Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins: Get Ready for the Network’s Next Act

Would you like to know what Cisco is up to lately? Network World’s Zeus Kerravala gives us a quick update, straight from Chuck Robbins.

At Cisco Live earlier this month, CEO Chuck Robbins outlined Cisco’s refocus on the network. That’s after years of branching out into servers and general IT equipment. Now, the network is headed for new definitions and changes with clear intent. 

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The seven Most In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2018 — and How to Hire for Them

Sarah K. White, senior writer at, has compiled a list of the seven most needed jobs in IT today, according to Robert Half Technology’s 2018 IT salary report. It’s a quick reveal of the top seven needed positions, their descriptions and requirements, and the range of salaries for each.  

Which positions are covered? 
* Business Intelligence Analyst
* Data Scientist
* Database Developer
* Help/Support Desk Technician
* Network Administrator
* Data Security Administrator
* System Administrator

So whether you’re new to the job market, considering new IT skills, or looking to hire one of these specialists, this article should be well worth a look. 

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SEC Provides Guidance on the Applicability of Securities Laws to ICOs and Sales of Digital Tokens – The Beginning of a “Safe Harbor”

In regard to coins as an investment, here is an interesting question: What are some of the factors the SEC would consider in assessing whether a digital asset is offered as an investment contract, making it a security?

In this Blockchain + The Law article, William Hinman, Director, Division of Corporate Finance, provides guidance on the applicability of U.S. Federal Securities Laws to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and the sale of digital tokens.

Director Hinman confirmed in detail that the SEC will continue to apply the “Howey Test” in determining whether the sale of “tokens” amount to the issuance of a security. If you have any question on your tax liability on an ICO investment, this article and the director’s full presentation (linked) may provide some valuable answers.

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Gateway Technical College’s Sturtevant Campus Forum: “We can really put a lot of people in Wisconsin to work… This is a long game.”

In this post, Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council, describes the employment opportunities discussed at the Sturtevant forum held at the Gateway Technical College’s Sturtevant campus. Participants discussed the importance of retaining Wisconsin’s new college graduates in the state by offering a wide range of employment opportunities. They stressed the importance of learning the lessons from the success of the South Carolina BMW assembly plant as both Volvo and Foxconn move forward with their local expansion plans.

The opportunities for lucrative growth sound very attractive. Tom Still concluded that the theme of the upbeat meeting could be described as, “Wisconsin First.”

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What Is blockchain? The Most Disruptive Tech in Decades.

As many of our readers know by now, blockchain is an architecture that allows users to conduct transactions with each other and create an unchangeable, secure record of those transactions. As such, it has attracted an enormous amount of interest by technologists in finance, healthcare, supply chains, shipping, energy and even election voting.

“The applications are endless,” is a common refrain. Another is “blockchain technology will be the next TCP/IP of finance.”

In this new article, Computerworld senior writer, Lucas Mearian, gives us a three-page course on the current state of blockchain adoption across many industries and a look at the challenges they each face. Finally, he gives us a look at the possible future of blockchain deployments and their role in transforming business practices for efficiency, speed and security. 

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House Subcommittees Examine Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Improve Supply Chain Management

Recently, the House Science, Space and Technology Committee’s Oversight and Research and Technology subcommittees held a hearing titled, “Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Improve Supply Chain Management and Combat Counterfeit Goods.”

Blockchain momentum is accelerating at even the highest levels among decision-makers. In the House or Representatives hearing, a director with the Department of Homeland Security summed up the sentiment on the future of blockchain technology saying, “The applications are almost limitless.”

Representatives from the shipping and supply chain industries spoke up to agree. Click to get the short scoop or full transcript at

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Regulator Nodes and the Future of Swap Regulation from #Cryptodad

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is looking at the possibility of using today’s distributed ledger technology to bring speed, security and other efficiencies to monitoring swap transactions in what is called “Swaps Regulation 2.0.” 

The current consideration envisions the CFTC as a supervisory node in a distributed ledger platform, poised to monitor swap transactions as they take place. 

In this new Blockchain + The Law article by Cheryl Aaron, a regulator node is described as possibly being a considerable advantage to both regulators and regulated entities. It could enable participants to better comply with their reporting and recordkeeping requirements by accessing the data they need “to properly understand and regulate the market without any intermediaries, and potentially for a lower cost.” 

Aaron writes, “By relying on a blockchain-based reporting and recordkeeping system, swap market participants could potentially eliminate the middleman (swap data repositories) entirely.” 

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BMW, Ford, GM: World’s Largest Automakers Form Blockchain Coalition

CoinDesk reports that “Four of the world’s largest carmakers have joined tech providers and startups to form the biggest-ever consortium focused on applying blockchain tech in the automotive sector.”

The consortium that connects them is the recently launched Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI).

MOBI’s goal here is to enable payments and data-sharing between cars through common standards and APIs to open the way for a new digital mobility ecosystem.

The initial work will form project teams focusing on areas such as vehicle identity and data tracking, ride sharing, mobility ecosystem commerce, and data markets for both autonomous and human driving.

Read all about the initiative and get involved in this newest “Big Thing” to hit the economy.

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Six Reasons Why IT Workers Will Quit in 2018

According to the 2018 IT Career Outlook report from SpiceworksIT, as many as one-third of IT workers will look for a new job in 2018. 

The reasons why they might look for a change differ between age groups, from millennials to Gen Xers and baby boomers. SpiceworksIT surveyed 2,163 IT workers from North America and Europe to bring you these answers, and they have provided some of the motivating factors that may help you retain your best people, including:
1. IT workers are satisfied, but feel underpaid
2. Millennials and Gen Xers want more skills
3. Work-life balance is important, especially for Gen Xers
4. They want IT to be a priority
5. Baby boomers are burnt out
6. Millennials want better benefits and perks

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Social Media, Social Change and Truth or Consequences

Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council writes: “The startling rise of social media in less than 15 years has changed how people live, work and play – largely for the better, but also in ways that have corrosive effects.” He notes, that those changes “will remake how we get our food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, entertainment and more.” In the meantime, “…it’s time for Big Tech to affirm that trust by making smart choices about how to better protect its users.” Read Still’s new column on the next page.

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Can Blockchain Technology Offer Transparency to the Privacy & Security of Our Data?

Anne Canfield, writing for, gives us a brief description of why we need new cryptographic advances and a privacy protocol that delivers blockchain’s advantages. She envisions a decentralized social network that uses nodes to sign a smart contract between new ‘friends’ where posts, statuses and pictures are stored and shared with via the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) network protocol.

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Should You Take Your Startup To Silicon Valley?

Paul A. Jones, writing for Michael Best’s Best Venture has some advice on whether to take your startup to Silicon Valley in search of venture capital.

While on one hand, Silicon Valley might be the fastest way to determine whether your startup is “venture-worthy” by Valley standards, he sees many more appropriate venture opportunities elsewhere, depending on the type of startup you are launching.

He writes: “Over the last couple of days, it gelled that some entrepreneurs might fail to raise capital in Silicon Valley – not because their startup is not worthy of investment, but because they are not ready to play on that particular stage. In which case, going to Silicon Valley may result in failing to get a startup financed not because it was a bad idea, but because venture capital’s Broadway was not where it should have started out.”

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Interview with David Houlding, Director of Healthcare Privacy & Security at Intel Part 2 – Enterprise Adoption

Read the Jennifer Georgino interview David Houlding, Director of Healthcare Privacy and Security at Intel Health and Life Sciences (HLS), about enterprise blockchain implementation, hosted by Blockchain Healthcare Review.
As Houlding says, “There are amazing benefits blockchain technology can bring to the industry in terms of improving the quality of patient care and reducing the cost of healthcare.”

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In this article, Anne Canfield writes, “2017 may have been the year of the cryptocurrency, but 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the blockchain.”

She also predicts, “This technology will the next big leap forward in increasing productivity.”

The article describes new developments in Real Estate, Smart Contracts, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, and Shipping.

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