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Computer Card Supports Solo Doctor

Oconomowoc, WI-Patrick O'Malley, D.O. established his practice, O'Malley Family Medicine, in Oconomowoc, Wis. (outside Milwaukee) in 2001.He envisioned that practicing ndependently would enable him to provide personalized care to his patients. But, how can a solo practitioner build a thriving practice in today's healthcare industry? "Keeping my overhead low is essential," says O'Malley. "That's why I sought to leverage advanced technology solutions to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of my practice."

For example, Dr. O'Malley wanted to perform important diagnostic tests himself, without assistance from a nurse, and without having to refer his patients to specialists. He turned to QRS Diagnostic's, that designs and develops software-based medical devices contained entirely in computer cards.

He chose EKGCard for electrocardiography and SpirOxCard for pulse oximetry and pulmonary function testing. QRS's patented technology encodes the intelligence of physiological data acquisition and interpretation into computer cards. QRS PC Cards, with integrated sensors, slide into PDAs and handheld PCs. Thus, EKGCard turns off-the-shelf PDAs and portable computers into 12-channel electrocardiograph heart monitors. SpirOxCard is the only combination spirometer/pulse oximeter. It measures pulmonary function and monitors blood oxygenation with one computer card device.

"When I want to monitor a patient's heart or test their lung function, for initial diagnosis or follow-up, it's easy to do myself," says O'Malley. "I just plug the QRS PC Card into my notebook PC. It's simple and fast. And, I
don't have to wheel in a big, cumbersome machine to do the tests."

"QRS devices are unique and the only alternative I found that enables me to plug portable medical devices right into my notebook computer," says O'Malley. "Cost was also an important factor. With QRS, I was able to buy two
PC Card devices for the price of one traditional, stand-alone EKG machine."

"Dr. O'Malley's success shows that our patented computer card technology platform makes high-tech diagnostic testing accessible and affordable for primary care physicians," says Spencer Lien, chief executive officer, QRS


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The EKG card and the at Medical Device Depot.

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