Friday, February 20, 2015

Global Age Illiteracy Syndrome

Story thumbnail Guest Column/Naseem Javed: In the rapidly changing world of known and unknowns, the new age of answers thrives; the global age awakens the truth, a new messiah cometh. How literate are we to cope with the new global age challenges and why the business world is so much immersed on the fog of confusion, both fear and lack of direction something never seen before?

Who is Responsible for What? Cybersecurity Risks and Boardroom Agendas

Story thumbnail Boardroom Perspectives/Ron Kral: Effective board and board committee meetings start with a well-built agenda. The agenda outlines the intended flow of the meeting or call. While there is great diversity in how they are crafted and by whom, every agenda should advance the board of director’s effort in meeting their strategic and oversight responsibilities.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Walker's wake-up call to a Wisconsin institution

Story thumbnail Inside Wisconsin/Tom Still: Guess the source of this quote: "There is no profession in the world, anywhere in the world, where if you work for seven years you get a lifetime guarantee of a job. Except at a university...If you have tenure at a university, by the time you are 35 you never have to prove yourself again." If you guessed those words came from Gov. Scott Walker in his state budget proposal for the University of Wisconsin System, you're wrong — although Walker is still trying to explain why someone on his staff edited the 110-year-old language behind "The Wisconsin Idea."

Managed care pharmacies reap benefits of EHRs

Story thumbnail Increased adoption of electronic health records is helping pharmacists who work for payers and pharmacy benefit management companies improve outcomes, offering access to high-quality clinical data.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Code Schools: Right path for professional programmers?

Story thumbnail How can you tell an important social shift from a quickly shifting fad? That's a question entrepreneurs hope to have answered with recent consolidations in the ranks of online code schools. For students and CIOs alike, the question is whether these schools offer a ticket into the high-tech world or just another trendy thing to talk about at the local coffee shop.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Anthem hack: 'Healthcare is a target'

Story thumbnail Healthcare industry, listen up: you're a prime target for cyberattacks. If you don't think so, just ask Anthem – or virtually every IT security expert out there. They're all saying the same thing. "This should serve as yet another wake up call for those who haven't gotten it yet," said Mac McMillan, co-founder of healthcare security consulting firm CynergisTek. "Healthcare is a target."

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Top Seven Reasons Your Successful Start-up Will Fail

Story thumbnail Innovation Zone/Tom Koulopoulos: Nobody ever started a business intending to fail. Yet, within five years half will. It's foolish to expect that all of these businesses could somehow succeed. Still, many successful and innovative businesses fail not because there was anything wrong with their product or service but rather because they fell into one of the pitfalls of success. So, how can you maximize the likelihood that you'll be in the right 50%?

President Tweaks the Rules on Data Collection

Story thumbnail A year after President Obama ordered modest changes in how the nation’s intelligence agencies collect and hold data on Americans and foreigners, the administration will announce new rules requiring intelligence analysts to delete private information they may incidentally collect about Americans that has no intelligence purpose, and to delete similar information about foreigners within five years.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Software-as-a-Service: Suggestions for Mid-Market CIOs

Story thumbnail Guest Column/Rick Davidson: Senior IT leaders and CIOs considering integrating new SaaS applications with on-premise systems will have to solve thousands of problems along the way. But don’t let that be a showstopper. Even though SaaS is relatively new, most of the implementation issues have been solved before and now include best practices for repeating successes. Experienced third-party SaaS system integrators and managed service providers can save an enormous amount of time and money while offloading the technical headaches.

Obama puts precision medicine on radar

Story thumbnail The White House has announced that as part of its nearly $4 trillion 2016 budget, it will carve out a sizable piece for a new initiative dedicated to precision medicine, which officials say will even include interoperability standards. The Obama Administration will put aside $215 million of the 2016 budget for what's being called the Precision Medicine Initiative, a project White House officials say will "pioneer a new model of patient-powered research." By funding various genomic and information technology projects, the initiative is expected to accelerate innovative and individual approaches to disease treatment and prevention.

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