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More of the same changes in 2005

It’s a new year and a new beginning for executives, workers and community economic developers. What key trends will shape their agendas in 2005? Here’s my take on the issues that are near and dear to my research and consulting work.

GROWTH AND INNOVATION MAKE A COMEBACK: Cost-cutting isn’t going away but companies will be increasing their attention on finding ways to grow and innovate, albeit in a ‘lean’ manner. They won’t want to spend too much money or take big risks. Smart companies as they always do will find smart ways to grow. And they will not shy away from taking significant risks when they make sense. Others will continue to look for big wins on the cheap.

MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS RESUME: M&A activity in 2004 quietly reached record levels. Analysts and Investment Bankers predict an even better year in 2005. The drivers in some industries will be consolidation (telecoms, software for example), but in many others it will be growth and innovation. Given the dismal track records of M&A – various research studies estimate 55 to 70 percent fail to increase shareholder value for example – buckle your seat belts. We may be in for a rocky ride.

GLOBILIZATION AND OUTSOURCING CONTINUE UNABATED: These trends will continue to pick up steam and in 2005. The cost allure of offshore outsourcing will remain too hard to resist for many companies. And the unrelenting hype machines of vendors, consultants and venture capitalists will ensure that outsourcing is front in center in the minds of top executives here in the U.S. While there are beneficial aspects to these trends, they have significant downsides as well. One is the impact on this country’s human capital. It remains to be seen whether our corporate and political leaders will focus any attention or urgency on developing and repurposing our home grown talent. Years of neglect and underinvestment in human capital has left too many organizations operationally lean and mean, but strategically emaciated and feeble.

TURNOVER RETURNS: Look for the U.S. labor market to continue its slow recovery. There are some signs pointing to a pickup in the pace of turnover and new hiring this year. Productivity gains slowed toward the end of 2004. This suggests that companies have wrung out just about all they can from existing workers. Many of those remaining will be tougher to replace via outsourcing or automation. Hiring new talent will be needed to support even moderate growth this year. Headhunters are reporting increases in activity. This means new jobs are opening up as many individuals leave for greener pastures.
BOOMERS BOLT: Look for Boomers to continue to flood the entrepreneurial ranks. If you want to keep them (and demographic trends suggest you will need to) then be prepared to offer them the right mix of flexibility, challenge and rewards. All-or-nothing approaches to employment particularly for those nearing retirement age simply won't cut it. Many older workers want to continue to work, indeed many will have to, but continuing in high pressure, all consuming roles is not an option they care to pursue. They want to do something fresh and new that allows them to draw on their deep knowledge about their work, their field of expertise, their industry and their company and its culture. New roles need to be created that keep older workers involved meaningfully but which also offer significant flexibility and choice in when and how much they work. Mentoring, consulting, and project-based assignments appeal to older workers burned out by the grind of full-time work but not ready for retirement.

GEN Y STEPS IN, GEN X STEPS UP: The ranks of young talent are not growing as fast as older workers and in the case of 35-44-year-olds they are shrinking as a percentage of the workforce. These groups represent the new generation of workers and leaders and Corporate America needs to engage them. But is it? Are companies setting the example that youth seeks? Many want socially responsible, people-centered and sustainable workplaces. The rhetoric of corporate America about the importance of human capital sounds good. Conversations with individual executives leave one feeling that many 'get' it. Yet old behaviors die hard.

SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES RULE: SME’s are where the action will continue to be in the economy both nationally and locally. SME’s produce the bulk of the new jobs and in many cases the new ideas and innovations that create future growth for the economy. Some even become dominant companies or create tomorrow’s industries and hot markets – e.g. Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Whole Foods, Starbucks to name just a few were all small startup businesses not so long ago. These are merely the biggest and best known success stories. There are literally thousands of smaller but highly successful small companies growing leaps and bounds and generating new jobs and new growth. See Inc. magazine’s list of 500 of the most dynamic small companies in the United States.

That’s my take on the outlook for 2005. Time will tell how accurate my predictions are. No doubt a few surprises await us just over the horizon. Stay tuned.

Tony DiRomualdo is a business researcher, writer, and advisor with Next Generation Consulting. He works at the intersection of people, business strategy, and information technology to help companies create a committed and high performance workforce. Tony can be reached at

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Walter Nodelman responded 9 years ago: #1

I am an American victim of both TERRORISM and OFFSHORING.

TERRORISM because my employer's Manhattan facility in the 47 story building in the WTC complex burned on the evening of 9/11 and my work concluded suddenly.

OFFSHORING because I have been seeking work in my High Tech IT field in Connecticut, or Boston or Manhattan for the past 168 weeks.

I am reacting to you and your co-journalists about your article . . . .

More of the same changes in 2005.

As I see it ... more of the same is a disaster in the economy which I live in. I sincerely wish my economy were to "grow" and become your local economy - and soon.

Your article was posted on Monday, January 24, 2005 in Wisconsin Technology Network, and by January 31st, not a single one of your readers thought enough of your drivel to even make a comment about it.

I will comment on it. I feel it is worthy of severe criticism.

I quote you ...
Cost-cutting isn’t going away but companies will be increasing their attention on finding ways to grow and innovate, albeit in a ‘lean’ manner. They won’t want to spend too much money or take big risks.

From my perspective and familiarity with TERRORISM and OFFSHORING, your statement contains GOOD NEWS.

I am delighted to read that companies won't want to take big risks. I think companies that push for 100% of their high tech work to be shifted to the other side of the globe, are being led by brainless CEO's. Being brainless they are blind to risks. If Tony DiRomualdo is right, that they "won't want to spend too much money or take big risks" - then OFFSHORING ceases.

Companies which transfer their businesses to India or Communist RED China are proving their lack of judgment in multiple very big risks. There is the primary OFFSHORING quality software code or technical writing risks, Congressional penalties risks (federal loans ineligibility), goodwill losses, and public flight from their logo - risks, patent and trademark risks, and intellectual property leakage risks, international terrorism with blackmail and beheadings and slit American throats risks, war and turmoil and corruption and arson and truck bombs and assassinations and looting risks, time zone aggravations, language barriers (Hindi accented English), cultural differences, globe-spanning broadband communications breakdown risks, encryption risks, climate risks (122 degrees Fahrenheit in Hyderabad), electrical infrastructure risks, Tsunami in Chennai risks, legal liability risks such as privacy violations of HIPAA, etc.

One example of real risks ...

Companies which get involved with OFFSHORING deserve to be destroyed by those risks.
The typical patriotic American would applaud.

I (Walter A Nodelman) am applauding something that I read elsewhere . . .
"Unless we change our ways and our direction, our greatness as a nation will soon be a footnote in the history books, a distant memory of an offshore island, lost in the mists of time like Camelot, remembered kindly for its noble past. "
— Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain

As for COSTS -- if "cost cutting" is 100% percent effective, and cost cutting drives costs to zero, the company is out of business. Studebaker reached zero costs. Packard automobiles, and Eastern Airlines ditto. It can be done. I know that you approve of "lean" and those named companies achieved YOUR goal.

When it is done by companies nationwide, then my country can achieve a new "Third World Power" status. My country is now fast on its way to replacing its present boring "Super-Power" standing.

I personally would like to see my country as a whole go the other way. 100% of America's high tech workload should be with the high tech workers in the United States of America. You believe in hollowing out and de-skilling my country - the United States of America. You and I will never agree.

Thirty five years ago, an American was hitting golf balls on the moon. Europe could not even find the moon. And Communist RED China on the other side of the globe was awash in Little RED Mao books and was busy killing all its educated citizens because they were educated. Back then, Americas CEO's were patriotic. Not any more. Today, CEO's try to outdo each other in the size of their treason, while publishers of pulp style media try to outdo each other by bringing the public's attention to the vilest traitors doing the most damage. Example ... Carly of HP on the cover of the current Fortune Magazine. Why? Because her OFFSHORING decisions have proven to be disasters, and HP's Board of Directors is doing something about her.

Such treasonous companies today will hire any inexperienced "worker" who lives in a village which the hiring company could not even find on a map (because it is halfway around the globe and mapped in Hindi or Urdu). They will hire a person who "graduated" from a COLLEGE whose name that hiring company never even heard of. They will hire a person educated at a "college" perhaps having school ACCREDITING credentials, and perhaps not having school ACCREDITING credentials. Education and competence is never the issue. Skills, and quality is not the issue. CHEAP, is the driving issue.

That worker with the barely pronounceable name or pseudonym, unknown, unproven, barely understandable, possibly incompetent, will get employed and trusted with software internals, or research work, or complex financial data such as the State of Florida Government Payroll. Meanwhile, the American born or the European born, English or French or German or Italian or Spanish speaking native, suit and necktie attired or pantsuit attired, multiply degreed graduate student or fully experienced seasoned worker remains unemployable. Why? Because of a term called "globalization" -- which you approve of.

To quote you ...
"GLOBILIZATION AND OUTSOURCING CONTINUE UNABATED: These trends will continue to pick up steam and in 2005. The cost allure of offshore outsourcing will remain too hard to resist for many companies."

As you (Journalists at Wisconsin Technology Network) can imagine, my anger about the anti-American contents of your article is white hot and molten. From my perspective (40 months since a paycheck), YOU are promoting the lies of the Pro-India, Pro-OFFSHORING Lobby. Your interest is with the enemies of my country - the PRO-OFFSHORING racketeers ( Forrester, Gartner, Deloitte, McKinsey, ITAA, Boston Consulting, NASCOM, Satyam, Infosys, Tata, and Wipro).

I know that you approve of OFFSHORING and I thus know that you approve of massive high technology unemployment for my countrymen. Your position on bloody slit throat anti-American TERRORISM is not yet clear to me.

That a media organization like WTN would put its logo above this pro-OFFSHORING drivel, is incomprehensible.

OFFSHORING has NOT been a boon to corporations. OFFSHORING has been a fiasco. A disaster. An embarrassment to some very big name corporations.

In the name of brevity, I will point you to just one 3-corporation example ...

Charles Schwab and Merrill Lynch and Quick and Reilly all RE-issueing 1099-DIV Tax Forms SIX TIMES in 6 weeks to their angry (fully IRS filed) customer stockholders during the March 2004 TAX Season. That national fiasco was because outsource software personnel proved to be incompetent, and incapable of doing the 1099-DIV software tasks correctly in the first 5 attempts. It was embarrassing to Merrill Lynch. Check out The Detroit Free Press . . .

I would like to ask you to read excellent journalism.

First, stop by the public library and find "FastCompany Magazine" - the April 2004 issue. I refer to the cover story, and inside pages 76 through 82 authored by Jennifer Reingold.
Now, THAT is an excellent piece of journalism. Unlike your output of 1/14/2005, Jennifer is believable.

Secondly, check out the following item from the Rocky Mountain News of Friday July 2nd.,1299,DRMN_38_3006111,00.html THAT is journalism worthy of a Pulitzer.

Thirdly, I offer you this opportunity to read the following communication which I sent to the Governor of the State of Georgia.

Today, with our country at war, even Wisconsin Technology Network should try to behave like a media outlet directed by WTN editors who know what they are doing. OFFSHORING is toxic to the survival of my country. Try not to embarrass my country when the entire world is watching us.

Walter A Nodelman 860 521-8029 2/1/05


Walter A Nodelman to Governor Sonny Perdue of the State of Georgia.

I am not a resident of the State of Georgia. I am a resident of Connecticut. I am an American citizen, and I am patriotic, and I have tonight discovered that you are likely neither.

Tonight, I learned that you, the governor of the State of Georgia, are going along with George Bush's efforts to encourage state governments to outsource state work. You are in favor of the despicable anti-American treachery which is referred to as OFFSHORING. I learned that Georgia is one of the states referred to on the Lou Dobbs CNN show which is going along with White House trade and outsourcing policies.
Georgia favors unemployed Americans.

In my opinion, this is truly an act of TREASON against my country and my countrymen.

It is so mind-boggling - I am not even sure where to start writing.

Your DESPICABLE act trivializes the decision between [Pro-American JOBS in the United States] versus (Pro-OFFSHORING of work by sending those American JOBS to Asia). You encourage the bloody profits made by executives who are selling out America. The blood is coming from arteries of people like myself - unemployed since 9/11.

I personally think that you are a disgusting shill for the Pro-India Lobby (Forrester Research, Gartner, ITAA, Mckinsey, Deloitte, Satyam, Infosys Technology, Tata, Wipro). That nine headed snake is driving current events -- and you are simply taking (whatever) to promote their plan.

From your perspective, as long as it makes money and it cuts costs, it should be done.

The same argument works for promoting your Georgian's sticking up of gasoline stations with a revolver and a nylon stocking mask. As long as it is PROFITABLE for the bad guys, - go ahead and keep doing it.

The subject matter here is actually TREASON against the United States, It is being committed by executives of corporations and bureaucrats in the government of Georgia, and all across the USA. OFFSHORING is a conspiracy to un-employ nearly the entire workforces of major corporations. It is important that Osama does not succeed in destroying the United States of America. It is equally important that Governor Perdue does not succeed in destroying the United States of America. Osama does it for his god and Jihad. In my opinion you are worse. You are doing it for monetary reasons in war time.

You need to be better educated.

Are you (Governor Perdue of Georgia) aware of what is in the following ten web-sites?

These web-sites are talking about a national disaster. You, in the plush padded velour of the governor's chair are clueless.

The problem is not a lack of people with degrees and skills and training and manufacturing experience. The problem is not a shortage of 24/7 American call-centers. The problem is not a shortage of American project managers, or people to do high level system design, and people to do lower level complex code creation in high tech languages and relational databases, and hierarchical databases. The problem is not a shortage of people to run high tech computerized manufacturing equipment. The problem is not a shortage of college degreed engineering graduates, or high-school educated call-center telephone talkers.

The problem is a shortage of Americans who are willing to do that for $5,880.00 a YEAR, or $490.00 a MONTH gross pay, or $23.33 a DAY, or $3.00 an HOUR. The problem is greed, and treachery, and people who are willing to sell out their country to its enemies in wartime for dollar bills. YOU are a huge part of the problem. The crime is conspiracy against my country and my countrymen. YOU are an accessory to this crime.

When I talk to the graduate of the India Institute of Technology on a telephone, about resolving a technical problem, and I have to spell "Connecticut" four times and slowly to that top grade person, that is not impressive. It is disgusting. When our Hubble Telescope is going to be abandoned because MY country no longer has the high tech skills and vehicles to maintain it, that is disgusting. When Corning Glass in Corning New York sells off an entire television tube manufacturing factory to Communist RED China and creates massive unemployment in upstate New York state, that is disgusting. When there is not a single television set manufacturer in the United States of America, that is disgusting.

When a high technology graduate of a university in the state of Georgia can not find employment in the state of Georgia because all of the high technology work has moved to the back of filthy manure filled alleys in Calcutta, that is disgusting.

Some news media are today bought and paid for by the pro OFFSHORING corporations. Time/Warner/AOL/CNN/Money Magazine is one of those. Every article is in favor of the new globalized economy (all jobs in India, all consumers in the USA, all unemployment in the USA, all profits in the hands of CEO's). Time Magazine is one of theirs. CNN broadcasts are theirs. AOL news on their website is theirs. All graduates of India universities are geniuses and all are willing to work for $5,880.00 annual salary (according to Christian Science Monitor at . . . ).

Other media are similarly lopsided and enemy. The pro-India lobby is obviously enemy. Obviously every India media location is pro India (Hindustan Times, Times of India, etc). Actions of the Governor of Georgia delights our trading partners and (former) enemies in China who are happily stealing our jobs. In Communist RED China they are probably doing Dragon Dancing in the streets after reading of your recent decisions. Wal-Mart is delighted. (EVERYTHING inside a Wal-Mart is "Made in RED China").

I am convinced that you are paid for, bought, and influenced by the pro OFFSHORING corporations of Georgia and the Pro-OFFSHORING Lobby. To be truthful, actually, so far I see more obedient governing from you than I see Pro-OFFSHORING. Your orders from the powerful big money lobbys were apparently to calm the raging anger over OFFSHORING of work to India and Communist China. So, you trivialized the decision and you brag about the cost cuts which result from committing treason against your country and your countrymen. I think that you are merely trying to "FOLLOW ORDERS." That happened to be the same defense offered by the Nazis at the Nuremburg Trials. They were only "following orders" also. (Their country was similarly destroyed as a result of their "following orders").

And what is it that so delights these corrupt CEO's, and bureaucrats and state governor's which are named on Lou Dobb's CNN web-site ?

Most likely, with the OFFSHORING of all of America's high tech jobs and America's manufacturing jobs, and America's state jobs, there is no Federal Withholding Tax going to my government. No employer Social Security fund payment (although this bunch of thieves still expect to collect Benefits). No Medicare funding. No Unemployment Compensation tax. No employee Group Health Benefits. No Workmen's Compensation coverage. No OSHA. No EOE. No ADA. No vacations. No Minimum Wage. No Minimum Age. No Sick Leave. No Unions. No Family Leave. No environmental protections for clean air and clean water. No overtime on the 41st hour. No state income tax on payroll, when there is no payroll.

Where is this going to lead us in the future? You (Governor Perdue) need to read . . .

I personally think that these issues (OFFSHORING, and the side issues of H-1B's, L1's and various other visa loopholes devised to steal our jobs, with American Citizenship as the ultimate carrot or goal) are going to become a NEWS CRISIS as huge as Watergate became in 1972. This is an election year and the unemployed mobs are going to begin screaming for a rope, a horse (and a picnic lunch).

We have not yet reached that stage. The media is still asleep.

Problem is my country was blessed in 1972 with excellent reporters (Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post) in those years. There are no equivalent skilled journalists or writers out there today, pursuing this crisis. In my opinion, writers are no longer independent and dogged in the reporting business. Media writers today are all influenced, bought and paid for by the big pro OFFSHORING corporations. Journalists today are scared for their livelihoods, and unwilling to call CEO's traitors to their country. It takes guts and every generation does not create journalists with guts.

However, the American public has noticed the anti-Americanism of today, and the public is doing something about it. They are voting by KEEPING THEIR DOLLARS IN THEIR WALLETS.

National sized anti-American retailers such as Bradleys, Aimes, Caldors, Lechmere, and Sound Playground are gone. (Nothing in a Sound Playground had ever been "Made in USA.") Zayre's of Massachusetts has been driven out of business by an angry public. Local Connecticut retailers such as Sage Allen, and D&L (Davidson and Leventhal) likewise. Montgomery Ward was driven into extinction. G Fox of Connecticut has been swallowed up by a competitor. Land's End got swallowed by Sears. One less competitor. Newmark and Lewis (electronics) is gone. KB Hobby and Toys folded. Kids-R-Us filled with RED Chinese clothing just buckled under. F A O Schwarz is near bankruptcy (again). Likewise, K-Mart.

K-Mart's line of Martha Stewart merchandise (mostly sewn in RED China) is going bust, and customers will be toasting Martha's entrance examination into the Federal Prison System from every bar stool in America in a few months. Macy's in New Haven CT is boarded up. Builder's Square is gone. The patriotic American public is thoroughly fed up with anti-American corporations, and greedy corrupt lawless executives. We have had, or now have Sam Waksal behind bars, and Tyco's Kozlowsky on trial, and seen Enron's Fastow in handcuffs, and Leona Helmsley has known prison dungarees, and Worldcom's Ebbers in handcuffs, and Sanford Weill's $400,000,000.00 federal fines, and Anderson out of business, and Philip Morris promoting ANTI-smoking advertising on TV, and Kevorkian locked up, and on and on... The flag waving American public is seeing some successes.

Today, television shows make entertainment over the term "You're FIRED!" -- when there is nothing humorous about it. It is a morbid subject for entertainment.

The United States has a huge economic crisis known as a Negative Trade Balance. Imbalance of trade results from excessive imports into the United States far exceeding balancing exports leaving the United States. Every dollar which leaves my wallet and goes to a product or a call-center talker and eventually a paycheck in Bangalore India, stays in Bangalore India. That dollar never returns to a wallet in West Hartford Connecticut (or a wallet in Columbus Georgia).

The end result is a huge outflow of American dollars to pay for the excessive imports. Every American is aware of that problem. Imbalance is not a healthy economic condition for any national economy. Executives who talk about "retraining" as if five retraining cycles are a solution to the destruction of the American Middle Economic Class -- those executives are traitors to my country and my countrymen. Journalists with backbones like wet spaghetti who report their words without quickly standing up and responding with caustic questioning of the speaker - are cowardly accessories to the crime.

Does The State of Georgia fly an American Flag out on the front lawn ? Do those stars and stripes have ANY patriotic meaning, or is that flag merely there for show? Something to be repositioned to half staff whenever real Americans die on your behalf.

Who am I ? I am an American citizen with two degrees in my field and decades of HIGH TECH IT experience (United Technologies Corporation during wartime, Con Edison at Union Square NYC, Bell Atlantic Telephone on Avenue of the Americas, Philip Morris on Park Avenue, The Equitable Insurance Company in Rockefeller Center, Verizon in Lower Manhattan, and The Hartford in Hartford,).

By High Tech Information Technology, I mean that I've worked the largest IBM MAINFRAMES, the 360's, 370's, the 3090's, etc.
I have done that type of work across three decades and five industries - the manufacturing industry (twice), power utilities, telecommunications industry (twice), insurance industry (twice), and distribution industry (twice). SAME skills at different companies. NOT re-training to beginner level of new skills and a fresh re-start five times.

I have decades of background in the aerospace / defense industry at Pratt & Whitney Division of United Technologies. One of my functions was Federal Invoicing (DD-250's) in the Military Spare Parts Systems, during wartime. It was our F-14's with "my" TF-30 engines in those catapulted Tomcats which kept the peace for decades.

Loyal and patriotic American workers, we used to be dedicated to our jobs 24/7 and that dedication was appreciated by CIO's, CEO's and ultimately stockholders and our nation. We invested our own money and we earned our MBA's. In wartime, my defense industry organization engaged in fiercely competitive fly-offs for the engine contracts for the F-15 Eagle and the F-16 Hawk. We put our hearts into it and we won. It was our technical efforts, our teamwork, our loyalty, our software code and our PWA J-58 engines which powered that super secret mach-3 SR-71 Blackbird across the USSR -
(see ).
The Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Information Officer and the person on a computer keyboard were all on the SAME team, fighting for the SAME goal, and fighting ferociously for the SAME flag and country. Not so in corporate America, today.

I have been unemployed continuously since 9/11. I am a victim of both TERRORISM and OFFSHORING.

TERRORISM because my employer THE Hartford's Manhattan Agency in the WTC burned down the evening of 9/11 and all work had to be FROZEN. My position concluded. From my perspective, I am sure you would have applauded. An agency closed. Costs went down and profits went up. From your perspective that is all good.

OFFSHORING because huge gobs of HIGH TECH I T work has been sent to India, where they work it (incorrectly, I can prove), and they do so for $5,880.00 annual salary. I have not seen a paycheck in more than two and a half years. I take an intense interest in this subject matter, even when YOU do an atrocious job of governing, and dealing with it.

There are real patriotic Americans who still have hopes that we can save this country before our American Middle Economic Class gets wiped out, and the American economy deteriorates to where it competes with its third world EQUALS in Haiti, Somalia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Gaza and Liberia. When the American economy reaches that low level, everybody will ask how did we get into this predicament? My answer is to send those questioners back to read what was done by the state of Georgia in the spring of 2004. OFFSHORING was no big deal. Just another innovation to cut costs.

When I seek work there are two major negative qualities quickly observed on my resume. I am an American citizen by birth. I speak English without an accent. In the USA today - those negatives are critical to who gets hired. If you can not see something wrong with that - then you do not belong in a position of responsibility in my country.

I have cut back every possible outlay of my diminishing funds. I am one of perhaps 2,600,000 unemployed. According to NBC I am one of 70,000 victims of OFFSHORING in my state (CT) alone. When everybody in the American Middle Income Class starts doing that (cutting back spending) - our entire American economy is going to go into DEEP depression. Bankruptcies, repossessions, foreclosures, domestic abuse, empty stores, millions of For-Lease and For-Sale signs, crime, and suicide will become rampant in the USA from sea to shining sea. No jobs, no income, no spendable cash and no buyers in every marketplace will eventually shut down everything.

You (Governor Perdue) need to do YOUR job better. OFFSHORING is not a trivial cost cutting decision. OFFSHORING is as described - "the evil plan hatched by "Benedict Arnold CEOs" to disenfranchise the U.S. worker." In your situation you need to NOT commit this crime yourself. There are people who belong in a courtroom wearing Orange Jump Suits, handcuffs, and ankle chains. The governor should not be in that category. Despite being elected governor, you need to act like an American.

Walter A Nodelman 860 521-8029 5/18/2004

Contact the Governor

Thank you for contacting us.

Governor Perdue has received your e-mail and appreciates hearing from you. You will receive a direct response from him shortly. However, with the very high volume of messages and mail, we hope you will understand if there is a delay in responding. If this is an urgent or time-sensitive matter, please call us directly at 404-656-1776. Again, our thanks for your comments and input.


trebail responded 7 years ago: #2

Walter Nodelman, AMEN! Your words are even more appropirate today than they were when you originally wrote them.

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