Friday, November 21, 2014

Wozniak still aims to simplify: Now, all of enterprise storage

Story thumbnail The latest bid to simplify data storage comes from a team that includes Steve Wozniak, a guy who knows a thing or two about making technology easier. The co-founder of Apple has joined former colleagues from flash storage maker Fusion-io at Primary Data, a Silicon Valley startup that says it can put all of an organization’s storage capacity in a single virtual pool. The enterprise can keep the gear it already has and even take advantage of public cloud storage, while leaving it up to Primary Data’s software to allocate the right resources to each application, the company says.

Driving IT Innovation at Textron

Story thumbnail Guest Column/Martha Heller: When Diane Schwarz became CIO of Textron in 2013, the company had a Chairman’s Award for innovation which focused on product and services innovation, but it had no awards for innovation in IT. As part of a drive toward instilling a culture of innovation in her IT organization, Schwarz created a number of new programs.

Six creative ways to retain IT talent

Story thumbnail It’s no longer enough to offer a great position and salary package to talented IT professionals. These days, organizations must do much more to keep talent in today's IT job market. The Enterprisers Project asked six top IT executives what creative steps they're taking to retain technology talent.

A Thanksgiving appeal to the great techie in The Cloud

Story thumbnail Inside Wisconsin/Tom Still: A techie’s Thanksgiving prayer to the Great CIO in the Sky: As we gather this Thanksgiving to share time with family, friends and food, let us count the blessings of our digital age… using zeros and ones only, of course. We are thankful for some of the big-name companies, devices and software – Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Bluetooth, Skype, Android and more – that have practically become a part of our language.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Environmental services company slashes $750k a year in software support costs

Story thumbnail With budgets tightening for many CIOs, continuing to spend large amounts of money on software support and maintenance is not something to be taken lightly. The Australian CIO of environmental services company Veolia, Brett Stapleton, says he was reluctant to sink “millions” into an SAP upgrade and ongoing support for the platform.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When your smartphone shuts down from the cold

Story thumbnail Imagine this: You’re shoveling snow in the blistering cold from another arctic blast. You stop for a moment and pull out your smartphone to see the temperature — “Is it minus 10 degrees yet? It feels like minus 30.” — then your phone shuts off. You frantically press the power button a few times. Nothing. It’s dead, or at least it seems that way.

Gartner to CIOs: Flip your leadership to succeed in digital business

Story thumbnail Kiwi CIOs have acknowledged the need to adapt their leadership in order to ensure their companies survive and thrive in an increasingly digital world – however, they’re also facing flat IT budgets. Gartner’s annual global CIO survey, which includes 161 CIOs from Australia and New Zealand, shows 79% of respondents felt they needed to adapt their leadership style in the next three years in order to grasp the digital opportunity.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Five surefire ways to find IT talent

Story thumbnail It's clear that CIOs are under growing pressure to find IT talent and shape it to the requirements of the digital enterprise. But translating the general concept into reality is no simple task, particularly as skill sets shift and new requirements emerge. Here are five ways technology and business leaders can transform the talent challenge into an opportunity to build a better IT organization.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Net neutrality debate can be resolved without return to 1930s regulation

Story thumbnail Inside Wisconsin/Tom Still: By any standard, the Internet ranks as one of the leading innovations of our time. It has revolutionized everything from commerce to medicine to entertainment, all within the confines of a generation. Better yet, it has done so largely without government regulation. So, why would President Obama think now is the time to turn back the clock to Depression-era rules written when all telephones were black, hard-wired and hung on a wall?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Interoperability: Now Geisinger has an app for that

Story thumbnail Geisinger Health System and xG Health Solutions, a company founded by Geisinger, have connected a software app to an electronic health record by employing a new draft standard developed by international standards organization Health Level Seven. Geisinger developed a rheumatology app to interact with its Epic EHR. Now, by using the new HL7 draft standards, Geisinger and xG Health Solutions have successfully exchanged clinical data in real-time within the Cerner EHR framework.

Former US CIO's new enemy: Ebola

Story thumbnail The US government is reaching out to the technology development community in its fight against the Ebola epidemic in West Africa by using big data and rapid development tools. This effort includes projects to improve regional communications and IT infrastructure, using big data tools to track the disease and coordinate medical responses, and developing better equipment for healthcare workers.
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