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Tech Digest: what’s moving in the Midwest (10/20/04)

HomeFree wireless monitoring to be used in Alzheimer’s research

HomeFree Inc., a provider of wireless sensors with its U.S. headquarters in Milwaukee, has announced that it will be involved in a study of how wireless monitoring can report on the daily home life of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The planned study will take three years and be conducted by the University of Rochester’s Center for Future Health.

Teklynx adds database verification to RFID tag printers

Teklynx International, a Milwaukee-based software company, has released version 7.1 of its Codesoft program, which now includes the capability to print RFID labels and immediately read back the data to verify and log it. The software package can be used to design and print the labels, then sync the digital information on them with a database, the company said.

Madison MRI center gets roomier magnet

Turville Bay MRI and Radiation Oncology Center, a non-profit medical imaging center in Madison, Wisconsin, has a magnetic resonance imaging system with more room than usual, the center has announced. The MRI, made by Siemens, has an opening about 2.3 feet wide, making it easier to use with larger patients. It is also short enough, at about 4 feet, that 60 percent of exams may be completed without the patient’s head inside. A Siemens representative said more patients are being given a choice of where to get exams, leading to competitive pressure.

LeMans to offer online interface for car loans

LeMans, a European unit of Brookfield, Wisconsin-based Fiserv, has joined with Bankers Integration Group, Inc., to allow car dealers to submit loan applications to LeMans clients over the Web. Bankers Integration Group provides an online portal with software that can analyze risks, make credit decisions and give dealers loan information through a Web browser.

Modine announces profits, dividends

Modine Manufacturing Company, a maker of temperatue control devices, has announced profits in the latest quarter of $14 million, up from $4.3 million in the same quarter last year. The board also approved an increase in common-stock dividends to 65 cents per share from 61. Modine stock moved last week from NASDAQ to the New York Stock Exchange.

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