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Tommy Thompson to get RFID implant

Madison, Wis. - Tommy Thompson distinguished himself as the first Wisconsin governor elected to four consecutive terms, and he has now set a new precedent: the first Wisconsin governor to be tagged with radio frequency identification for digital access to his medical records.

Tommy Thompson
Thompson, who also served as Secretary of Health and Human Services during President Bush's first term, will have one of the security technology firm Applied Digital's VeriChip tags injected into his arm sometime over the next few months. Thompson joined the board of directors of Applied Digital on July 8.

"We are all well aware of the need to enhance information technology in healthcare," Thompson said in a statement. "It is my belief that VeriChip is an important and secure means of accessing medical records and other information."

The chip could play a key role in healthcare as the industry moves toward electronic healthcare records.

Applied Digital began moving the chips into healthcare in October, when they were cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Hospitals can use the identification number to connect to a database of information such as the Global VeriChip survival registry, so even if they have no familiarity with the patient they can access vital information.
Scott Silverman, chief executive officer of Applied Digital, said that Thompson, who campaigned heavily for electronic medical records and healthcare technology both as governor and HHS secretary, is an ideal supporter for VeriChip. His support will be especially helpful as VeriChip looks to the future, trying to develop a wider database of healthcare information.

"For many years he has been a leader in quality of healthcare … and he sees this product as a useful device for a database in the future," Silverman said.

VeriChip, a subsidiary of Applied Digital headquartered in Florida, estimates that almost 2,000 of its chips already have been installed in humans for healthcare or security purposes, with up to 50 of those being in the U.S.

human-implantable RFID microchip
The company manufactures passive RFID tags which store a unique 16-digit identification number that provides access to a user's healthcare records. The tags are about the size of a grain of rice and in human users are injected into the fatty tissue of the tricep muscle.

Silverman said the firm began using implantable RFID technology as an advanced version of the ear tags used on livestock. The chips are implanted into cattle so farmers can determine which cattle are theirs. The chips also have been used to identify pets at animal shelters.

"They can scan the animal's neck and it tells you who the owner is … it takes it from the visual line of sight into the electronic sight," Silverman said.

Since its inception the program has been tested in hospitals in Mexico and Italy, and VeriChip estimates that of 7,000 chips sold worldwide, which includes the 2,000 that have been injected for healthcare or security reasons. The tags have also expanded into areas outside of healthcare, such as nightclubs in Barcelona and Glasgow that automatically charge a user's bar tab.

The tags have encountered several objections. Some civil libertarians believe the technology can be abused by major corporations and government branches to track specific people's actions, while some religious groups have raised objections.

Silverman said the company is not trying to force the chips onto any users, and any patient that does not want the implant doesn't have to have it. He said the database of information Applied Digital maintains is highly secure - only accessible to the patient and the physicians - and they are engaged in discussions with health professionals to make sure all programs fit into society.

Les Chappell is a writer for WTN based in Madison. He can be reached at


Sharon A. Watson responded 9 years ago: #1

There is truly something wrong with the world and this man if putting a foreign object in his body is going to help us. That is a bunch of bull...there is something strange going on and the world needs to wake up and take notice. Can it be that these people and their methods are not something from this world? Can it be that maybe, just maybe there will be world chaos and no one is paying attention. I would like to know how the chip will play a key role in healthcare when the healthcare system is already out of whack? Don't believe them...there is something going on...something does not smell, look or sound right.

Tammy responded 9 years ago: #2

The technology already exsists for digital imaging of all hard copy records. This is accessable by entering a person's social security number. It has also been proved to be a very safe and secure means of storing personal data including medical records. I fail to see how this chip would outweigh the benefits of this already exsisting technology, except in the condition the person is not recognizable. At that point I belive there are also options, such as dental record identification. Being tagged like an animal seems a bit far fetched!

Pastor Dave responded 9 years ago: #3

I think that there is a "Conflict of Interest" in Tommy Thompson's interest in health care and Applied Digital. He has invested in the company that manufactures the product. That is why he is promoting the use of the VeriChip.

Rev. Fr@nk responded 9 years ago: #4

Some members of Congress want the VeriChip to be the standard for Americans. This goes along with the recent citizen phone tapping by the NSA, and project TALON by the CIA. We're all being tagged. There's also talk of us all getting brand new social numbers. I don't think it takes a genious to see what's going on here.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

gracie responded 9 years ago: #5

ALL this is about is having complete 100% controll over the people and their actions and their thoughts. NOTHING NOT A THING will be private for any individual. Not only will everything be monitored it will also be controlled. They sound like a bunch of freaks who want society to be their little robots.

Jodi Mullins responded 9 years ago: #6

My friends used to laugh because I always saw the "dark side" to all this new technology. Do you realize because we rely so heavily on electronic equipment (computers, atms, cell phones) we've sold ourselves out in the name of convenience. We are easily monitored and controlled and what's worse is that we've been brainwashed to believe its in our best interest.

keith kennedy responded 9 years ago: #7

Check out our web site, we are the first company to professionally doing subdermal RFID placements. Our systems are for secure access control doors, lighting, smart homes and cars.

Paul McCarthy responded 9 years ago: #8

I can't believe people are allowing this to happen. Marking people like cattle. Technological creep is a hazard that must be controlled. Every single intrusion in your life is held to be there for your convenience. Your convenience is the last thing on this company's mind.

Peggy Davis responded 9 years ago: #9

There is a good chance Mexican "guest workers" will be the first large group of people coerced into using VeriChip.

I'm chip-free responded 9 years ago: #10

I do not know the Bible from "cover to cover" but it does contain Revelations with the "prediction" of people being 'marked'. BTW, Peggy D., I am against any new (for we already HAVE forms of this) "guest worker" prog BUT if another one would be created that is 1 of ONLY 3 areas where I would have NO PROBLEM whatsoever in having them not only be implanted but REQUIRED. As far as I am concerned, the "homeowner" gets to make the rules for "guests" & I think all countries have that right. Another area that I would not object to the forced implantation is this---I say that when we DO catch an illegal alien inside this country we implant 1 into the offender & use that to FOREVER bar/forbid ANY future legal entrance/naturalized citizenship of that individual into the USA. The implants would make contain info that the individual is NOT allowed here & require that employers "scan" all potential employees & if an "alarm sounds" that the applicant is such a person that they would be required to call ICE. And the 3rd AND FINAL area would be child molesters/rapists (NOT "statutory rape convicts though") be implanted with them FOREVER & by using the same requirement for employment schools, daycare centers & the like would know not to hire the applicant & that they would have to notify the local authorities that the individual had applied for a job that they are not allowed to apply for. BUT other than those 3 areas, I would object to any other form of mandatory implantation. And since I would not fit into any of the above areas, I would not & I will NEVER allow any such implantation for any reason whatsoever.

John Ericson responded 9 years ago: #11

I want to know if Tommy Thompson ever went through with this procedure. It's one thing to talk about how convenient it would make life, but I would still like to keep the illusion that I have some sort of privacy.

Frank Lopez responded 9 years ago: #12

It is of great importance that we study carefully this new technology; first and foremost in my mind is the sublte way that we may be inviting those things which we were warned about in the Bible. I am a Christian and i am deeply concerned that we will fall into the very dangers that Jesus Christ warned us about. I would be opposed to such a tecnology, especially if it were to become mandatory; is it such a leap to imagine that this technology could become mandatory for the purpose of buying and selling - thus it could become the very mark of the Beast that Christ told us to avoid. - Frank C. Lopez

Rajesh P.L. responded 9 years ago: #13

Eventhough there are some drawbacks like loosing personnal privacy and all , we should accept the advantages of this technology and use it whereever necessary.

Rob Fox responded 9 years ago: #14

The Verichip's parent company(Applied Digital Solutions) on Fri. June 30,traded huge volume of it's stock,major news could be coming about Verichip.

james kallaher responded 9 years ago: #15

why hasn't the american public remembered that in
Oct 2004, the FDA issued a warning that the Verichip should not be MRI scanned for fear of internal burns? would you subject your child to this,,, NOT ME!!!!

Sandy responded 8 years ago: #16

Has anyone considered that if this THING can send data it can receive data? Our brains are electromagnetic, they can be programmed... Look out world here it comes...

david responded 8 years ago: #17

So... ex-child molester here, stepdaughter. Did my time.
Family still together. Happened in the 80 era. What ever happened to do the crime pay the time? Then move on?
America is turning facist. Watch out, I because I sure as hell am not wearing a chip voted in or not.

Signed a true American.

Loretta responded 8 years ago: #18

First of all, to the child-molester who calls himself "ex-child molester" and "David" (if that IS your name?) who claims to have done his time.

I also oppose the VeriChip, yet I have no sympathy for you! You child-molesters are one of the reasons why our country is in danger of such evil things as RFID chips!

Hoping that we Americans find a way to get rid of our illegal aliens, our "guest workers," our sex-offenders, and others who are puting us in the danger of getting "chipped."

The VeriChip/RFID/identity chip is a very Orwellian evil; it has no place here in America - especially not when receiving the chip into one's body is very probably a Mortal Sin!

Loretta, a real American

Loretta responded 8 years ago: #19

A quick note: hoping that we get "rid" of the child molesters by placing them safe behind bars, where they belong; and carefully eliminate the danger of illegal aliens by placing them safely back into the countries where they came from, if they can only come as illegal aliens.

As for the RFID chips: those chips and anything of their ilk have absolutely no place in American society! What is Tommy Thompson
trying to do - turn our world into a 1984 or similar evil scenario?!

JimBob responded 8 years ago: #20

We are not being tagged like animals.
We cannot be programmed with these chips.
There is no unilateral plan behind these elements to control everyone.

Programming is done by the television you watch, the movies you view, the books you read, and the priests who convince you they know the word of God.

You brand yourselves like animals with your words, your deeds, and your desire to have privileges. You submit to this branding to gain the power that it provides. Whether it is a name by which you call yourself, the card in your wallet or the chip under your skin - You brand yourself. Choose your brand carefully, and remember that you can always change it and lie about the past.

Oh, as soon as the government offers this new technology, I will get it. I will then hack it and reprogram it at my will. I choose who and what I am. I am not an object, and I will sacrifice all conveniences and pleasantries to maintain my right to choose. Thank you for reading my opinion, have a nice day!

Genoseal responded 8 years ago: #21

Personally the people that are wanting to get this "mark of the beast" in their bodies need a wake up call...did anyone ever think that if this chip is made mandatory that there would be world wide chaos and revolution. Once this chip is made mandatory they will have the right to not let you purchase anything. Which will make it ubelivebly hard to provide for you and your family. This chip is the worst idea ever created and this is just the thing that will tear America apart. Mark my words....if this chip is made mandatory, there will be a lot of annoyed and upset people that will be willing to give their lives for the freedom they once had. I for one will never let me or my family get the devil's mark in their bodies...I would rather be shot and tortured...then get that mark.

Old Bear responded 8 years ago: #22

This was all foretold to happen 2000 years ago, in Revelation. It lets me know that it's just one day closer to the return of Jesus. I'm ready to go Home, and what's going to happen to the sun during and after its "helium flash" should greately concern everyone. Old Bear 8.3 minutes

Jen responded 8 years ago: #23

I sure won't want that in my body, animals it's okay especially if you raise them and need to keep track of them. The implant for humans, this is just the next step for the government to know where you are at all times, to control you like prisoners. Will we truely be free? On another note: Why did we as people give so much control to the government and why are we constantly thinking... "what can they do for me." Back when they did for ourselves! Let's wake up and take responsibility for ourselves!!! Anyway the implant on humans is just a government tracking devise... will be anyway!

Madison responded 8 years ago: #24

It is healthy. I shall come on your site more often. Thanks.

sandy responded 7 years ago: #25

Well, to me this is what you call controling. They are taking our rights away one by one and people don't even realize this. It's going to get worse, not better, by far. The chip, well I heard by May 23, 2008, we have to have the chip in our licenses or arm. Take notice people. It's not good and if you dont take it, you won't be able to buy.

jason allen responded 7 years ago: #26

This is exactly what Bible prophecy is speaking of. We are truly in the last days. Right now, there only introducing the chip as being used for health issues and other little so called necessities, but soon they will make it mandatory for us to wear it. Wake up everyone; don't you realize this are the last days. The Bible says when the anti-Christ come, we will cause every man to recieve his mark, rich or poor. If you pat attention to some of these movies they give you all the ideas of this technology, when in reality its not an idea. They show you these things to get your mind ready technology that is real life. The world is so evil . Every thing that's happening right now in the world is building up to the revealing of the anti-Christ, Satan himself in the flesh. THE Bible knew exactly what this world would be like in the last days. Last days meaning the time leading up to tribulation. The rapture is the next big event on God's calender. WAKE UP and pay attention to the world and the signs of the time. God is raising a group of soldiers who are true worshipers, their faith is great, and they are waliking in the spirit. Don't you want that power that the holy sprit has to offer, heal the broken hearted, the cripple, and the lame? Walk in the spirit, have power over the demons, all in the name of our lord Jesus What a wonderful feeling. Remember life is only a mere shadow of eternity, there is a heaven for us soon to dwell in. Our main mission is to bring souls to Jesus Christ. "Well done my good and faithful servant. I long to hear those words. Continue to pray for America because we are turning into an UNGODLY NATION. There was always judgment in the Bible for that, so don't be troubled, but be ready for anything, repent, and continue in prayer.

Jody responded 7 years ago: #27

WELL SAID Jason Allen!!! Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus...Amen! For those of us who have received Him as our Lord and Savior and have NOT taken the mark of the beast (implanted device), we WILL SOON be "raptured" and the rest of this world will explain the massive WORLDWIDE "disappearance" as us having a defect of some sort and were "vaporized." This will stand to promote further control (through fear and bondage) of the anti-Christ. If anyone is reading this and doesn't have understanding or a personal relationship with Jesus Christ then I urge you to Pray, read the Bible, Pray a SINCERE prayer for your salvation...go to a Bible believing church, start watching for the return of Jesus....the signs He gave us in His word are everywhere....GET READY and Stay AWAY from this chip or any other device that takes way your freedom and can control who you are...HE gives us free will....there ARE those who are deceptively trying to take that away! Get informed and for the sake of your soul...get saved NOW! This is too serious to joke about or not to take to heart. John 3:16-17 God bless us and help us all.

Dave A. responded 7 years ago: #28

I cannot believe what I am reading about this Chip thing. I always remembered what it said in the Bible about this, but I just didn't believe. Now I know this is real and Jesus will really come. For those of you who are smart, please make sure neither you nor your loved ones ever get this.

Karen Romero responded 7 years ago: #29

I believe this is of course about greed for this man. Chips of this nature is about the mark of the beast. As told to me from my gaurdian angel, Archangel Gabriel! I already know from her that the government has been implanting and chipping people against their will, or without informed consent for quite sometime. Furthermore, these chips can allegedly cause numerous healthcare cancer, Alzhiemer's! If you don't believe me, why don't you ask Mr. former head of the CNIA, which was called the CIA...he is the father of our current President. Our current President said that Christ is his hero. Well, if Christ is his hero, then why would he want anything at all to do with Antichrist chips?

fairykisses responded 7 years ago: #30

Read a book called the Bar Code Tattoo and its second part the bar code rebellion. It may be a teen sci fi book but it talks about this mandatory bar code being able to control everything and THEN it even has your DNA makeup on it. Like bi polar well if i have a good job and see i am bipolar with this mandatory tat then i won't be able to get a job again or do anything like buy a house because I am not stable. I have been diagnosed with bipolar for real and I have had this current job for almost 2 yrs and I'm 21 I dont think i am doing too bad bipolar or not. Be careful because even tho im not a church goer, I too remember the mark of the beast being mentioned and it's getting scary with this chip. Not only that but I feel it would allow the government to totally know every private thing we do which, is not freedom. This is the land of the free and we should keep it that way by saying no to the chip. I think things are fine how they are now, no need to put foreign objects in our body... it seems like they are kinda trying to make us robots! Scary stuff guys. Be careful and stay safe.

Somone responded 7 years ago: #31

I think this whole getting "chipped" thing is B.S! Whatever happened to freedom? With something like that in you, they can know anything and everything about you. It's the government they're definately trying to hide something. It's more than just your healthcare system or trying to track down your kids if they're lost or kidnapped. They want to control us. With a matter of time, it will happen. It says so in the Bible. We, as Christians, need to stay strong because the end is closer than we think it is.

Concern Citizen responded 7 years ago: #32

For all the people who never read the Bible read
Revelations 13 (whole thing). RFID is the "mark of the
beast." Be advised that whoever takes it will not get
to heaven and will be damned.

Keith Richard Radford Jr. responded 7 years ago: #33

I am for Health Care but not when your children stand to be set up for cancer.

In 1992 I was implanted with a microchip by the California Department of Corrections.

Just like the Angel of Death* HaloScan, IBM, Avid, Veri Chip and other company's use subcutaneous human tracking device, audio servalence systems and other venues against American people for fun and profit.

Since the Nuremberg trials the Nuremberg code of universal medical ethics have moved into California's Silicon Valley which is being protected by our own governments representatives.

The national fraud squad has opened an investigation into the affair. The four are suspected of abuse, aggravated assault, causing death through negligence, fraud, forgery, breach of statutory duty, and disruption of legal proceedings.

*Dr. Josef Mengele was a German SS officer and a physician in the German Nazi concentration camp performing human experiments on camp inmates, amongst whom Mengele was known as the Angel of Death.

Since 1987, Nancy Pelosi has represented California's Eighth District in the House of Representatives wile being on the board of Veri Chip.

Tommy Thompson, who approved RFID chips for use in humans back when he was serving under Bush as Secretary of Health & Human Services, is getting $40,000 a year from Applied Digital Solutions (the company that owns VeriChip) and has received company stock worth about $1 million.

As California's senior Senator, Dianne Feinstein has built her reputation on condoning torture, working with both Democrats and Republicans to find solutions to the problems facing California and the Nation court who have chosen to ignore human and civil right.

You Worthless Tech Trollops have been instrumental in working toward a North American Union. When will America wake up to the fact that our government knows human nature. Using sex offenders to justify their actions when what they are doing is universally wrong, is underhanded at least and fundamentally treasonous by using devices that are unsafe. Hiding the finding of company's product and placing humans at risk seems to be of no consequence to those that take them to court on habeas corpus writs.

I was told by my attorney that my case was demurer which means the state says so what. So what if we treat you like a lab rat.
So what if you are diabetic and need to enroll in Adult Swim at your YMCA because of injuries for exercise.
So what if you are disabled and we made you move.
So what if you live a good honest life.
So what if when we made you move you were going to school to learn a trade and we disrupted your life during your finals and you could not finish your training.
So what if you and your wife who by the way has never done anything to anyone is waking in the middle of the night crying because you stand to be homeless for fear that no one will rent to you.
We lived in an apartment in Burbank CA when someone decided to place flyer's at our home about my 23 year old sex offense and get us kicked out of our home. So what.

Reminds me of the Quote by Pastor Martin Niemöller:
First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.
We have one week to come up with a bunch of money to fight for rights for all Americans who are losing because they are better than sex offenders till their family member loses their trunks when diving into the community pool.
Sorry America we have no money. When these laws get done with us, they will not be satisfied.

Im A. Believer responded 7 years ago: #34

And he causeth all both great and small,rich and poor,free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand,or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell,save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Watch to see what will happen on DEC 21-2012

Keith Richard Radford Jr responded 7 years ago: #35

To anyone who says these things were brought on by sex offenders, You are sadly and unequivocally mistaken.

America has brought this upon themselves. If you call your self christen how could you ignore your neighbor when being christens rely loving your fellow man. We protect the Jews though they and Rome put Christ to death. Being christen means knowing Christ came to abolish the law as it was and showed the way when he said put god 1st in your life and treat your neighbor as your self. Being Christen is not Oh well we are not that guy so lets kill him. Some people who are so full of themselves that they want to push these laws through our courts and legal system have found that they are the mirror of their own fear like the Lundsford's who's son because his connection to the justice department was able to skate when he when to court for his molestation charges. What happens when they come for your family member who you love. What about 25 years ago when no one would even address such issues, but instead would just cut off the individuals from others. Loving Christens following God and not man would not bash their brothers and sisters. That is one reason Christ came to earth. To stop the stoning by saying those among you without sin cast the 1st stone. It sickens me to think that some out there feel they are righteous by condemning another without ever hearing their story. Christens, I think not.

Jo responded 7 years ago: #36

Keith, this link is for you and all us other folks out there. Just think, we could be arrested for any small misdomener, and end up just like Keith. Being criminal, senile, an infant or a pet who might get lost, or a farm animal slated for USDA rules is no excuse for giving up our rights or making us soft because we relinquish our responsibilities to a technology that is potentially extremely dangerous and criminal. For all those who have a mind, read this: This article, written by a person from Australia, deals in the hidden, unseen dangers of subdermal microchips. These microchips which work on microwave radio frequency, transmit to a GPS system. These transmissions send out microwave radiation, which can cause such physical symptoms as: thirst, tiredness, nausea, vertigo, reduction in sweat rate, hot dry skin, muscle cramps, convulsions, increased core temperatures, internalized buzzing sensations, breathing problems, psychological changes - such as short-term memory loss, personality changes, irritability, sleep disturbances, and irregular heartbeat, heat stroke symptoms, coma, decreased sex drive, decreased fertitlity, cataracts, hair loss, and oh, yes: THE FORMATION OF OPEN SORES, SQUAMOUS SKIN CANCERS and bone tumors. If you can not open up this site, do a search for: Silvia Covacio from the University of South Australia. Please forward this article to as many people as you can. Our first defense is to fight against the implementation of the Real ID Act of 2005. Also, go on to as they are trying to eliminate the microchipping problem with our farm animals. If you think that chipping animals is a good idea, then please read up on how our civil rights are all being violated. This is not an isolated matter. Another good site is: Good luck to all.

Jo responded 7 years ago: #37

P.S. I am not saying that what Keith did was a small misdomenor. What I am saying is that Keith paid his price with jail time, but is now still paying. Also, the other thing: In 2012, we will be experiencing a solar maximum. What that means is increased solar radiation. I don't know if anyone has thought of the risk to our food source, the farm animal, or to all the wild animals that we think we have to help by shooting them with a drugged dart, weigh them, check their teeth, and fit them with a GPS system so we can track them. The fourth seal tells you that something is going to happen to cause the wild animals of the earth to attack humans. Let's see, loss of habitat, lack of food, constant pain from being bombarded with microwave radiation...Get in line folks. If we don't do something to protest the widespread microchipping of our farm animals, and pets, we're next. Old Bear, I think you've got
the right idea.

kim maclennan responded 7 years ago: #38

l want a baby and my partner doesnt want one yet and a few months l had the implant out of my arm and started the mini pill and l stopped them. can l become pregnant and when. my partner doesnt know that l have stopped them.

Heidi Dyke responded 7 years ago: #39

Thankyou Mr. Thomson.
Who controls the chip?
Given modern chip design and manufacture,
fuseable links internally and the ability to
change circuitry function, even the relative
passive or active capability of radio tranception
sudio suggestivity capablity, nuero functionality of
radio frequency interferences, and well the controlling entity of all of that an american
healthcare data base or a communist hacker, or
an ex kgb rogue looking for threatened payout, who controls the chip?
Is it always a consensual item, apparently not
though who controls it is just as susceptable to non voluntarism and even the intent of the users.
With all respect for a good american taking a
great personal risk for the advancement of medical
science, i would not place anyone non voluntarily
under the control of something that by all intents
is supposed to be a passive gps identifier.

Joshua responded 7 years ago: #40

I sincerelly hope the majority of Americans are aware by now that the US govt will pursue vigorous campaign for mandatory chipping, claiming chipping is the ultimate security and solution for Amricans in the world full of fears. You all know who is controlling US/UK/Japan.
The next president will pursue mandatory chipping to make sure some secret society very happy.

Btw, is it possible to mind control of someone chipped to perform suicidal bombing ? I bet it is for countries with most advance technology like USA or UK.

abraham attai responded 6 years ago: #41

REPENT for the siqn has being show to you all "the mark of the beast" don't you think we can still live our daily life without the RFID chip.

Cognoscenti responded 6 years ago: #42

Enough with the paranoia already. This isn't any more the mark of the beast than a passport or social security "number" without which you can't get a job, open a bank account or much of anything else as a consequence.

If you are smart you'll embrace this technology for allit can give you and learn how to hack it and control it to your best interest.

Yeah, scream about the end coming, drink the poisoned coolade and hide somewhere, that will help.

The bible says NOTHING about chips of any kind. As for numbers, we've had em for a while folks and I'll lay odds every single one of the end is near crowd has one. Anyone claiming the this is the mark of the beast is speculating and creatively interpeting the bible to their own ends. What if it's your drivers license number, your student ID number or your ever important phone number? This is the kind of drivel that's gives Christians a bad name. The number is out there but it's got nothing to do with a silly microchip.

Get a grip. If the end is near, we already missed the first half of the show. "like a thief in the night."

carletta responded 5 years ago: #43

I have had this chip inside of me since 1994, I went to kasier for cancer in my breast (so they say)and the doctor came into the recovery room and started squeening my stiches. The nurse was supprise they had to take me back to the operation room and I believe this is when they did this to me and my life has been pure hell ever since and it is now 2009. I need some help with this!

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