941

Bob Dylan and The Beatles had a pretty much equal influence on each other. When they met Bob told Lennon that they had absolutely nothing to say, and Lennon was said to be extremely affected by that statement. It was after this that The Beatles started writing real songs instead of the typical pop crap. It was also after this that Dylan started expirimenting more musically with his songs.

Queen Fan responded 7 years ago: #942

Everyone who put these crapy gay and very wrong/unknown bands are wasting your life. My top 10 goes as followed:
Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stoes
Pink Floyd
The Beatles
Black Saabbath
The Doors
The Who

Techno72 responded 7 years ago: #943

Fanofthefab4 you should go to wikipedia and use your information. Dylan said the Beatles were heading the direction music was going to.

John Nolan responded 7 years ago: #944

1. The Stones
2. Zeppelin
3. Floyd
4. The Beatles
5. Pearl Jam
6. Sabbath
7. The Grateful Dead
8. The Doors
9. U2
10. The Who

Thats a list of heavyweights. Iahd trouble figuring out the last five two cause there are many bands, in my opinion of the calibre of U2, The Who, Tom Petty, Nirvana, etc. But Sly and the family stone? The Velvet underground? Bothe in the top ten of ALL TIME? They are good bands but not in the same realm of floyd zeppelin and the stones, not even close. But thats why we have opinions i guess.

Beavis responded 7 years ago: #945

Pearl Jam Nolan? Sly and The Velvet Underground blow them out of the water! Pearl Jam is a good band, but top 10? C'mon.

Bobby D. responded 7 years ago: #946

Hey Hey People!!!!! What about KISS?!?!??!?!

1.The Beatles
2.Led Zeppelin
4.Van Halen
5.The Who
6.The Rolling Stones
8.Pink Floyd

John Lennon Follower responded 7 years ago: #947

Guys, this is starting to become annoying. What has Kiss done to be compared to the Stones and the Beatles? Kiss is the most overrated band I've seen. Whenever I see them, I think of Spinal Tap(funny movie) playing. I want to see some lists of the greatest drummers also.
The best drummers:
1. Keith Moon
2. Ginger Baker
3. John Bonham
4. Neal Peart
5. Mitch Mitchell

Jonny B. Good responded 7 years ago: #948


rockboy responded 7 years ago: #949

Guys, we are talking about the purest form of rock here, not some ******* subdivision of it's not metallica (although they are amaizingly good).

Led Zeppelin
The Beatles
Pink Floyd
Rolling Stones
Black Sabbath
Van Halen

your mum responded 7 years ago: #950

System of a down is better than all of this ****. Listen to real music, ya *******

J P 5-8 responded 7 years ago: #951

How is it that John Pettrucci is only listed like once on this entire page. Dream Theater has been around for over 20 years and are still producing music. Pettrucci not only plays guitar, but he writes amazing lyrics. Octavarium is one of the most epic songs ever composed. Without him, Dream Theater wouldn't get what little attention it already gets. John Pettrucci and Dream Theater have to be one of the most underrated bands in the history of metal. Listen to the riffs in Panic Attack and In The Presence of Enemies Pt. one and two.

please email me with your opinion.

Rocker responded 7 years ago: #952

1.Pink Floyd
3.The Beatles

This is a real top!

Rocker responded 7 years ago: #953

1.Pink Floyd
3.The Beatles

There are many some crazy lists in this topic. How Aerosmith can be better than Queen? How Led Zeppelin can be better than Pink Floyd? Have you lose your mind totally? Reading your lists feels like swiming in shit, sorry.

Jacob Wilson responded 7 years ago: #954

I think that some of these bands on the top of list are bull; sorry but I don't think this list is very good at all.

Led zeppelin responded 7 years ago: #955


Jacob Williams responded 7 years ago: #956

This is kind of a crappy list man, Slash is a good guitarist but he isn't in the top 100 man. These lists of yours maybe what you like but these lists are not about talent. Where the *** is Rory Gallagher, or Billy Gibbons man? You should make a revised list about talent and not popularity, ok?

Herbie responded 7 years ago: #957

Michael Angelo Batio, Yngwie Mamlmsteen, Uli Jon Roth or Jason Becker are not on the list. Deve Mustaine is 10X better than Kirk Hammett. Kurt Cobain is a good lyricist not guitarist the only thing special he did was match his vocal patterns

Bear responded 7 years ago: #958

Anyone who is dissin Tom Morello has no idea what they are talking about. Not only does he have as much sheer talent as anyone mentioned so far, he has done more unique and innovative things with the guitar than anyone else. ever. period.

Scorpio responded 7 years ago: #959

U no noithing about music or guitar musicianship. Rock guitarirst have no talent or technical ability at all. They r boring the only good rock guitarists r Steve Vai, Satriani. Jimmy paige is sooooooooo overated he had no tehcnique at all. And Hendrix just smashed and burned guitars. Michaelangelo Batio and Yngwie Malmsteen along with Van Halen,John Pettrucci and Jason Becker r the greatest of all time. There talent at playing is 2nd 2 none and there composition is of a much higher quality than any rock guitarist could come up with. I rest my case

John Lennon Follower responded 7 years ago: #960

I think that Tom Morello is overrated. He just turns his guitar's volume up and down and scratching the strings. Hendrix invented so much. Duane Allman was a great guitarist and should be listed in the top 10 at least. Stevie Ray Vaughn is great and should be in top 10. Sly and the Family Stone is great but high top 15.

Tyler responded 7 years ago: #961

dilan, dilan ,dilan
seriously thought
1-The Beatles, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Rolling Stones, The Band, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Van Halen, The Animals

Fidle responded 7 years ago: #962

Some of you kids havn't the slightest clue what ur talking about. Aerosmith better than U2, one kid thinks jefferson airplane a one hit wonder is top ten material? Just so everyone knows bieng a good guitarist is more than just fast riffs, its song writing!!! Kurt Cobain isn't the greatest guitarist of all time but he should be in the top 20. Lets see...he was the founder of alternative and grunge music he pretty much blew the cap off of music as we knew it. NIRVANA WAS THE MOST INFLUETAIL BAND EVER. PERIOD.
These are my top ten rock bands ever
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
The Rolling Stones
Pearl Jam
The Who
Pink Floyd
Guns n Roses
Red Hot Chili Peppers

20 Greatest guitars of all time

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Duane Allman
3. Jimmy Page
4. Robert Johnson
5. Eric Clapton
6. Jerry Garcia
7. B.B King
8. Keith Richards
9. Stevie Ray Vaughn
10. Bob Klose
11. John Frusciante
12. Kurt Cobain
13. Chuck Berry
14. Mike McCready
15. George Harrison
16. Tom Morello
17. Slash
18. Hillel Slovak
19. Jerry Cantrell
20. Stone Gossard
There you go its more than insanely fast riffs to be a good guitarist In fact Eddie probably shouldnt be on this list im going to replace him now.

jacob barrera responded 7 years ago: #963

what that rock band isnt right metallica should be there one of the greatest rockbands i mean come on one master of puppets sanataruim enter sandman and fade to black theese guys rule

Dog responded 7 years ago: #964

The Band! Tyler you have great picks. Cream, The Animals, DYLAN! Nice.

I'll tell you what: It doesn't get ANY better than Bob Dylan and The Band's live ****...period.

aerojuan responded 7 years ago: #965

WHAT ABOUT AEROSMMITH!!!greatest american rock band,,,also it had influenced most of the bands named on the list beloww and joe perryy kick ass he is way better than all that assholes who just play guitar real van halenn,,joe poerryy is a guitar god just like jimmy page and 3 guitarist ever...and steven tyler is the best vocalist no doubt so why dont you go and learn something about real music. **** you all

Sean responded 7 years ago: #966


1. Led Zeppelin
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Nirvana
4. U2
5. Oasis
6. Rage Against The Machine
7. Guns 'N" Roses
8. Blink-182
9. Foo Fighters
10. Queen

1. Eric Clapton
2. Jimi Hendrix
3. Jimmy Page- Led Zeppelin
4. John Frusciante- Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. Slash- Guns 'N' Roses
6. Kurt Cobain- Nirvana
7. Tom Morello- Rage Against The Machine
8. Brian May- Queen
9. Angus Young- AC/DC
10. Joe Walsh- Eagle

Greatest Songs:

1. Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin
2. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
3. Imagine- John Lennon
4. Wonderwall- Oasis
5. Hotel California- Eagles
6. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
7. Under The Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers
8. Layla- Eric Clapton
9. Hey Jude- The Beatles
10. With or Without You- U2

These are just my opinions anyway

Joe responded 7 years ago: #967

What's wrong with you the intelectually inane morons! Let's not fool ourselves, art is about everything and Pink Floyd is the best act ever.
The rest is blablabla.. children!

Fidle responded 7 years ago: #968


oldman responded 7 years ago: #969

I've read many of the comments, some interesting and others childish. Everyone needs to relax just a bit - we are talking personal opinion here. My personal favorite is Zeppelin, but can easily live with The Stones, Floyd, The Who, or The Beatles in the top spot. I like Queen a lot, but not in the top 10.

One comment regarding Zeppelin. I think it's been proven that they didn't give proper credit in a few (maybe several) instances and for that they deserve to be hammered. Having said that, I think things tend to get exaggerated by people who don't like the band, or perhaps more accurately: are sick of people praising the band. In addition, just because a portion of a song is similiar or the subject of a tune is the same doesn't mean it's plaigorism or that you can disregard the band's song. There are things to consider, most notably, how close is it musically? Parts of Taurus are very similiar (not the same) to the beginning of Stairway. Did Page come up with the opening to Stairway from that song? I bet he did, but did he do anything wrong? I say no. I think there's enough of a difference.

My advice is to do some research and listen to the songs yourselves. Killing Floor, for example, is a blatent cover of a Howling Wolf tune. On the other hand, Communication Breakdown sounds nothing like Nervous Breakdown (by Eddie Cochran I believe). Some common sense needs to be applied.

John Lennon Follower responded 7 years ago: #970

Best bands ever:
1. The Beatles
2. The Rolling Stones
3. The Who
4. Cream
5. The Jimi Hendrix Expierence
6. Led Zeppelin
7. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
8. The Allman Brothers Band
9. Santana
10. Sly and the Family Stone

Hendrix is best and will always be. Duane Allman #4

Pedrozo responded 7 years ago: #971

Oh mamamia, mamamia...
Where's Queen? You're ****ing crazy?

John Lennon Follower responded 7 years ago: #972

Correction, replace Santana with The Clash. I don't think The Clash is as talented as others but I just like them personally.

Queen sucks!

Shaun McCarthey responded 7 years ago: #973

The Who should and will always be number 1 in the world.They had the best drummer and Bass player.
My 5 favorite bands are
1 the Who
2 Beatles
3 fleetwood Mac
4Pink Floyd
5 Rolling stones

deca responded 7 years ago: #974

greatest guitarist:
1.Angus Young
2.nuno bettencourt
3.Joe perry
4.Kirk hammett
5.Van halen

John Lennon Follower responded 7 years ago: #975

Shaun, I have to agree with you in Keith Moon. He was the greatest, but John Entwistle was number 2. Larry Graham is and will always be the best at bass.

Melissa Kügerl responded 7 years ago: #976

I think also that the Who is one of the best bands,because of Keith Moon (he´s really the wildest and sloppiest drummer I know.
Led Zeppelin should be more at the top (first or second I think) and Jimi Page is really the best guitarist!!!!!!
But also Ritchie Blackmore and Brian May should be in the list( I think they are better than Kurt Cobain, I hate him,because he can´t play guitar!!!!!!!!!)

I can´t understand thatDeep Purple is not in the list I think they are one of the best bands ever !!!!!!!!!!!

mark sog responded 7 years ago: #977

i love LED ZEPPELIN and they are obviously THE GREATEST ROCK BAND but what about poor ACDC

Bassist responded 7 years ago: #978

You guys should really stop making such a big deal about it. All of these lists are opinions. No matter how wrong the masses vote, its still a majority opinion. I also love how you count out the funk bands guys do realize that in the fifties, sixties and the seventies there were not millions of subgeneres under rock music. That was a time were rock and blues were still really blended, it wasn't until later that they really became seperate. In my opinion though, most of the guitarists in the list are badly placed....Slash should be around where Tom is and a few people should be added and removed...but I'm not going into details.

Master of Puppets responded 7 years ago: #979

Metallica was and still is one of the best.And my list is:

2.Led Zeppelin
3.Pink Floyd
5.Black Sabbath
6. Queen
8.Rolling Stones

They are the true gods of rock.

jdog responded 7 years ago: #980

Where the hell is aerosmith? They're only the best-selling american rock band of all-time and arguably the best live act

die hard ACDC fan responded 7 years ago: #981

the real top ten bands:
2.Allman Brothers band
5.Def Leppard
6.Van Halen
7.The Who
8.Guns n Roses
9.Pink Floyd
The real top 10 guitarists:
1.Duane Allman
2.Derek Trucks
3.Angus Young
4.Malcolm Young
5.Jimi Hendrix
6.Eddie Van Halen
8.Stevie Ray Vaughn
9.David Gilmoure
10.Jimmy Paige

ANGUS HIMSELF responded 7 years ago: #982

top 10 bands:
2.Allman Brothers Band
3.Led Zeppelin
5.The Who
6.Van Halen
8.Pink Floyd

Jake Dover responded 7 years ago: #983

These are the greatest guitarists of all time...
1. jimi hendrix
2. c.c. deville
3. eric clapton
4. kurt cobain
5. angus young
6. Joe Perry

These are in the order of Most to least greatest.

sara childs responded 7 years ago: #984

top 3 day
2.fall out boy
3.plain whight t's

now they should be in ther just like this bt with more with them but not frist

mel ramone responded 7 years ago: #985

kinda clishe, or however u spell it, to put beatles n rollin stones first n second. led zep would be the best rock band. umm people these days dun know waht real music is.. and i kinda feel sorry for u. like the chick b4 me. FALL OUT BOYYY??? R U CRAZZZYY?? cheap mainstream losers. petes a sellout. u dun kno what ur talking bout. no offence though. oh and u2 shouldnt be past led zep.. cos thats just funny.

J B responded 7 years ago: #986

Is it finally over?

Nimesh responded 7 years ago: #987

First, the list of top 10 bands and 'honorable mentions' is a good effort. Given the difficulty in making such a list could much more consequential than from what you can make out from the reactions you see here. But really, how can you have a list of top 10 without ZZ Top and KISS? I think in their genre, there's noone who did better than them. I would agree with Beatles, Stones, U2 and VU at the top. Sly and the Family Stone and The Ramones could have given way for The Who and Beach Boys, given such a big influence they had on the music.

As for guitarists, I think this is the best list I have seen. Jimmy paige is overrated. Slash is incredible so right choice. But Mark Knopfler I always felt the most underrated guitarists of our times. Please he deserves the top 5 slot. I would rather have Eric Clapton take the no.1 spot.

Eitherways, this is truly marvelous effort. Thanks a lot for posting this up.


Dog responded 7 years ago: #988

right on Nimesh, Mark Knopfler is very underrated and under appreciated. Along with Lindsey Buckingham and Robbie Robertson.

Trying to pick "the best" is hard to do because it can be so objective. However, these are my 3 favorites, and very arguably top 5.

LEgEnd responded 7 years ago: #989

Yeah, there's never going to be a list that everybody will ever agree on, so why don't we just all admit that The Weather Girls, one hit wonder...kinda, It's Raining Men, will always be the best song ever written for the gay community, and it always makes me laugh. Seriously, almost 1000 posts on who's better...C'mon already

Kevin responded 7 years ago: #990

The list:

1. The Beatles
2. The Beatles
3. The Beatles
4. The Beatles
5. The Beatles
6. The Beatles
7. The Beatles
8. The Beatles
9. The Beatles
10. The Beatles

No artist can compare with the genius of The

Kevin responded 7 years ago: #991

The list:

1. The Beatles
2. The Beatles
3. The Beatles
4. The Beatles
5. The Beatles
6. The Beatles
7. The Beatles
8. The Beatles
9. The Beatles
10. The Beatles

Simply stated, no artist can compare to or even comes close to the genius songwriting ability, originality, and longevity of The Beatles.

JB responded 7 years ago: #992

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

RICKY FIGE responded 7 years ago: #993

how can the rolling stones be the second best band. slash is not even close to be the fourth greatest guitarist you need to rethink your list

Patrick responded 7 years ago: #994

ya, i dont know why Nirvana is not on the greatest bands list... Nirvana not only started a new style of music (or at least was credited for it because they were so good)but the song "smells like teen spirit" was number one on the charts for what like 2 years after Kurt died and then top 5 for like 3 years after that(thats insane). and they didnt just play punk rock(grunge), every song they wrote was diffrent and awesome, a lot of bands (especially today) sound the same, but they have thier own little(bearly noticable) twist, and they use it over and over, it gets pretty annoying. Anyway, i know this argument has been going on for 2 years... literaly, but i thought id drop by and throw in my two cents.

Bone Thugs responded 7 years ago: #995

The greatest guitarest of all-time is
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Jimmy Page
3. Eddie Van Halen
4. Eric Clapton
5. Stevie Ray Vaughn
6. Angus Young

Ty responded 7 years ago: #996

Here is the true list of greatest guitarists.
1. Eddie Van Halen
2. Jimmy Paige
3. Jimi Hendrix
4.Eric Clapton
5. Randy Rhoads

therse garcia responded 7 years ago: #997

trey from phish is sicker than jimmy page because he can improv. jam like no other. PHISH IS THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME. if you don't think so you don't know music and most of all phish

Ema responded 7 years ago: #998

Best bands of all time: 1.Beatles
3.Led Zepplin
4.Rolling Stones
5.The Doors

Shreeraj responded 7 years ago: #999

In terms of songwriting and lyrics the greatest without question is Bob Dylan.

The greatest front-man to a band ever has been Freddie Mercury.

The best guitarists are possibly Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Ritchie Blackmore.

Shreeraj responded 7 years ago: #1000

In terms of songwriting and lyrics the greatest without question is Bob Dylan.

The greatest front-man to a band ever has been Freddie Mercury.

The best guitarists are possibly Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Ritchie Blackmore.

Donna R responded 7 years ago: #1001

Thank God somebody mentioned Randy Rhoades. Had he lived, he would have become even more spectacular than he already was and John Petrucci of Dream Theater is spectacular. What about Slayer for great bands, they had it all, kick ass drummer, guitarist and vocals? Also, if you are talking best drummer of all time, my vote would have to be John Bonham and Rolling Stone Magazine just named his son Jason Bonham as drummer of the year for 2007. Best Vocalist, no doubt RONNIE JAMES DIO and BRUCE DICKINSON!!!

My picks for the Top 10 Guitarists would have to be (and, by the way, putting them in order is kinda hard to do because they are all pretty amazing, but here goes):
1. Randy Rhoades
2. John Petrucci
3. Steve Vai
4. Toni Iommi
5. Jimmy Page
6. Ritchie Blackmore
7. Joe Satriani
8. Dimebag Darrell
9. Slash
10. Yngwie Malmsteen

marcus responded 7 years ago: #1002

1.The Beatles
2.Rolling Stones
3.Led Zeppelin
4.Pink Floyd
5.The Grateful Dead
6.The Beach Boys
9.The Who
10.Lynyrd Skynyrd

Nirvana is overrated!
Bands like u2,queen and the beatles are important bands in the history of music

marcus responded 7 years ago: #1003

1.The Beatles
2.Rolling Stones
3.Led Zeppelin
4.Pink Floyd
5.The Grateful Dead
6.The Beach Boys
9.The Who
10.Lynyrd Skynyrd

Nirvana is overrated!
Bands like u2,queen and the beatles are important bands in the history of music

Plumcrazy responded 7 years ago: #1004

Decent list IMO kurt kobain is to high, slash is a little high steve vai too low, what about frank zappa, and yngwie they should be in anyones top 10

John A responded 7 years ago: #1005

You are all crazy, Springsteen NEEDS to be on all lists, he saved ROCK!!!!

dano responded 7 years ago: #1006

where's the motorcity madman.. ted nugent

me responded 7 years ago: #1007

motorcity SUCKS

richrath responded 7 years ago: #1008

isnt this from chicago people...what about REO Speedwagon...their former guitarist gary richrath plays like a god..hes very underrated...

Tony responded 7 years ago: #1009

Elliot Easton is a highly-accomplished lead guitarist who's recorded memorable solos you can actually sing along to. He's underrated and under appreciated, but not by other guitarists. Anybody who plays, who's ever tried to pick out his Cars riffs and solos, knows the guy's a class act. People forget that The Cars put out some awesome GUITAR-based rock and roll along with the synthy stuff too.

Ed Frapart responded 7 years ago: #1010

As far as guitarists goes Angus Young of AC/DC should always be mentioned in the top ten. He may have not been as technical and had as much depth as some others mentioned, but as far as intensity and high energy there is no other, and he could still play very well. Rock/Blues mix. Hendrix to me was the best of all time, know one has been able to duplicate what he did with a guitar. Jimmy Page whould also have to be mentioned in the top 3. As far as greatest bands are concerned you need to go with longivity of a band and musical influence, this means gross profits also. Not in any order but these groups should always be mentioned. Beateles, Led Zepplin, The Jim Hendrix Experiance, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones. The Who(no questions), AC/DC, U-2 has to be mentioned here, Areosmith. Nivarnia is over-rated they did'nt do enough even though they were a big influence during the grundge scene, how many great albums did they have?? Maybe 2. Two bands that may not make top 10 , but should be mention because of there sheer difference and influence that should be in top 25 is The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Cure 2 fantastic groups!!

Craig responded 6 years ago: #1011

Too all the U2 basher's, you might consider how U2 is thought of by other musicians. Here is a very small part of the list of bands that have either covered U2 songs or played with them.

Guns and Roses (Axl said "One" was one of the greatest songs he had ever heard and he wanted G & R to play with U2, which they did)
Smashing Pumpkins
Johnny Cash
Pearl Jam
BB King
No Doubt
Joe Cocker
Keith Richards
Bob Dylan
Green Day
Trent Reznor (Produced a version of Vertigo)
Bruce Springsteen and many more.

Also as mentioned above, they have 22 Grammy's, more then any other band. How are Grammy's determined? by votes from musicians and people in the music business.

They are considered one the best live bands ever.

U2 is innovative, have you seen their 3D movie? and it's reviews?

On almost any list of greatest albums, they will have as many as anyone next to the Beatles.

The Edge is by far one of the greatest guitarist of all time, he has taken guitar playing to a whole new place. Look up comments from people like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen regarding how good Edge is. A friend of mine who is in a cover band and cover songs from all the greatest bands mentioned above has tried to cover a few U2 songs and has been unable to match Edges guitar playing.

Bono has won many awards for his lyric writing. Pavarotti asked Bono to write songs for him, among others.

People that don't think U2 belongs at or near the top of any list don't have any idea whats going on in the music business.

By the way Led Zepplin is my second favorite band.

U2's next album will be one of the greatest of all time.

ali responded 6 years ago: #1012

best are
1-Pink Floyed
2-Led Zepplin
3-Dire Straits
5-Rainbow-white snake-deep purple
9-Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath

all mentioned above gutarists are super. Richi blackmore was missed from the list

Bill Chaplin responded 6 years ago: #1013

there is no greatest guitarist in the world, its all down to what you like, some say hendrix, well personally i think he was shit, hit more bum notes than max mosely. i heard knopfler play live recently and he f~cked up Sultans, but he was still awesome

emily responded 6 years ago: #1014

angus shouldve placed higher...

Jayhawk responded 6 years ago: #1015

This list is whack. A list without The Who is criminal. That band had amazingly talented musicians and huge influence on Bands to come. As for Zeppelin being 6,it's obvious the general public would rate them way higher. The have often throughout their career been snubbed by the media and adored by fans. Thier music on the radio can get repetitive and annoying, just like the Beatles and Rolling Stones for that matter. But if you listen to all the diverse songs and see the musicianship on the DVD, it's evident they are the most talented group of musicians ever. Also, why the fuck are Sly and The Family Stone and Bob Marley on here and the fail to even mention The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Who, Queen, The Doors or Black Sabbath.

jov1 responded 6 years ago: #1016

bon jovi as a band and jon as a soloist! livin on a prayer its my life slippery when wet not to metion blaze of glory solo album for young guns movie track no 5 santa fe is awesome no contest

Mike Delaney responded 6 years ago: #1017

acdc is the best band evr

STEVE responded 6 years ago: #1018

Never ending argument...Everyone has their favorites.

My view.....THE WHO in their prime could blow any band off the stage in a live performance. (And even today what's left of The Who could blow "most" of the other band mentioned here off the stage.)

StratCat responded 6 years ago: #1019

As this monstrous discussion proves, there is no way to legitimately claim who is the "greatest" or "best". It isn't possible to ever hope to get everyone to agree with the results. You can attempt to lay down a set of criteria to help make a logical decision, but even THEN there'll be a need for opinion to creep in. Why? Because this is MUSIC! It is entirely subjective...and really that's the beauty!

Now for ME, I love guitarists that have a strong measure of technical mastery of the instrument, but that HAS to be tempered by musicality. In fact it has to be subordinate to musicality. Music isn't an Olympic event, it's art using sound. So for a guitarist to make my list, they have to have a unique voice on the instrument (someone you recognize instantly) and they have to hit me square in the chest with a pure, soulful, attack. I love flash and wild technique, but if you can't play melodically or hit me on an emotional level you've lost major points. Tone and phrasing are king. So what does all that mean? Nothing really. It could be interpreted a million different ways by a million different people. And that's cool too.

So here're my 10 favorite players:

1. David Gilmour
2. Jeff Beck
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Stevie Ray Vaughan
5. Robin Trower
6. Jimmy Page
7. Robben Ford
8. Gary Moore
9. Joe Bonamassa
10. Mark Knopfler

Zulu responded 6 years ago: #1020

No doubt Beatles are the biggest influence ever!
Everyone has opinions on the greatest gutarists, all the above mentioned are great, but how about Steve Hackett, no-one ever talks about him but he's pure genius.

Steven T responded 6 years ago: #1021

Just saw Satriani at the Keswick Theater in Philly. Nobody, but nobody is better than Satch. Maybe Vai. Does anyone know how many of these 'great' guitarist can actually read music? How many have actually studied music? You'd be surprised how many guitarists listed couldn't play a written piece of music to save their lives. Doesn't that account for something?

mebehe responded 6 years ago: #1022

I agree with a lot of the listing, but I think The Living end's Chris Cheney should at least get a mention, he is a phenomanal guuitarist and entertainer when playing in concert.

Jose responded 6 years ago: #1023

2.Led Zeppelin
3.Pink Floyd
4.The Beatles
5.Black Sabbath
8.Rolling Stones

42-39-56 Rosie responded 6 years ago: #1024

AC/DC is definitely the greatest rock band of all time. Just listen to them live. It pisses me off that Queen isn't even on the list. Angus Young is the greatest guitarist of all time. Angus Young was finger tapping like Van Halen when he was only 12 years old, he restringed a banjo into a guitar when he was 5 because his family couldn't afford one. You must realize that he has mastered all techniques(that includes playing with his tongue and feet like Jimi Hendrix)and he did all of this while running around like a crazy man and having spasms on the floor. Angus Young is the most under-rated quitarist of all time.

cj responded 6 years ago: #1025

My favorites:1. Jimi Hendrix2. Carlos Santana3. B.B.King
4. Jack White
5. John Mayer

mrworley responded 6 years ago: #1026

figure i might as well throw my 2 cents in

10.eric johnson

Zellaz responded 6 years ago: #1027

What about Iron Maiden? they used to, and still are making some great music.

gary hiba responded 6 years ago: #1028

Mike put down the crack pipe. I will teach you a valuable lesson. There's those who play fast and those who play the blues. Your saying what. Any one can play the blues. Any with money can buy a Ferrari, but only a few will drive the car the way it should be driven, hard and fast. These are the greatest Guitarist period. 1-Yngwie 2-Paul Gilbert 3-Eddie V. 4- George Lynch. 5- Michael Angelo he's the fastest. OK its mindless riffs but I love speed, and can you play that fast? I didn't think so. 6- Steve Vai. 7- Akira Takasaki. 8- Chris Impellitteri. 9- Richie Blackmore. Richie should have played more riffs, and less keyboards. 10-Vinnie Vincent yes Vinnie Vincent he can shred, and Gene and Paul new it, and were threatened by his talent and song writing ability. Heaven for bid a non Jew would take them to the next level, or not they were already on the down slide. And don't go all I'm an anti Semite, because you would be wrong. We both know how it works. I win you lose game over. I almost forgot the best band around today is Black Tide, and they shred. So don't go all old dude your list sucks crap. And remember everyone who has an opinion on this site listens to metal, and unfortunately for all you young people the metal hey day is long gone. And that's the facts. Thank god when I was young metal was king, and I was part of the experience.

rockyd responded 6 years ago: #1029

It's really difficult to come up with a top ten list since there were so many great bands and guitarists.
The Beatles will always be #1. Many of the other bands would have never been heard had the Beatles not opened the musical doors for the world of pop.
What I find strange is that "Yes" is never mentioned as a band or Steve Howe as one of the greatest guitarists.

Cam responded 6 years ago: #1030

WHERE ARE THE WHO!!!??!?!?!?!?!

By the way kiss never did rock. They are a bunch o clowns

marvin responded 6 years ago: #1031

ozzy is the godfather of rock randy rhoades if alive today would be the forfather of new styles of rock uncle ted is bad ass and his mind is strait ac/dc well is ac/dc cant compare cant pigonhole they are their own nervana mostly sucked foofighter are the best thing to come from that tragidy so#1 oz #2 is in your own mind totaly bias.

mind responded 6 years ago: #1032

metallica are the best they invented thrash metal they had the best bassist ever cliff burton insane and sick drummer and fastest rhythm guitarist ever and a talented solos creator

mind responded 6 years ago: #1033

metallica are the best they invented thrash metal they had the best bassist ever cliff burton insane and sick drummer and fastest rhythm guitarist ever (james hetfield and also good vocals)and a talented solos creator kirk hammett

Metallica Is Trailer Trash Music responded 6 years ago: #1034

For those of you who are age 25 or younger or those of you who live in trailer parks on the Southern United States and have entertained a misguided notion, similar to to the views of the provincial- minded James Hetfield, rhythmn guitarist of Metallica, that The Beatles were a mere "boy pop" band that just wrote silly and happy songs, I suggest you listen to the following songs from the Beatles catalog, back when James Hetfield was still being potty trained: [Note: I am not a pontificating old fart, but a vital young 36 year old man who teaches at the high school level, and I am becoming increasingly alarmed at the apathy, dinsinterest, and lack of substance and critical thinking skills in our youth obsessed with violence, video games, and horrible and current Metal and Hip- Hop music- which is devoid of any intelligent thought.]
"I'm A Loser" and "Baby's In Black" [1964- off the Beatles For Sale Album]

"Run For You Life" [1965- off the Rubber Soul album]

" Happiness Is A Warm Gun," "Yer Blues," "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey," "Why Don't We Do It On The Road," "Revolution I," "While My Guitar Gently Weeps and" Helter Skelter" [1968- off the White Album]

On another note, Metallica is the most overrated band, not just Heavy Metal band, in the history of recorded music. Any moron with the I.Q. of a peanut can play loud and fast. On the other hand, Tool, is the greatest Heavy Metal band of all time, along with Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. Tool is the Pink Floyd/Beatles of Heavy Metal music and arguably the most melodic and underrated Rock/ Hard Rock band of the 1990s and early 21st century.

FutureGuitarGod responded 6 years ago: #1035

Both of these were very good lists but I do believe that both Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton should be higher. I am not a huge fan of U2 but they were and still are probably the most fluencial rock/pop bands ever. Joe Satriani should be on the list

pink for life responded 6 years ago: #1036

my list is

best bands
1 pink floyd
2 led zepplin
3 the doors
4 bon jovi
5 beatles

lalalala. responded 6 years ago: #1037

where's Aerosmith & Joe Perry?

Glasshouse27 responded 6 years ago: #1038

U2? hahahaha! I think Led Zeppelin needs a boost on that list...
What about Robert Fripp, Steve Howe, and Steve Hackett?

Man5go responded 6 years ago: #1039

I respect the music and historic rock bands. many historic bands are really great but someare is totally borring and then i decided to create list on what people likes in the modern age.
1.Linkin Park
2.My Chemical Romance
5.Led Zeppelin
6.Pink Floyd
7.Iron Maiden

steve responded 6 years ago: #1040

all the arguing isnt going to get is anywhere. u cant argue with the beatles being at #1 it is what it is. They deserve it. Then comes
#2 Led Zep
#3 Black Sabbath
#4 Van Halen
#5 Guns n Roses
#6 Queen
#7 Metallica
#8 AC/DC
#9 The Rolling Stones
#10 Pink Floyd

i find it very hard to dispute this list. I dont think people know what it takes to be an all time top ten band. Every band on this list knows what it takes and has done it.

Now ill move on to the top ten guitarists. Now it doesnt matter what anyone says about Eddie Van Halen saying he doesnt play with soul and all that bullshit ha it just makes me laugh. Everyone knows eddie is #1 so just stop hatin. saying hendrix is better is just obsurd. eddie was light years ahead of hendrix.
#2 Jimmy Page
#3 Eric Clapton
#4 Stevie Ray Vaughn
#5 Joe Satriani
#6 Slash
#7 Jimi Hendrix
#8 Steve Vai
#9 Angus Young
#10 Joe Perry

tom kelly responded 6 years ago: #1041


The Voice of Truth responded 6 years ago: #1042

Gee, did I miss the man I believe is, if not the greatest, second to NONE...John Fogerty !!!

roxette responded 6 years ago: #1043

the beatles the beatles the beatles the beatles the beatles the beatles the beatles the beatles the beatles the beatles the beatles
a hard days nights
nowher man
come together
another girl
306 song the beatles create they are genius
beatles the first greatest band of all time
beatles beatles beatles
beatles genius

plsss watch the beatles live i coliseum , shea stadium, liverpool, french, german, british, U.S.A
and many....

Mithrandir responded 6 years ago: #1044

My Top-ten is:
1. Nirvana
2. Aerosmith
3. Metallica
4. Guns N'Roses
5. Rolling Stones
6. AC/DC
6. Kiss
7. Bon Jovi
8. Green Day
9. Oasis
10. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Kurt Cobain best guitarist, no discussion

Dave Mustaine Rules!!!! responded 6 years ago: #1045

Top Ten Bands:
3.Children of Bodom
4.Guns N Roses
5.Motley Crue
10.Bullet For My Valentine

Top 10 Guitarists:
1.Dave Mustaine
2.Randy Rhoads
3.Dimebag Darrell
4.Mick Mars
5.Kirk Hammett
7.James Hetfield
8.Zakke Wylde
9.Yngwie Malmsteen
10.Alexi Laiho

mr. bluebarry responded 6 years ago: #1046

What about ELO

ali responded 6 years ago: #1047

All listed above are super,but still
Pink Floyd
Led zipplen and
Dire straits remain the best

these were not mentioned in the listings
barclay james harvest
uriah heep
Deep purple
White Snake

Courtney responded 6 years ago: #1048

I disagree. I think that Eddie should be up higher. Not number one, Jimmi Hendrix I agree is number one, but Eddie should be 3 or 4. And Angus should be AT LEAST 10.

Evan responded 6 years ago: #1049

So let's see here, where do I begin to criticize?
First off, besides the Beatles, Led Zeppelin is the greatest band to ever walk the Earth. There is no way in hell that Velvet Underground, The Grateful Dead, U2, AND *gulp* The Rolling Stones are better and have the ability that Zeppelin possessed. I am not saying that they aren't good, they just simply can not be put on a pedestal ahead of Led Zeppelin.

Next, as for the greatest guitarists, Jimi Hendrix, in my opinion, is the most OVERRATED guitarist ever. If you listen to his recordings, you will listen to some of his sloppy play and he simply does not have the skill of Eric Clapton, whom I feel is the greatest guitarist of all time. For Kurt Cobain, please take him off this list, he's also overrated (not as much as Hendrix).

Does anyone share similar views?

sdfdfs responded 6 years ago: #1050


paulMcCartney responded 6 years ago: #1051

my list greatest band of all time
1. the beatles
2.beach boys
3. earosminth
4. rolling stone
5. ?

Will responded 6 years ago: #1052

1. Beatles
2. Pink Floyd
3. Led Zeppelin
4. The Who
5. Rolling Stones
6. U2
7. Rush
8. Cream
9. The Yardbirds
10. The Band
11. Queen
12. Yes

tim responded 6 years ago: #1053

my 2 cents:
1) Metallica
2) Red Hot Chili Peppers
3) Nirvana
4) The Rolling Stones
5) Guns and Roses
6) AC/DC
7) Cold Chisel
8) Iron Maiden
9)Jimi Hendrix
10) Motorhead

TheMusicFan responded 6 years ago: #1054

i think pink floy should be higher than the 8th position.they are the absolut progressive and pcychedelic band.they deserve to be 1st.

and hey people where are Queen(!)?????
Here is my list:
1)pink floyd(their philosophical lyrics are magic)
2)beatles(overrated but they are the beginerd of rock
3)led zeppelin(techically the best band)
4)queen(for freddie mercurie,for brian may and their concerts)
5)rolling stones(because they are legends

6)the who
7)blach sabbath
8)the doors
9)dire straights(very underrated in my opinion)
10)david bowie

lol responded 6 years ago: #1055

Led zeppelin exists till 1980,,in knebworth they had an audience of 3000000 beatles till 70, but in 70's did queen have audiences of 300000, stfu

Carey Erwin responded 6 years ago: #1056

1. Pink Floyd - A league of their own, hands down. Rarified air and the masses do not appreciate what they have created and the level of their cerebral stimulation. I've seen them twice in concert, they're driving the spaceship!
2. Led Zeppelin - Robert Plant had arguably the greatest voice ever in rock. The same could be said about the guitar playing of Jimmy Page.
3. Rolling Stones - Not a personal favorite of mine but I have tremendous respect for what they've accomplished.
4. Queen - I saw them in concert in LA in the early 80's, absolutely stunning.
5. AC/DC - What can I say that hasn't already been said. I've seen them twice in concert. They are relentless with hit after hit. How can you not love Angus Young, he gives you every thing he's got.
6. Aerosmith - I've been fortunate to have seen them twice in concert. They are the definition of a rock 'n roll band. Steven Tyler has tremendous magnetism and like AC/DC it's hit after hit. This is pure rock, the way it was meant to be. Walk This Way, Back in the Saddle, Sweet Emotion, classics forever!
7. The Beatles - Like the Stones I'm not a huge fan, but how can you deny their place in history and they do have some amazing music that seems timeless.
8. U2 - Saw them once and they rocked the place for sure. This was before Bono decided he was going to save the planet. At that time he was more focused on the music and to me it showed. U2 is extremely fine-tuned with a broad sweeping awareness of the interchange of instruments and vocals. All in all a terrific band.
9. Pearl Jam - This band is very under-rated to me. They have some massive songs. Eddie Vedder has a top 10 voice and their music makes me want to get up and make some waves. I think just about every song on their CD "Ten" is fantastic. Tremendous sound, love this band, they are way more than their grunge roots.
10. Peter Gabriel - WOW, the best concert I have ever seen! Pink Floyd would come in a close second. Gabriel has intelligent lyrics and laser sharp beam on the interaction of instruments coupled with his vocals. I could have and maybe should have ranked him higher on this list. He also has the brains to hire some of the best supporting musicians and singers I've ever seen. This man is totally under-rated and its a shame, he's had a number of hits but not the publicity of many other bands. I think it's because he's too intellectual with his lyrics or something because some of his music just makes me get up and move.
Honorable mention and favorites: Dire Straits, Steely Dan, Journey, The Verve, The Doors, Tori Amos (the woman is eerie and mesmerizing, Annie Lennox, Snake River Conspiracy and The Allman Brothers for sure. C'mon how can you beat "Melissa," "Dreams," "Whipping Post," etc. Gregg Allman has one of the top five voices of all-time. There you have it. Rock on!

mike responded 5 years ago: #1057

Any "greatest rock band list" without RUSH in the top 10 is worthless.

Rakac responded 5 years ago: #1058

Where is WHITESNAKE in your experts lists ? hahahahaha

Charlie responded 5 years ago: #1059

Tom Kelly (#1041) you are absolutely correct. No band, I mean NO BAND in the history of rock is as great as the mighty LED ZEPP, now, then, forever, the greatest. I have been frying my brain cells (and killing my DVD player) non-stop with "The Song Remains the Same". Hands down, Jimmy Page IS the greatest rock guitarist of all time. Just listen (and watch) to his goose-bump inducing 27 minutes of "Dazed and Confused". If that's not the quintessential guitar-riffing masterpiece song of all-time, I don't know what is. I grew up on the rock bands of the 70's and I still think most bands/musicians of that era are the best and most influential, even to this day. For what it's worth, here's MY favorite top ten guitarist and bands:
#1 - Jimmy Page (for reasons sighted above)
#2 - Jimi Hendrix (NOT overrated as some have said)
#3 - Stevie Ray Vaughn (Re-invented blues/rock guitar playing during the era of the crappy "big hair" bands)
#4 - Jeff Beck (the Blow By Blow album is an instrumental vocals required)
#5 - Eddie Van Halen (In the words of ESPN's Stuart Scott, "ridiculously fast")
#6 - Joe Satriani
#7 - Eric Johnson
#8 - Steve Howe (of YES, and he is terribly underrated)
#9 - David Gilmour
#10- Randy Rhodes (too short, sad to think what he could have accomplished)
Honorable Mention: Steve Vai, Robin Trower, Carlos Santana, Ritchie Blackmore and Brian May
#1 - Led Zeppelin (Best all-around group chemistry and for reasons stated above)
#2 - The Beatles (they got it all started and then in 1967, completely re-invented themselves)
#3 - Pink Floyd (yes, they are steering the mothership)
#4 - Black Sabbath (paleeeez, these guy's ARE heavy metal...every one after either copied them are built on them in some way)
#5 - Rush (Best thing every produced from Canada)
#6 - Deep Purple (just as great live as in the studio)
#7 - The Who (My Generation for sure)
#8 - Van Halen (came up just in time to put an end to that God AWFUL Disco and punk rock period...thank you Van Halen for keeping Rock fresh)
#9 - Queen (some really good stuff here, with one of the all-time great front men in Freddie Mercury)
#10- Guns' & Roses' (another great transition band from the big hair to grunge rock)
Honorable Mention: Metallica, Aerosmith, Pantera, The Police, Pearl Jam

blue strat responded 5 years ago: #1060

thank God theese lists are merely personal favs, vs lists based on merit, style and influence, coz a good share of them are laughable at best.

jonah responded 5 years ago: #1061

Hey what the hell ever happened to Metallica with it still rocking thats not right none of those bands didn't even make it to the rock bands hall of fame

dave mcauley responded 5 years ago: #1062


THE TAZ responded 4 years ago: #1063

My list of top ten guitarists of all time is:
01. Jimmy Page
02. Terry Kath
03. Kenny Wayne Shepherd
04. Jimmy Page
05. Eric Clapton
06. Jeff Beck
07. Joe Walsh
08. Martin Barre
09. Carlos Santana
10. Robin Trower

THE TAZ responded 4 years ago: #1064

made a mistake on my list, #4 should read Jimi Hendrix

Tania M. responded 4 years ago: #1065

Now, out the icons, the best rock guitar player of world is a young Pedro Castilho.
Very emotional, the guitar is your trird hand. Fantastic..........

Lianne responded 4 years ago: #1066

If my 2 cents is worth anything. Neil Schon from Journey should be on the top 10. How many child prodigies can play with Santana at 15 and still be amazing on the guitar. He rocks.

Joe Perry also needs to be on the list

Billy Branson responded 4 years ago: #1067

Stevie Ray Vaughn is at very least twice as good as Jimmy Page even Jimmy Page would tell you that.

Bob B. responded 3 years ago: #1068

Led Zeppelin is the most overrated rock band of all time. Their music was WAY too heavy and unlistenable. It sounded like a bad horror movie most of the time. I'll never understand their popularity. Robert Plant always sounds like his private parts are being poked with a pitchfork. The top bands really should be as follows:

1) The Beatles
2) Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
3) The Who
4) The Rolling Stones
5) Phish
6) The Byrds
7) The Beach Boys
8) Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
9) Neil Young & Crazy Horse
10) Creedence Clearwater Revival

Five best guitarists:

1) Jimi Hendrix
2) Trey Anastasio
3) Eric Clapton
4) Jeff Beck
5) Pete Townshend

Suzie responded 1 year ago: #1069

To anyone who doubts just how EPIC Queen is, go on Youtube and look for their 'Live Aid' performance (and all four members of Queen should be #1 of their respective instruments(s)). GO QUEEN! (yes, this is coming from an extreme Queen fan! :D)

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