Friday, May 29, 2015

Stories from Jendusa, Berbee can help inspire next generation ‘treps

Story thumbnail Inside Wisconsin/Tom Still: Jerry Jendusa’s newest venture is called STUCK, but the veteran entrepreneur, business advisor and community leader seems anything but mired in the muck of under-achievement. The Milwaukee-area native grew EMTEQ from a basement startup to an international aerospace company over 18 years before it was sold, along with another aviation firm, to BE Aerospace for a combined $470 million in 2014.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Linking EHRs with medication cabinets for improved safety

Story thumbnail 'It is critical that what the nurse sees at any point is up to date' Increasingly hospitals are recognizing the value of interoperability between electronic health records and automated dispensing cabinets, or ADCs. In addition to eliminating redundancies during the medication ordering process, linking them helps to reduce medication errors at the point-of-care.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Precision and Diversity—Hallmarks of the Digital Future

Story thumbnail Digital Business/Mark McDonald: A special insert in the April 27th Wall Street Journal Repor features articles about the future of the Internet contributed by a number of noted thought leaders such as Jane McGonigal, Walter Mosely, Tony Fadell and Brian Wong among others. It is recommended reading for people who want to get closer to the mainstream view of the digital future.

Why We Need Design Thinking In Healthcare

Story thumbnail Designers begin by understanding how people work in the real world, and then create the best IT system that's technically feasible. The one given across all sectors of healthcare today is that change is coming, and not the gradual kind. This is multi-billion-dollar, build-up while tearing down kind of change. If that change is to lead to dramatic improvements in the effective and efficient care of patients, our systems must be redesigned, not re-engineered. Here's why: It's a matter of life and death.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

These 134 Words Are the Single Most Important Quote for Every Entrepreneur to Remember

Story thumbnail Innovation Zone/Tom Koulopoulos: You can be a spectator or you can be in the arena. The difference defines what it means to be an entrepreneur. Last week, I was reminded of what it means to be an entrepreneur when a good friend shared with me the pain of watching his business fail after years of hard work. He wasn't bitter about it but he was thinking hard about the risks and rewards of yet another startup. He's well off financially, so it's a rational question of where to place his bets.

Cyberattackers swipe data of 1.1M at CareFirst

Story thumbnail 'I have never found an insurance company that required a sophisticated attacking incident' It took a health insurance company almost a year to notify some 1.1 million of its members that their personal data had been swiped by hackers. What's more, the cyberattack wasn't even detected in house.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Power of Purpose

Story thumbnail Business Model Innovation/Kay Plantes: Calling. This word is important for both an individual and an organization. On an individual level, a calling is the driving force – moving through many roles – that brings meaning or deeper purpose to the totality of your work. I like to think of my calling as my True North. It captures how I put my unique background and skills to work to make a positive difference for others and realize more of my potential.

Surescripts attains digital breakthrough

Story thumbnail 'There is no question that the Surescripts network is more connected than ever before' Surescripts processed 6.5 billion health data transactions in 2014, a feat that the network's officials say marks a major digital transformation of U.S. healthcare.

Half of medical errors in pediatric cases are preventable

Story thumbnail A trigger tool developed to scan the electronic medical record of pediatric patients was able to identify that 45 percent of patient medical errors that caused harm were most likely preventable. In the study, researchers at six pediatric hospitals teamed up with clinical analytics company Pascal Metrics to develop a tool, the Pediatric All-Cause Harm Measurement Tool, that detected triggers in the electronic medical record that determined cases of patient harm.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Airliner Flight Control Hacks Likely More Feasible Than We Might Wish

Story thumbnail Security researcher Chris Roberts' claim that he was able to hack into some of an airliner's flight controls through its entertainment electronics shouldn't be dismissed out of hand. By now you've likely heard the denials about how a well-known hacker was able to break into an airliner’s flight control systems from within the passenger cabin, and about the resulting FBI investigation.

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