Friday, March 27, 2015

American Family helping set standard for ‘big company’ role in emerging economy

Story thumbnail Inside Wisconsin/Tom Still: From the outside, American Family Insurance might strike observers as a buttoned-down, old-line company operating in a traditional business market. Beneath that blue-chip exterior beats the heart of a corporate entrepreneur. Founded in Madison nearly 90 years ago, “AmFam” is a mutual insurance company that grew steadily but somewhat slowly across the United States for much of its history. Its property and casualty insurance sales are the foundation for about $7.4 billion in annual revenue and $20 billion in assets, good for a spot on the Fortune 400 list.

IT Pros Make Job-Hopping A Way Of Life

Story thumbnail What is going on in IT? You guys don't seem to want to stay where you are. A quarter of the 240 IT pros surveyed by CareerBuilder are actively looking for a new job, even though they are already employed. Over 80% of the 1,300 IT pros surveyed by TEKsystems are open to hearing about a new job, even as they say they are happy with their current jobs. On average, according to CareerBuilder, IT pros said they receive 32 job solicitations per week, and a full 77% said they are responding to those solicitations by submitting 10 or more resumes every week. It is the world's biggest game of musical chairs.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The wisdom of the wonk

Story thumbnail Business Model Innovation/Kay Plantes: Might Martin O’Malley beat Hillary Clinton in the primary? Not according to Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, who dismissed the declared candidate’s primary chances. Calling the former Baltimore Mayor and Maryland Governor a “wonk,” Milbank’s March 11 column applauded O’Malley’s many real accomplishments but declared him unable to excite the Democratic base.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

How long will corporate IT be relevant?

Story thumbnail In this still-unfolding “age of the customer,” consumer expectations have been shaped by their experience with mobile devices and apps. The resulting ubiquitous availability of information technology services outside the corporate data center will challenge company IT departments to remain relevant or become yet another casualty of disruption.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pulling weeds to improve the customer experience

Story thumbnail Business Model Innovation/Kay Plantes: Grrrrrr….. Are your customer touch points creating frustration or delight? How often have you ended up raising your voice with a customer service representative or an automated voice system? It happens to me whenever the specifics of my situation fall outside a company’s “rules” for its software or front-line people.

What is a digital strategy?

Story thumbnail Digital Business/Mark McDonald: This question re-emerges as organizations complete their initial investments in digital technology. Much of that investment concentrated on applying new technologies to existing products, practices and processes. In that sense digital strategy was much like IT strategy – a process of selecting which technologies you will invest in and where those investments would go. This approach to strategy results in a plan or in the digital world a roadmap. Digital strategy is not IT strategy, and requires a different approach.

Keeping the pipeline filled with engineers essential for Wisconsin business

Story thumbnail Inside Wisconsin/Tom Still: If you want to know why engineering appears once again on the rise as a career choice, just check out Education News and its “Career Path” database for average salaries for engineers. Several leading categories of engineers – biomedical, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical and software – show Wisconsin salaries well above the state’s private-sector salary average. Those average salaries ranged from $54,600 for a civil engineer to $76,500 for a biomedical engineer.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Frenemies Of The C-Suite: CSO, CIO, CRO, CPO

Story thumbnail Sometimes the security, IT, risk, and privacy offices just can't get along. Fifteen-year-old girls are the go-to experts on the phenomenon of a "frenemy" -- a person who is both your friend and your enemy. Yet, even 15-year-old girls would agree that leaders of security, privacy, risk, and IT departments know just as much about those kinds of complex, melodramatic relationships.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Portals for doing business abroad are wide open for Wisconsin companies

Story thumbnail Inside Wisconsin/Tom Still: Neil Karolek, the gregarious yet all-business president of TLX Technologies in Pewaukee, is blunt when he talks about his company’s entry into international markets. “Don’t do it like I did it!” Karolek told about 50 people at a March 12 meeting of the Wisconsin Innovation Network’s Milwaukee chapter

Reverse mentoring turns Millennials into teachers

Story thumbnail In 2007, Apple introduced its first generation iPhone. Yesterday, it announced the launch of its much-anticipated iWatch. It’s just one example of how consumer technology is marching on at an unprecedented rate. But as CIOs well know, the continual hardware upgrades, not to mention the rapid iteration of software development cycles that are the driving force of the Apples and Googles of the world, can be unsettling — or worse — for the enterprise workplace.
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