The Eight Biggest IT Management Mistakes

Read up to learn “some of the most common IT gaffes include becoming trapped in a relationship with a vendor you can’t shake loose, hiring or promoting the wrong people, and hiding problems from top management until it’s too late to recover,” at 

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What Are the In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2018

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of computer and information technology jobs is growing faster than the average for any other occupation. CIO Today tells us what talent they expect to see in 2018. Most in demand: data science, programming, security, content, and social media marketing. 

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The Nine Most Popular Types of IIoT Use Cases

The Industrial Internet of Things is poised to transform practically all aspects of business. The Internet of Things Institute recently researched and compiled a cross-industry hierarchy of the current top nine applications for IIoT. 

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Telehealth Policy Changes Mean Big Revenue Opportunities for Hospitals

The technology of telehealth is becoming a shining star among hospital administrators and staff. Digital healthcare tools that enable doctors to assess patient needs, and often provide assistance online, have gained an accelerated momentum in acceptance. [Editor’s note: Just this morning, Kaiser Permanante called me with a fascinating update on their new online telehealth services.] 

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AmEx Intros Blockchain-Enabled Cross-Border B2B Payments

Just days ago, the American Express FX International Payments (FXIP) division and Ripple, an enterprise global blockchain solution company, announced a joint payment-transfer solution designed to reduce the time and cost of transfer payments to settle, providing a host of benefits for both business-to-business buyers and sellers.

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MintHealth Launches Blockchain Powered Personalized Health Record

Taking a bold move to improve healthcare patient outcomes, MintHealth announced the launch of a blockchain-powered personalized health record (PHR). The company will incent patients to actively use its new platform by rewarding healthy behaviors with cryptocurrency tokens that patients can use toward their healthcare costs.

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Government Rollbacks Aside, Renewable Energy Is Here to Stay

The energy marketplace has embraced renewable energy production as part of a balanced portfolio.

As Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council writes:
“Despite President Trump’s oft-repeated affinity for coal and a recent spike in U.S. production, energy experts don’t expect a long-term surge in coal production for power plants. There are two main reasons: More natural gas plants are coming on line and renewable sources, mainly wind, are filling the energy gap in many parts of the country.”

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With Spark Assistant, Cisco Adds Voice-Activated A.I. to Videoconferencing

Cisco plans to bring ease of use to videoconferencing through voice-activated A.I. convenience with Cisco Spark Assistant. It will let users reserve meeting rooms, call meeting participants, start, join and leave sessions all through voice commands without touching keypads, touchscreens or conference phones. It sounds like the natural evolution of meetings and collaboration. 

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The Periodic Table of Cybersecurity Startups

Cybersecurity is a quickly evolving field, with scads of startups across many categories, from secure communications, predictive intelligence and deception security to IIoT, cyber insurance and investors. 

The folks at CBInsights have compiled a clever Periodic Table of companies and categories of service that can give you a quick orientation. The article includes direct links to the leading companies in most of the categories. It’s the 10,000-foot view that is often missing in more narrowly focused articles.  

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Change Management Is IT’s Greatest Challenge in Delivering Needed Innovation

At a recent Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum, Hal Wolf III, president and CEO of HIMSS, discussed the need to apply new advanced technologies to the practice of healthcare and emphasized that the real challenge is delivering continual IT-driven changes to the current healthcare culture. “Value the people in the process,” he said. “And remember that culture eats strategy for lunch.” 

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